Video & Photos: Waterloo House Roof Wetting

May 22, 2013

A traditional Bermuda roof wetting ceremony was held at the new Waterloo House office and apartment building on Pitts Bay Road this afternoon [May 22] with developers the Green family and Premier Craig Cannonier in attendance.

Built on the site of the old Waterloo House hotel which closed in 2008, representatives of the various design, construction and architectural firms who helped the new building come to fruition were also on hand.

The $100 million development project comprises almost 90,000 square feet of office space and seven penthouse apartments, with both boasting panoramic views across Hamilton Harbour.

Slideshow of the roof wetting, the interior of one penthouse & the views:

Brothers Alexander and Andrew Green have previously said of the new building, “This investment shows our confidence in the future for the island and one that we hope will encourage further investment into Bermuda.”

The family has also purchased the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, and yesterday announced details of a $70 million renovation plans designed to enhance the property.

Speaking on behalf of the family at the roof wetting ceremony, Alexander Green said, “After just over two years of construction we are nearing the completion of this wonderful development. It has very rewarding project for our family, and we’ve enjoyed watching this new addition go up in west Hamilton.

“When the project was conceived it was a dark time not only for Bermuda but for the world as the Great Recession was taking hold. We never lost faith in Bermuda and the unique selling point that our
small island in the Atlantic holds.”

During the actual roof wetting, Mr Green Sr. amused those gathered when he took a swig of black rum after he finished pouring some on the roof.

Due to the building’s prime location near the centre of Hamilton, careful attention has been given to incorporating both modern and traditional Bermudian features in an eco-friendly, sustainable design.

Environmentally friendly aspects of the building include special glazing to reduce solar heat gain and maximise thermal efficiencies, a first of its kind in Bermuda under-floor air conditioning distribution to reduce energy consumption, a daylight harvesting lighting system and solar power water heating for the residential component.

A modern Bermuda pitched roof and “green walls” tie the building in with its natural waterfront setting and surrounding buildings. The entry court features a nautical-themed art installation designed by local artist Will Collieson.

Some 90 percent of the office space has already been rented in the building to Bermuda-based international companies including Arch, Contrarius, Endurance and Platinum.

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  1. Bermy says:

    These byes are on a roll!

  2. Miguelito says:

    Nice going, guys. I hated to see Waterloo House go, but it looks like you’ve done a beautiful job of replacing it. Well done.

  3. A>B>C says:

    +2 to de green family

    bermuda finally get back on its feets slowly but surely

    nice 2 see sightseing bus full all day up stgeorge

    morale of story P.L.P>out.P>L>P> quit wit de media stuff u givin bermuda a bad imagine

    we r friendly people ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and honest = )

    • the $ says:

      Any tourist that comes into the island now are a result of the last Government. The economy is improving slowly in the USA and as a result we will slowly feel the effects here in coming years. We are at the bottom of the ladder, first the larger countries climb out then we follow them. As such the USA is climbing and improving, which has nothing to do with either Government when it comes to the tourist dollar. As the economy improves Americans simply spend more money.

      • the $ says:

        I’m still waiting for this government’s commercial on Bermuda or are you still using everything from the PLP.

      • sugra says:

        @ the $

        You are conflicting yourself there. Not disagreeing with you, just pointing it out.

  4. St.D says:

    Good pictures, Bernews!

  5. Concerned says:

    What a class act our Premier is showing. Keep up that great personality, you remind me of the great Sir John!

  6. Posititvity says:

    I love the artwork in the apartments.

    Traditional Bermudian subjects with a contemporary twist.

    Could Bernews find out the name of the artist and share it.


  7. WOLF says:


    how much are those boasty apartments
    mercy me bie I would live there.

    • media says:

      They said $14,000 a month. Still interested?

  8. JBriggs says:

    Wonderful view of Harbor, Newstead-Belmont Hills Resort & White Island.

  9. Common sense says:

    First off and foremost we to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the workers in the field! The workers that started from the beginning with perseverance to ensure a high quality of work was produced. These were almost completely all Bermudian! From high skilled masons, layout men, carpenters, Re-bar crews, and the around the clock tower crane operators that didn’t stop, and all other subcontractors. Congratulations!

  10. O'Brien says:

    The roof-wetting ceremony is about the only thing remotely Bermudian about this monstrosity.

    Great views if you can afford to step inside…but to the common man on the street, it’s just a looming hulk of glass and concrete. Nothing of our old charm or character or understatement.

    RIP Old Bermuda.

  11. Publicly Educated says:

    “Video & Photos: Waterloo House Roof Wetting”

    I thought the correct name for this kind of ceremony is called a “Roof Wedding” not a “roof wetting”!!. Come on Bernews if your to report news at least get the title correct!!

    “ahh bah u went 2 da ruf wetting”
    “well they did wet tha ruf inna!”


    Have a good holiday to all my fellow Onions!