Premier Cox Calls Election For December 17

November 8, 2012

[Updated with video, UBP & OBA comments] Premier Paula Cox has formally announced that the election will be held on Monday, December 17th, 2012. The Progressive Labour Party will be battling for a fourth term in power, while the One Bermuda Alliance will be hoping for the opposite result.

Both the PLP and OBA are fielding a full slate of 36 candidates in the upcoming election, while the UBP has two candidates, and three Independent candidates have also thrown their hat in the ring thus far.

Voters will be electing 36 Members of Parliament, and a majority of seats are needed for the party to win. The PLP presently holds 24 seats, the OBA 10 seats, while the UBP has 2.

Bernews has launched a special 90-page election section — — which features online polls, full results of the last 10 general elections, past bye-election results, breakdowns of all 36 constituencies, election countdown clock, election map, interactive infographic, political news & tweets, candidate photos/videos, boundary descriptions/maps, political facts and much more.

In 1968 the UBP won the first of their eight consecutive victories with 30 seats to the PLP’s 10. The UBP repeated their wins in 1972 [30-10], 1976 [26-14], 1980 [22-18], 1983 [26-14], 1985 [31-7], 1989 [23-15-2], and 1993 [22-18]. In 1998 the PLP won and took control of the Government for the first time with 26 seats to the UBP’s 14. The PLP repeated this victory in 2003 and 2007, both times winning 22 seats to the UBP’s 14.

The candidate lineups for all 36 constituencies follows below:

C#36: Sandys North
OBA Ray Charlton
PLP Michael Scott
Incumbent: PLP Michael Scott won 62.2% of the vote vs UBP Ed Bailey [486-292] in 2007

C#35: Sandys North Central 
OBA Nadia Hamza
PLP Dennis Lister
Incumbent: PLP Dennis Lister won 66.43% of the vote vs UBP Donald Hassell [556-281] in 2007

C#34: Sandys South Central
OBA Ed Bailey
PLP Kim Wilson
Incumbent: PLP Walter Lister won 69.26% of the vote vs UBP Sarah Burrows [649-284] votes in 2007

C#33: Sandys South
OBA Toni Spring
PLP Terry Lister
Incumbent: PLP Terry Lister won 60.96% of the vote vs UBP Alvin Wilson [556-346] in 2007

C#32: Southampton West
OBA Rodney Smith
PLP Randy Horton
Incumbent: PLP Randy Horton won 69.03% of the vote vs UBP Charlie Swan [629–366] in 2007

C#31: Southampton West Central
OBA Shawn Crockwell
PLP Scott Simmons
UBP Charlie Swan
Incumbent: UBP Charlie Swan who won a by-election against PLP Marc Bean in 2008

C#30: Southampton East Central
OBA Leah Scott
PLP Stephen Todd
Incumbent: PLP Zane Desilva won 52.2% of the vote vs  UBP incumbent David Dodwell [569-521] in 2007.

C#29: Southampton East 
OBA Jon Brunson
PLP Zane DeSilva
Incumbent: PLP Stanley Lowe won 67.97% of the vote vs UBP Douglas Decouto  [558–263] in 2007

C#28: Warwick West
PLP Jonathan Smith
OBA Jeff Sousa
Incumbent: OBA Mark Pettingill [under the UBP] won 62.07% of the votes vs PLP George Scott in 2007

C#27: Warwick North Central
OBA R. Wayne Scott
PLP Lt. Col David Burch
Incumbent: PLP Elvin James won 56.14% of the vote vs  UBP R. Wayne Scott [535-418] in 2007

C#26: Warwick South Central
OBA Ras Mykkal
PLP Marc Bean
Incumbent: PLP Marc Bean won 2010 by-election with 67% of the vote in a three way race

C#25: Warwick North East
OBA Mark Pettingill
PLP Dale Butler
Incumbent: PLP Dale Butler won 53.5% of the vote vs UBP Gina Spence [494-426] in 2007

C#24: Warwick South East
OBA Alexis Swan
PLP Lawrence Scott
Incumbent: PLP Alex Scott won 58% of the vote vs UBP Jeff Sousa [518-367] in 2007

C#23: Paget West
OBA Pat Gordon-Pamplin
PLP Darius Tucker
Incumbent: OBA Patricia Gordon-Pamplin [under the UBP] won 75.85% of the vote vs Rolfe Commissiong [732-233] in 2007.

C#22: Paget East
OBA Dr Grant Gibbons
PLP Dawn Simmons
Incumbent: OBA Dr Grant Gibbons [under the UBP] won 77% of the vote vs PLP Davida Morris [723-212] in 2007

C#21: Pembroke South East
OBA Jeff Baron
PLP Rolfe Commissiong
Independent Tillman Darrell
Incumbent: PLP Ashfield Devent won 67.61% of the vote vs UBP Tillman Darrell [526-252] in 2007.

C#20: Pembroke South West
OBA No official announcement yet
PLP Marcus Jones
Incumbent: OBA Louise Jackson [under the UBP] won 83% of the vote vs PLP Laverne Furbert [711-145] in 2007

C#19: Pembroke West
PLP A.L Vince Ingham
OBA Jeanne Atherden
Independent Erwin Adderley
Incumbent: OBA Shawn Crockwell [under UBP] won 58% of the vote vs PLP Walton Brown [505-361] in 2007

C#18: Pembroke West Central
PLP David Burt
OBA Nicholas Kempe
Incumbent: PLP Neletha Butterfield won 69.62% of the vote vs UBP Mariyln Steede [25.15%] & IND Roger Russell [5.22%]

C#17: Pembroke Central
PLP Walton Brown
OBA Andrew Simons
Incumbent: PLP Wayne Perenchief won 56.5% of the vote vs UBP Austin Warner [39.64%] & IND Harold Darrell [3.09%] in 2007

C#16: Pembroke East Central
OBA Terry Hodgson
PLP Michael Weeks
Incumbent: PLP Michael Weeks won a 2009 by-election with 89% of the vote

C#15: Pembroke East
OBA Scott Stewart
PLP Walter Roban
Incumbent: PLP Walter Roban won 81.63% of the vote over UBP Sean Pitcher [631-142] in 2007

C#14: Devonshire North West
OBA Glen Smith
PLP No official announcement yet, but Premier Paula Cox expected to be announced for the PLP
Incumbent: PLP Paula Cox won 69.59% of the vote vs UBP Alan Marshall [492-215] in 2007

C#13: Devonshire North Central
OBA C. Anthony Francis
PLP Glenn Blakeney
Incumbent: PLP Glenn Blakeney won 53.52% of the vote vs UBP Albertha Waite [433-376] in 2007

C#12: Devonshire South Central
OBA Craig Cannonier
PLP Makai Dickerson
Incumbent: OBA Craig Cannonier won a 2011 by-election with 82.89% of the vote

C#11: Devonshire East
OBA Bob Richards
PLP Neville Tyrell
Incumbent: OBA Bob Richards won [under the UBP] with 51.74% of the vote vs PLP Neville Tyrell [402-375] in 2007

C#10: Smith’s North
OBA Michael Dunkley
PLP Patrice Minors
Incumbent: PLP Patrice Minors won 54.53% of the vote vs UBP Michael Dunkley [536-444] in 2007.

