20-Yr-Old Man Murdered On Christmas Morning

December 25, 2012

[Updated: Christmas Day has started off marred with violence, with a 20-year-old man shot and killed on St George's golf course at approximately 12.05am]

Sometime around midnight there was a shooting in St George’s and unofficial reports indicate one person may have been injured. Police are maintaining a heavy presence in the east end. Details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 12.36am: The general area of the incident is by Anchorage Lane/St George’s golf course. There is an ambulance in the area, along with numerous police officers.

Update 12.41am: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines has confirmed that someone has been shot

Update 12.50am: It appears this may be a very serious situation….the ambulance left at slow speed without its siren on…

Update 1.01am: We understand this to be a very serious situation, and are expecting to receive a police statement on the matter shortly. An area resident told us they heard multiple gunshots….around 5/6 shots…

Update 1.15am: The Police Forensics Unit have arrived on the scene.

Update 1.49am: Unofficial reports suggest the shooting victim is a man in his early 20s

Update 2.03am: Photo of the Forensics Unit at work….

Update 2.15am: The police have confirmed that the shooting victim, a 20-year-old man, has died.

Update 2.17am: The full statement from Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines is below

Police responded to a report of a firearms incident that took place at approximately 12:05am on Tuesday December 25th 2012, in the area of Anchorage Lane, St. Georges. Upon police arrival it was ascertained that a 20 year old man was shot and killed.

Police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have seen any suspicious activity in the area of St. George Golf Club to please contact 295-0011 or contact 800-477

Update 3.35am: Video statement below…

The last shooting in St George’s occurred over two years ago, and also happened on a holiday….on Easter Sunday in 2010 a 19-year-old was shot during a party at the RAA Club. The last time someone was shot on Christmas Day was in 2007, when a 24-year-old was shot in the Southampton area just after midnight.

This is the fifth firearm-related murder of 2012, following after the murder of Michael Phillips at the Boat Club in Devonshire in October, the murder of Lorenzo Stovell outside Woody’s in September, the murder of Joshua Robinson at a North Shore barbershop in June, and the murder of Stefan Burgess on Glebe Road in January.

Update 3.30pm: The police identified the murder victim as 20-year-old Malcolm Augustus, and said that a 24-year-old George’s man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. Read the full details here.

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  1. Just One says:

    oh lord

    • street wise says:

      Merry Christmas Mom and Dad.

    • Out of flight says:

      There is an international protocol regarding sirens and lights and our guys try and enforce it. They get it from training and are required to follow it whether there is traffic on the road or not. They know there are many people out there walking in the dark without protective clothing and there are hidden entrances and exits. As much as we might not like it we have to give them the benefit of the doubt and trust their judgement because they have lives on board and are in expensive vehicles.

      Next. why are we constantly seeing this in paradise?
      This is indeed a tragedy and something has to be done about it.
      It is time for the British Govt to step in to protect its people. Or maybe there is no concern because they are black surrogates and their lives are NOT worth thinking about.

      • Luis Suarez says:

        The British Government has no remit on internal affairs, and that’s the way the PLP Government wanted it. Britain is a hugely multi-cultural country, issues of black/white that you allude to are not part of everyday life, partly because there are so many races, Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, South Americans, Africans, Eastern Europeans – the notion of the British Government not caring because Bermuda is 60% black is absurd, and born out of living on a tiny island, it’s a big world out there. Change has to come from within – families, witnesses, parents, schools and ultimately (and give the a chance) the new government. I don’t think Britain or Bermuda really wants David Cameron controlling island policy.

        • mixitup says:

          Umm buddy, the British Gov’t DO have remit on internal affairs. Hence why the British Governor is in charge of the Police and the Regiment (Not the Bermuda GoVERNment) Get your facts together!

          • Out of flight says:

            Exactly. We have a Governor with responsibility for the police and we don’t know if he is a Major General with prior police experience or the Colonel of the Peanut and Jam Brigade. Clearly things are NOT getting any better and we need some help who arrive with a comprehensive plan that we don’t need to know about. They just get on with the job. As simple as that. The former Govt did not want any help from the USA and so we had British experts to come here from Florida to deal with a US problem. So if that is the norm we need more British help as simple as that. But alas, this is paradise and we have seen no marches and where is that group of intellectuals called Arise or High Rise or something like that that was led by that Digicel CEo. Are we now numb. No. We need help.

          • 41st thief says:

            You know very well what Luis Suarez means, whilst there is an official remit they are correct in that influence is purely ceremonial. The PLP Govt allowed no British control, which having seen another terrible shooting, looks a big mistake.

  2. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    Whilst I have a high regard for Bermuda’s Emergency Services,the sound of lots of emergency service vehicles with sirens constantly blasting on EMPTY roads is Totally Unnecessary!!
    This is NOT NYC,although with a shooting in sleepy St.George’s you could be forgiven for thinking it was.

    • That_Bermudian_Guy says:

      You really sayin that though!!? So an emergency vehicle can just drive down the road with no emergency equipment on. You sound dumb. Let comment in the topic on hand. Such a shame on Christmas Day…

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        You clearly have NOT read my comment correctly and read what you wanted to read.
        There is NO need for SIRENS to be constantly blasting on empty roads,nothing was said about the use of Flashing Lights,Siren Use when and where required,blind corners and turns..Empty Roads…NO Sirens.

        • Just One says:

          Some people just like to attack people on here, not sure why. I agree no loud sirens required, only lights. Maybe a short chirp if a vehicle happens to be in the way, but no loud sirens so late…

        • kevon simons says:

          Suppose someone is coming out a gate or is visually impared. These vehicles are travelling a a high rate of speed and a short burst might not be enough to warn someone already starting to exit a gate onto the main road. The sirens can be heard before the lights can be seen. Let’s lay th blame where it belongs, with the persons who are commiting these crimes and causing our first responders to respond.

        • Smh says:

          Are you people high or stupid? There can be someone crossing the street or driving in a certain way, the sirens are there to let them know that an ambulance is approaching in a distance. Bermuda sirens are very quiet compared to the ones out in the UK. Trust me. You people complain about any damn thing I tell you. Enjoy your Christmas.

          R.I.P Young man

        • smh says:

          Oh stfu ur worried about some damn noise that u hear go pass ur house in no more than 2secs just stfu plz no need for it on empty roads how dumb r u n the previous person who commented read what u said because I feel the same way as them unless our monitors r hiding ur damn point from us how u want them not have them on n just the lights dnt u hear them from a far when ur in/on ur vehicle (YES) so it give a driver/rider a heads up n warning that they r coming ASS so stupid stay off the computer if u gonna comment like that u really thought some1 was gonna agree with ur dumb s*it (WE WILL ALL PASS)ya we all have a right to say how we feel uve said how u feel now this is how we feel (UR DOPEY)

          • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

            you are another stupid idiot with nothing better to do.

