Teens Produce: ‘Another Summer in Paradise’

August 31, 2012

Two teenagers who produced a hit video last year which attained close to 400,000 views, have produced another installment of their cliff jumping video series called “Another Summer in Paradise”

16-year-old Giles Lorimer Turner and his 17-year-old brother James Lorimer Turner produced the video themselves after spending the summer filming, with their video ‘crew’ who are all aged from 14-17.

Giles said this time they “raised the bar” and filmed throughout the whole summer and starting compiling footage from the very first day, and also added additional activities around Bermuda to help “audience retention.”

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  1. ABM says:

    Bda Tourism should take note and use this whole video, if not some if it in their 4 somthing million dollar budget!


      Bermuda Tourism dont know jack!

  2. Joonya says:

    Take note Tourism Minister Furbert. These kids did this with a $300 GoPro camera, some boat fuel, a bag of chips and some soda, and no outside consultants. After watching this, I want to race to Bermuda, and I AM Bermudian living here already!

    • Smiler says:

      they won’t take note! No palms to grease! Budget too small.

  3. Bermyladylivingabroad says:

    Oh My!

    It is better the the new “professional” ads for tourism…Much better!

    Kept my attention….to the end!

  4. jester says:

    Just comfirms the thought of how ineffective that the present attempts at advertisement for tourism really is when two kids with very limited funds can out do Bermuda’s Paid professionals in Government…Ok so now accept the fact your ideas sucked and learn from these kids….or are you prides hurt to much? I know it should be..

    • street wise says:

      I have heard that the ad agency, Fuseideas, did not talk to any repeat visitors to Bermuda, and got all their information from the DoT… and locals who obviously do not know what is happening in the industry here by their uninformed comments. I think Fuseideas was/is mostly kissing the ass of the DoT who really do not have one clue about tourism.

      Most visitors to Bermuda LOVE this Island!! And many come back over and over. That is a fact.

      • street wise says:

        Only problem is that no one took the time to find out exactly WHY visitors come back to Bermuda multiple times.

        In my opinion, here’s why: Bermuda is Close… Clean… Safe… Friendly… Relaxing… Quiet. Plus our incredible pink BEACHES are the best in the world! Another bonus for Americans is Customs per-clearance at our airport.

        Bermuda still has a lot going for it!! So maybe cut back on the negativity just a touch… m’kay?

        • street wise says:

          I forgot to include one more important feature of Bermuda that Americans like… Bermuda is DIFFERENT from the States!

          In a nutshell… visitors come to Bermuda to RELAX.

          • nuff, nuff, dun says:

            Yeah, but half of the US dont even know where we are man, our tourist people need their a$$es kicked. i been here 20 years now, and tho it pains me to say it, the plp color me good, but nuthin else. they clowns.

  5. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Fun Fun Fun from beginning to end. Why don’t we pay these teenagers the millions of dollars wasted on the boring ads DOT came up with. Bermuda is much more or whatever they said. Much more BORING perhaps. Show this on American TV instead – actually makes Bermuda look like FUN!!

    • Bda sinkin ship says:

      cuz da kids are white! thats why!

      • James Lorimer Turner says:

        let’s leave race out of it, please it is unnecessary.

        • happy onion says:

          Could not agree with you more James. So Proud of you & Giles for documenting how wonderful Bermuda is & sharing it with us ALL!

  6. alsys says:

    That is absolutely amazing. Exactly what DoT should have done. THIS is Bermuda… not darn cocktail parties!

  7. Highlyfavoured says:

    I know of several persons who after viewing the video last year on youtube made a point of vacationing in Bermuda just so that they can participate in the cliff diving experience, and did so. Exclaiming that they had the time of thier lives after.

    This definitely makes for a good tourist campaign ad.

  8. wow says:

    that vid is awesomeeeeee! the shark is crazy!

  9. Nuff Said says:

    OKAY: So 16 and 17 yrs old…. REALLY PROFESSIONAL, WHAT TALENT WE HAVE WELL DONE. I really hope this goes viral!

  10. tricks are for kids says:

    Giles and James…..WOW!!!!!!! TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!GREAT JOB!!!!….LOVED THIS!!!!!.

  11. tricks are for kids says:

    Didn’t cost you much AND you all looked like you had fun doing it!!!! The Department of Tourism spent how much with their fake, posed, staged ads? hmmmmm….Nothing like the real thing……

  12. Observer says:


  13. Good Job kids says:

    Children doing a better job with less than a whole department of adults with more so called experience and money. Maybe they should have them run the D. o. T.

  14. Yes I says:

    Link doesn’t work on here nor on youtube website. Any ideas on why?