C#9: Smith’s West
OBA Trevor Moniz
PLP Vance Campbell
Incumbent: OBA Trevor Moniz [under the UBP] won 58.50% of the vote vs PLP Larry Mussenden [506-357] in 2007

C#8: Smith’s South
OBA Cole Simons
PLP Wayne Perinchief
Independent David Tavares
Incumbent: OBA Cole Simons [under the UBP] won 73.47% of the vote vs the PLP Jane Correia [673-243] in 2007

C#7: Hamilton South
PLP Diallo Rabain
OBA Sylvan Richards
Incumbent: PLP Darius Tucker [under the UBP] won 56.57% of the vote vs PLP Wayne Caines [547–420] in 2007

C#6: Hamilton West
OBA Donte Hunt
PLP Wayne Furbert
Incumbent: PLP Wayne Furbert [under the UBP] won 54% of the vote vs PLP Charles Clarke [530-451] in 2007.

C#5: Hamilton East
OBA Peter Barrett
PLP Derrick Burgess
Incumbent: PLP Derrick Burgess won 80.28% of the vote vs UBP David Sullivan [737-181] in 2007

C#4: St. George’s South
OBA Suzann Roberts-Holshouser
PLP Pastor Leroy Bean
Incumbent: OBA Donte Hunt [under the UBP] won 51.18% of the vote vs PLP Phil Perinchief [544-519] in 2007

C#3: St David’s
OBA Gaylynne Cannonier
PLP Lovitta Foggo
Incumbent: PLP Lovitta Foggo won 54.27% of the vote vs UBP Suzann Roberts Holshouser in 2007

C#2: St. George’s West
OBA Nandi Davis
PLP John Gibbons
UBP Kim Swan
Incumbent: UBP Kim Swan won 50.95% of the vote vs PLP’s Dean Foggo [457-440] in 2007

C#1: St. George’s North
OBA Kenneth Bascome
PLP Dame Jennifer Smith
Incumbent: PLP Dame Jennifer Smith won 51.35% of the vote vs UBP Kenneth Bascome [474-449] in 2007


Update 9.47pm: A statement issued by Government said: “Please be advised that His Excellency the Governor has today, 8 November 2012, in accordance with advice from the Premier, dissolved the Legislature with effect from 10.00 a.m. on Friday, 9 November 2012. The election will be held on Monday, 17 December 2012.”

Video of the Premier announcing the election is below [video of the Premier’s full speech is here].

Update 11.52pm: OBA Leader Craig Cannonier released the following statement:

To everyone in the OBA and the thousands of others who have joined this movement for change, we are excited about this opportunity to finally move Bermuda in a new and better direction.

On December 17, voters will have the chance to say whether Bermuda continues for another half decade on this Government’s uncertain path of more unemployment, rising violent crime and skyrocketing taxpayer debt.

Or whether they believe, as the vast majority of their brothers and sisters do, that it’s time for Bermuda to come together and put our island on a new path towards the security and prosperity Bermuda’s families so rightly deserve.

Today, is the first step on that journey. A new beginning with the new leadership, ideas and vision Bermuda needs to grow thousands of new jobs for Bermudians, restore safety to our neighbourhoods and provide every Bermudian child with an education as good as any in the world.

For those of you looking for that vision, that optimism, that hope, we ask you to join us as together… as One Bermuda… we build a tomorrow based on social and economic equity for all that leaves no one behind.”

Update 12.50am: A statement from UBP MP Kim Swan below:

We like most Bermudians are pleased that the Premier has finally announced the election date.

Throughout my canvassing many persons have been anxiously hoping that the Premier would end the suspense and announce the date certain. Tonight all speculation has come to an end and the power has now been placed in the hands of the Bermuda electorate.

The PLP record has been riddled with financial irregularities, audit investigations, untendered projects and cost overruns that is today punctuated with an unprecedented $1.4 billion debt with the interest meter continuously escalating.

On Monday December 17th, the people of Bermuda will finally be able to judge the performance of the PLP Government.

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  1. 32n64w says:

    Good luck everyone. Please leave race out of this race.

    • Serious Though says:

      We are still a country divided, 60,000 plus so seriously divided. if this country will ever solve it’s problems , we need to ask ALL of us to forget the color of our skin in the NEXT 5 years! we have children, we owe them a future and a country that politics is not your RACE!! let’s press the reset button on this issue please.
      we still need to support the poor, educate our children, reform and improve our education, training for young people leaving high school(those constructions jobs are gone) pay our debt and still develop a business friendly environment for all, we need to define a new Bermuda for all, that’s what still make this a great Island.. we all love it let’s walk the talk together.. PLEASE

      • shucks says:

        No matter how hard we try and no matter hos much we want to, color is meant to be seen as long as we can see. Race will never be forgotten. Period.

    • formidable deviant says:

      Yes, I agree. There’s an air of desperation though isn’t there? If Bermuda can’t see what a sh*t job the PLP have done now, then we are truly screwed, we are stuck with these fools. But what you are really saying is black folks, I know your default position is to vote PLP, but let’s move on, America’s default position is to vote white, but they changed things, let’s forget about color, let’s move forward. But whilst you want this to be about the issues – and you are right, the real question is will the black majority dare to move off of default. Basically, willl you vote Obama? And that’s race isn’t it?

    • Soooooo says:

      The great Dr. did his best to devide our country. He did his best, as did his his race relations consultant, to put the past into the forefront. Hopefully Bermudians are intelligent enought to separate the rhetoric from the fact. There has been far too much trash!
      We are all Bermudians, we need to look at who is going best represent all of us… I personally have voted for both the PLP and UBP . Who this time.?

      I have reservations about both parties…. OBA… An unknown entity… PLP… Where did the taxpayers money go? UBP.. My dollar was woth something where do they go?

      Ok.. Vote fo the best for Bermuda

    • what says:

      With the legislature closed, how are the PLP going to deliver lawfully all the throne speech promises before the election? What happened with the taxi driver and GPS. Folks who spent the money are fed up. What happened to Job Corps, just watch Channel 2, sounded like a load of thrown together waffle, with no clear concise program defined, what happened to conscription, 2013 for a plan to look into it…..huh…..this govenment has just thrown a lot of made up nonsense at us, desperate to win votes. Why have they shut shop, not allowing the opposition to officially reply to the throne speech? Why have they put the election on at a time when students are away? How does someone get a Certificate of intended abscence, so they can vote in advance? Fed up with ths Government playing and toying with people all for their personal gain. Vote them out and lets have people working for us Bermudians for a change.