        • SoMuchMore says:

          Someone is killed and all you have time to do is talk about the SIRENS, OMG. If I was the parent of the deceased I would feel hollow reading such. Sometimes one needs to stick to the TOPIC!

          I hope one day if and when when you need the ambulance they don’t turn on the SIREN and end up late or something or you get hit by one cause you did not see them and your reasoning to sue would be – they did not use their SIREN.

          People like you need to be careful because Karma is hard at work!

          Prayers to All.

      • A bit of sense..... says:

        I think a valid point has been made, particularly if “Nuffin but de Truth!” has been in the midst of all those unnecessary sirens. Honestly, if there’s no traffic on the road in the middle of the night, why are they blasting? I lived for years in the US, and sirens don’t get used when there’s no traffic on the roads especially during the night, especially outside heavy urban areas like NYC simply because they aren’t needed. Emergency vehicles run with full lights, and ONLY flip on the sirens for a moment IF they encounter a another vehicle on the road. Otherwise, it’s silent running. Perhaps “Nuffin” has much more of an insider’s view of the situation — or perhaps he’s just tired of all the unnecessary noise in his ‘village.’

        • Yuletide says:

          Are you kidding me!!!!! Another attack on human life and all you “people” can complain about are sirens?!!! Are you on the road that hour which you complain about? Do you see the drivers with the windows up, music blasting or the ones who do not look in their rear view mirror for flashing lights?!! Bet you all would be the first to complain about that emergency vehicle smashing into a civilian because there were no sirens!! I pray for victim and their family during this holiday season.

          • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

            @ Yuletide,
            Until you know what you are running your mouth about,DON’T.

          • Micro says:

            They’re right…

            “Do you see the drivers with the windows up, music blasting or the ones who do not look in their rear view mirror for flashing lights?!! ”

            Okayy so lets see, closed windows, loud music, how are they gonna hear the sirens anyway? Half the time you can’t hear the sirens until the vehicle is right behind you anyway. Secondly, as was said, IF a vehicle is encountered, the siren could be turned on…

          • FOH says:

            I agree. If it was their family member it would most def be a different story!

          • Are you serious??? says:

            Yuletide I agree with you!! These freakin people are worried about sirens!!! Atleast they are still alive to hear the sirens. That’s more than can be said for the poor person that was shot dead tonight!!! Has Bermuda gone so far that the death of yet another young person is not as important as being woken up by a few freakin sirens??? I hope you people on here complaining about sirens never need the help of the services and they dont make it to your house because they got in an accident because they didnt have their sirens on.!!! You people make me sick!!!

        • Ole says:

          The fact that you focus on sirens versus the life of a young man is telling!! You and the scribe of this incredible comment have been measured found wanting!,,,

    • Focus says:

      stay focused! Its not all about you and your gripe….somebody did just get killed.

      • Tricks are For Kids says:

        Thank you Focus!!! Another person murdered…another family in mourning and you all are going to bicker back and forth over the sound of sirens??????? REALLY?????????

        • Peace maker says:

          For real !!!

        • boots says:

          How sad this killing of our youth. Where are the parents? We as parents are not paying attention , we are making excuses for our children,Parents are pretending that all is well. These are our children , they have gone astray and need help, help from family and from our goverment. Parents you know what is going on, you know or suspect that you child is into a gang or into the drug scene. Why don’t we all speak up and get these bad and rotten apples out of our society…it is not about them anymore,it’s about our next generation, WE HAVE TO STAND UP AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
          They are our children and they need help. You could save a life. CALL CRIME STOPPERS AND SAVE A LIFE.
          Please let us stop this and not let it be a lesson that we are training our grandchildren and then their children.
          There must be a better way.

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      you such an a$$

    • FOH says:

      I’m not against what you’re saying @nothin but de truth. It is necessary as I was almost hit by a police car with no sirens only flashing lights at some hour in the morning not thinking anyone especially police will be on roads speeding at that hour. It alerts anyone who maybe on roads at that hour like myself

    • Woods says:

      My condolences go to the families who have lost loved ones today. For the other ignorant people out there…..This isn’t NYC where u can see down the road for 2 miles; this is Bermuda, with blind corners every 20 feet. The point of having a siren on is to alert people BEFORE you encounter another vehicle….there is still a lot of traffic on the roads even at 4 or 5 in the morning so even if I hear a siren that appears to be a long way from me at least I am now alert that an emergency vehicle is approaching at speed. Imagine how you would feel if the ambulance didn’t make it to your emergency because it was involved in a collision. Then you would hear complaints that the driver had no siren on and now the taxpayers have to pay for the repairs of the vehicle….smh. It’s all about safety for you and other road users.

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      This particular thread show the sort of selfish mentality that breeds the shameful indifference to senseless crime that has actually occurred. A man was murdered on Christmas morning again. A family’s Christmas has been forever tainted, and as a whole, our community is hurt by this horrible crime. This is the season where we should be setting aside our petty anger and hatred, but this crime hilights that there are those who are not being instilled with these important social values.

      My deepest sorrow and condolences to the family that has been shattered by this, and the greatest of gods speed to the police in bringing the criminal to justice

    • Y-Gurl says:

      I agree, they do that stupidness every morning, wake up hundreds of people when all they need are lights on all the time and sirens in certain areas, in the UK the fire and ambulances have a run silent policy for during the night and its much appreciated by all

  3. Mister Nice Guy says:

    WTF ………

  4. Young & Wise. says:

    What a shame! Is this the way you celebrate the birthday of Jesus? Christmas is supposed to be about peace and love, not violence and crime. Wake up, this shooting business will not benefit you, nor anybody at all. Ask your selves: “why am I doing this?” and “what is the point?” Hopefully you find answers…

  5. Duh says:

    No part of the island safe anymore damn!

  6. Really says:

    Wow, just wow! Ridiculous honestly!! I hope everybody has a safe Christmas!

    • Just Us says:

      It’s too late… Someone’s life has been taken on this remembrance day of our Lord. My condolences to this young man’s family and friends.

  7. a decent young bie says:

    Keep all d shootings & stuff beyond d causeway…don’t bring all this ignorance down d peaceful east end -__-

  8. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    I really hope the Police get the person responsible for this and is locked up for a very,very long time!

    Christmas Eve Desecrated by some wanna be lil gangster!

  9. Otto Jones says:

    And it will not get any better until certain things come into play.

  10. Observant says:

    You have GOT to be f***ing kidding me. On Christmas Eve? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..round ‘em all up, stick ‘em on an island in BROAD DAYLIGHT with all the weapons and ammunition they can lay their cowardly little hands on and let ‘em shoot it out. Last “man” standing gets picked off by a sharpshooter. Problem solved.
    This is MY island too, you a$$wipes. You may not care about it, but I do. Stop it, and stop it NOW!!!!!!!!

