BTUC Calls Urgent Meeting For Monday Morning

January 23, 2015

[Updated with video] The Bermuda Trade Union Congress [BTUC] — which is made up of the island’s various trade unions including the BIU, BPSU and BUT — held a press conference this afternoon, where they said they have called an urgent meeting for all public service employees at 10.00am on Monday [Jan 26] morning.

The press conference has just concluded, and we will post the video later today, and in the meantime the notices from the BIU and BPSU are below.

Update 5.23pm: When asked if the meeting will result in service interruptions, BIU President Chris Furbert said, “10 o’clock on Monday morning, this is an urgent meeting for all public service employees – you’re going to have some interruption in services on Monday, all services.

“I can’t tell you whether the meeting is going to last for an hour, two hours; that will be entirely up to the membership once we report to them on Monday morning at 10 o’clock.”

Mandatory Mtg - Re Furlough Days - 26.1.15-page-001

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  1. San George says:


    • Mockingjay says:

      SHUT DE ISLAND DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • haha says:

        you really are a dumb***…hope you get fired from ya job cuz ya late

        • hmmm says:

          Only if his employer follows the correct protocols.

          A woker won their case this week for the correct protocols not being followed.

          No union was need there.

          • Lebron says:

            We see through it Furball.

            Lame attempt to disrupt a government cleaning up your party’s mess. I believe there is a game changing event coming our way, some sailing thing that you won’t like but never mind that, it is worth HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS TO THE ISLAND.

            Boycott this nonsense, go to work, let this loser fall ever more irrelevant.

            • hmmm says:

              We draw immediate reactions because of how the unions have behaved. We expect their behaviour to be because of that.

              Woukldn’t it be fantastic if they voted for Bermuda and their future for politically motivated disruption.

              Wouldn’t it be great if they called a vote of no confidence in their leaders for allowing the behemoth of Govt workers to grow so big, growing the union coffers so the leaders benefit, but jeapordizing the stability of their own employment.

              This cannot be a blame the OBA festival as the OBA have come in to clear up the PLP mess. And what a mess it was. The blame festival needs to be at the PLP and the Unions and the individuals who benefited then for us all to suffer now and into the future.

              Any vote for industrial action is a vote against Bermuda and a vote against yourself.

              • hmmm says:

                “Woukldn’t it be fantastic if they voted for Bermuda and their future for politically motivated disruption.”

                Should read “Wouldn’t it be fantastic if they voted for Bermuda and their future AND NOT for politically motivated disruption.”

      • X man says:

        Sounds like all out War!

      • Sky Pilot says:

        acting de Kunta again

      • Floyd Pitcher says:

        And what go hungry!!! Some of you people need a good sharp shock to bring you back in the real world. The sheer stupidity that exist in this country!!!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Ooohhh I got it, the Furlough money helped to FUND the America’s Cup.
      I NEED A V8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OBA Titanic says:

        The oba fools only have money for the a sail boat race in 2017. They want more puppets and clowns to join their circus. The only thing they have did since being in power is entertain us with lies,Jet Gate and a drafted report by the party chairman who then jump right out of the party for some unknown reason hmmm.

        Did he find some dirt which made the OBA look worst then the PLP?

        When the UBP lost in 1998 they wasn’t even this cocky, but you clowns made promises you can’t keep, so I guess the pie is in my face for trusting you. You allege the PLP did some under handed deals but know one has been put before the courts. Then you bring Craig back and expect Bermudians to role over and say nothing WTF!

        Maybe Craig not as dumb as people think! Maybe he knows something so you had no choice but to bring him back or he’ll sink the OBA ship down to meet the Titanic!

        Might as well place Craig back as Premier since you brought him back to be a Minister. Oba can do nothing wrong.

        • Bermy Style says:

          Are you for real? Defend the PLP record and explain to me like I’m a moron how you have benefited from the PLP rule since 1998? I see nothing that they did that would be of benefit to any white or black man in Bermuda. I’m a white Bermudian that voted for PLP in 1998…I feel like I got hoodwinked by some smooth talkers. My life in Bermuda is not better…it’s worse. Get your head out of the sand and start to look at the realities of the world today! This is not a black and white issue…it’s all about greed. And the PLP have the most greediest of Bermudians among them. You want to continue to have it rough and allow these politicians to keep getting richer off your vote…you must daft.

          • You have SELMA issues mate says:

            I didn’t read anywhere above about a black and white issue. “I’m a white Bermudian” Who gives a flying foxes what color you are. Did you see the movie Selma tonight cause you have more issues then the NLP, BIU, UBP, OBA and PLP combined. You said you voted for PLP in 1998 what when cows fly? Why did you vote for PLP… because that year I know I didn’t. The economy was doing good when the UBP lost. Jobs were wide spread and the island was very civil. Now we have former inmates running the Country as politicians. We might as well allow a pedophilia next to run as politicians. Don’t they get equal rights to for serving their time and all is forgiven and forgotten. Hell NO!

          • Mockingjay says:

            I bet as a white Bermudian you benefited in circles that Black Bermudians couldn’t.

            • SMH says:

              Typical disappointing response that we have all come to expect from you Kunta/Mockingjay/

            • hmmm says:

              What, like the Chair at the ABIR?

          • Mommy says:

            “this is not a black and white issue” Please tell us where they mentioned black and white?

          • Ian says:

            I can assure you well-to-do local and foreign whites thrived way more than the islands blacks under the PLP government. Those same whites recall how things were booming and how it fattened their fortunes. Some of them ironically find themselves attacking the PLPs tenure all while having had the luxury of building/acquiring multiple homes on this island during the time in power. There simply pissed their party came to a halt for now because the are so accustomed to a philosophy that promotes “the momentum of having more”. And you know who you are because some of you comment here using your real names. And I know who your are. So ask those folks how they have benefitted under the PLP government first.

        • Truth hertz says:

          You guys called the UBP the 40 Thieves and not one ever was brought before the courts.

        • X man says:

          Sounds like all out War by the Unions.

        • Mommy says:

          My 14 year old ask me “mommy they fired Premier Cannonier then decided to bring him back as a Minister I don’t understand why but is that what you mean by politics”

          No that’s mom’s definition of POLITRICKS.