  2. IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!

  3. Serious Though says:


  4. Student says:

    Why the F*#k would you call the election while we are at school! You just gave every bermudian abroad still in school a slap in the face. Thank you Paula…..

    You do realize we ARE the future of Bermuda. WE have to deal with what’s to come, not you.

    • Franklin says:

      Simple – the majority of students who are away and out there in the real world simply won’t vote PLP. Disenfranchising them is an important part of the strategy

      • The nitty gritty says:

        Another part of the strategy is to make those students who miss voting, pay for the country’s BILIION dollar debt!
        While they lounge off in ST KItts with plump pensions (again funded by the taxpayers) you all will be wondering what happened to the Bermuda you once knew before The Brown Regime.
        They say people usually get what they deserve so lets see if we can all ignore color and vote for a better future with those you choose to best represent you and your loved ones.

    • plpdumb! says:

      You should be able to vote online. More details should come out soon…that is the word going around about that. Loads of ppl are complaining (with every right) about that.

      • Family Man says:

        You don’t get it. They don’t care what you think.

        People who are away in school are NOT likely to vote plp. There’s no way they’re going to allow them to vote. They’ll sooner allow prisoners at Westgate to vote than students in university.

        • Billy Mays says:

          Westgate is full of plp types; people blaming others for their own transgressions. I can see a polling booth in there; would be full of plp votes.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        sorry the plp said they where looking into voting online in 2008-09ish and stated then it was to open to hackers and the like then the talk about it died……………….


    • Grubster says:

      Possibe that Paula thinks that all students abroad are OBA supporters, therefore leaving them out of the running

    • Shi says:

      The election isn’t tomorrow or next week…MOST students are back by that time… if voting is that important to you, you have 38 days to arrange to be back. (Y)

      • YoungInformedBermudian says:

        That is an ignorant comment! Most students are not back by this date and on top of that we have exams during this time and cannot just skip them to come home and vote!

      • Finally Left... says:

        Its funny how when the opposition offers that all voters should simply register each year, its called “disenfranchising the vote”, but when the PLP calls a date that many wont be on island for, its simply “not that important to them”

      • absentee voting? says:

        The University of Western Ontario’s mid year exam period ends on December 19th. Paula Cox, in this particular case you have just muzzled the voices and opinions of over twenty students. I urge others to post their exam dates so we can get an idea of how many students are being excluded from this election.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          Great idea

        • student. says:

          Queens goes up until the 20th…. Thanks,Paula.

        • Not fair. says:

          Am also at a Canadian University and finish exams on the 19th! I have never gotten the opportunity to vote. This is ridiculous.

      • Really? says:

        What so students should drop everything to come and vote… they should drop the ball on trying to get educated to come back into the Bermuda workforce and provide a asset to the Bermuda job scene???

        Just because some people do not get educated on this island and just expect jobs even though they cannot hardly read… “Oh yah im gonna take that CEO job off that Expat because he aint Bermudian”

        The real world would give everyone of you the biggest slap around the face you would be running home to your mummies.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        Most colleges are’nt out by the 19th and this is easy to look up.
        You think the PLP didnt look it up before deciding to ruin everybody’s Christmas!!

    • formidable deviant says:

      Turkeys don’t vote for xmas as they say. And smart, educated students won’t vote for the current turkeys on the menu. Simple as that. Jeez, let’s get rid of this lot, pleeeeeease….

    • First and foremost if you can use this type of language in the same sentence as calling the Premier by her first name with no regard or respect then I think you should reconsider your line of approach.

      You have the right to vote and I think it would be best for you to email or call the Premier directly and ge a clear understanding of why she has made this decision and also what is your options as there have been in the past provisions made for overseas students,dont be so quick to judge her actions without first listening to the Premiers reasoning.I could very well jump to my own conclusions by stating that the fact that you would call her by first name and use a curse word all in the same sentence would almost look as if you are a supporter of the O.B.A and that would make me judgemental or bias but be that as it may apologize to Madam Premier or atleast be bold enough to stand by your conviction and write your name and not sit behind a pen name as a coward.

      Our fore fathers and Mothers fought hard in Bermuda for the right to vote and blacks in particular so we know the meaning of leaving no one out from the voting process.please take that into consideration and ask questions before assuming you will be left out.

      • .am says:

        I can’t believe this is a single sentence:

        “I could very well jump to my own conclusions by stating that the fact that you would call her by first name and use a curse word all in the same sentence would almost look as if you are a supporter of the O.B.A and that would make me judgemental or bias but be that as it may apologize to Madam Premier or atleast be bold enough to stand by your conviction and write your name and not sit behind a pen name as a coward.”

        Would I be correct to assume you are not away pursuing further education?

        • no i am in your back yard waiting for you.

          • Finally Left... says:

            thats a bit creepy

            • Free says:

              LMAO! Duane sure loves backyards….*pause*.

            • Unbelievable says:

              More so than you realize. There are real life “Bontons” out there you know. And I’m sure if you brought this particular name up to your parents they may have a story or two that makes “Bonton” look like a pet hamster.

          • formidable deviant says:

            Ok mate, you are going to have to explain that one, now everyone thinks you are weird.

            • Verbal Kint says:

              I already thought he was weird. Does any one else find it reprehensible that the Premier announced the election at a party function when she could have done it before parliament, in a more proper setting?

          • Skeptical says:

            What?? That is scary and you are a guy saying that to another guy!! Could be taken sooooo many ways smh!

          • Really? says:

            Your a real idiot man… go join a gang with those sort of replies Politics is obviously to grown up and mature for you…

            Thanks from the whole of Bermuda

        • Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

 – So true. I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest trying to get it all out in one breath. But that’s Duane’s problem anyway. Always a mini novel in his comments. I feel like carrying my laptop to the bathroom when he writes cause you know its going to be long and drawn out. Might as well have my moment of silence on the toilet. That way I kill two birds with one stone.

          @Duane – That comment about “no i am in your backyard waiting for you” IS very scary.

          But you will be alright when you become a big boy. Not just yet though.

      • Finally Left... says:

        ” so we know the meaning of leaving no one out”

        ..frankly thats a load of horse s*** because you just left out a very large chunk of the voting population

      • maybe says:

        Duane you really need to stop the black/ white stuff. Most families in Bermuda are multi racial, yours included. We all need to move on to a better Bermuda than we have been living in recently. If you really want to go on colour, as you call yourself, a reformed homosexual( however you came to that conclusion) convince the Rainbow Alliance to start a political party, as they have your familiar rainbow colours as their logo and you can have those colours in your eyes until your heart is content.

