New Video Captures Bermuda From Many Angles

September 2, 2015

A new video created by talented young brothers serves to show off Bermuda from a number of angles, with the 4-minute video highlighting “a Go-Pro summer in Bermuda” with the filmmakers hoping to showcase Bermuda from a younger perspective.

The sights and sounds taken in by the video range wildly, from shots of our shoreline from the ground to breathtaking views of local waters from high above.

The video’s creators, Giles and James Lorimer Turner, have created videos that have attracted over a million views, with “Never Woke Up” gaining over 550,000 views since the release two years ago, “This is Paradise” attaining over 55,000 views since it’s release in November last year, while a cliff jumping video they released four years ago also has over half a million views.

Infused – A Go-Pro Summer in Bermuda:

“These videos are produced with solely no sponsorship and we used GoPros entirely for the filming of the video,” Giles Lorimer Turner explained to Bernews.

“Our first video, James and myself edited back in 2011 purely as a hobby. We, along with a couple friends, went cliff jumping in the morning, and in the afternoon went out and cycled to Abotts Cliff. The footage turned out pretty well, we thought, so we made a video.

“After gaining attention from Huffington Post and being posted on their front page, we decided to pursue it. Every year we’ve tried to better ourselves and show people that anyone can do it. This year we’ve added aerial shots.”

James, 20-years-old, is studying Geography at Southampton University and is about to complete his final year. Giles, 19-years-old, is going into his second year at Cardiff University studying an integrated masters in Marine Geography, while William is just about to finish his final year at Millfield School in the UK.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:


  2. Shi-Vaughn lee says:

    Great job James and Giles!

    I see you Georgia, Cara & Leah!

  3. Terry says:

    So whats the market here.
    $2000 for tickets.
    + residence.


    • Leo says:

      looks to me like the “market” is people who want to watch a video about the Bermuda summer… it’s literally free advertising, get over yourself

  4. Jarvis says:

    I see kids drinking and doing pretty dumb things with a high chance of getting injured. What kind of message is this about Bermuda?

    • Bermuda Expat says:

      Jarvis did you skip the childhood part of your life

    • James Turner says:

      All the ‘kids’ drinking are 18 and over. Get a life mate

    • One says:

      Your a fool

    • Gem says:

      People have been cliff jumping here for years, If anything it’s a message about our culture and it’s showing what kids and young adults in Bermuda do during summer. The purpose of this video is purely for fun and is a hobby of the brothers, so it’s not supposed to be sending any “message”…. You seriously need to lighten up! :) p.s. Before you start making random accusations of underage drinking every single person in this video is old enough to drink….

    • Rmeenswell says:

      Jarvis, these are trains athletes, do not try this at home. Seriously!!! It’s what teenagers do.

  5. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    Very nice video showing the beautiful colors of the island. Not sure about the guy at time mark 52 secs. Freezing the frame looks like he is naked :-(

  6. Miss Simons says:

    Lomier-Turner boys & friends, I am so proud of you. I have been following and watching you grow through every video you have sent out since you left SA. Keep them coming guys. Maybe we can give you a post in Tourism, help give them a boost.

  7. Ellen pennycord says:

    Jarvis anybody who driives the boats do not drink alcoholic drinks, or jumps/dives. There are qualified lifeguards present, plus in the water, additionly RYA certified First Aid/CPR/ drag from drowning trained first aiders. With over a million and half hits with previous videos. Stop being a ‘neigh sayer’ Jarvis and congratulate. The music was writtten by an up and coming artist who performs live at the Royal Festial Hall and is offered interniship with the co-writer of Pirates of the Caribbean. I understand Go Pro have taken an serious interest in the video … so you may eat your words! I hope you do.