        • mdb says:

          Why don’t you learn how to speak proper english before you go on in a rant you prick. Also, Know what you are talking about.
          Done not did dreamer
          “The only thing they have did since being in power is entertain us with lies,Jet Gate and a drafted report by the party chairman who then jump right out of the party for some unknown reason hmmm.”

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      One question… If this is such an urgent meeting to get an answer to government for Monday, THEN WHY THE HELL IS IT BEING HELD MONDAY MORNING WHEN THERE ARE 2 f^<%|+# DAYS BETWEEN NOW AND THEN.
      Of yes, because the union leadership has a moral compass that always points to their doors. Here is what I propose, since the union has chosen to place as much inconvenience on the people of this country, the government docks the pay from those attending Monday for the time they are there and make sure the union is responsible for those wages plus any loss of productivity that they are costing the public purse for what is a deliberate action to do just that.
      These words fall so far short of describing the current union leadership that is responsible for some of the worst labour relations in recent history. And why are they doing this, because they can, and they are demonstrating that they lack the maturity and responsibility to exercise the power that has been granted them, it is long past time to it away for something provides balance for all people. My first suggestion is to make Union memebership optional and not mandatory because of your job.

      • Mockingjay says:

        Because Govt. gave them an ULTIMATUM TODAY and they want an answer Monday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Cardine Alice says:

          and if it’s urgent meet urgently, tomorrow or Sunday, then you can let them have an answer Monday.

          It’s a wild cat strike.

          • Don't just show up, be there ... says:

            Work related … work related hours!!!

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              Union business, not public business, that is unless they intend to all the media or public in, because they are holding it on public time at the public expense.

              • Amazing how short-sighted some are says:

                It seems people get heated if union members take time to meet about job-related issues that do impact the public. Do people not understand that when we are forced to take a paycut/ furlough day it impacts you – how can I provide you services to you on days I am forced to take off? How can I buy Bermuda or pay a mortgage/ rent thus helping the overall Bermuda economy if my salary is cut/ remains cut or more taken even?

                I’m wondering if those who work for private companies, shops, etc. have their work-related meetings on Sat/ Sun instead of attending Church or being with family. Do those individuals make sure to only meet outside of work hours when dealing with, say, possible layoffs or telling employees their wages are being cut? We’re not talking about a party here folks, trust me.

                I understand when people get upset with wild cat strikes and when people get stuck because of transport/ trash issues, I do too – this is not about a grievance issue – this is about people’s jobs, security and about doing what’s right for Bermuda – which is why the union members agreed to the paycut/ furlough days the last time – to help Gov. start to get out of a huge hole of debt therefore – helping BERMUDA! I wish people would stop painting all gov. workers and union members with the same brush, as well as realize that most of us are dedicated people who work hard and struggle to do what we can with little resources and little respect.

                • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                  Do you not realize that the private sector has had it worse, this country has lost over 6000 jobs out ot of it economy, and how many of those jobs do you think we’re in the public sector? There are those in the private sector who have taken pay cuts or reduced hours to keep their jobs and the unions are complaining about a furlough day a month. The private sector is the only thing supporting the public sector employment, an employment rate that was over expensed prior to the economic decline. A public sector that is woefully under efficient as the union will not stand for any sort of metrics based measuring that would hold employees accountable for keeping their jobs. I have seen some great public sector workers, people that take pride in what they do… but I have also witnessed some of the worst employees I have ever seen in the public sector and we can’t fire them for being bad employees. A receptionist that puts someone on hold to continue talking on her cell phone to her ace girl about her weekend.
                  Now I appologize if you feel painted with a single brush, but If you feel hard done by and wronged by this image, you should be looking to those coworkers and union bosses that have created this opinion and you should know some. And this issue is still union business and as I have mentioned, if it was so urgent, than an immediate meeting should be held and not at the last minute. Putting it off to the last minute, is either one of 2 options; poor preparation, planning and dedication by union management or deliberate desire to create discomfort to the Bermuda community on a whole for politics

                  • Codfish says:

                    Sorry BaBB, you are wrong on a couple of points. One, the private sector only supports the public sector in part. As a government employee I pay taxes (often by shopping or using private sector services) that come back to me as a paycheck.

                    Second, it was Government that gave the ultimatum by wanting an answer by Monday. The government is so dopey that they so even realize the Unions have already said NO MORE FURLOUGH DAYS. On Monday we will say it again.

                    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                      Then you are incredibly short sighted, you say no to further furlough days and the government will have to say yes to downsizing, privatization and any other ways to reduce the deficit. Additionally, as a taxpayer, do you think it is right that your money goes to people not caring about the job they are supposed to do for you, not efficient at their job or not on the job, with zero way to make them accountable for their job.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          That still doesn’t excuse why they can wait 2 days for something they consider urgent or an emergency. The union has never considered that it’s business should be conducted in Union time for the convenience to the public as a greater whole. The union is wholly and only Union centric and in recent years, it has come at great expense and disregard to the greater Bermuda community… the community that they keep professing to be such an important part of. The union has zero respect for the Bermuda community, if it so important that they have to have an answer for the Minister Monday, that have called this meeting urgent and an emergency, then it is important enough to call it for this weekend. Anybody in any business when presented with this would do so, because if the instance is such an emergency, then the importance of discussing and resolving it as soon as possible would be paramount. So please try to come up with some dire reason why such an important meeting should not be held at the earliest moment, because unless you can explain why this could have been dealt with today or tonight, then you are just mother ego putting the union before Bermuda

    • Cleancut says:

      Hey look! It’s the Peoples Campaign dressed up as unions.

  2. O'Brien says:

    I was just thinking that things had gone a little quiet on the labour front, but these guys never do disappoint. So here we go again…

  3. steve says:

    Furlough days, are they all in the army now?

  4. Fact Finder says:

    Its URGENT!, but you can’t have it tonight or on Saturday or Sunday. The BIUs intentional crippling of the Public Service for nothing is disgusting!

    I guess I wont be going to see Taken3 at Liberty this weekend. Can’t expect the public to support a Union that does not support the public.

    • hmmm says:

      I refuse to go to that Cinema because of the Union.