    • Dammit says:

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear this was another Gang related shooting. So in a way you are getting your wish, just not on one island at one time.

    • Y.N.W.A. says:

      Woooooow, I say the exact same thing. Either you’re a clone of me, or I know you….

    • Think before you speak says:

      We are an island! So saying stick them on an island is giving them legal justification because you gave them permission that if they are on an island, which Bermuda is to shoot each other with all the ammunition they can get their cowardly little hands on! Ignorant thing to say! Does this solve our issue! No!

  11. I just pray that the individuals or individual is o.k,Just when you thought we got to Christmas morning without incident and this crap happens.

    • Observant says:

      Oddly, I was driving back from doing errands today and I remember thinking to myself that it would be nice but not realistic if we had a peaceful Christmas…

      Unfortunately, right now (and for this lot), Westgate is not the place to send them…they need to be sent to a REAL prison. For life. NO parole. End of freakin’ story.

  12. One bad apple now there are hundreds says:

    I wish people would stop saying OBA OBA as its only been 7 days they’ve been in to tackle the violence. Now it’s time to come together and collectively put this to an end. It wouldn’t stop anyway as there are too many unknown persons involved. Girls included. Praying its not fatal and justice prevails.

    • Just Us says:

      You must be special! Cause you just said it… SMH.

    • Tricks are For Kids says:

      I did not read anything about OBA until I reached your comment….hmmmm…

  13. -_- says:

    I should be hearing sleigh bells not sirens! its christmas why are people shooting. there is no hope in bermuda anymore i swear.

  14. Peace says:

    What a crying shame. I will be praying for the victim. This BS has got to stop! Christmas morning?? Obviously you cowards don’t have families to be with. Smh

    • Observant says:

      Oh, they have families…they’re the ones you hear saying things like “not my boy, he’s a good Christian”…

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        OSTRICH families,we have lots of them here!

        • Peace says:

          That’s the biggest issue. Families claiming “not my child”…r.i.p young boy

  15. Unfortunately we have lost another young man on this day. So sad! My heart goes out to the victim family. While we are having a great time with our families and friends, there are people hurting. Let’s remember them.
    May you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas!

  16. The Truth says:

    St georges isnt safe from bullets. Dats jus a long ride in n out

  17. reddasfoxx says:

    merry christmas..to all…its not shocking…whats shocking is that we aint gonna do nothing about once again…. the Plp did a great job in leaving behind a crapload of violence lack of jobs… a lack of ambition and lack of Unity…. ladies part of this is your fault… the glorification of a gangster is the dumb full of our society

    • B3rmud!@N says:

      @ reddasfoxx go f**$ yaself. no matter who runs the country there will be shootings you’re one ignorant a** merry christmas you c**^

      • Fifi Meow says:

        red- you’re one stupid fool. Get your head out your a## and stop acting like an uneducated fool.

      • Nuffin but de Truth! says:

        @ B3rmud!@N
        Well said!

      • Luis Suarez says:

        Red, he’s right pal, its you who needs to wise up. And the c word? You could grow up too.

    • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

      I’m so sick and tired of men blaming damn women for the behavior of these young people . . .it took a SPERM and an EGG to create that child and it should take both parents to raise it. . .MEN STAND UP and take YOUR role in these Damn children’s lives . . .THE END!!!!

      • Just One says:


      • ... says:

        I don’t think his blaming mothers… but blaming the female that glorify the gangsters… ie they get more p***& cause they are a gangster… not every girl does it but enough do…

        • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

          And the reason these young ladies glorify the “gangstas” is due to their search for a love they never received . . . guidance they never received from their father of what a real man looks and acts like!!!!

      • Just Us says:

        @ Unjust Realities!!!!: The courts are getting a little better with who the child is left with but they are still a bit biased and most of the time the mother end up with custody of the child. Most woman will fight till a vessel in their brain ruptures before allowing the father custody but, the child is always put in the middle for them to lash out later on in life from what they was taught to believe from their mothers about their fathers. A lot of men leave only to keep the peace. Controversial women will never understand why. I’m not saying you are, I’m just saying…

        • Jamudiacan says:

          Just Us…you spoke the words right outta my mouth.
          Bermuda is a Matriarchal society…the women own the kids…its her child not yours men…The court system reflects that the attitudes of women in this island reflect that…Now ur daughter gives herself easily and freely to just about any type and your son is angry and ful of female emotions..He lashes out violently to release that anger and low and behold destruction comes. Another youg man dead…God have mercy…when will they see.
          Women stop using the law, the system against your childs afther, stop putting a little child support money ahead of quality time with the father, stop speaking bad of your men to their kids…
          Who is responsible???Who will suffer? All of us!!!

          • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

            While this may not be the time or even the post . . .let me say as a mother, this is not just Bermuda . . .when a child born out of wedlock the custodial parent is usually the mother due to nature versus nurture unless there are extenuating circumstances. While I agree that some mothers may use the children as a tool, there still remains NO reason why a father should not be an integral part of their child’s life PERIOD. Call the mother controversial or whatever you please . . .she wasn’t ALL of that when you made that child. Yes women are emotional, and the scars of hurt left when a woman gives birth to a man’s child and what occurs thereafter has lasting emotional effects . . .still remains NO EXCUSE for a MAN not to raise his child with that woman!!!!!!

            • street wise says:

              A ‘man’ and a ‘woman’ are equally responsible for any child they conceive together. Mothers usually take care of the child during the early years, doing the best they can with the information they have at hand about child-rearing. Which can often be no information at all.

              The fathers should also be involved with ALL their children, both emotionally AND financially! A lot of kid problems would be solved over time if ALL deadbeat dads were made to pay child support by our Courts!

              In Canada, for instance, fathers’ wages are garnished by the Courts to ensure child support is paid to the mothers. This should be done here.

              I also feel Parenting Classes starting in Middle School may help reduce the number troubled kids.

              Forced child support will make men think twice about childing up a young girl, and then disappearing.

              Parenting Classes would supply information to help raise the child in a healthy manner.

              And Sex Education may help prevent the pregnancy in the first place.

              Something the OBA should commit to DOING NOW….

    • SMDH says:

      The lack of respect shown to each other on these forums reflects what is happening on the streets. Set an example if you want things to change!

      Condolences to the victim’s family.