    • Bernews says:

      Not sure, but it’s likely something wrong on your end as the video is working fine for everyone else. Sorry to not be of more help, perhaps someone more tech-savvy will come along and assist you…

  15. Concerned Bermudian says:

    I enjoyed this. Good job – looks like you all had fun!

  16. pebblebeach says:

    Come on folks…get real…it’s a nice clip to attract high school and college kids to Bermuda…end of story…

  17. markus says:

    Better than anything I have seen for the gov’t. If they were serious about bringing a younger crowd in, they would be interested in promoting this kind of scene

  18. will says:

    Hi, my name is Wayne —-. I must say you young people and your cheap film making are hurting Bermuda’s economy especially tourism because this doesn’t extend to the market of nearly deads and newly weds we are trying to attract. furthermore i would ask you to cease in ever making something as good as this again because I nor anyone else in my department can now afford the second addition to our houses because we were never paid.

  19. Angry Tax Payer says:

    Awesome video, well done guys, keep them coming!

  20. Nice video says:

    This video takes me back, this is what you do for fun in Bermuda. Makes me want to leave work and head to the water. Its short simple and it caputers your attention. The new ads for Bermuda arent’t that good, it also doesn’t help that when you enter the airport they wrapped an ad around a column and their slogan is faceing the immigration officers(way to spread the word)

  21. capricorn says:

    very nice!!! wish i was there! but i am scared of heights!!! LOL!

  22. It brings me back to my child hood in Bda It was so much fun.


  23. It was a wonderful video, it brings me back to my child in Bda. I had a ball
    growing up there and do exactly the same things minus the ski board.The Bda toursim board should take note.

  24. Man in the Mirror says:

    To all you Dept of Tourism bashing bloggers. Get a FRIGIN Life.
    Whilst i appreciate that the clip highlighted above shows teenagers enjoying their summer vacation, are YOU now saying that The Dept of Tourism should use this as part of the advertisement?
    So now BDA is looking to have 14-17 yrs come enjoy Bermuda all year round. Is that what you are saying.
    You people are SO NEGATIVE its a crying shame.
    Yes its a NICE inexpensive locally produced video clip, YOUTUBE worthy and that’s it.
    Take ya BLINDERS off for 1 second and use some of your negative energy for the GOOD of Bermuda.

    Congrats to Giles & James Turner. Glad you had a Bermudaful Summer

    • In reality if you do the math to the amount of money we spend in advertisment overseas for ads that hardly even have our own people in it then your opinion may differ in terms of getting more for your buck and I think the former Tourism minister who was also the Premier at the time totally disgraced us by using a firm that did not produce anything for us that was worthy of giving credit,not to mention they were and are personal friends of his.

      So from a business perspective I say that the tourism board needs to be held accountable even to the point of just earlier this year making the claim they could not get not one white Bermudian to respond to an ad seeking white Bermudian models,so they choose to hire outsiders from another country to represent the white population of Bermuda at the tune of several thousand dollars per person and yet we see a video clip done here by young white Bermudians and several in fact in the clip and yet we claim not to be able to find not one of them for a photo shoot.

      All these young turner brothers need is the assistance of folk like Mr. Reece Furbert with his equiptment and others,then add in some older Bermudian folk with several destinations across the Island and there you go,we have our Bermuda Tourism ads for tourism season 2013.if we make every government minister accountable for what they are or not producing through their respective ministries,it can only be a win win situation as Bermuda needs to be pushed into the right direction.as a word of caution Bermuda better wake up as Cuba is opening her boarders more and more and I do believe that very soon she will be a part of the free world and when that happens we will feel the brunt of it as people will not even consider Bermuda as a destination if we dont produce now.

    • jmo says:

      Not only kids cliff dive…google it!!!! Stop being so negative…..Bermuda is so much more.

    • Joonya says:

      Im 47, stable job, homeowner, and have disposable income.
      I saw this and it got my insides feeling all gushy. Made me want to get on my boat have some fun for the rest of the day. If i had been living in the States I would have definately looked at Bda as an option, and yes even as a 47 year old. When I saw the $4.8M production I saw stuffiness, just like this govt.

  25. Your joking says:

    Only downside I can see from this video is that tourism will be up and government will clam it was because of their hard work….lol….

  26. Pearl says:

    I cant see the video…where else could I find it? I really want to watch it

  27. Weldon Wade says:

    Great video guys!

  28. Chris Cundy says:

    To the Kids “Fantastic”
    To:- The Bermuda Tourism, this is how the WORLD needs to be shown what a Beautiful Fun Island Bermuda is for Family’s to visit .
    To: GIles & James Turner ” WELL DONE” Keep them coming!!!!!!
    took me back many years, and happy childhood memories, too bad Bermuda has changed so much over the past several years. Chris x

  29. This is fantastic and done by possitive young people at next to no cost at all,so why not have a national contest of who can produce the best of the best and then select the top five to promote our tourism ads for 2013 tourism season,then we can send the ads around the world.