      • Mockingjay says:

        I think its more for it than against it.
        I refuse to eat pork because of pigs, big deal.

      • See the truth says:

        Oh well that’s nothing new. Not to long ago my people couldn’t even use the same bathroom as your people did you forget that?

        • luis suarez says:

          Your people? And you remember that do you?

          The past is yours, but the futures mine.

          • One Up One Down says:

            Senor Suarez, there are plenty of people alive who actually DO remember that.

            It’s interesting how we are invited to celebrate events that happened HUNDREDS of years ago and hear about family legacies that can be traced back to the Mayflower (set sail in 1620) and even further back, the Deliverance (sailed in 1610), but as soon as someone says ANYTHING….ANYTHING! about something as recent as 1959 people say get over it.

            Well Senor Suarez, I am inviting you today to accept that the joyous history of some is indelibly linked to the horrific history of others. You can not just keep the good parts of history because the bad parts make you uncomfortable.


            The future that you say is yours also belongs to US!

          • boss says:

            The past is the present dressed in pretty words and less overt policies…

      • Eric Cantona says:

        I refuse to go that cinema too. So much anger and hate. Move on people, one love.

    • Mockingjay says:

      The DRUMS have sounded

    • Fresh Prince says:

      Consider this: TUC receives a letter on Friday, seeking response on Monday. TUC now has to (a) review the letter; (b) consider the options; (c) prepare a presentation; and (d) make arrangements to host every single member of their respective unions in one place at the same time. I think a 48 hour turn around is more than reasonable in the circumstances.

      On the other hand, the Finance Minister presents a letter on Friday expecting an answer on Monday knowing that the TUC needs to consult membership.

      Who appears more reasonable?

      • Kangoocar says:

        Fresh prince, your post would have more credence if this was something that NOBODY new about!!! But let me help you, it is already on record that the Government has been in discussions with the unions on this for sometime now, and it should NOT come as a surprise that being the Budget is due to be read at the opening of Parliament in a couple of weeks time??? Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would realize that the government needs to know its costs to complete its budget!!! Something is telling me the unions have been evasive and not forth coming with getting this situation sorted out???

        • Self says:

          So you’re saying the government waits a couple of weeks before the budget is read to know costs? I would have thought they’d have that sorted out MONTHS before the budget is prepared. Nothing in government moves that fast.

          • Kangoocar says:

            Self,what part of the last sentence I posted did you miss??? Please keep reading it over and over until you get it???

            • Self says:

              What part did the government miss? The unions stated months ago they would not agree to an extension of the furlough days. Why wait until weeks before the budget to know its costs?

              • Kangoocar says:

                Austerity, is the only other alternative, is that what you all want??? You can thank the plp for all of this by the way!!! They took the envy of the world ( bermuda finances, and totally made a train wreck out of it??? ) hope you all are proud of the votes you cast between 1998 and 2012??? Brilliant!!!!!

              • Creamy says:

                The furlough days were an attempt to stave off right- sizing.

                If the furlough days go away, I guess the civil service and other public services need to be right-sized. Let’s employ the public servants we need, and only the ones we need.

                • boss says:

                  Fully agree and let’s start by eliminating all govt workers on work permits. I think it is approx 20 %…now that’s a massive savings…

                  • Question for Immigration Minister says:

                    If they start laying off Government workers do they let the govt work permit holders go first? This is what immigration told me I had do when I laid off staff at my business. Shouldn’t the same rules apply to govt?

                    • Creamy says:

                      Wouldn’t you just remove the ones that aren’t worth employing first?

        • Impressive says:

          that “something” is your own subjective assumptions based on nothing more than your hate and disgust of the BIU and the PLP.

          • Mockingjay says:

            Why are you surprised, the same EVIL spirit that condemned our Fore Fathers (including Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and them) when they were fighting for Equal Rights is the same Evil spirit that we’re experiencing TODAY.
            All History is a current event
            Everything that has ever happened continues to happen some shape form or fashion.

            • hmmm says:

              But there are unequal rights…. Are you saying you are going to give up the sick days, and be subject to annual assessements.

              • That’s our RETRIBUTION for over 300 Years off FREE labor.

                • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                  So out of one side of your mouth you talk about equal rights, and out of the other you talk about retribution and becoming the oppressor… You wonder why you aren’t taken seriously.
                  You think equal rights means being given an equal piece of the pie, true equality is the right to work for a slice of the pie succeeding or failing or your own merits or weaknesses, free from outside obstructions… an ideal we are far closer to for our children than ever before in our past. Society doesn’t truly change over night, it evolves of generations.

            • Creamy says:

              You want equal rights? So 15-20 days vacation max and 8-10 days sick a year.
              And you get fired if your job is unnecessary.

              Then you would be treated just like everyone else. That’s fair, right?

        • X man says:

          Its all out War!
          The Unions are going to declare War —- on who!

    • Rubber Bong says:

      That’s a little unfair and shows a certain amount of ignorance on the issue. The building is owed by the BIU but the BIU does not own the cinema business. So ultimately you are boycotting a legitimate private business which has nothing to do with the goings and comings of the BIU.

      • just listening says:

        The theater may not be owned by the union but they still have to answer to their landlord.

      • Creamy says:

        Except that the operator of the cinema was for decades a BIU official.

        • Just like Oligarchy were the Wealthy merchants and rapacious landowners who where in the hands of U.B.P.
          Big deal.

      • Hmmm says:

        The union benefit from it. What, do you think we are stupid?

    • Don't just show up, be there ... says:

      Work related … work related hours!!! I’ll take your seat for Taken3 – thank you!

  5. aceboy says:

    Emergency meeting over furlough days huh?

    And you wonder why people have no respect for the yunyuns.

  6. TJ says:

    If it’s that urgent, hold the meeting on Saturday!

    • Mockingjay says:

      The DRUMS have sounded

    • myzterri says:

      Some ppl worship on Sat. and Sun. This is why the meeting will not be held on the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience, but the workers have been inconvenienced with these furlough days. Please be patient.

      • Adam says:

        Some people work on Mondays.

      • Mockingjay says:

        I’m sure Martin Luther King would’ve done something like this in his day.