      • street wise says:


      • Impressive says:

        Post of the Year!!!!! Agree wholeheartedly,, Stick around, it gets worse.. These youth are only acting out the contempt and bitterness of the generation(s) before them.. Check out the attacks on a daily basis, will give you a picture in the hearts of the people you see on the street each day>>

    • Foxy says:

      You sound bitter. I think your issue is that you resent women because you cant pull them. So now you are blaming them for the killings. Women gravitate toward strength. They want someone who can protect them. You are correct that they reinforce the gangsta image but that is only a certain quality of women who are still stuck on that…No decent lady is trying to get shot at. Your rant about the PLP has more to do with your community that has lost its values all around. leave politics out of it you have a disintegrating community and that needs to be dealt with for real. Restoring family values is not a political issue it is personal. I hope you find a lady that can deal with your cynicism Merry Christmas redd!

      • Guess Who says:

        I agree violence has nothing to do with politics, neither does stealing, robbing, rape, domestic violence,death by dangerous driving, driving while under the influence. All these are not politically influenced. Riots maybe depending on the circumstance.

        Our values have changed as a whole island. With less we were more greatful; with more we are selfish. All overachievers, watch out for them. Being ambitious is different, use your talents wishly.

  18. Nicki k says:

    Here we go! I knew some comments would be political. As it was said, these guys have an agenda they live in a world that has its own set of rules. It is not PLP’s fault. Look what happens daily in other parts of the world! Also, not all families condone gang behavior. Some( not all ) parents may not know how to help. Let’s stop criticizing. Yes, I do believe in harsher penalties but I hope proactive measures will eventually help those who are attracted to becoming a gang member.

  19. Fifa God says:


  20. In Mark's Opinion says:

    May God Bless the family and friends that have to deal with this lost of life and the killer found.

  21. Unjust Realities!!!! says:

    My condolensces go out to the family of this young man . . .I truly do feel for you. As a mother of a 20 year old male, I could not fathom the anger, hurt and pain that you must be feeling at this time. This foolishness, I hate to say it, will not end until someone’s mother and/or father loses it on these idiots!!!!

    • no time for antics says:

      I agree…typical of our bermudian people…someone just lost a child…4get the damn sirens!

  22. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    This murder is horrible . Every murder is horrible . Young people value your life above all else and value the life of others equally .

  23. Tricks are For Kids says:

    Condolences to the family……RIP my friend……………….

  24. nana&mom says:

    Prayers to the family of this young man,there are no words to say to you or the community of st.george or Bermuda.
    eventually this madness will stop,if we could just trust that a statement wont cause someone to lose their life. BUT when a child eventually gets hold of these guns and take it to school, because their family member forgot to put it away, and hurts their school friends and teachers,thats when all hell breaks out, and the person will be caught,because the child ended up with the gun.
    our little children know whats even going on, because they have lost someone from their family from this terrorising lifestyle.

    their are so many to blame,but it doesn’t help blaming when they are still doing what they do,and families know deep down in their gut, that their family member or friend did it.

    families these children are now being recruited at young ages.

    REMEMBER a good cut backside and leave your foot up their butt,might just do it.

    Prayers for all famillies and communities.

  25. bp08 says:

    This coming from an American on the West Coast who REALLY doesn’t want to see you “lot” go down the same road we’ve already paved: Publicly castrate anyone caught with a gun, no questions asked. Draconian? Yes. But At least you’d start to make streets safer. What happens if someone is convicted of Murder on your island? They get sentenced to a 12 x 12 room? 12×12, 22 miles by 2 miles, SAME THING. You want results? Grab the shears…

  26. Pastor Been & Gone says:

    Let’s all of us go down to KFC… Get a bucket and Praise The Lord!!

  27. concerned citizen says:

    As a Father of a 19, 16 & 12 year old sons my heart goes out to the family right now because I couldn’t imagine this happening to my boys. All you Bermudians on here complaining about its this persons fault and that persons fault. You all so called know the issue but how many of you take time out of your so called busy schedules and spend one day out of the week and mentor a young person might be at risk. Just you showing that you care can help steer them on the right path. Some of these boys doing the killing grew up in homes where the parents have 2 work non-stop to make endsmeet so they look for the ones who show them attention. Most of the time its negative. My sons friends are welcome in my house anytime and some do Homework there, eat there and just enjoy being there to relax and their parents know they are safe. Therefore stop COMPLAINING and go out there and attempt to make a difference on this island and a young persons eyes and show them there is more to life than anti-social behavior.

  28. ibe says:

    it all apart of life,persons die .when will it stop who knows

  29. Mel says:

    Love to this mans family. And yes people focus on what’s important!! But if you want to argue about sirens, use your common sense and think about why it is PROCEDURE to use a siren! The road may be “empty” in your mind…but people have been injured and killed by emergency vehicles traveling at high speeds to save lives. Please use commons sense before you make insanely imgnorant comments. Again love to his family…this is what Christmas in Bermuda has become?!

  30. Bianca Devereaux says:

    My condolences and prayers to the family and friends of the victim. My mind can’t even begin to fathom the pain and hurt you are feeling, especially on a day that is meant to represent love and peace. My prayer is that you may find comfort and peace, and the perpetrator/s be found, and brought to full justice. Merry Christmas Bermuda :(

  31. Z says:

    Merry Christmas Everyone…

  32. Bermuda is Devil's Isle says:

    Why would any1 want to celebrate with KFC about a murder @ Pastor Been and Gone??? May the family of —- have peace in their hearts loosing — today RIP — Bermuda is finished and is going to be hard to bring back whether is OBA in power or PLP In Power it takes a village to raise a child and that’s were Bermuda is not a village raising these children its single mothers doing it wandering where the next months rent is coming from or next months belco bill never the less the fact that these single mothers have to pay their bills on a low income wage cause there is no Minimum Wage set in Bermuda and buying food is the last thing the mother has money for Churches feeding families all year round is a good thing but how long did it take for them to do it, giving out xmas hampers for xmas and only xmas families need to eaty all year round!!! Just saying its a lot of things that makes Bermuda the way it is to day and income is a big part of that!!!

    • Just Us says:

      @ Bermuda is Devil’s Isle: This single mother you speak of, is it the same one that has the lavish $300-$400.00 weave and that’s why she can’t afford to put food on the table? Or are you referring to the single mom that has the latest $500.00- $800.00 Louis Vuitton bags and accessories and can’t afford to pay the rent? Maybe your referring to the single mom that pays $80.00 a month for cable to babysit the child so she could hang out every weekend. What about the one that has the latest i-phone no less then $800.00 with all the bells and whistles with a monthly bill over $110.00 Or are you referring to the single mother who gave me $850.00 on my birthday cause she really liked me and didn’t give a shyt about her child… By the way, I did give it back. I also have daughters of my own who did not listen to my words of wisdom which were, “please pay less attention to boys and get your higher education skills.” That went in one ear and out the other. They are now single mothers of the same boys I warned them about. Go figure…

      • peace says:

        PREACH!!! so true!!!

      • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

        While you both have valid points, let me swing this for a minute . . .the single mother you may speak of is the mother of a child whose father walked away like he never had a child . . .a father who goes to work and socializes like he has no responsibility . . .a father that lays up and goes from woman to woman with no regard for the life he created . . . a father who takes trips and forgets to take along his child and expose him to new and different cultures and experiences . . .the father that is not there at PTA and parent teacher meetings . . . the father that no one knows has a child, but has a laid out bike, car etc….lives on his own, hnags in the bar . . .the father that left one child and made another if not more . . .a FATHER/A MAN who never STOOD up and took his role as a man.

        The street is a two way street that both have the right to drive . . .if you don’t want to raise a child then a MAN just like a WOMAN has two CHOICES . . .strap it up or abstain . . .POINT BLANK, THE END!!!!

        • Just Us says:

          Unjust Realities!!!!: This court system would make any man walk away, I almost did many a time under protest with my hands up in the air in disgust of someone so vindictive. But what she didn’t know was that I kept every receipt from day one of birth. I went to jail and I protested to go back to jail until they heard me out… The courts reimbursed me $5,875.00 after an intense investigation of a conniving woman… I was eventually taken off the court system due to my involvement shown by my documents and receipts. But what man wants to fight like this? Men sometimes step away to spare the child-ren of the hurtful things that can transpire in a broken relation, especially when one is so malicious in carrying out their past resentments.

          • Free says:

            You almost did? And that’s the problem right there. How can a parent just walk away from their child? No matter how bad most of these single mothers are in Bermuda(some, not all) they don’t walk away and never hear from their children again. Now all these men running the streets do just that-abandon their children. How can even you think to walk away because the trouble of going to court was too much? No decent mother would ever give up on her child and that’s the difference between men and women. That’s why there are so many angry little kids AND grown adults walking around. All of them have one thing in common-daddy issues.

            I’m going to tell you what many people tell single mothers, stop sleeping with deadbeat women and you wouldn’t have to deal with that. People want to blame these girls and yeah they are partly responsible but these men need to stop sleeping with hoodrats as well. A big butt and a nice smile will cause you plenty heartache and MONEY. It’s a two way street. Tired of the double standards.

            • Unjust Realities!!!! says:

              @Free . . .my point exactly!!! @Just Us . . . you almost did!!!! My point . . . not trying to be rude and cruel, but that was the female you chose to have sex with unprotected . . .CHOICES & COONSEQUENCES. I applaud your eeforts but know that you are not the norm, you are the exception.

              There are too many males out there that simply JUST DO NOT CARE!!!! That’s my point!!! I see it everyday . . .I see the anger in children’s eyes and hear it in their voices and see it in their actions!!

              • Just Us says:

                @ Free: You can’t be serious by saying that men should be careful of women that are packing “A big butt and a nice smile,” that’s almost every woman in Bda. And most of them look damn good with their fake accessories but, that’s another story… In my profession I don’t think you’d find a “hoodrat” who’d spend $3,000. to $10,000.00, in some cases more on things they like… As far as I know, a person will most likely date another in the environment their in.
                First of all, no one gets involved in a relationship knowing it will end days, weeks, months or years later, What would be the point of even getting started in the first place?
                Secondly, if a couple with child/ren are living together and things don’t work out for what ever reasons, some couples can work things out and live happily ever after but, that’s not always the case.
                Thirdly, every case that I’ve heard of where the father takes off with the child/ren, his azz is picked up within 24 hrs. and charged with abduction, kidnapping or whatever the charge may be…
                Fourthly, it would kill most women to give up their child/ren knowing that the father can do a better job at raising then and they don’t like the fact that another woman may be involved, maybe ,I said…
                The difference is 9 out of 10 times the courts will reward the mother with custody of the child/ren even if found unfit to provide for them.
                It’s too bad in most cases the split of couples involves child/ren that the courts decide the outcome of the child/ren and don’t investigate the true abusers. Verbal abuse is more damaging then a father not being around. Mothers should lay off about reminding their child/ren about how much thy are like their fathers when actually they’re not… That’s were you get the rebellion start kicking, telling someone their just like a person they know nothing about and it’s a constant reminder for some. And if you don’t know, child/ren are always told by their mothers, what goes on in this house stays in that house with a serious stare down when said…
                When have you ever heard of a child correcting a parent? When its too late.
                @ Unjust Realities!!!!: Its all good that you “see the anger in children’s eyes and hear it in their voices and see it in their actions!!” but if you’ve never sat with any to discuss their true resentments, you’d never truly understand what you see…

                • Free says:

                  I’m just telling you what men and women alike like to tell single mothers-stop messing with good for nothing men. Sounds stupid to you huh? You must like double standards. You can tell a whether a woman is moral and decent before you sleep with them, unprotected, and bring a life into this world. Just like you can with a man. Unless you barely know the person which is probably the case.

                  Firstly, of course you won’t know how they will be down the road but you can get an idea. That’s what I said. Does all she talk about is Lil Waynes latest song and ace girl down the street and is always in everyone elses business? Does she rock a $3000 bag and live with her parents? You can’t figure out a persons personality and mentality while dating?

                  Secondly, No duh. That has nothing to do with what I said to you. You said you were ready and willing to quit on your child.

                  Thirdly, that has nothing to do with what I said and as they should be because you can’t take your child away from the other parent. Unless you get full legal custody.

                  Fourthly, exactly my point. A woman would never want to be separated from her child. It should kill you as well. I doubt most men could raise a child better but that’s your opinion and most men wouldn’t want another man around their child. That’s IF they are even around their own child to care. It goes both ways.

                  The difference is men have proven 9 times out of 10 to be negligent deadbeat parents. They don’t pay child support, don’t show up to court and don’t want to have anything to do with their child/ren. Can you blame the courts? That’s actually a myth anyway. I know of 2 fathers who are actually DECENT and got custody of their children. The problem is that most fathers make a horrible case for themselves in court and shoot themselves in the foot.

                  Regardless this is probably JUST YOUR SIDE OF THE STORY. Not the full truth. Are you one of those fathers who wants your child only on weekends or when they are old enough were you don’t have to do the heavy load? Do you wake up in the middle of the night and feed and change them? Probably not.

      • Watching On says:

        Or the single mother who take the child support money to spend on her new husband while her son runs down Front street to meet his father holding his jeans because he has no belt and his hair is uncomb but she’s dress to impress. Let’s not even speak about the daughter who at 11 has no sense of personal hygiene cause Mom too busy living life.

  33. TJ says:

    My prayers are going out to this young man’s family and friends.

    Some of you on here are very inconsiderate and I am sure if it were your son, brother, cousin, nephew or friend you would not want to see these ridiculous comments. Get a grip and sort ya selves out.

  34. Rick Olson says:

    Give your children extra attention and love today and remember the families that have been torn apart by this violence so sad.