        • Really? says:

          hahahahaa oh you just got called out… your mixed surely your ancestors must be rolling in their graves.

      • swing voter says:

        Hey Santucci, figure this out…..KMA!

      • blankman says:

        What options? If exams don’t end until after the 17th what can the student possibly do? The advance poll is only a week earlier so that’s in the middle of the exam period when students are either writing or doing last minute cramming.

        So they can’t possibly vote. And people would have to be pretty dumb to believe that no-one thought of that when they set the dates.

      • The nitty gritty says:

        If that is so then why call an election A. AT CHRISTMAS


    • Observant says:

      Same thing last election…Bermudian university students were left out of the equation altogether…no absentee ballot. Just the way they roll.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Student
      The election date is December 17 when most students are expected to be home for the Christmas holiday. To vote, please get someone to make sure you are registered. Then you can vote on eletion date.

      • blankman says:

        Sorry but most students won’t be home by then. In many cases exams won’t even have started. [Haven't checked schedules this year but last year my oldest's last exam was the morning of the 23rd.]

    • Maddog says:



  5. FirstTimeVoter says:

    When are the debates? i wanna here what these guys can say when they are on the spot? Also, what channel will it be on?

    • FirstTimeVoter says:

      right…. forgot. we dont have a system like that. the most debate we’ll have is the back and forth in the papers…. :S

    • Obama Aid in all flavors says:

      First of all the PLP members need to get a good command of the English language before participating in any debate.

  6. Errin Butterfield says:

    I hope that all of us can keep this election race clean and show some dignity and respect for one another

  7. Truth (Original) says:

    This election is a watershed moment for you Bermuda. Vote the issues and not race.

  8. Errin Butterfield says:

    P.S. let’s concentrate on the issues that matter

  9. Grubster says:

    Pre Christmas entertainment for everyone

  10. smh says:

    come on Young Bermudaians!! we are the future we need change!!!

    • Michael Walker says:

      Romney said something similar to that didn’t he.

    • Not fair. says:

      A lot of young Bermudians wont get a say because we wont be back on the island in time to vote.

  11. smh says:

    Whoever is even considering voting for the PLP should call up their doctor tomorrow morning a book an appointment. Causing being mental illness.

    And if PLP do we again, well it shows that Bermuda would rather have a black government that runs their country terribly and puts it in dept than a government that could possibly help Bermuda and its people.

    “Please leave race out of this race”

    • Michael Walker says:

      Okay Romney. We’ll sit back and let you find the contradictions you just babbled.

      • .am says:

        No contradictions. Without race, the PLP are nothing.

      • smh says:

        Regardless. We need change. The only reasons someone would keep PLP is if you are rich and are not feeling the economic downturn, were given a comfy job by PLP(excludes whites) or you are ignorant? Which one are you?

      • Come Correct says:

        Kinda like the plp saying they’re like Obama but hiring Mitt Romneys key strategic advisor, Eric Tanenblatt?

    • Serious Though says:

      O.K, your not helping, *black and White stuff energize the base, you have already shitted the conversation from issues to RACE!!!

  12. William says:

    What are the odds that they got This wrong ,too?
    anyone taking bets ?

  13. bda bye says:

    If the govermnet has been disolved per say do the plp need to give up the gp cars

    • Serious Though says:

      worry about your future, GP cars !!TRIVIA >>>>>>FUTURE!!

    • Vote for Me says:

      @bda bye
      Once the legislature is dissolved, Ministers retain their jobs in order to keep the country running. Oly the Senators and back benchers effectively lose their jobs until election day

  14. Autumn Fire says:

    Come on BERMUDA! It’s ELECTION time, and we’ve all been waiting for this moment…get out and VOTE! Let’s go TEAM BERMUDA!

  15. Madam Premier you have made a wise choice and I for one am glad the election was not called before the U.S. elections and I am also glad that you that you choose not to wait to long to call the Bermuda election and now that we have the date let us go to the polls and win and move forward with what must be done and I would only hope with youn adult minds that have thrown their hats into the race along with sound wisdom and years of hard work and dedication to our Island home as opposition and the government since 1998 that we would rise from the era of our past and blaze a bright future.

    Many dont like change and of course many want to go back to that old Bermuda we once knew,well I for one is looking for a Bermuda better then we have ever had and it dont come without a price and that is fact,so let the nay sayers say what they must at the end of the day I truy believe that almighty God still has a work you to do in this Islands and He will guide you through to your finish line.If P.L.P can present themselves as they have across the by partisan lines then we will continue to see great success. let Govenor Mitt Romney(O.B.A.)and his crew continue with their reteric and you stay on the firing line to victory,I just hope that Bermuda is paying attention as their is rumors that it is alleged already brewing about Buzz taking over all 3 gas stations restaurant services just in another few weeks and that it has not been made public but it will be all three gas stations that Mr Cannonier runs and that the existing staff wil be put out of work because Buzz has their own staffing and if this alleged information is true then I say to Mr Cannonier so much for creating jobs for Bermudians when your very own establishment is allegitely at the center of allegations to Bermudians loosing their jobs but you know this is Bermuda so who knows if it is true,maybe Esso can help clarify and maybe Mr Cannonier himself,I dont know I am only repeating what I was told,so what do I know.

    I predict that their are a few tight areas where I can see the O.B.A taking a few seats and yes that would be the good old faithfuls from the former who B.P. but overall I see the majority going to the P.L.P and for obvious reasons just like in the U.S.A with President Barak Obama. People in Bermuda are not asleep

    • Observant says:

      Did you mean ‘rhetoric’? Plus, you said many want to go back to ‘that old Bermuda we once knew’…yeah, when we had visitors, less crime, the police budget wasn’t chopped all to hell, government spending wasn’t frivolous…yes, we do.

    • Come Correct says:

      What are you on? Why did the plp hire Eric Tanenblatt?

    • Finally Left... says:

      is this another drunk plp rant like — on fb?

    • Serious Though says:

      with all due respect, this is Bermuda,
      Let’s not use US election as a shoe fit all for Bermuda election.
      the opposition is not an enemy, they had 10 plus years, it is a tool to educate us.. so you NEVER Know!..

    • SoMuchMore says:

      Duane you talk to damn much, gosh.

    • Angelo Pimental says:

      How can you seriously believe that the PLP have anything in common with Obama?

