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April 5, 2024 | 4 Comments

The Government unveiled Phase One of the Battery Road Development Project in St. David’s, with the Minister noting that they completion of Phase I comprises 4 units; 3 studios and one 2-Bedroom/1-bath unit.

A Government spokesperson said, “Ensuring that Bermudians have access to affordable housing is priority of the Government. It is a pledge in the 2023 Throne Speech, and funds have been earmarked in the 2024/25 Budget to increase Bermuda’s housing stock.

“Earlier today as a demonstration of this commitment, the Premier and Minister of Finance, the Hon. David Burt, JP, MP and Minister of Public Works, Lt. Col. the Hon. David A. Burch, OBE [Mil], ED, JP, MP, unveiled the completion of Phase One of the Battery Road Development Project in St. David’s. Also attending today’s ribbon cutting ceremony was the Minister of Youth, Social Development and Seniors, the Hon. Tinee Furbert, JP, MP.”

Premier David Burt said, “Good morning, Col. Burch, Minister Tinee Furbert, Bermuda Housing Corporation Chair MP Chris Famous, members of the media and the people of Bermuda. It is truly a pleasure to be here today at Battery Road, St. David’s, to celebrate another step in the Government’s efforts to increase the stock of affordable housing in Bermuda.

“Out on the doorstep and in our community, you have told us that Bermudians need more affordable housing. You told us of the struggles you faced trying to find places to live and the instability and unhappiness it was creating within your families…and we have listened.

“In our 2020 election platform, we pledged that we would increase the number of available, affordable housing throughout the island and make it easier for Bermudians to get onto the property ladder.

“In 2022, we followed through on this promise, pledging 15 million dollars to the Bermuda Housing Corporation to bring more affordable housing units online.

“Since the announcement of that investment, the people of Bermuda have seen 67 additional affordable housing units throughout the island.

“However, we understood there was more work to be done. More investment would be required to address our island’s housing shortage and provide more affordable housing units for our people.

“That is why in the 2024/25 Budget, we announced an additional $10 million would be invested into the Bermuda Housing Corporation to increase the speed of delivery of affordable units and to expand the private sector rental programme, providing even more affordable housing options.

“I am proud to join Col. Burch and the Bermuda Housing Corporation today as we unveil four more affordable housing units here at Battery Road, bringing the total number of additional units brought online to 71. While this is a significant milestone, we know that for the many Bermudians still searching for a place to stay that they can afford, this news probably doesn’t mean much for you today in the midst of your own personal struggle.

“To you, I say that more units are on the way here at Battery Road and other ongoing projects throughout the island.

“We have heard you, and we will not be deterred from providing our people with the homes they need, despite the noise and criticism from the Opposition of our choice to invest in Bermudians and their future through affordable housing.

“This PLP Government’s record on affordable housing is unparalleled, and as I said, we are just getting started. We are committed to our mission to ensure that all persons have adequate, quality, and affordable housing.

“I thank Col. Burch and his team at the Ministry of Public Works for spearheading this initiative and ensuring that the Government delivers on our promise to the people of Bermuda. I also thank the Bermuda Housing Corporation Chair MP Chris Famous and the entire BHC staff for their dedication and commitment.

“Now, over to the Minister responsible for Housing, the Hon. Lt Col. David Burch. Thank you.”

Minister Lt Col. David Burch said, “Good morning, I’m pleased to be joined by the Honourable Premier David Burt, JP, MP, the Minister of Youth, Social Development and Seniors, the Honourable Tinee Furbert, JP, MP, the MP for the area MP Lovitta Foggo, JP, MP – is abroad and so unable to be here and Board members and staff of the Bermuda Housing Corporation, members of the media, and everyone watching online.

“Today, we announce the further expansion of affordable housing in Bermuda. I am proud to unveil the completion of Phase I of the Battery Road Development Project under the auspices of the Bermuda Housing Corporation, the [BHC].

“This project began in March 2018 with a vision crafted by the dedicated team members of the Project Management Department of BHC. Their foresight and planning led to the design of 17 dwelling units and a new bypass for the St. David’s Nursery, embodying our holistic approach to community development.

“Despite facing challenges such as termite infestation, rot damage, and the unforeseen hurdles presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply-chain issues, our resolve has never faltered.

“Today’s completion of Phase I, which comprises 4 units – [3 studios and one 2-Bedroom/1-bath units] and an 82,000-gallon water tank at a cost of approximately $896,000, of which approximately $200K relates to the cost of the shared infrastructure of the entire development [Phases I & II]

“This phase adds valuable units to our housing stock and marks the successful conclusion of projects under the Economic Stimulus Programme. This was the first injection of additional funding of $1.6 million for housing. Several other tranches have followed and those works are ongoing.

“Work continues under the Residential Building Programme which includes a Phase 2 at Battery Road – that will result in a total of 13 additional units consisting of 4 – two-bedrooms, 6 studios and 3 one-bedroom units.

“The journey to this day has not been without its trials and tribulations. The pandemic-induced suspension of works, supply-chain disruptions, and the discovery of granite rock are but a few of the obstacles we have overcome.

“Adding these units is another important step towards addressing the growing demand for affordable housing in Bermuda, with the BHC’s waiting list currently standing at 187 applicants.

“The Government and the Bermuda Housing Corporation remain steadfast in our pledge to tackle the housing shortage head-on.

“You will recall hearing that our Ministry’s 2024/25 budget provides a $10 million-dollar additional boost in funding for the BHC. This increase in the BHC’s budget is a key element of our concerted efforts to address the housing difficulties many in Bermuda are encountering, particularly as the cost of living continues to rise.

“Our objective is to fast-track the creation of the affordable housing stock, leveraging ongoing initiatives to expand the private sector rental programme. To further this aim, the BHC has launched a comprehensive strategy to partner with private sector owners to renovate their units.

“These units will be added to our housing stock for a specific period of time to recuperate the investment before ultimately handing them back to the original owners, thereby accelerating the provision of affordable housing solutions across Bermuda without having to build new units. Presently we are in detailed discussions with 15 property owners to renovate their properties. Anyone else who is interested in exploring this option can contact the BHC on 295-8623.

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to the BHC Board, ably led by MP Christopher Famous; BHC General Manager Mr. Paul Martin, BHC Project Manager Mr. Keino Furbert-Jacobs, and the entire BHC team for their tireless effort and dedication. Their hard work is the backbone of our success in delivering affordable housing to the people of Bermuda.

“The work is ongoing to further expand the number of affordable housing units and we will keep the public informed of our progress.

“In closing, I wish to emphasise that we celebrate today’s achievement as another step forward in our mission to ensure that every Bermudian has a place to call home and we will not rest until that objective is achieved.

“Thank you.”

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  1. puzzled says:

    Any who lives there will regret them putting down mulch.

  2. watching says:

    They look nice and 4 more families will appreciate it, even if the critics don’t.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “4 more families will appreciate it”

      Families? The PLP Government is putting whole families in studio apartments? The article says “3 studios and one 2-Bedroom/1-bath units”

      • Watching says:

        A family can obviously be housed in the 2 bedroom unit. Additionally, the studios can be used to house those who may currently be living in other families’ quarters. So yes 4 families could definitely appreciate this. But clearly you have no appreciation.

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