  35. umjussaying ! says:

    Many more will have to suffer many more will have to die ..nuff of dem boy a demon ..an gwan like them a good boy and all they do is make hell for them parents ,terrorize the community n mash up the island. People rarely shoot people for nothing ..so if him a good boy may he R.I.P .. If him a Demon.. demon fi dead! Sick n tiered of people thinking everyone is an angle wen some boy a devil in flesh!

  36. Dammit says:

    If the person is an innocent victim, then my heart goes out to the family and friends of the young man. On the other hand if the victim was not so innocent and was a gang member, then I’ll feel a lot less sympathetic.

    • Let's think about this... says:

      What he may or may not have done doesn’t change the fact that he’s still someone’s loved one. Be considerate in what you say lest you cause more pain towards people who are already hurting as you would not want someone to make a statement like this to you in time of loss.

      My condolences to the family and friends of this young man.

  37. stop the world says:

    So sad i wish this would all stop but sadly it not only going to get worse

    I wish you lot would think before you comment because some of you sound real dumb commenting on here

  38. Bascome says:

    My heart also goes out to the victims, including the shooter. I concur with Concerned Citizen’s sentiments; I was thinking on these things, as I read some pretty insensitive comments regarding a murder. We, as a nation, should never get to the point that we are that de-sensitized to a MURDER. There are so many ramifications to this.

    Folks, don’t give up on our children; when you notice that they need attention, socially, get involved on some level. It is important to let our children know that they are loved by their own families, first. Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to help heal deep wounds…firstly, hug your children, no matter what their age and tell them that you love them. Secondly, if there is anyone that you have strained relations with, give them a call: just wish them a Merry Christmas.

    My son, a young child, is 11…we need your collective assistance.

    It takes each individual to take part in the healing and improvement of our society.

    Be blessed.


  39. HeyBye says:

    Lets hope now from this point on, there will be an Iron Fisted approach to gang and gun violence in Bermuda.
    Get Bermuda back on track and return to the tranquil and friendly place that we are known for, if there is any hope to grow tourism and getting I.B. to return to its former level.

  40. 21 Questions says:

    On christmas seriously?….

  41. Honestly says:

    WOW! Merry Christmas to everyone! To the family of this young man…I wish you peace, love, and appreciation of your son. Family surround this family and embrace them with your love and support during this difficult time!

  42. CM says:

    Here’s the thing, As a people we point fingers all to easily!

    Step back and reflect on what you have done over the past 12 months to END volience and keep your ” young men safe ”

    95% of you what done diddly squat ! And 95% of those same ppl seem to have all th answers

    Step away from the keyboard and ACT
    Typing what should be done and what government needs to do is pointless of you yourself aren’t willing to HELP. Do you realize by sitting by the sideline waiting for a courageous person to make the first move, you are actually contributing to the problem .

    And to the insensitive clown who wants to complain about the sound of sirens, perhaps you should perminatly move to an isolated island far east of BDA where you and air Indian style without the bothersome sound of sirens! If you became as activist of peace and unity maybe you would be awoke by sirens . Shame on you!!!!! When the siren is on its ways to save a family member of yours I bet you wouldn’t be complaing ! Damn foolish mortal, that’s exactly what I think if you !

    The end

    • CM I agree with you but the truth is there those who I believe do all they can with what they got but quite frankly lets not just look at the last 12 months because I can go back for almost the last 30 years and the real problem in this country,many that get involved at the grass roots level come in energized and ready to committ but only to meet up to red tape in the authorities.

      Now for people who are use to having their feet in the street they will know what I am talking about,when you give your all but find your self being blocked by the so called powers that be because they have to many unethical individuals who are in key positions through out our police,customs and other key areas that are the informants to the under world,so hence the criminal element stays way ahead of the law.

      we have some very good officers and government officials but if you truly knew and for the joker who wants to say take it to this or that with the inormation you have,save your breathe because I dont waiste my time any more and when I speak here or anywhere I speak what I feel and know and see to the degree within the law so I am not accused of making liablist statements by fools with deep pockets that would like to shut me up.

      I live in this country and love my country but see and have seen some of the highest corruption in the world on these tiny shores and while we sit and look at the young folk on the street and point our fingers,the jack asses that sit in their offices just smile because it is business as usual for them.I hope the new minister for national security will for once and for all now reveal to us why Mr Colin Coxal get escorted out of these Islands so quickly after he was given key information that I believed would haved shocked Bermuda and the key figures involved did not look like me.

  43. reap what u sow says:

    Rip Bra

  44. Ampi says:

    Good Morning,my condolences to the family……………these guys need to be sent to BLACK DOLPHIN to do their time………….!

  45. MAKE MY DAY says:

    There is now NO doubt whatsoever that Bermuda has very serious gang-drug problems that are NOT going to go away!! I wonder what 2013 is going to bring with all this violence and can the OBA put a “dent” in this out-of-control senseless nonsense!!! We can but hope and also try and be somewhat optimistic that serious crimes will get better!!

    But… Somehow I’m unfortunately not holding my breath on that one – as I’m sure there will be retribution for this latest gun murder!!! That seems to be the way this nonsense goes!!

  46. seaweed says:

    Condolences to the family in this difficult time.

  47. When I last checked after 1 this morning it was said to hear about a shooting and now as we awake with the news that it is a confirmed murder,our hearts go out to the family and hope and pray for an immediately action to send a clear message that we are not going to tolerate this nonsense this year.

    It will take all of us Bermuda as this young man and every young person is our brother and sister,it is Christmas morning and the day we celebrate Christ birth and this day has been marred with tragedy.

    So I have a clear message for the minister of national security,when you were in the opposition everytime a shooting occurred you came out swinging publiclicly and critizing Mr Perinchief for not responding fast enough to the general public and making a public statement to his positon as the minister in charge of our security,then you alway went further and critize that he did not take stringent measures good enough to deal with the situation at hand.

    So my point is you had enough time to sit back over the last 14 years to see from your rear view mirror everything that the P.L.P did wrong and made sure you said and our new premier that once in power you are not going to tolerate this madness,well here is your first situation as the new government and we are watching to see what your approach will be to this.

    Now quite frankly I woke up sad but now I am mad as hell because if you take the death of this precious soul and play politics around it,you will piss off the majority of us in this country,because the truth is you can not regulate or legislate sin and someones evil deeds or heart.

    So Merry Christmas Mr minister and we want you to leave Devonshire if you havent already and get to work on it today to show this community you are a man of your word and we will stand beside you but if you politic this we will be all over you like white on rice and that is a sure promise.you spent enought time with your critism ,now lets see what you are made of and can you deliver like you deliver your milk.

    • Dee says:

      @Duane Santucci. Have a little respect for the family of the man who was murdered this morning and leave the politricking for a more appropriate time. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to make political capital out of this very sad situation.

