Photos: Students First Day Back To School

September 8, 2014

[Updating with photos] Bermuda’s students returned to school this morning [Sept 8], with the crowds of children including both little ones enjoying their very first day at “big school” and older students returning to their studies following the conclusion of summer break.

The Bernews cameraman visited a few schools his morning’s special moments on camera, but obviously wasn’t able to make it to every school. Still, we’d like to highlight as many children as possible, so if you have photographs of children taking part in their first day back at school, please feel free to email them to and we’ll continue to add to our gallery as the day progresses.

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  1. St. D says:

    Boy does that bring back memories.

  2. hmm... says:

    Love the pics keep em comming bda! wheres all the middle and high school kids

    • Raw Onion says:

      The middle and high school student take their own pics and post to social media. Look for their pics there.

  3. We Are Not Amused! says:

    I’m glad the kids are back at school,had enough of kids running about unsupervised these last few weeks,shouting and cursing.
    It shows how much Parents and Guardians care when kids are allowed to roam all over and do what they like all day.

    • We Are Not Amused! says:

      wow,an unlike already…must have hit a raw nerve or a deadbeat parent

      • VJ says:

        The fact that you commented on getting an unlike “already” means that you were fully anticipating getting them.
        That makes you nothing more than a troll.
        Leave the articles on kids alone, and go spew your misery in another direction.
        You’re nothing more than an ugly, hateful person.

    • VJ says:

      You really are a scrooge, aren’t you?

      With all those happy faces, that is ALL you could thing of to say?

    • Grizz says:

      OMG @wearenotamused….I can tell none of the kids come to your house for Halloween….you sound absolutely miserable.

    • Next says:

      Wow do you sound awful. Why spew your negative nonsense on such a lovely post? The kids are adorable, stop being such a Grinch. My goodness!

  4. nana says:

    Pray that God will protect all our children and teachers as they begin another school year.

  5. Creamy says:

    Great smiles!