      However, if you wish to make such comparisons, there are many more parallels between the Republicans, George Bush in particular, and the PLP. Here are just two:

      Firstly, after 2001, George Bush resided over the largest increase in debt in US history, after coming into office with a balanced budget and projected 10 year surplus of $6 Trillion. This parallels the PLP coming into power with a balanced budget, and leading us further and further into the greatest debt in our islands history.

      Secondly, the Republicans have always been about benefitting the few elite in the US, by manipulating the different groups of less educated, religious intolerant and racist white middle Americans. The PLP leadership have proven time and again, and even stated aloud that they had to ‘fool the people’, and time and again they have been outright racist seeking to scare the masses that ‘they the UBP (OBA) will put you back on the plantation.’

      OBAma has always called for national unity, and fights furvently for a strong and growing middle class. He is also supported by Americans of all ethnic backgrounds, as he is inclusive in his leadership. Does the PLP record speak to that?

    • Ride says:

      @Duane P. Santucci

      Wow! Really!?! An entire paragraph (about 60% of your post) dedicated to some rumoured effect of some rumoured business contract concerning an opposing candidate. Why even bother? It is completely speculative.

      The US candidates actually print factual accounts of the antics of opposing candidates. They don’t construct grammatically errant speculations of candidates possible future dealings accompanied with fictional resulting actions of these hypotheticals.

      Please, focus your efforts on relevant factual criticism of the candidates. (Oh, and keep away from race as your friend Dr. Brown has used up enough decks of these cards to built a 1:1 scale model of the Tashmahal) This may actually appeal the swing-voters and perhaps prompt them consider your presentation. However, the drivel you’ve posted above pushes them even further from ticking that PLP candidate box.


    • Where do I "BUY BDA" says:

      @Duane – Quote – “I don’t know I am only repeating what I was told, so what do I know”

      That was probably the smartest thing you have ever said. Now shut the hell up and go sleep.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      My arent we full of sickly sweet platitudes today!
      Sort of goes with the territory when you got no successes to crow about.
      Stamp your feet, throw the arms high and raise your voice. Fill the air with scripture quotes
      and call on racial unity when what you mean is one color must vote as PLP.
      All this ridiculous comparison to U.S. politics just exposes you as an intellectual lightweight sitting on the political couch. Real movers and shakers of the world operate far from all these dreamers who through election, score the biggest and most undeserved pay check of their lives. Then they fight like hell despite the most atrocious record in histiory, to keep that paycheck cause after all, who’s gonna hire these failures in the Private sector?

  16. yep says:

    I understand that there wiLl be NO online voting for students/Bermudians ordinarily resident in Bermuda but overseas.

  17. Serious Though says:


  18. CHANGE says:

    I voted PLP in the past. But NEVER again! Lets get this show on the road and make a difference!

    • Unbeliveablee says:

      I’m the same way…I was a PLP supporter but no more…I really think they need a reminder of who’s really the boss! US THE PEOPLE!!!

  19. Haha says:

    I think Bernews is just like the FOX network right now!!!

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Considering that I have heard the Bernews’ shareholders are PLP people Bernews please let atleast me know cause like I said this is what I heard and I am in no way downing the site or its shareholders.

      LOL do you guys think your like fox new.?

  20. SoMuchMore says:

    paula has chosen the date that she will leave office… woot woot! let’s all plan a going away party for her and her crew and ship them off to cuba LOL

  21. Skeptical says:

    I want to know why the PLP talk about the importance of young people but you have now disenfranchised a large segment of the young population from the voting process, many voting for the very first time, and called the election during final exam time. So so sad!!

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ skeptical
      The date is virtually the same as 2007 when Dr. Brown called the election. The majority of students are expected to be at home for the Christmas hoiday. The students need to make sure they are registered in order to participate. They should get their parent or someone else to make sure they are on the Register in the next 7 days.

      • blankman says:

        Nonsense – mid year exams are not over by then (in many cases they haven’t even started).

      • James says:

        They don’t need their parents to do that. If they are old enough to vote and at a college, surely they can use the gov web page at and find out if they are registered. I also would have thought that if you cared enough to vote you would already KNOW if your are registered or not.
        Now if only they could vote online there like they do in most of Canada.

      • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

        And they PROMISED never to do that again, call the election before the students finished exams and could get home to vote.
        Yet another promise broken.SMH

  22. @ Duane: How can you write 452 words and only use a period two times??? Do you seriously believe that drivel you have written? Are you having a party over there and not inviting me?

    • SoMuchMore says:

      i think duane is a part of the paula clan… he always writes sooooooooooo much and never reads what he writes. fool lol

  23. WinterSnow says:

    Election called while students are away at school….shocking?!

    Vote for OUR future, don’t focus on the past. The past cannot be changed but WE can change OUR future!

    Come on Bermuda, you know what decision to make.

  24. Kraken says:

    Surprised they managed to set a date, they must have moved mass resources from making the bus schedules…..

  25. haha says:

    Most students are back by dec 17. And if she had called it any later you would have complained that it was too close to Christmas. Take a break.

    • Moojun says:

      If you’re so concerned about including everyone who’s eligible to vote, then why don’t you have a proper proxy voting system? And by the way, an advance vote ONE week before the actual date does not count. Most people on a small island go way for more than 7 days at Christmas.

      Here’s a novel idea… let all the registered Bermudians vote wherever we are in the World and at any time. That way the powers that be won’t have to fart around with the date to gerimander the system. Oh wait, that’s exactly why we don’t have a proper proxy system in place isn’t it? I love ‘democracy’.

      • Moojun says:

        When I said ‘most people’, I was speaking without any factual basis. What I should have said is ‘some people’. Which is of course a huge difference. Apologies for the hyperbole. I leave it up to the people of Bermuda to decide if they are well enough served by the current absentee ballott system. I, for one, am not.

    • SoMuchMore says:

      you must be paula’s cheerleader LOL

    • WinterSnow says:

      Actually alot of students in the states are not back by then…

    • Honestly says:

      I agree!!! A bunch of complainers! Live on the www!!!

  26. OMG says:

    Current PLP Government – “Standing Wrong for Bermuda”.

    We need a change, please remove the Race call and vote for a a party that will lead Bermuda to a better place.

    Sorry the current Government does not cut it!!

  27. TEE says:

    I hate PLP. They run this island like they run their everyday lives. SELFISH. And just an idea. Look at the young punk youths, they are like the damn GOVERNMENT. PARK THEIR DAMN BIKES ANTWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. I saw 6 BIKES….. HERE ME. NOT 1, NOT2, NOT3, NOT 4, NOT 5. SIX BIKES parked in front of SEAHORSES this week, last week, week before last and so on. I couldnt even park my damn car, These jokers park anywhere cause they know Auntie Paula is in charge.
    You PLP set a very terrible example. BYE BYE, You all have 38 days to take a little more money!!!!!!!!!

