Minister Dunkley: ‘Mr Scott Has A Short Memory’

April 16, 2014

[Updated with PLP response + video] The National Security Ministry called Michael Scott’s recent comments “reckless and irresponsible,” while Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley said that Mr. Scott “has a short memory” as the process that led to the recommendation of BAS/SERCO as the CCTV service provider was “initiated, devised and approved by the Cabinet of which he was a member.”

The new island-wide CCTV system was supposed to be operational as of April 1st, but has been delayed. Yesterday Commissioner of Police Michael DeSilva said that after an “unfortunate” slow start, “significant progress has now been made.”

Commenting on the matter, Shadow Public Safety Minister Michael Scott said that “Minister Dunkley’s handling of the CCTV system has been nothing short of incompetent and has jeopardized the safety of countless Bermudians.”

“Mr. Scott has a short memory,” Minister Dunkley said. “The entire process that led to the recommendation of BAS/SERCO as the service provider for CCTV was initiated, devised and approved by the Cabinet of which he was a member.

“The use and management of CCTV is an operational matter and Mr. Scott should not have forgotten that operational matters are the sole remit of the Commissioner of Police. This Government respects the Constitutional boundaries between the Police and politicians.

“Mr. Scott’s cry of ‘incompetence’ indicates that even after voters rejected their philosophy of undue interference he and the PLP are none the wiser.

“The Commissioner’s statement was clear and the community can be assured that this project is being managed properly, and CCTV will continue to be available as a preventative and investigative tool for law enforcement,” added Minister Dunkley.

Update 6.17pm: In response, Mr. Scott said: “The people of Bermuda would be excused for thinking that the OBA have come down with a chronic case of ducking accountability.

“Whether it be their mishandling of the sewage issue on the south shore which has resulting in warnings to US travelers, or their bungled handling of the CCTV system the OBA seems to be doing all they can to blame someone for their poor governance.

“Earlier today Bermudians heard Minister Dunkley attempt to put the blame for the CCTV debacle on the PLP!

“The selection of BAS-Serco as the service provider for the CCTV system rests squarely on the shoulders of the OBA government.

The fact is that this contract was approved by the OBA cabinet and was supported by Michael Dunkley as the Minister responsible. This selection was announced by the OBA Minister of National Security and funded by the OBA government.

“Minister Dunkley’s refusal to be accountable for the failure of the OBA to ensure continual CCTV service is just another attempt by the OBA trying to not be held accountable for their actions or lack of action. In this case, their poor decision making has put Bermudian businesses, families and neighborhoods at risk.

“The OBA has again attempted to deceive the people and once again, their deception has been exposed,” added Mr. Scott.

Update April 17th: During the press conference about Cannabis Reform, the Minister answered questions about CCTV

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  1. Terry says:

    Got Milk?

    • Rugmunch says:

      Bravo Mr Dunkley, once again you prove yourself head and shoulders above the pack.

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    So there!

  3. Al says:


  4. somuchless says:

    The PLP seem to forget everything they done in their 14 years. SMS = short memory syndrome

  5. Greed Killed Bermuda says:

    Funny how Dunkley takes credit for falling crime, but passes the buck on CCTV.

    Typical politician. Likes the limelight but can’t take the fire!

    Ya effed up Dunkley – just like when the hot mic had you – admit it and stop trying to pass the buck.

    Also – if the process was approved by the prior cabinet, then surely the contract was approved by this OBA Cabinet so – what’s good for the goose.

    Can’t get a story straight about cameras or poo!

  6. Unbelievable says:

    Seems Scott like to rewrite history like his ace boy Zane.

  7. Terry says:

    Well I gotta give the milkman credit for this.
    He’s right.
    Not that I agree with him everytime but he is spot on with this one.

  8. inna says:


  9. Got it right milkman . Tell them to G.E.T outta here.
    Exposé more.

  10. MilkShake says:

    won’t hear diddley from the plp supporters now on this issue. Open mouth insert foot Mr Scott. Ask your mate Zane and Flip Flop how it tastes.

  11. Jo Co says:

    Why do I feel like the only appropriate thing to say in this ‘contest’ is ewww fa chicky chicky wah wahhhh”.

    On a serious note, how often do newly implemented operations actually are completed on time? Furthermore, if the remit of this program lies with the police, which if memory serves is correct it does (as stated by the minister) then the minister is right to defer it do the person responsible for the police.

    Playground antics in politics.

  12. OBa all the way says:

    “Mr. Scott’s cry of ‘incompetence’ indicates that even after voters rejected their philosophy of undue interference he and the PLP are none the wiser.

    Scott the Milk Man is at the end of the day saying…. YOU the PLP and it’s voters are a bunch of SOUR Milk voters, so get over it.

  13. Y-Gurl says:

    Maybe the only incompetence here was the fact they hired Serco to do the job, but maybe all will be OK after they fly their technicians in to do the job….the more things change………

  14. I don’t care who did what! Fix it!

  15. Coffee says:

    What a freaken cop out by the milkman . Take responsibility for this debacle , sure there’s enough to go around , but , if Dunkley authorized the payment , then the buck stops with him .

  16. Paul Revere says:

    So how is Minister Dunkley correct?

    Did I miss something

    The OBA choose a new vendor, who were supposed to have their new equipment in and tested prior to April 1, 2014.

    This DIDN’T happen as promised and promoted by Minister Dunkley.
    The previous company went lights out March 31st.

    Minister Scott, keep pressing. Maybe it won’t be 2% afterall….

  17. Rockfish#2 says:

    Come on Scott,surely you can better than this. You are now behaving like DeSilva,Roban and Flip Flop!

  18. somuchless says:

    What? No comments from Betty lol wonder why. O wait I know. Cause milkman is right.