    It was earlier this year that we was told that we could not find any white folk to model for our tourism ads and yet in this video we see all white folk,so I think we have everything we need right here on our shores,the problem is the folk that are doing the choosing of who gets used is very bias

    • green eggs and ham says:

      After watching this I had the same thought. What a great and cheap idea. Wow… good job to all in the video.

  30. iBleedRED says:

    I need to make friends with THEM lol!

    Wicked video! Definitely gonna make sure ALL my american friends that don’t know how to swim sees this!

  31. Really? says:

    This is a FUN FUN FUN video clip–thanks James and Giles for sharing Bermuda’s beauty with the virtual world. You make us proud to be Bermudian and living in such a beautiful place!!

    I wish some adults could take a lesson out of your playbook.

    I think Duane Santucci has a fantastic idea–lets engage the youth of our island to show the positives of Bermuda through their eyes–and then let’s integrate that into the main marketing campaign. It will illustrate “adult” leisure and “kid and family fun”.

    Let’s be positive folks and build Bermuda together….

    • Joonya says:

      Wayne probably thought about that, but Im sure he figured their parents didnt “look like him” and daddy didnt have a green tie in his closet..

      • Really? says:

        Again. Time to be positive.

        We can’t get it fixed if we just continue to tear each other to pieces.


        • Joonya says:

          unfortunately the phrase “together” does not exist in party politrix

          • Really? says:

            Joonya–that is true–but as Bermudians we are better than the politrix and those that play the game.

            Bermuda is better than the pettiness that I see on the blogs.

            Let’s not let simplicity in thinking drag us down–

            We can fix what’s broken–if we are willing to try.

            Now I am going to enjoy the beauty of Bermuda this long holiday weekend and I wish you all a pleasant and peaceful BERMUDAFUL weekend!

  32. Chris Cundy says:

    to Mr Santucci, it doesn’t have to be “whitefolk
    when I was a child growing up in Bermuda, we were just that Bermudian’s—too bad it has changed so much, we all had a wonderful life as children and it could/should be that way again, then see how your tourism will grow!!!! money is the root of all evil!!!! Chris

  33. hmm says:

    You guys should submit this to that tourism contest for $5000 may need to tweek it a bit but this is what needs to get out.

  34. la la dy says:

    Now we need the counter film – Another summer in Paradise – the Hood version to show how the other kids spent thier summer (wink, wink). Before you rail me, I am so happy for these teenagers. Young Bermudian Ambassadors. Keep up the good work.

    • Jon says:

      Yes but you’re right in a way- that would go with Mr. Santucci’s idea of having some kind of competition to generate masses of videos from a diverse lot of Bermudians. We might then have some “hood” versions, as well as showcasing many different parts of Bermuda life, which includes but certainly isn’t limited to cliff jumping.

  35. Ruth says:

    I am in my late fifties and this video made me feel like going cliff diving. It looks like those kids had a great summer. I will be sending this video to all my friends around the world. Hopefully, it will encourage them to spend the money and come visit for a couple of days.

  36. trix says:

    I’d love to see Wayne jump off a cliff………

  37. Bermudian Sista says:

    Awesome video, it was fun to watch!! Great job Turner brothers and friends.

  38. Triangle Drifter says:

    Don’t care how you slice that one, it is great.

  39. Maggie-May says:

    These kids did a super job. I’ve already forwarded to family and friends in the US. Thanks guys.

  40. freedom says:

    I thought the ending with the shark was epic. If only BDOT had of incorporated some wildife into the adds. Bermuda has the most spectacular, unique and awesome humpback whale show! It should have been included.

  41. thebdatriangle says:

    The article missed their brother off William Lorimer Turner, aged 14. He is the one doing the crazy somersaults and slow motion bow! He did have some input into the creative element too. Upward and Onward boys – great job!!

  42. Bermudian says:

    Absolutely amazing guys! Well done. Exactly the way our kids should be spending their summers.

  43. St. D says:

    I have to say, I’m nearly 50 and female and these videos tug at my heart. They remind me of my childhood and are what my children are doing now. They represent something that the DOT new ads don’t have – soul. They capture one of the many versions of what it is to be Bermudian. And, amazingly, no alcohol involved. Check out the winter link as it un-abashedly shows Bermuda in the winter … yes, rough seas and rain, and it looks great.

