Photos: 2012 Round The Island Seagull Race

June 25, 2012

The 2012 Round the Island Seagull Race was held on Sunday [June 23], and had 67 boats registered for the event, and increase from the 59 last year. 51 boats finished, with some boats either not finishing, cutting through Castleroads, and one unable to even start due to mechanical issues.

Line honours and fastest elapsed time went to Terry Pimental and Michael Bean in “Slippery.” The spreadsheets showing the list of finishing times is here, and prizes is here.

The organiser said, “To the people who made the race a success – thank you – especially to Heineken for sponsoring, Rubis Energy for subsidizing our crashboats and to the crashboats themselves for doing such an awesome job, Kirk Wilks and Chris Malpas of Wilks Catering for keeping our catering costs down and for providing such a wonderful spread; Sara for providing our music, Spanish Point Boat club for waking up early and letting us in and for being the hosts for the day – all the people/companies who gave us freebies to give out as prizes.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    A uniquely Bermudian sport. Low budget & it involves alcohol, if you wish, while participating.

    What could be better?

  2. Shawn Scraders says:

    This is a True Bermudain event, to bad it doesnt get as much recognition as it should.
    Thanks for the fun all who was in the race, and helped put it on. Keep up the good work, i had fun watching it from the Chaplin Bay Area. I’m going to try and enter next year, a nice cruise around de island and some beer damn im in.

    Where can i get more info on the race rule and regulations.

    • gullabye says:

      Have a look in the ‘racing’ section of the Saving Old Seagull’s website forum. All rules/regulations from this year should be posted. There might be another race in August if you’re keen to go around.