Local Author Rosheena Beek To Sign Books

December 17, 2014

Local author Rosheena Beek will be at The Bookmart from December 16 through December 19 from 12.00pm to 2.00pm in order to sign copies of the second edition of her book Mommy Says!.

Ms. Beek said, “This is the second edition to my first book, I Find It So Hard!, with amazing new illustrator Warren L. Maye, a Harper Collins respected veteran, and updates to the Adinkra glossary.

“It’s already receiving rave reviews from professionals in the child care field and parents.”

The book’s official synopsis says, “When something seems hard to do, Mommy makes everything better through her wisdom. This story has little symbols that help us to understand what Mommy says.”


“These symbols are called Adinkra symbols. For many years the Asante people of Ghana, West Africa, have painted and carved Adinkra symbols.”

In a message to her colleagues, Janiece Montoya, a Mental Health Counselor who works with delinquent mentally ill adolescents, said, “Rosheena’s books are amazing on every level. I created a bibliotherapy school counseling lesson plan for I Find it So Hard! and will gladly pass it along.

“Rosheena is truly an amazing writer and your students will grow and learn from the experience.”

To learn more about the book signing event, visit the Facebook event page. To learn about Mommy Says!, visit the book’s official Facebook page.

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  1. mj says:

    All the best Rosheena Beek! I absolutely love the cover, beautiful picture I hope there will be some books available when i get to the bookmart..I hope they are sold out!! loook forward to buying them for the shorties in the family…