Public Health Week To Kick Off On Monday

April 4, 2014

The Department of Health said they would like to inform the public that this Monday [Apr 7] is World Health Day and Bermuda will be marking the observance with activities throughout Public Health Week from April 7th to 11th.

The theme for Public Health Week is “Building a Healthy Bermuda”.

A spolesperson said, “Every year, chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes are responsible for many premature deaths. Bermuda residents miss days of work because of these illnesses, and all of that lost productivity adds up in costs to employers.

“Catching and preventing these illnesses before they develop is the key to improving our island’s health. There are numerous small steps we can take to begin leading healthier lives; sometimes it just takes a little motivation.

“Uniting around this year’s theme of “Building a Healthy Building” we can work to encourage more Bermuda residents to take preventive measures to help improve their lives. Little steps can lead to big changes.

“This year the Department of Health in partnership with the Bermuda Diabetes Association is pleased to announce that Dr. Joy Dubost is their featured speaker for Public Health Week.

“Dr. Dubost has over 15 years of experience in the areas of clinical nutrition, research, public health intervention, education and communications. She owns Dubost Food & Nutrition Solutions, LLC., which specializes in scientific advising, education, and communications.

“She also serves as Senior Director of Nutrition at the National Restaurant Association where she was responsible for the development and implementation of the award winning, nationally recognized healthy children’s dining program called Kids LiveWell. Through this she has worked on the Let’s Move! initiative to assist both the public and private sectors in addressing obesity.

“Dr. Dubost is a frequent speaker to health professionals and the public. She has authored research articles for scientific journals, and writes nutrition and food science articles for professional and consumer publications.

“Dr. Dubost is a national media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She is frequently quoted in local and national publications, including USA Today, Chicago Tribune, LA Times, and NY Times and has made several radio and television appearances with NPR, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, and FOX News.

There are several events planned that the public are encouraged to participate in:

  • Monday, April 7th we encourage public to tune into “Let’s Talk”, where Dr. Dubost and panel of local public health practitioners will discuss the current state of chronic disease in Bermuda and a call to action to reduce preventable risk factors.
  • Tuesday, April 8th at 6:00 pm – Invite the public to attend the Public Forum in the Earl Cameron Theatre at City Hall. Dr. Dubost will share her experiences with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! in the US.
  • Wednesday, April 9th at 6:00 pm – In partnership with Bermuda Broadcasting Co, the Department of Health will launch “Move Bermuda: Getting Fit while Having Fun” to get Bermuda up and moving more. The launch will take place on Wednesday, April 9th at 6:00 pm in Victoria Park. Fusion Fitness Studio will be providing a Zumba workout. It will be broadcast live on the radio. We are inviting as many as possible to come out and participate in the Zumba session. If you come at 5:30pm you can receive a free blood pressure check.

Public Health Awards

Through the Public Health Awards, the Department of Health recognizes individuals or organizations who have contributed significantly to public Health. This year local restaurants have been invited to participate by featuring a meal on their menu [can be currently offered or newly created] that must follow the EatWell Plate guidelines:

  • 1. ½ non-starchy vegetables
  • 2. ¼ whole grain/starch
  • 3. ¼ meat/meat alternative
  • 4. Include low-fat dairy/calcium rich alternative
  • 5. Fruit (fruit can be a part of the meal or dessert)

Participating restaurants will feature the meal and patrons will be asked to judge the meal based on taste and presentation. There will be two awards, a “People’s Choice Award” selected by the public and a “Professional’s Choice Award” reviewed by a panel of professionals. During the month of April, the Department of Health will encourage the public to visit participating restaurants. Participating restaurants will be invited to an awards ceremony at which time the overall winner will be announced.

For more information on Public Health Week activities call the Health Promotion Office on 278-6504, or email

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  1. Ski Jump says:

    While we are talking about it can someone please tell me why we have so many OVERWEIGHT GYM TEACHERS?? I have attended quite a few school sporting events and the amount of fat physical education teachers in our school system is ridiculous. Are there any guidelines as to the physical shape one has to be in to be a Phys Ed teacher? How do we expect to teach our children healthy living if we are not leading by example.Phys Ed teachers should be put through a fitness test before being allowed to teach.

  2. watchfuleyes says:

    Could it be that instead of actually showing students how to do a skill- they just stand there and TELL them instead?