        • hmmm says:

          Nope you are wrong. Learn about the man, don’t guess.

        • Northshore says:

          Martin Luther King ??? your way out of your depth !!!

      • Kangoocar says:

        Maybe while they are “worshipping ?? ” they can ask their LORD to forgive them for inconveniencing the rest of the general public??? Of course that excuse is total nonsense!!! Thankfully I have made my money at the age of 53 and can just leave my trucks anywhere I feel like and tell my employees sorry, when I tell them they have no jobs because Bermuda is finished!!! Let the FORCED austerity begin because the day is coming pretty soon that the government can’t borrow anymore to keep these ungratefuls employed!!!!

        • Mockingjay says:

          Ok, and you can ask the Lord to give you long life to enjoy it, cause at the end off the day those trucks cant fit in the FINAL place where we ALL feed worms.

          • hmmm says:

            By the time we all die, we will be cremated. Not enough room for bodies.

          • Kangoocar says:

            Kunta, that’s all you can come up with??? The POINT is, it is a known fact that those that pay their union dues will starve to death along time before I do, and something tells me Chris Furbert will last a lot longer than those that send him money each week as well??? The difference is, I have NO obligation to help you, Chris Furbert on the other hand does?? But something tells me, he will not be there for you!!! What do you think???

      • bermy onion says:

        Obviously, you haven’t noticed that not many Bermudians attend church services now! And if they do they still go shopping & out to brunch. So a meeting could be held either Saturday or Sunday afternoon!

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Oh pooor them being ‘inconvenienced’ with a single furlough day a month.

        They should have completely lost their jobs like thousands of us did . Then they’d know what inconvenience really is.

        I’d have taken 5 furlough days a month to keep my job .

        • hmmm says:

          I think we have to wait and see what is happening first before condemning these folks.

          We have avoided job losses so far, but all those there knew it was likely a temporary solution.

          There may be further furlough days v job cuts.

          The America’s Cup should not even enter the discussion as it an additional thing, not the answer to everything.

        • Self says:

          Maybe you lost your job because you weren’t a very valuable employee.

          • Creamy says:

            And the same process should apply to public employees.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            * Maybe you lost your job because you weren’t a very valuable employee. *

            A childish cheap shot to attempt to make one feel insecure , or perhaps look like an undesirable employee and it totally failed.

            If I told you what was at the root of my dismissal on that day , along with 21 others , I can assure you it would very much go against what you and many others want to believe about PLP policies and attitudes not affecting IB and business in general .
            Aren’t you all just so lucky that global recession thingy came along when it did ?

            Oh , and by the way … Keep up with the massive ‘dislike campaign’ on this thread Alaska Hall . LOL

      • Cardine Alice says:

        Inconvenienced, rather than fired.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        The people have been inconvenienced by an over bloated and inefficient public service on the public purse, and by the union every time one of their members gets themselves reprimanded or fired for legitimate reasons.

  7. Notsofast says:

    Will Clarien Bank employees be joining the meeting?

  8. Politricks says:

    If it was truly URGENT then the meeting would be held either this evening or over the weekend.

    The fact that they can wait till Monday, so their weekends aren’t disrupted, indicates that this issue is not urgent one bit.

    Bring on the Public Bodies Reform Act.

    • Mockingjay says:


      • hmmm says:

        That is a Bean saying, your tone certainly sounds like….no it couldn’t be…but wait…really…ugh !

    • Cleancut says:

      It is held on a Monday because very few people would show up on the weekend. Hold the meeting on a week day and you have maximum disruption, with some sweet time off.

  9. I'm just saying...... says:


    a very fed up hard working never been lazy BERMUDAIN.

    • jt says:

      Look around you. Are there others that should do not earn their pay and benefits and should you be subject to furlough days because of them?

    • Hair says:

      And the locals will make us fall!!! SHAME..

  10. watching says:

    The comments are so telling.

    Unionized employees are supposed to just take whatever is offered or suggested by the OBA government. Ridiculous.

    They have sacrificed a portion of their salary for the past two years, and for those that are two income households and both work for Government it has been a double sacrifice.

    Yet we see the government spending money in many different areas. They even added a new cabinet minister at 110K for the year. Where is the fiscal restraint?

    • bermy onion says:

      We in the private sector have taken cuts too & long before the civil service did!!!

    • Creamy says:

      And they all have guaranteed jobs. No one gets fired, no matter how incompetent. Try finding that in a private company.
      Oh, and the 7 weeks vacation and 14 weeks sick pay. They love their time off at taxpayer expense.

      • Self says:

        So what! Don’t hate because you weren’t able to negotiate favorable benefits at your job.

        • Creamy says:

          Well don’t look for sympathy from ordinary taxpayers who pay your wages then. As far as the rest of us are concerned you’re a bunch of spoiled brats. Anytime you have to face reality like the rest of us you disappear, go on strike.

          None of us in the real world have guaranteed employment, 14 weeks sick leave and 7 weeks vacation.
          Yet you still complain. Bunch of big baby whiners.

          • Self says:

            Lots of assumptions there.
            Never been on strike in my life. Don’t get anywhere near seven weeks vacation. Neither does the average government worker, so educate yourself before you talk nonsense.

            • Creamy says:

              In the union agreements. Educate yourself.
              I notice you don’t question the 14 weeks sick pay.
              Plus, in one union agreement, you can carry forward the sick days you don’t use, up to a limit of 100 days. 100 days sick leave. Absurd isn’t it. Paid for by the rest of us taxpayers, of course.

              If you’re a government worker you have guaranteed employment. When was the last time a government worker got fired for incompetence? It’s almost a joke, except it’s not funny.

              Bunch of spoiled brats.

              • Sick & Tired says:

                Please before you go off ranting, know your facts. Each government sector depending on their union has a different set of negotiated benefits. Teachers can’t carry any sick days forward nor any personal days. The 14 weeks sick leave that you speak of have to be days you are taken off on medical leave by a physician.

                And for ALL the comments about the weekend, exactly where would you like our children and family members that we care for to be, or that doesn’t matter as long as you’re not inconvenienced?