  28. Golden says:

    Does absentee voting even exist in Bermuda?

    • Moojun says:

      Yes, but (in)conveniently they only hold the advance poll one week before the real poll. i.e. Useless for anyone who travels for longer than 7 days during the holiday season.

      • blankman says:

        And absolutely useless for students who are busy studying in the leadup to their mid-year exams – they can’t possibly turn up here at that time.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      No, absentee voting does not exist. There is advance polling, which means you have to be on island still, and it only is in effect the week before the actual vote. If you are a student, or otherwise off the island, you are SOOL.

  29. w%$rstupid says:


    We shall see.

    You white ppl are just like the republicans in the US.

    You wont win. You are fools to think otherwise

    • I wonder,, says:

      No need to call anyone a fool papa,, (yes I am black man and I am not taking the “white” mans side)… Once you let emotions control you, you loose the ability to use logic and rationale

    • Unbeliveablee says:

      For the record I support the OBA and I’m black and I’m not a house****** or tree m#nkey, traitor etc… I’m just a free thinker who sees where this country is headed under this current administration. One only needs to look at the PLP’s record and see for themselves! I used to support them but not anymore, sometimes governments who have been in power too long become complacent and simply need a reminder of who they really answer to.

    • Bermuda Love says:

      Bermuda is a beautiful place, but people like you make it so ugly. Go crawl under a rock, where you belong. Nasty

    • bob dillion says:

      “You white ppl”…”you won’t wint”…bie u got sum jokes stfu you my friend are a complete dumb@$$ and are one of the people who ruin Bermuda. You need to wake up and not look at color.

    • the god says:

      Burn in hell.

    • Seriously? says:

      Since when is “wpplrstupid” an acceptable name to use on this site? Did moderators even read this drivel?

    • stupidwprsn (Come Correct) says:

      wpplrstupid, what FACTS ( fact is something that has really occurred or is actually the case.) bring you to that conclusion? Plp voters are blind, what fact brings me to this conclusion? The plp allign themselves with Obama to hopefully ride the coat tail of his victory, while at the same time attempting to allign the oba with Romney…but the plp hired Romney’s (and Bush’s) key strategic advisor, Eric Tanemblatt… See how facts work? When they come together they actually make sense, try it one day.

  30. I wonder,, says:

    WOW, the hatred amongst us is amazing. I just read the comments above and the emotions being stirred up.. geeesh.. You never know whats in the minds of the people you see on the street each day, frankly I don’t see any difference between the hatred and animosity on this blog and the appearent hatred and animosity between the gang members. Yes, we every day citizens are setting such a great example.. Go Bermuda..

    • rock says:

      No one dies on Blogs.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ rock
        you would be surprised how many people die emotionally and are scarred for life based on what they read on the blogs and elsewhere

        • LOL (original TM*) says:

          I agree, anyone who really wants the country to come together and move Bermuda into a new era of shared wealth, prosperity and nationalistic pride do every time the cyber solders of either party type. We just disagree on who the majority of the posters are the real offenders of such bs and what group they come from not saying they don’t come from both groups. In say that however you have seen me knock both sides for it the same can not be said for others on here with the small exception of those you can count on hand. Either others don’t see the transgression, ignore it or believe it’s not worth responding to I do not know but it has to be stomped out on both sides till it becomes worse that taboo to do. Yea I listen to Sherry Jay (might be sp?) sometimes but I see her bias as well. If it’s not stamped out on both sides it will never be resolved. Please note I did not say stop talking about it, it needs to be dealt with as this is really a racial issue not disrespecting blacks in the OBA or whites in the PLP but to use the phrase it is what it is………..


  31. smh says:

    Question how я µ going to call a election for the 17th of December?? Dnt µ use the primary schools as your polling stations, cause last I checked public schools dnt get out till the 20th #IJS. So I guess that means you’ll have to close school for the day or start the Christmas breaks a little early.

    • blankman says:

      And university students are still writing exams. Nice to know the PLP (aka the Party Lacking Principles) has intentionally disenfranchised those students.

      • TS says:

        Its really unfortunate that some students will be still be writing exams, I will be home by then and I know quite a few others that will be home also. Surely the government can figure out a way for anyone overseas to vote, voting online or setting up polling stations in certain cities.

        • blankman says:

          I think you’re the exception – I know that in first year my oldest’s last exam was on the morning of the 23rd.

          Randomly checking a number of university websites it appears that exams schedules generally extend well past the 17th.

          • LOL (original TM*) says:

            How about Howard or universities in Atlanta or Florida?


  32. rock says:

    Is it possible that the British government can do anything about the student at university voting issue? Im just wondering. Do they have any say at all in it? Does anyone know?

  33. HeyBye says:

    PLP are are afraid of the student’s open mind and cannot calculate their leanings.
    To solve that issue, they have erased them from the equation.

  34. Katlyn says:

    Well we spent money our money to open parliament,and now one week later will will disolve it….Keep it clean and leave the color of ones skin out of it please.I dare say I was surprised at the Priemier that she would draw reference to UBP there was Smith’s and Triminghams,under the PLP there are Phil Butterfields,Vince Inghams.Please note Vince Ingham was at BELCO under UBP and PLP and left on his own accord.
    Really madame so low,I on the other hand admire all people who aspire in the workforce and dont attatch them to any party.
    Perhaps in the next go around we will know who heads of KEMH was put on paid leave paid by me and know the reason,or maybe we dont need to know just pay.

  35. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    The OBA .. A group of educated intelligent people who , don’t know one another personally but , are willing to sleep together to gain political power . After they lose the election , as before , they will all go their separate way’s into personal enclave’s where their comrades are neither invited or welcomed .

    • xfiles says:

      That’s a stupid post.

    • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

      @ mOUNTBATTEN: Please be quiet. You ave no clue what you are talking about and are just trying to stir things up. Hush your mouth, please!

      • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

        Pastor , Pastor , Pastor . I would have bet my old black ‘n’ white Swan piggy bank and the contents thereof against you for suppressing one’s freedom of expression .

        • Come Correct says:

          Well if they are the same ubp as you claim then clearly they do know eachother (30 years as a party) so your claims are contradictory, which would you like to keep? Also didnt the Premier just this week gone condemn freedom of expression (Bermy memes)? I mean she didn’t actually call them out (probably something to do with Mr. Dickerson), but never the less implied. Freedom, such a misunderstood word.

  36. tidbit says:




  37. tidbit says:


  38. Sandgrownan says:

    Way to go to ruin the run up to Christmas. Way to go disenfranchise students.

    Can i have my land license money back?

    • swing voter says:

      Sandy I tell you all the time you are too kind when you ask for what is yours…..