      • Change says:

        I understand it’s hurts when people speak the truth, but Duane Santucci is correct. Let’s see if the OBA Government will keep their promise. The PLP was soft on crime as the OBA stated in their platform. Now bring on this CHANGE that you publicized on every single poster in Bermuda. I voted for change, so I will give you 100 days. During this time Michael Dunkley you need to make some hard choices. The first thing you can fix is to remove all the TV’s and radios from Westgate, then double up each room with bunk beds. I was in Court the other day and I actually heard the prisoner ask the Prison Officer when was the next limo leaving for West Gate Hotel, I was speechless. Prison should be hell not heaven.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          You’ll give them 100 days? How generous. It took 14 years to ruin the country. It might take some time to reverse it.

      • dthtoo/ says:

        Come on UBPOBA you promised us no more violence. You blamed the BPLP for every damn thing. You were so terribly unreasonable. Now we are eagle-eyeing you to see just how you are going to handle yourselves concerning real matters that matter on the Isles of Devils

    • Mad Dawg says:

      When the police are firmer and the courts are firmer, obviously you will not complain. Good.

      • swing voter says:

        I have to disagree with you @MD….when the police crack down 1980s style and the courts give consecutive time to these azzes they and their families WILL complain ;-) god help their sorry azzes

        • Out of flight says:

          Yes they complain. You are so correct. every time we get harsher sentences or the police make too many road stops we complain. Sorry all rights out of the door till we crash some doors and find the bastards and put them and their parents away for life.
          There is simply too much at stake for us to trivializing this matter. What is at stake are young lives: Out Bermudian children.
          Off course it is not racial. They all just happen to be black.

        • Mad Dawg says:

          I was being ironic. Of course he, and every bleeding heart, will sqeal like a mouse when sentences are increased and law enforcement is beefed up.

  48. VJ says:

    How absolutely vile and sickening to do this on Christmas day of all days. Its bad enough doing it period, but for once these punk a$$wipes can’t put down their weapons and behave. Look at the pain they are inflicting on this man’s family. Instead of gathering for a holiday celebration, they are congregating in mourning. @ Pastor Been & Gone, its revolting that you find any humor in this. You should really feel ashamed just typing those words, but somehow I doubt that you do. Sickos like you are a BIG part of why our society is on the decline…

  49. Bernews: my thoughts go out to you and all your staff,I came on this morning with a heavy heart and then the thought of the outcome has me extremely angry but I honestly thought of how your team go out at all hours of the day and night and in cases like this throughout the wee hours of the morning and sometimes we can really take it for granted.

    So for all your hard work and dedication that you do on behalf of us here in Bermuda first and all those Bermudians throughout the World livining in other juristictions,I just want to say thank you for keeping us informed and up to date by the hour and sometimes minutes.

    May you and your family make the best of this Christmas season as I know it is not easy to have to report on such tragedy like this first hand on the spot and then have to sit home with your loves ones and wonder whose next.may you take the time to enjoy your family and they enjoy having you.I truly live each day appreciating all I have no matter how little or how much and so I want you to know that part of that appreciation is having you all there when it matters most.

    To all Bermuda and those of our loved ones across the globe who frequent this site,lets remember from time to time just to take a moment and say thanks to Bernews and their dedicated committment to us their readers and viewers.Merry Christmas to you all.

  50. Ole says:

    Very sad commentary on this blog…young man is murdered on Christmas day and yet we are inundated with self serving speak from a community that has lost its soul..


  51. St.D says:

    Agree with Ole – a sad, tragic Christmas, because of the shooting, all the events that lead to the shooting and because of the splintered, negative and bizarrely numb commentary on this page.

    Bermuda, you are better than this. Bermuda is a loving warm community that yes has issues and problems but ultimately together can be more.

    • If you have ever been a family directly hit by this cruelty,then you wont give a damn what day it is because the only question we have in our minds is why and what is going to be done about it.this family has had their hearts snatched out of their chest and you want us to sit by and wait to the festivities are over to pound the pavement and deal with their grief.

      Hell no,they cant rest or sleep so why should we,my heart aches for them and those that know me,know this aint no joke.when we stop and consider what they are going through,you can not but take the steps many have taken on these blogs,for some this is just a moment but for others it is a life altering thing that will always be in their memory and at this time of year it will pain them the most.

      most of the bloggers dont even remember the last time we had aChristmas shooting and who the individual was but that family aches this morning double because they remember their love one and this latest shooting pushes the pain deeper for them,so to all thoses that think we are being insensitive,we are not and their are those that understand how we feel because we have lived it.

      so to those who dont understand stay tuned because if we dont change what’s going on in this country your families turn will come and the anger should not be soley at the damn fool that had the gun but to the asses that keep bringing them in and especially those bringing them in in their damn boats and yatchs and selling them in the local market.

      Give me a job on the sea and I would sink the damn boats before they get here,We should have taken The United States of America’s offer before their base’s left here,to help protect our water bed and now that some of the same characters are back in power will they sit down with the U.S and re-visted the offer made to them before the U.B.P went out of power. the same lod money that financed the O.B.A platform leading up to this last election needs to help finance fighting crime in this country.

      They pulled out all the stops from Devonshire and them on Reid Street and spared no expensive in the O.B.A campaign,so now pull your old deep dirty money that you made off the back of our people and push it in place to fight the real war on drugs,crime,gang violence and gun wars.

      Dont wait for us to see what happen in connecticuit happen here,the weapons of that magnitude are here and on our streets but have not been use and God forbid if it does,just look back at woodys drive in and replay the tape and the police no i am not scaremongering.

      I apologize only to those who dont understand real pain and those that do knows this needs to be said every chance we can regardless of what day it is,until something possitive happens to make it stop.

      To every family that has lost their loved one to gun violence in Bermuda our hearts are heavy and our grief is real but keep holding on and fighting for change and only then will our loved ones be justified in their death,only partially but atleast we would have progress.I sit on both side of the fence,having an immediate family member who was the murderer and on another occassion having an immediate love on gun down.so we know the feeling of both sides of the barrel.

      • Out of flight says:

        You told us before it happened there were guns on the island and you were ignored. In fact people told you to shut up and were abusive to you on a regular basis. why didn’t we listen or at least call you in.
        You are in the know and we have to listen to you and Gerald Fubler in somerset. We ignored both of you and now we have a world-wind and nothing to stop it. How very very sad.


    …the idle and selfish thoughts said aloud…the unnecessary opinions that serve no purpose…the lack of humanity…the breakdown of civilised conversation…the violent words directed at one another…those who are ill equipped to handle their words with care let alone heal anger with love…cold hearts lead to dark souls…the lost and never found… meanwhile another person has been shot and killed…the blame pointed towards others but never shared…the hatred for God’s greatest creations a.k.a. human beings…celebrating Christmas yet forgetting to be Christ-like even for one day…

  53. Prayerful says:

    Some young 20 year-old man gets killed on Christmas Morning, and all some can think of is sirens disturbing their rest.