                Lastly, while you sit her ab state how spoiled we are, you might want to find out what a REAL teacher spends out on a given year to:
                1. Purchase materials to supplement your child’s curriculum that government says we have to do but doesn’t have the money for the resources.
                2. Buy classroom decorations to be chnaged monthly or seasonally so that your child’s room is enriching and looks like a learning environment.
                3. The pens and pencils bought because your children show up to school without them.
                4. The time after school spent helping students, grading papers, at PTA meetings and parent conferences . . . all unpaid, no overtime pay or time in lieu for teachers.
                5. Money spent to purchase rewards to keep your children motivated to learn.
                6. The money spent to feed students who show up to school hungry.

                and this names only a few, not to mention the verbal, disrespectful abuse we see everyday from students and parents.

                Well, maybe the commentors above with so much to say wouldn’t understand all of this because their children are sitting in private school.

                • Curious says:

                  And yet still not subjected to performance related evaluation or pay?
                  Where is the accountability in that?

                  • Sick & Tired says:

                    Curious it is profoundly ignorant and illogical to talk about performance related pay. Do the research!!!!! For those school districts that have already tried this have found that it had no basis but to cause a lot of cheating.

                    But let’s consider this:

                    1. As a teacher I can not control what was and was not taught before me so therefore i can’t be held accountable for the knowledge that students did not get prior to me to affect whether they are on grade level or not.

                    2. A teacher can not control what happens before or after school in a child’s life that may seriously impact his/her attention, focus and ability to learn.

                    It is clear that you are looking through the lens of private schools who have the ability to weed out who they want and who they don’t want, and further have the ability to reove, get rid of undesirables and/or those students who are not performing and may impact that IB/IGCSE scores. Once again you have forgotten that public schools don’t have that ability. We are required by law to take ALL children regardless of what they come with or without.

                    Now let’s try this again . . .I’ll wait for a defense!!!

                    • Cheating?? says:

                      If it results in cheating by the teachers (or principal) the people involved should be terminated with cause. Simple.

                    • stunned... says:

                      granted teachers can’t control examples 1, and 2, and that private schools can weed out undesirables etc…

                      there are still ways in which teachers’ pay can be performance related in government schools :-

                      1) where teachers can assess that a child is not learning or keeping up with the class, the teacher should identify that child at the earliest opportunity so that an intervention can be performed with a whole other set of protocols. in my world teachers not only get positively graded on passes but for identifying kids at risk – so that these kids are not passed along until the point of incompetence.
                      2. get back to streaming kids based on ability. this social experiment of not making kids feel bad because they learn differently hasn’t worked. kids are not stupid, they know they are under-performing when mixed in a class of achievers. this will help facilitate the teaching and review of children with similar abilities and consequently the teacher’s performance.
                      teachers trying to exempt themselves from performance review is unethical. if something can be done, it can be documented. if it is documented, it forms a part of a metrics. metrics form performance appraisals.

                  • Self says:

                    Wrong! Government employees are subjected to performance appraisals. Furthermore, if you want performance related pay then you are bringing bonuses into the picture.
                    In YOUR world you get a big, fat annual bonus when you go above and beyond with your work. That doesn’t exist with government workers, and yet the MAJORITY still do an excellent job. You people need to stop painting all workers with the same brush. There are slackers everywhere, including YOUR workplace!!!

                    • Dude says:

                      Bonuses are ONLY paid if there is money! If my company makes a huge profit one year and the management, at its discretion, decides bonuses can be paid then the bonuses are apportioned out accordingly. Govt has NO MONEY – I don’t know how many times people need to hear that to have it sink in.

                    • serengeti says:

                      When was the last time a government worker got fired for incompetence?

                • Creamy says:

                  Many Teachers have always done 1,2 and 3. On those points I agree.
                  Number 4 is their job. That’s what they’re paid to do.
                  5 and 6 are exaggerations, or at least not commonplace.

                  The things I listed are in union agreements in Bermuda. They are fact.

                  • Self says:

                    Creamy, instead of hiding behind your computer guessing and assuming, why don’t you check your facts?

                    I agree that attending meetings after school and assisting students after school may be a teacher’s “job”, but not getting paid is a whole different story. After putting in a full day teaching, which IS their job, they still have to do all this extra stuff on THEIR time. Not to mention, many teachers have their OWN children to go home to and help with homework, etc. after they have put in extra hours helping other people’s kids for free.
                    #5 & #6 are nowhere near exaggerations. How you spoken to any teachers? Well I have, and this is true. My neighbor is a teacher, my sister-in-law is a teacher and my aunt is a teacher, and I have heard them all say the same thing. I know that teachers pay for a lot of extra stuff for the students out of pocket, including FOOD at times. Yet all people like you want to do is nitpick, because that is what you love to do.

                  • Southampton #29 says:

                    You know NOTHING about the job of teaching and you should keep your unwelcome thoughts to your self!

                  • Sick & Tired says:

                    Well clearly Creamy your are out of touch with the public school system and what we face every single day if you think #5 & 6 are exaggerations. I would invite you to come in to schools and talk to teachers or maybe ask Sheila Cooper how many children her organization feeds.

                    #4 is not our job after school that is supposed to be done in school hours except that we spend school time when not in instruction in required meetings and dealing with issues with children.
                    Once again when private sector has to do things past work hours they are given over time or days in lieu.

                    Before you go criticizing walk a day in our shoes in public education!

                    • Creamy says:

                      Completely in touch actually. At one public school, admittedly. I can tell you the teachers aren’t buying breakfasts lunches or dinners. The other things, school materials, yes, they buy those.

                      I notice you have a completely unrealistic picture about what happens in the private sector when someone works late.

                  • Loquat Tree says:

                    But creamy, they are not in all the government union agreements nor other unions in the TUC.
                    You are cherry picking and need to check your facts more clearly as you are weakening your argument.

                    A meeting at 10 am will be much less disruptive than one at 9am, 3pm etc.

                • Sick and tired too says:

                  Not to mention picking up children to take them to and from schools, field trips, school clothes, shoes. To Curious below,evaluation is every year.

