UBP: ‘Casting Eye’ On Jackson’s Seat

February 6, 2012

United Bermuda Party MPs Kim Swan and Charlie Swan released a statement on the retirement of fellow Parliamentarian Mrs. Louise Jackson, and said as the UBP continues “to reform and rebuild, we are casting a serious eye focused on this constituency.”

Last week One Bermuda Alliance MP Louise Jackson confirmed she is set to retire from Parliament. Mrs Jackson presently holds the Constituency #20 Pembroke South West seat, a district widely regarded as a safe seat for the Opposition. In 2007 Mrs Jackson, under the UBP’s banner, won with 85% of the vote [711-145].  vs the PLP’s Laverne Furbert.

The statement said, “The United Bermuda Party would like to thank Mrs. Louise Jackson MBE, MP for her parliamentary service to Bermuda, especially her focus on issues impacting our growing ageing population and the arts.

“We appreciate her stepping up to the plate for the United Bermuda Party just prior to the 2003 election and proving her critics wrong with her tenacity, work ethic and commitment to her Shadow Ministry of Health and Seniors.

“Whilst our good political relationship was severely injured by Mrs. Jackson participation in the United Bermuda Party’s Executive and Parliamentary Group not affording members in good standing (including former Party Chairman) their constitutional right to a disputes tribunal under the United Bermuda Party constitution; there is no evidence that Mrs. Jackson was aware (like some of her colleagues) that they were knowingly violating the rights of their former colleagues.”

“Notwithstanding, Mrs Jackson has stood out in her own right and stepped out of any shadow of the stellar political career of her late husband, statesman Hon. Albert Jackson. Her advocacy was single-minded and proved that persons beyond retirement age can and should be encouraged to make a contribution to their country.

Kim Swan added, “Personally, I enjoyed serving with Mrs. Jackson, appreciated how she could handle herself on her feet in the heat of debate and respected that in the House of Assembly a large percentage of the members could be counted as former students.”

The statement concluded by saying, “As we in the United Bermuda Party continue our work to reform and rebuild, we are casting a serious eye focused on this constituency.”

The PLP also issued a statement, saying “The Progressive Labour Party recognises the service of Mrs. Louise Jackson. As firstly a UBP Member of Parliament, and then as an OBA Member of Parliament, Mrs. Jackson has been a vociferous public servant. We wish her the best in her retirement.”

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  1. will says:

    Mr Swan, I politely ask you to step down from the UBP. The party has reached its end, keeping it only serves to fuel the fire when it comes to party politics on this island. Not accepting the end is tantamount to not accepting change nor wanting it. Two parties is more than enough.

    • undecided says:

      I agree that its time for him to step down and for the UBP to resign, if the opposition ever want to get the governing party out of power then they must work collectively, not separately.

      Also, are you suggesting a one party, single leader when you say, “Two parties is more than enough”? Seems rather facist…

      • Maddog says:

        The UBP has 36 candidates and they are all white the OBA are in trouble.

  2. Jim Bean says:


  3. sticky says:

    Swan you have a right to keep the UBP alive if you like, dont stop on account of the OBA or PLP, if u find people interested in your UBP let them run.

  4. all clogged up says:

    Ironic….a party formed to protect the interests of a few is being kept alive on life support by two guys that wouldn’t have ‘fit’ in with that crew back then.

    • undecided says:

      enough of the race cards. I feel like I’m choking in race cards. LOOK FORWARD NOT IN THE PAST! The UBP is obviously a different party so the Swans have their own motives to keep the party, they obviously disagree with the political views of the OBA and the PLP so thus they stay in the UBP.

      Listen to the wise words of young Bermudian, Alexis Swan, “you can’t do anything in the future if you keep looking in the rearview mirror!”

      • all clogged up says:

        no race card….just facts….I never mentioned black and white…the UBP was an elitist club not restricted to color of your skin…it was about wealth, power and control…like many blacks and whites, neither Swan would have been invited to the table unless they came with political influence….if they couldn’t win a seat, they would have been useless.

        • specialgirl4you says:

          THE UBP/OBA are still alive & kicking, and there is no different. So MR.Swan can run, where he must. If you think that the UBP/OBA never played and still play the “Race-Card,” it clearly indicates your limited knowledge of the political history and social-economic status of this country. Some where you are missing some vital facts, or if not like Ms. A Swan, chose to ignore the real facts on “Race and Racism” in Bermuda and the impact this has had upon our country. Please take the blinders off, and stop pretending…..