  39. Kraken says:

    So if the PLP are the same as the Democrats as they like to reference then I am happy to announce for them their platform:

    Introduce Gay Marriage
    Fast track for Citizenship for immigrants
    Removal of all religion from school and government, no prayers no hymns

    all three are core Democratic positions.

    well done PLP, finally some of your house members will be able to marry legally.

  40. skeptical says:

    I hope dame jennifer smith doesn’t get voted back in after her ministry of education team’s dismal and appalling performance at harrington sound primary school’s pta meeting this week. They showed that the ministry officials are unprofessional and bordering on incompetent. The commissioner of education even told a parent to ‘sit down’ during a question and answer period. Can’t even say this level of incompetence came as a shock cause it seems to be prevalent down there at ministry headquarters and now some of the same people are on the board of education. SMH!

  41. 1minute says:

    Aren’t the Bermuda schools still in? So this will mean another day off?

  42. Undecided Voter says:


    First, I am truly excited the election has been called by the Premier. It is now the choice of the people to decide who the next governing party should be.
    Over the last several months, I have read the postings on Bernews and have felt a sense of unease, on the social divide, between bloggers.
    In turn, I want to provide my perspective, as an undecided voter (still) for this upcoming election.

    About me: 30+, BLK, M, Education: Masters-level, Employment Intl Biz, Past Swing-Voter UBP & PLP,

    I understand the OBA supporters point of view ~ based on the past performance of a former Premier who used his political power as a personal vendetta to seek revenge for past times.He’s spending and lack of transparency cost Bermuda, now in further debt, and further diluted the integrity of the PLP Government. Yes, the current Premier’s analogy to being a ‘cog in a wheel’ was not helpful, but I do believe in nearly two years, our current Premier has tried to reverse some of that damage and provide a higher degree of transparency, accountability and highlight once again they are the working~class party. The Premier’s selection of Cabinet/ OR potential Cabinet members are not perfect, but they are of high integrity (i.e. the likes of K Wilson, P. Minors, W. Furbert, J. Smith to name a few). I will be bold to state this would exclude however R.Commisong ~who I feel should have no place in politics, based on the constant racial rhetoric used by him.

    On the flip side, I understand the PLP supporters too. The need to tackle the known disparity between workers: gender, race, and ensuring all qualified Bermudians have a chance to obtain posts at all levels of each organizations in Bermuda. The PLP have illustrated, under Cox’s Administration, to protect the interest of all, rather than the interest of the select few. In addition, the reoccurring notion for supporters is that if indeed the UBP elite re~branded to the OBA, based on consultant’s strategy to get back into office. This notion has diluted the OBA’s new cause.

    Subsequently, for the undecided voter, OBA truly needs to prove this theory wrong and provide supporting evidence as to what steps it will take as the new Government. I believe the OBA party have party who are of high integrity ~ you know the initial OBA Team: Hunt, Crockwell, Pentingell… BUT the merger with old UBP elite makes me question whether if its ‘new branding, same roots’.

    In sum, I think the Independents have a shot and I am considering that option too. The Bermuda economy is in despair, but the global economy is in despair too.
    Each party, OBA, PLP & the independent (where applicable) needs to clearly outline it course of action; not just providing the electoral rhetoric that we are all use to…
    GIVE US supporting evidence shifting gears to first get our economy back to stability and how to sustain that momentum.
    That would sway my undecided vote and I believe the vote of many others will also be decided.

    To my fellow Bermudians ~ the responsibility is on us to define the next steps for Bermuda ~ please cast your vote on 17.DEC.2012
    Note to commentators: YOU can always get your point across without unwarranted name calling, disrespectful posts and racist comments.

    • Come Correct says:

      You said in 2 years the Premier has taken steps to be more tansparent, can you explain how? What about the BHB business? You know, the one where by law they have to release details to the public but zane doesn’t feel that way since they…haven’t…done…it…before…

    • Sigh says:

      Two comments on this:

      First of all, the notion that Dr. Brown was taking revenge on wealthy white people is a bit absurd. The damage he did was done to everyone in Bermuda, and the poor always suffer the hardest. He did more damage to them than anyone else.

      Second, the notion that the PLP are tackling disparity is also absurd. Under the PLP the poor have become poorer, and we now have an unemployment problem which will not go away easily, though it could easily get worse. Again, the worst damage is done to the poorest people in the community – the very people that the PLP claim to ‘stand strong’ for.

      I agree that the OBA make a weak argument for themselves, but it is worth noting that the PLP make a loud and convincing argument against their own re-election.

      As for those who make no points, but merely giggle and gloat before the race has even been run, consider this. The UBP had become so arrogant that they believed that they could not lose an election and that they were entitled to be the government. I believe that the PLP now is in that position. Their feelings of entitlement are so strong that they don’t even bother to hide it. Have we have learned nothing?

      Cast a vote to remove the PLP!

      • Come Correct says:

        We learn from history that we don’t learn from history.

  43. io says:

    Good to see GP2 and GP7 out waving at motorists in their plp green this morning… Unethical but not illegal?

    • Richard Cranium says:

      yep…in your face. dont care and do what i want mentality. root of bda’s problem..

    • Oh Well!! says:

      Yup!! And these are the ministers been paid by the public. So when you see them give them a thumbs down

  44. Oh Well!! says:

    Am glad that election has finally been called. But what an act of cowardice to not allow a response to the throne speech. Of course Prem Cox and party have no interest in our young people, those on island nor those studying abroad, but remember KARMA is something else.

  45. Rock Watcher says:

    @Undecided Voter et al IMHO I would not waste a vote on an Independent, this Election is too critical to the future well being of ALL Bermudians…The PLP have had their chance, they messed up big time, and now what Bermuda needs is a New Government to get us back on track. I predict that none of the Independents votes will tally double figures and will be wasted. But to each his own!!

  46. Nicky says:

    Very disappointed at the date of the election called. Does Premier Cox realise that many students are overseas in school; we are not given a chance to vote! If the PLP loses on December 17 then…….

  47. heybye says:

    There needs to be a change. Trickle down economics has been denied to Bermuda for 14 years.
    Lets get Bermuda back on track and business as usual.
    Bermudians have always been privateers and made a decent living.
    Lets have a Gov in place that truly understands economics so that all of Bermuda has money in their pockets.

  48. Filta says:

    I hope O.B.A. supporters have enough Kleenex , stoke up. Because u r crying now and when the PLP retaine Government u can cry waterfalls and stop the spill. So get use to that or join the majority.

    • Richard Cranium says:

      Please explain the basis of your loyalty. Please tell us how Bermuda is better off with your beloved party behind the wheel.
      You must have gotten something for free. Little do you know that there is nothing such as “free” (esp with this lot). You paid for it!