              • Self says:

                I didn’t question the sick pay because I didn’t know what it was. My husband is a government worker, and he gets three weeks vacation and he’s been on the job almost ten years. I don’t know how much sick leave he gets, because he very seldom calls in sick. In 2014 he called in sick ONCE, and was out for four days with a doctor’s note (genuinely ill). Oh yeah, I forgot…in you people’s minds they all call in sick on Mondays and Fridays, and at every other chance they can get until every single day is used up. FOUR SICK DAYS FOR LAST YEAR, but they’re ALL useless, lazy bums right??

              • increase your knowledge... says:

                This is so incorrect. Sounds like you are taking a little bit from each union agreement and merging them together to create your own.

                • Creamy says:

                  Take a look at the BPSU agreement. And the BIU agreement.

          • Sick & Tired says:

            Creamy who asked for your sympathy? There is a meeting scheduled for Monday at 10 am. I haven’t heard anyone ask for sympathy.

      • Impressive says:

        Wait wait,, 7 weeks vacation?? Is that a fact or an exaggeration of the facts?? I wasn’t aware of that..

        • Mockingjay says:

          Its called RETRIBUTION.
          Thanks to the ancestors.

          • Frederick Douglass says:

            And you have a major chip on your shoulder my boy.

        • Creamy says:

          It’s actually 33 days, so just over 6.5 weeks. The union agreements can be found online.

          • increase your knowledge... says:

            @ creamy… are obviously referring to one particular union so please do not put them all in the same category. I have been a government worker over ten years and have yet to see 33 days of annual vacation. Get it straight!

          • Sick & Tired says:

            Once again you’re wrong. That depends on the sector of government you’re in and what was negotiated.

            • Creamy says:

              Are you denying these benefits exist in public employees?

    • Onion says:

      The OBA don’t set the laws of accounting.

      The PLP promised to lay off thousands of workers and not pay pensions Barbados style so the OBA’s approach of preserving jobs looks a lot better for workers.

    • Redman says:

      @ watching,

      Yes comments are so telling.

      Private sector employees have had it far far worse than a mere furlough day and continue to do so. Why? because the economy is still in recovery mode and it’s either reductions in pay etc… or possibly seeing their jobs and places of employment go bust. That’s how it is in The Real World just not in the realm of our bloated, no accountability, unsustainable civil service.

      Its a pity that the BIU and these same Govt employees sat quietly while the PLP spent and wasted money like drunken sailors thus necessitating furlough days. If the membership had put some (any) pressure on their leadership to have the PLP show some kind of fical responsibility, we wouldn’t be in as big a mess and fulough days wouldn’t be needed! But most sat and said nothing while those PLP & BIU charlatans financially damaged the island.

      Chickens & Roosting come to mind.

  11. Thin end says:

    Only the Shop Stewards need to attend – this is what they are for.
    They then report back to their members, who are still doing what they are paid for – working.
    WHY does every worker have to down tools and turn up at BIU each time there is a meeting? Perhaps they do not trust their representatives to report back honestly.
    “Organised”Labour? I hardly thinks so.

    • We all we got says:

      To Vote

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        There are 64 hours between now and then for them to have a meeting and vote, it’s called arrogance and disrespect for the thousands more workers they are inconveniencing

        • Mockingjay says:

          The thousand more workers benefit from the Unions, they set the precedence for un-organized workers, how do you think you get a wage that keeps up with the cost of living, inflation, and the wonderful BENEFITS you enjoy, you think the employers woke up one morning and said lets be nice, NO Dreamer, people fought and sacrificed so we can benefit now and maintain what they BLESSED us with.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            Keep talking about the past and try to say the current union leadership could measure up to it. What came before is one thing, the behaviour of the current is another. Personally, I have zero problem with organized labour, until it begins to think itself bigger than the whole. I have great respect for the many hard working public sector worker that carry about the services for Bermuda, it is the dead weight that exists within that is dragging them and their efforts down and the union protects this dead weight. For too long the public sector employment was allowed to bloat beyond the means by which the private sector could support them, even before the economic decline, so when we lost over 6000 jobs from the economy, how many of those came from the public sector. While private sector has to meet deadlines and performance metrics, the public was allowed to remain steady with a union that won’t allow such measure to be taken so that the dead weight could be dropped, so that services could be carried more efficiently. In the private sector, more often than not you work to get the job is done, in the public you work to union set breaks… and I have witnessed how long a 15 minute coffee break lasts. How many people do you think are out there right now sacrificing so that public sector works can get their salaries, and this is the respect given back to the Bermuda community from an arrogant union leadership.

      • bermy onion says:

        BIU head quarters are not large enough for all unions’ members to attend, let alone vote! Only the union die hards will show up to vote & you would think by now that they would have secret ballots, & not the “put up the hand” vote, where one can’t truly vote for how one feels about a situation.

        • Redman says:

          Though it wont work for this one the BIU voting method needs to be changed. The Unions headquarters cannot hold all of their respective members and as such a more effective way would be the Unions have all shop stewards come to a meeting, the positions are discussed and they complete with documentation go back to meet with their members at their respective places of employment to inform the membership and discuss their options.

          Then a system not unlike an election, with private booths, secure boxes and independent monitors/election officials to oversee and tick off of the list of BIU members as they vote throughout the day. Easy and efficient, and a lot less costly and disruptive of course then what happens now. Plus all Union members will actually get a chance to vote and have their voices heard.

          However we all know a democratic sensible approach isn’t what the Unions want now is it?. They want maximum disturbance and pressure applied rather than responsibly addressing the issues so it must now fall to the Govt to legislate this, it is not 1960 and we must modernize.

          The Unions would still of course be able to have their ‘walk outs’ etc on points of principal or such but a much more efficient and harmonious approach is needed today. Disrupting our visitors and businesses while the Unions throw toys out of the pram at every opportunity only ensures more unnecessary disruption, that tourists have a less enjoyable time and possibly see’s them leaving vowing not to return and causes businesses more stress and unnecessary hardships in an already tough economic time.

          It’s time for change.

    • Mockingjay says:

      50 years later………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  12. Terry says:

    So who is really calling the shots here on this.

    One only has to look at the responses from the PLP over the past week with regard to Education, Tourism (jobs) et al to see that it is not Marc Been.

    Higher up the food chain.