    On that great getting-up morning when the trumpets sound, you will probably complain about that noise as well.

    I really do not know what the answer is to this violence. This latest incident appears to be gang related, and mothers will say “my son or
    daughter is not a member of any gang, but dig down deep, are they?

    It is too late for 2012 but let peace reign in 2013, and let it being with each of us.

    • Out of flight says:

      Exactly. We are worried about sirens when we have lost life. Unbelievable. You are so right. How senseless and non-caring. The morning after the last death “Paul the Poet” the guy who calls Shirley Dill “Princess” was on about two lizards. The conversation went on for at least 10 mins. Can you believe that. No marches by Gina Spence . No Caines brothers and Lou Matthews. In fact what happened to those emergency groups with all of their big plans and ideas. They died and they had financial backing. what no more sour faced rallies with prayers from books.?????It is time for us to get armed with the facts and an action plan to turn this around . We need help from the British Govt. as simple as that.

  54. diva says:

    ANY day where a person is senselessly murdered is a bad day. Someone’s son and loved one is gone! and here we have a blog full of negative commentary. Talk of loud sirens, political parties, child support, deadbeat fathers, errant mothers, people’s lifestyles, etc. The headline distictively reads “20 Year Old Man Murdered On Christmas Morning”. The very fact that something like this has happened again should horrify all of the negativity and childish comments right out of you. Whether or not he was a so called gangsta or not, he was a living and breathing human being who had his life taken away. His family has been devastated. You write all of this nastiness and wonder why our young people are going astray? Could it be that they read the hatefullness that you teach with your words? Have a Merry Christmas, you know, like the young man’s family WON’T have. And may you develop empathy and consideration while you’re at it!

  55. Lizard says:

    Sorry my amnesty friend.

    C.C.H. CATCH-em. CONVICT-em. HANG the bastards.

  56. Really says:

    Are we seriously arguing about the ambulance! That’s are problem, SOME ONE IS DEAD ON CHRISTMAS, SOME FAMILY ISN’T HAVING A MERRY CHRISTMAS! SOME FAMILY IS ARRANGING FUNERAL PLANS WHILE YOUR ON HERE TAKING CRAP ABOUT THE FREAKING AMBULANCE! You people just come on here and be ignorant! You couldn’t imagine what this families going through! And you want to be complaining about the damn ambulance!

    My condolences goes out to the family!
    But for you ignorant “commenters” GET YA SH*T TOGETHER OK.

  57. swing voter says:

    Just another day. just another murder. we didn’t raise our kids right. we give them anything they want, we reward them with trips, expensive toys and clothes for doing nothing. They fail in school, they cause trouble on the football and cricket pitches, they come home reaking of cannabis and pull their gurl in the bedroom right in front of our eyes to spend the night….no surprise our children are the way they are….we made them that way.

  58. Hazel says:

    Merry Christmas to all!

    I extend my condolences to both the families of the victim and the shooter(s). This is not a good thing to deal with ever, let alone on Christmas Day.

    This is so sad…but what is more sad is the negative comments and drifting off the topic. I agree that people are entitled to their opinion but my grandmother always said, “if you don’t have anything good or nice to say about or to someone, then it’s probably better left unsaid”.

    Someone suggested for the Minister to leave Devonshire to deal with the situation immediately. How does this person know that the Minister hasn’t done anything as yet. Have you contacted the Minister to inform him of what has happened? You seem more concerned about the party he represents than the real issue at hand. This is not the time to worry about the “politricks” as a young man has lost his life. People are so ready to comment negatively … It is very monotonous.

  59. natalie says:

    It is shameful and especially christmas morning, I can’t comprehend this disgusting violence in Bermuda. Its sickening to take a parent’s child away for nothing. All you cowards need to stop this spiteful and evil behaviour. And this community has to change. People not talking cause they don’t wanna prick but you would rather a criminal be walking freely on the streets. We are just as bad if we continue to accept this and keep out mouths shut.

  60. St. D says:


  61. Withheld says:

    To someone the world has ended today not 4 days ago. I am heavy in the heart for you who changed this young mans diaper and washed his bottles and burped him and watched him sleep and had hopes and dreams for him and guided and nurtured him, put band aids on his cuts. To you, please remember those wonderful times and thank the blessed lord that you had your time with him. May he find a way to give you peace from beyond. I am sorry that this day is forever marred for you and I pray that karma will come around to the person(s) responsible for this swiftly and harshly for they do not deserve to sit at any table with their loved ones today.

  62. Striving says:


  63. St. Davids says:

    I don’t know if this is gang related but if it was then unfortunately I couldn’t care less. Sorry to the parents because they may have no control but I am desensitized to this and the only thing I care about is our country’s reputation.

    If it isn’t gang related then this is very sad. Otherwise I will continue to just move onto the next story.

  64. Fed way up says:

    We need to start a vigilante squad to go around and kick some a$$!! This is absolutely disgusting ,especially on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and condolences to the family RIP young man!! No more PLEASE!!!

  65. concerned citizen says:

    I completely agree with CT….Like I said before its so fast for everyone to play the blame game….get away from the keys and Act. You can make a difference in someones lives just working with others.

  66. GOD says:

    @ dthtoo\false prophet)it is people like you that breed hate and bear false witness all you seem to do is come up with senseless thoughts i would say you are part of Bermuda’s problem eventually you shall perish.

  67. Lorna says:

    Such criticism! Some young men grow up hurting because their own fathers have been murdered, (esp unsolved ones) not all because of gangs. Some were just for silly reasons that they can’t rationalize away. Some families try working with some young men but they are in so deep, so they have a better chance with younger siblings. Unfortunately some are sent off island because of what their brothers are into. My condolences to this young man’s family. Let’s help the young ones before they get swept up and let’s stop thinking that every situation is identical. Some families do all they can. Not ALL single mothers live beyond their means. Some are seriously struggling!

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Here’s a novel idea: don’t have children until you’re married and you’re financiallly able to look after them.

      • .. says:

        he was raised right. it was his choice to get involved in this stuff not his mothers. and his mother tried to get him out but it’s nothing she could do.

    • Free says:

      What are you talking about? These murders are recent. Most of these guys are in their 20′s/30′s. I don’t recall so many men being murdered back then so that these guys wouldn’t have fathers. What nonsense.

  68. MoneyMaker says:

    $top pickin up d tools. Man up n use ya fist clown. U cant run foreva…

  69. Sad says:

    Condolences to this young mans family and friends. Thoughts and prayers are with you all at such a hard time. RIP

  70. .. says:

    RIP QUAY QUAY! I love you soo much. ♥♥♥