Chef Campbell Releases Two New Rub Flavours

November 3, 2014

Chef Michiko Campbell —  owner and creator of popular, “Chiko’s Smokey Rub” —  has released two new flavours just in time for the upcoming holiday seasons. The two new flavours are “Ham Seasoning” and “Triple Garlic Fusion”.

Over 2,500 bottles of the popular rub have been sold since June 2014, and the young entrepreneur is hoping the two new flavours will be just as popular.


Chef Campbell said, “The ham seasoning has a very distinct spice background that will complement the ham very well. This is a great one for all those seasonal lovers. The triple garlic fusion is the second all purpose rub for any meats, vegetables, and of course pasta dishes.”

“The first rub has traveled all over with customers purchasing from as far as Australia,” added Chef Campbell.

“I want it to be noticed as coming from the island of Bermuda, so my two new flavours I got my fiancé/graphic designer, Sherelle, to put small Bermuda flags and as well as Made in Bermuda on the bottles.”


The popular rub’s young creator studied at Johnson and Wales University to become a professional chef with scholarships from the Bermuda Department of Tourism, the Ministry of Transport, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines International.

It was at Johnson and Wales University that Mr. Campbell demonstrated his prowess at another form of craftmanship, building and flying two six foot Bermuda kites which earned him campus-wide recognition.

While at University, he also took a mixology class where he learned to put together a variety of seasonings to tasty effect, beginning the path to the release of this Bermudian produced culinary product.

If you would like to order a bottle or two, contact 1-441-704-4566, email For more information visit their Facebook page or through their website.

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  1. Kevin Christopher says:

    Hopefully someone from BTA can use the relationship with Rachel Ray to try to get Michiko and his product on her show.

    • Yes says:

      I totally agree. This rub needs to be known WORLD WIDE. Keep up the great work Michiko!

  2. This is a excellent story and i hope that we as Bermudians and residents alike will support this young man,here is a young Bermudian that is one of our own and when ever there is a story given on Bernews that is political or some form of trouble going on locally, we get hundreds of blogs, I hope these same folk will put their blogs behind this story and show support for this young man’s vision.

    I for one have never heard of him or his products, if it had not been for this story I wold not know. so now that I do it is important to support him, a young Bermudian who does not sit on the wall, a young man who has educated himself to make a honest living, he is a drug dealer or a malice to society.he is not running around on the back of a bike with a hood on his head and a gun in his head, by now you get my point, it is because of non support that we to often destroy our own, their are many young man in Bermuda who is not fit for society in the view of many,but inside of them is dreams and aspirations that if given the right leading and direction their lives can be salvaged.

    To this young man you have made a impact in your own life and as you journey through life to success,give your wisdom to those who come behind you, may your success go beyond your wildest dream and that your creativity within you will bring you the success you rightful deserve, let your God given talent and assignment in life bring you to great wealth.

  3. Correction on the above were it should read he is not a drug dealer or a malice to society.

  4. s.r says:

    Big up yaself. Positive youths . 100

  5. Danielle says:

    Keep up the good work…..

  6. Proud Sis says:

    Keep up the good work bro!!

  7. haha says:

    NEED a spicy one bra! Hot like fiya

  8. Ms. P. Rayner says:

    Congratulations cousin! So proud of you!

  9. wishing him all the best, keep it up campbell & all the best

  10. Think twice says:

    Chicko also happens to be an excellent chef, is a hard worker and a nice enthusiastic person. Hopefully others use him as a role model.