  5. Just sayin says:

    Swan you are a stupid man. I pray you don’t have any chance of being elected.
    I’d rather see the Pathetic Little Party win.

  6. Gambler says:

    Mr Swan continue as you know what it takes to serve. This is a free country and if there is room for independents there is room for the UBP its not over till its over fight on

  7. joe says:

    I agree that perhaops it is time for Kim to stand aside, but to those who continue to disparage the legacy of the UBP, which in 30 years built the most successful economy in the Caribbean now being destroyed, I would like to mention some of those who contributed: Drs. Swan, King, Ratteray, James; Mssrs. Richards, Swan, Edness, Woolridge, Simons, Simmons, Mapp, Dill, Dyer, and others. No, the UBP was not a white elitist party, it was a conservative business party. It attracted many talented people into its ranks but like the PLP it failed to respond to changing times. The PLP is failing to respond and it too will collapse as Bermuda fails. You see, both parties are based on the wrong premise and sooner or later we must realise that and look at our politics anew, and soon.

  8. Khalid says:

    Constituents of voter District 21 Pembroke East South,
    As you know I have put myself forward as a candidate for the next general election. I did not put myself forward to advance myself or for the prestige of occupying a seat in parliament. My cause is for the good of Bermuda and the freedom of our people from systemic disenfranchisement. It’s Bermuda that wins or loses in this contest and your vote has a hand in that decision. We are at a cross road and the battle is between an old world of political posturing which has failed us and the need for something new.
    As of now the icons of what is old and what is new could not be represented better and more clearly than that of a choice between Rolf Commissiong and me. I know Rolf as a friend with whom I would often enjoy political and intellectual wit. However in the final analysis his internalized perception and issues pegs him to a world that is past and a struggle that could only bring defeat to the very aims he seeks to achieve. Unfortunately his thoughts and position have machinery which gives him some power and that machinery has evolved astray from its original goal and the true sentiments of the electorate.
    The PLP is not the enemy rather it is certain aspects of a system that embroiled them and the UBP from their very beginnings, which in its growth has alienated the electorate. My candidacy challenges those items which currently disenfranchise the electorate from true participation. We were supposed to have evolved from the old days of property vote were the total effective voters was just shy of 3000 but sadly you must be informed that in-spite of an electorate of 39,000 the real vote and participation when you examine the facts of how things really happen we are truthfully back to the days of the property vote. We haven’t moved very far as a participatory electorate.
    So in truth the battle is not between Rolf and I or about voting for an independent candidate, but rather it’s between two systems of thought. It is a battle and vote to sustain a partisan ideology and practice that gives a few party members the real and first choice of candidates and political participation, or a vote to change towards a political system that gives the entire electorate the first choices in candidates selection and political inclusion. I raise the issue because now a new candidate will emerge wearing the OBA banner but for what reason? He or she will be announced soon to represent the OBA who wants now to be considered the party of choice and with only cosmetic changes proposed to the same system. The OBA platform of change does not include national primaries, which as part of my proposed electoral reform mandates primaries 9 months or so before the proposed fixed term election. All the other OBA proposed changes are good but the essential change is what they omit and once again the omission leaves the power in the hands of a few. The only change in such case is to hand the power from one kitchen cabinet to another, the same game but different name.
    The enemy is not the PLP or OBA it’s the ideas on which they perform that is the real enemy and in need of reform. Thankfully there are members on both sides, in some cases it’s the very leadership that recognize the need for change and are willing but not able to beat the internal crowd and bureaucracy. Therefore my candidacy as an independent is essential to both parties and their leaderships because neither have the ability to break the gridlock within to become the party of today. We cannot fix our economy and lead the country back to sustained economic growth without an inclusionary political environment.
    I urge you to examine my ideas of reform and support them. I take the liberty at this moment to inform the new and un-named candidate of the OBA that they are being used like instruments of the past. They will stand alongside of Rolf to maintain what we already have. If I were he or she I would examine the role they are being asked to perform. Is it just to prove the party can field 36 candidates? Or to show it has some level of support? The OBA in this candidacy, has lost its name as an alliance and is now proving its methodology as a centralized party, where Ideas and ideology are not as important as control and loyalty.
    Vote Raymond Davis (The only change agent)