    I need a glass of wine………………………………….

  13. Truedat says:

    Oh great a long weekend

  14. Family Man says:

    Let the pay cuts begin.

    It’s time the government employees joined the rest of us. (I was going to say workers but some people might think that was a descriptive term).

  15. aceboy says:

    What does “in relationship to” mean?

  16. Terry says:

    Furlough days.
    How do you spell Fur……..
    Pass the caraf…..

    • Mockingjay says:

      I’ll help you spell it, $77 Million for America’s Cup

      • hmmm says:

        Lets just assume 77m spend…250m return.

        Spend that on workers for 0m return.

        We are in debt, how does what you propose help.

        • Mockingjay says:

          Lets just ASSume
          What a joke

          • Jus Wonderin' says:

            Whatever it’s better stuff that the PLP could dream up with. They only thought of seabed mining and stole that idea from the rest of the world lmfao. AT LEAST it’s SOMETHING….Something MORE than the PLP could ever do!


      • Creamy says:

        All spent here, in Bermuda, in our economy. Unlike the hundreds of millions wasted on foreign consultants under the doctor.

        • Dude says:

          and the millions that left the island with Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Global Hue…. some people have short and selective memories.

        • Wow do you have a life says:

          2 questions, Creamy are you white or black? In addition how much does the ubp/oba pay you to be a blogger?

          • Creamy says:

            Nobody pays me anything to “be a blogger”. I’m nothing to do with any political party.

            As for my race, I have no idea what it has to do with anything. Why are you interested? So that you can use it to insult me?

      • aceboy says:

        77 million spent with a return possibility of far more.

        Or, brilliant ideas like Grand Atlantic. 40 million spent….zero return.

        When you drive past that monument do you shake your head at the ignorance and stupidity of those who came up with that idea?

        I do.

  17. Opressed says:

    Wait till the AC2017 is in full swing, what the BIU is going to do will astound and amaze you!

    • hmmm says:

      what are you threatening? Come on, say it, or is it just hot air.

    • Creamy says:

      Do what you want. You don’t think willing workers can be found?

        • jt says:

          Go for it. Sure fire way to guarantee job losses in govt sector.

      • Self says:

        Yeah, right. Who will do the work between the hiring and training period? People like you will be the first ones grumbling at the inconvenience.

      • Self says:

        You all can’t stand to be “inconvenienced” for a Monday morning meeting, but you want to fire all the workers and find willing ones? That’s going to inconvenience you way longer than a meeting!

        • Creamy says:

          Straw man. I was addressing the threat from “opressed” above. Because that’s what it is, a threat, right?

    • Impressive says:

      oh hush,, your just making assumptions,, cheesh.. Its nonsense like that which leads to rumours.. smdh.. So you are privy to information as to what the BIU is going to do 2 years from now?? mercy

  18. Neutral says:

    “The O.B.A.” hasn’t showed any of the progress that has been made from taking a months pay from all GOV workers thus far, so why should they continue?

    Let the “America’s Cup” pay for it all, since that seems to be the end to ALL of our problems.

    • hmmm says:

      No it is not…. don’t be so narrow minded….there are lots of things happening to turn the country around.

      The America’s cup was an added bonus to the work being done.

      You got to stop being brainwashed.

  19. Marge says:

    God, help this Island…we have these unions that do not give a crap if they they call a meeting that will cause major disruptions in our Island on monday at 10 am….America cup you need to rethink coming to this racial Island…..

    • Mockingjay says:

      God help this Island… we have these politicians that don’t give a crap if they Legislate Bills without proper consultation that will cause major disruption in our lives for the next generations.

      • Creamy says:

        Are you talking about the PLP, who sold generations of Bermudians to foreign banks?

      • Ian says:

        Poor race relations stem from the actions of your forefathers Marge, not the ones that most folks showing up to the meeting tomorrow descend from.

  20. Jus' Askin' says:

    Wait until the budget is released ;-)

  21. Huh says:

    If only the PLP had been re-elected and we didn’t have the Americas Cup, any new hotel development, another $1B in debt, endless empty office buildings and homes, foreclosures galore, massive unemployment, constant shootings & skyrocketing crime, social unrest, massive emigration & unemployment, failing schools, a bloated civil service, a devalued currency, seabed mining with hoes, a polluted Blue Halo, betting shops, ganga tea, 10 cents a lick…then we could really tell these Unions…well you know what I mean…

    • Mockingjay says:

      If only pigs had wings they would fly

    • Ian says:

      OH yeah… the OBA is doing an amazing job turning things around on all those fronts. Funny how you think the Americas Cup would not have come to Bermuda simply on the basis the PLP is in power. That would imply the AC folks are just as dumb and inbred as the small town vocals who blindly vote for the OBA because they believe giving power to the PLP will lead to the arrival of the AntiChrist followed by an apocalypse party!

  22. Ann says:

    The answer is so simple, let’s start the process for privatization, and than those that wish to work with the real world can, and those who choose to be lazy still can too! Sick and tired of the Island being run by people that make us look like a dumb circus!

    • Mockingjay says:

      5o years later, same S!@# different day.

    • TSOL says:

      I agree privatize everything. In the end we would be better if they left the island and were a burden to someone else.

  23. Union Worker says:

    We NEED the unions…but we don’t need people like Bro Chris while we get a **** salary and he gets stupid money…think about dat one people. wake up!

    • Bermy says:

      I have seen for my own eyes the Union come onboard at a certain critical east end business, make huge promises and get everyones hopes up only to see alot of disruption and the Union agree to minimal raises for employess that when you do the math only covers the union dues. They have fooled the worker into thinking they are being represented and getting more pay, but in reality only made sure they get there $$$$$ and the worker is left in the same position. I am not anti union at all and think all workers need and deserve representation and people in there corner, but I am against total BS and a very badly veiled political agenda. The anti government and plain racist stuff I see written in there monthly “newsletter” is vile and disgusting. All aspects of society need to wake up because when the ACBDA17 people say “ooops, no thanks we are going somewhere else” we are literally all (black/white/oba/plp/glp) gonna literally be shafted!!

