Man Fined $1500 For DUI After Crashing Car

January 16, 2013

Appearing in Police custody after he had been arrested on a warrant, Darrion Pitt [36 - of St George’s] was given a $1,500 fine and eighteen month disqualification after he pleaded guilty to driving whilst impaired on 10th December 2012.

Mr Pitt explained his previous non-appearance by telling the Senior Magistrate that he had flown out of Bermuda to deal with a family medical emergency, and that he had left Bermuda on the date that he was due to appear in Court.

The Crown’s evidence was that Police and EMTs had been called to an accident involving a car driven by Mr Pitt. On attendance and investigation EMT’s found Mr Pitt uninjured.

However, Police found that Mr Pitt had been drinking and believed him impaired. Police evidence read in Court spoke of an open partly consumed bottle of Scotch being found in his car.

Senior Magistrate Archie Warner noted that this was Mr Pitt’s second such offence within 12 months and levied the bigger fine and longer suspension.

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  1. Family Man says:

    If it was his second offence within 12 months wouldn’t he have been driving with a suspended licence?

  2. fed up says:

    Since being back on the road within 12 months

  3. Puzzled says:

    Bernews I really love your fine reporting. However, why do you refer to this incident as an accident? If one drinks and drives, chances are a wall or another vehicle will get in his/her way. Second offense? He should have been banned for a longer period and made to attend AA meetings.Oppps!! He may get addicted to coffee and tobacco.

  4. Billy Mays says:

    He should be in prison as he’s clearly a slow learner. He’s trying to kill people. Driving is a privilege; throw his sorry a$$ in jail and take away his license for good. Before he kills someone.

  5. This one was not for the boys, but for BPS & EMT’s………need a shot….got Scotch. Dewars or Johnnie Walker. Shooks! I forgot, he could not walk n had to go thru the Courts(dewars) @ 1500hrs to get that ban(d) called 18 months. He was the only rapper there n got a special chauffeur to escort him to his venue. The choir sung his favorite rap song…”Don’t Drink n Drive if u wanna stay ALIVE…… He was honored by the Judge…….”

  6. Xman says:

    $1500 – thats all! – it should have been $2500
    we had the golden opportunity to get another $ 1000 to pay off the national debt.