    • Come Correct says:

      Ok now back to your sand box and let the adults talk. Kids say the darnest things.

    • James says:

      Obviously the education system failed you as you cannot spell.

    • Dang'r says:

      With comments like this, I feel much better about the state of education in Bermuda.

  49. onion gal says:

    Funny, Bermuda College’s exams start on the 12th & complete on December 18th, so the Premier should have known that students abroad (she having studied abroad) write exams right up to a few days before winter break/Xmas. She obviously set the date not to allow the majority of students heir rite vote and not all student are young studying abroad as some are mature students as I can think of a few in the UK right now!

    The absentee ballot must be addressed not only for students, but those also having medical treatments abroad, who can not travel for fear of infection, etc.!!!

  50. James says:

    Halifax knows how to do it. How difficult can it be for 30,000 potential votes?

  51. the word says:

    since when did Christmas become more about the PLP ?

  52. Sigh says:

    The PLP has often pointed to its strong mandate after winning an election, but the truth is that by the popular vote they typically win by less than 5% which calculates out to a maximum of about 1500 votes.

    In the house this state of affairs is not reflected. All that is reflected there is a colossal failure of our parliamentary system to provide accurate representation of the voting public.

    The fact remains though – Less than 5%. All those PLP supporters who like to claim a strong majority, or who think that black people would never vote in large numbers against the PLP, consider that number.

    • blankman says:

      Fact is that the PLP “majority” was about 52% of the popular vote. Given the turnout, that translates to, at best, 35% of voters.

  53. Verbal Kint says:

    A note to those of you arguing about exam schedules. The Western University website, just as an example, shows exams scheduled for the week of December 17. The same is true for U.S. colleges I searched on the web.

    • blankman says:

      Does anyone really believe that the powers that be don’t know this?

  54. bir says:

    Hey you saw all those Leprechauns out this morning – ask them to make time to work and the excuses are plenty

  55. terry says:

    I have said prior that Paula would call the election once the US Presidential election was over.
    Now she has snuffed out the Opposition response.
    No deception but politics.
    Wonder how much they paid their US consultants for that. Dr. Brown still calling the shots.

    • Really says:

      Well if she didn’t call it before the USA election there was only one option. To call it after. So you are not really a prophet!

  56. Y-Gurl says:

    I’d still rather have an untested government than a dishonest one, at least you can teach the untested one and hey if they are elected and don’t do we’ll then we can always vote back in the dishonest ones and maybe by that time they will have even more convicted bank robbers and criminals and politicians on their line up, it’s not about black or white it long past that, now we need some actual business people that can bring this country out of the mess it has become over the last 14 years the facts and secret deals speaks volumes!

  57. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Nice Sherri read only the comment from this story that further her propganda NICE Sherri you skipped all the comments that show students would not be back and newmours others like those of Duane P. Santucci and wpplrstupid the name alown is wonderfull isn’t it.


  58. Ya I said IT... says:

    To me the oba is just a front for all the wealthy ppl, the international business sector, and those who are easily influenced. The OBA promise this and that, and YOU all believe them. Yea, the OBA will stop the shootings, put the 3000 bermudians out of work, back to work, and they WILL improve the ECONOMY. But I just cant vote oba because they are FAKE!!! Go ahead and believe mr. Cannonier, the man who makes the bermudians working in his esso cafes redundant to hire buzz foriegners. And lastly, the OBA supporters on bernews are cowards, that deminish every thought a plp supporter makes, you all gang up on a person, when you see a comment you disagree with, whether wrong or right. If the plp puts on the tabe, you all refute it, like rubbish. All hail the OBA Cyber Thugs, that shoot down others opinions, simply because they differ from the oba vision!!! This young man is voting PLP, because I couldnt see bda being run by a OBA Goverenment!!! Read past the lies ppl!! I wonder if mr cannonier ever ate romen noodles?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      Ha, that’s what I have for lunch today in fact nice.@Ya I said IT… you in my back yard like that other dude above. Now I gotta move my head quarters……again I been spoted by a PLP cyber thug…………….


  59. Small fry says:

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of
    government. It can exist until the voters discover that
    they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury.
    From that moment on, the majority always votes for the
    candidates promising them the most benefits from the public
    treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses
    over loose fiscal policy….
    The world’s great civilizations have progressed through
    this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from
    spiritual faith to great courage; from courage to liberty;
    from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness;
    from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to
    apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back
    again into bondage.”

    Alexander Tyler (ca.1770)

  60. The nitty gritty says:

    Bondage here we come. The world gives us Irony and how ironic that after 388 years of progression where anybody who wanted to work could and have 2 jobs at that! Mortgages flowed, you could rent your house to put 2 kids thru college, trust you had a pension waiting for you. Not get shot. Not worry about the country’s debt, build an apt block and sell it before it was done. People invested and got great dividends on investments in local utilities. Then it all changed and the political “shot callers” gave us ‘plantation’ questions and ‘dont let them send you back to the plantation’. So if you choose to extend this depression and help close more businesses by allowing the present party to call the shots, we will all be on this plantation together.
    There is no money left so please dont imagine the OBA are in it for the money! Nobody is that stupid!..right?

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      Well Nitty Gritty , here’s the Down & Dirty . Many salient points , all correct . It was virtually mandatory for the men and most women to work two , three and even four jobs to survive . Mortgages flowed for people who were able to accumulate 1/3rd of the selling price plus have some-one sign for you who out-right owned their property .The bank took the signer’s deeds for collateral . You could then rent your apartments to people who didn’t stand a chance of owning their own home , yes , like a parasite one was able to send your children to college on the backs of the repressed .
      Many people are now collecting non-contributory pensions after actually paying into a pension plan during the wonderful years you so eloquently speak of only to learn that their former employers were stinking thieves who took their hard earned pension money and put it into their thieving pockets ,it was left to this government to attempt to bring employer’s in line.
      During those years , the Governor and his Aide -Camp , also the Police Commissioner were all shot dead (Scotland Yard Investigators were inbedded in Bermuda for years after). There goes the warm , fuzzy feeling of safety .
      The US , Canadian and British Bases in Bermuda was the government of the day’s permanant backstop against serious debt . They (base personal) rented homes and pumped millions of real dollars into our economy annually .
      Yes people invested their millons of dollars into the utilities , but it was a closed shop , reserved for the ogliarch and their stoogies .I will agree there certainly was great dividends to be enjoyed by the few who had a unbridled access to the wealth of this beautiful paradise .

  61. GOD 1st says:

    Franlin you are absolutely right this is a strategy to dis infranchise those students abroad,because PLP knows majority of them are voting for the OBA

  62. GOD 1st says:

    Franklin to correct myself