  44. bermudian923728 says:

    The new Bermuda DOT ads are elitist, over-top, and badly put together. Some of them even have grammatical errors. Wayne Furburt and his minions did a terrible job. This video, in quality and originality, trumps the 4 million dollar ads just dished out by the DOT. Wayne Furburt is an oaf who needs to resign and let someone else do his job, because apparently 16 year olds have shown that they can do better! These kids probably spent less than $1k to make this video, I wonder what they could produce with $500k…

    • New Bermudian says:

      Hee hee..oaf…love that description, it’s so accurate, you just gave me my smile of the day. Too true. Turncoat, self-serving pretender. I don’t have any real love for the UBP, it’s not about that, it’s about the lack of conviction and spinelessness. Rat fleeing from a sinking boat, why was he trusted with Tourism??? This is the future of our country. Not appearing at baseball games and singing.

      This video is awesome. I’m Bermudian and broke-ass, and it just makes me realize how blessed we are to live in a place like this. You can have fun without spending a lot of money. Well done, boys. Yes, the video was a little ‘monochromatic’, but so what? Bet there’s a bunch of black youth who could film something just as good, but it doesn’t matter. It showed a fun place, kids having fun with nature, not night clubs and raves. LOVE IT.

      Hee hee…oaf…

  45. blessings says:

    Well done, do another I like it

  46. street wise says:

    Maybe the DoT could include YouTube links to ALL the cliff jumping videos produced by Bermudian amateurs on their website and Facebook pages….

    Why not…?

    For more great videos just type “Bermuda cliff diving” into Youtube.

  47. street wise says:

    One of the best Youtube Bermuda videos, IMHO, was shot last year by some young pros, it’s called,

    Trip of a Lifetime – Cliff Jumping in Bermuda.

    Love it!!

  48. BdaMan says:

    BDOT Slamming, Politics, Party and Racism on the side.

    The FACT of the matter is that these young folks have done a GREAT job of promoting our island and obviously had a blast shooting this footage.

    Kudos and many thanks to them for doing so. The talent (and talent potential) is AWESOME!

    To those complaining about the fact that this only appeals to 17 yr olds…well in 5 years, those 17 year olds will be 22 year olds (who had a great time in Bda) In 10 years they’ll be approaching marriage age and “what better place than that little island where I had great time in my teens” so don’t knock appealing to the young’uns…it’s seeding for the future.

    Again to those knocking the youth appeal of the videos….nothing stops you from whipping out your smartphone/ camera / flip video and getting footage afternoon tea, the vista from a golf course, an afternoon ferry ride and share it to appeal to YOUR overseas counterparts.

    So many of YOU get to complaining about the DOT and the Minister and ‘Gummint’ but sit on your complaining backsides and do nothing but complain.

    These young people are on to something….IF you love your island so much and want to see it promoted…then promote it. These CHILDREN did it…

    Bda first!

  49. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    What we could for fun do , was paid millions to Global Hue , for that we got no return but, DREB made sure are money burned .

  50. BRACSN says:

    Do 14-17 years old have any money to visit Bermuda, maybe their parent do? Not a good Tourism strategy for the average leisure traveler, maybe for spring break. Trust me the majority of 47 year olds and up and not jumping off cliffs for fun.

    • happy onion says:

      I’ve seen some 50-somethings jumping off cliffs this summer too! If anything the scenery encourages people to visit & get out on the water to enjoy it! If anything this will encourage familes to visit or encourage Bermudians overseas to come home to Bermuda for holiday as it is a remider of what we have all done in the past . . . jumping off a cliff is a Bermudian rite of passage of sorts!

  51. BermudaOnion says:

    Fantastic video! The music and the enthusiasm kept a smile on my face the whole time I watched it! Makes me want to find a cliff and go for it like I was a kid again! It makes Bermuda look fresh and promising.

  52. Mayan says:

    Fantastic video…yup-these kids could show Tourism officials a thing or two.

    All Bermuda needs to do is get great images of Bermuda such as these and obtain the right to use Coldplay’s song ‘Paradise’-play Paradise to a great video of Bermuda’s beaches, golf courses, restaurants, etc. with the word BERMUDA coming up at the end and it will sell itself-no spoken words needed.

  53. YOOOOOO says:


  54. TJ says:

    Wonderful video…please do take note you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money just because you have it then turn around and complain you are in debt…..

  55. Allan says:

    Simply great, I like the Winter vid even better, sharing a simple thing like exiting Harrington Sound under the bridge while the tide is shifting is great. This really compliments the beauty of Bermuda.
    Keep it out guys and keep sharing :)

    • Allan says:

      just a little typo there, should read keep it up and keep sharing!

  56. Wannadothat says:

    Where is the shipwreck that they are in?

  57. Tom says:

    After viewing this video my sons after much arm twisting have convinced me to change our travel plans for this winter. Instead a 2 week trip to Brazil we now are planning a stay in Bermuda.( My wife isn’t too pleased though, scared the boys will drown cliff diving )