  24. Kathy says:

    Time to privatise our public transport?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Time to privatise lots of departments. The unions think that the public purse is their private feeding trough. What is it now? Something like 1 in 4 on the public payroll these days???

      For a place this size, insanity.

      Transport, sanitation, W&E, just for starters should be privatised. Next comes the post office, education & a massive downsizing of paper pushing departments throughout Government.

  25. Alvin Williams says:

    Instead of issuing ultimatums and the implied threat to further loot the pay packets of the workers; this government’s finance minister should claw back all those tax breaks given to business interests; which was suppose to boost employment prospects for Bermudians? One more failed policy on the part of this government; the battle cry for this up coming struggle should be-REMEMBER-1981′.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Ah yes Alvin, when you work for Government money simply falls from the sky doesn’t it? Need more? Easy…tax more. Businesses can afford it. Thats why so many have closed in the past 18 years.

      Take a look around & see how many hotels, cottage colonys & such are now rubble. Do the stores Smiths & Triminghams ring a bell? How many did they employ?

      Meanwhile the Civil Service grew & grew while the tax base kept on shrinking. Those on the public payroll should thank their lucky stars that they only lose a few days a month. Many have seen a 20-25% decrease in income. Many have not seen a raise in years now.

      There is a glimmer of hope in the past couple years. Recently projects that have been sitting on hold are starting to move. A few small businesses are opening. Government is on a financial tightrope costing some 1/4 million in service charges per day courtesy of the massively failed PLP experiment.

      Those on the Government payroll need to suck it up & take some financial pain too.

  26. Hair says:

    Leave it to the “locals” again, too mess things up!!! I’m forth generation Bermudian and sad to say…..

  27. Dreadlocks says:

    The PLP/BIU want everyone to suffer.Pay your dues workers!

  28. chipp says:

    I hear nothing but sidewalk (superintendents) talking and talk never got nothing done action people how many of u going smh blowing alot of hot air

  29. chipp says:

    I hear a lot of sidewalk (superintendents ) lol

  30. boogiedownproductions says:

    Just one question
    Why people bashing Chris Furbert when its the Trade Union Comgress that has called this Meeting? There is no mention of the other Government Union Presidents. Most of u bloggers are a shameful bunch of clowns.
    We need to stop hating and read before we post our stupid thoughts.

    • Curious says:

      Think you need a lesson in attention to detail..
      Read the flyer that is signed off ‘Brother Chris Furbert’

    • Northshore says:

      Lets be real here,, the PLP called this meeting , oh wait, they are the BIU, and oh wait again !! They are the PC&TUC too! Wonder if they all joined if that would make their fan base grow? Ahhh NO!

      • X man says:

        Could a full membership March or Protest of some sort by the Unions, the PLP membership and other allied organizations
        be in the works.—- were about to find out.— could this be the Big one!

        • GoodIdeaBadIdea says:

          At the present rate of discontent the unions and PLP should accomplish their goal of pushing us back into the stone age by about the time AC35 comes around.

          If the meeting was so “urgent” they should have had it on the weekend.

  31. If this was really urgent .... says:

    If this was really urgent they wouldn’t be waiting until Monday to have the meeting.

  32. Preview says:

    The union represents its membership. The union does not represent the general public. It does not have a utilitarian mandate. As an individual, you would expect your attorney to pursue the best course of action on your behalf. A priori, union members expect the strongest representation possible.

    The union’s largest bargaining chip is its capacity to withdraw service and cause disruption. Disruption distresses the general public and as a result serves to leverage politicians and businesses to resolve whatever issue the union wants addressed.

    Why would the union hold a meeting on a weekend. Holding meetings during business hours telegraphs its capabilities…its communicating consequences and is part of a bargaining strategy. It may be a blunt tool…but it’s effective.

  33. Truth hertz says:

    This ultimatum accusations are complete nonsense and blatant lies.

    Even Mr. Furbert stated that there have been at least 8 meetings conducted since November on the matter with no final decision agreed upon. The letter notes that as the budget is only a few weeks away the Unions’ decision is necessary to finalize the numbers.

    Stop lying about this Government threatening the Unions as it is complete and utter nonsense.

  34. Dude says:

    If this was a real emergency why isn’t the meeting called for today? Or better yet Sunday, when most people are off. ???

    • Self says:

      Sunday when most people are off? Says who? Many government workers do shift work in case you were unaware.
      Furthermore, government offices always have a skeleton crew on to deal with the public when meetings are held during the work week. What more do people want?

  35. X man says:

    A lot of speculation before this meeting – could this end up as an all out War between the Unions and Govt.-
    we have to wait and see.

  36. C James says:

    Can’t have de meet’n Sunday. What about church?

  37. C James says:

    Church n KFC after.

  38. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Both sides have locked horns and the majority of the sane people on this island who are rational in their thinking need to push them BOTH off a cliff because it’s impacting us ALL! Enjoy you buses Monday…NOT!!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Monday will be a great day to test out carpooling to work. The minibuses will be busy.

  39. shutthemdown says:

    Always knew they would not stop at one day. They will ask for 3 days now. So I guess it will be war.

    Fun times ahead

  40. bluebird says:

    So the Union does not want to suffer like the rest of the population has.
    The Union(s) want the Government to “BORROW”another $300Million this year to pay them as they produce “NOTHING”

    Be a Buss driver and get $90.00 an hour for driving on a Sunday as well as (14) weeks of sick leave.

    The busses and the Ferrys are from the 50′s schedule,run for the drivers not the “PUBLIC”
    Privatise and the busses will run for the Public and make money as we need a good buss service to service the population,the same for the ferrys

  41. bluebird says:

    And we still “OWE” over $2BILLION dollars and are paying $160Million dollars per year in interest,thank you PLP/BIU.

  42. student says:

    so um do we school student have school or what? because you called for a meeting but havent said nothing about the school chidlren.

  43. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    from what i read here the govt.employees and the biu members’s image or reputations are definitely tarnished by the people that think they are intelligent enough to speak…trust me on that point…the arrogance along with massive amounts of ignorance is enough to turn an intelligent being against the two corporations in question…whether you like it or not bermuda has two options…one option is to go back 100 years, forgetting about mainstream technocrats and their money grabbing agenda and become self sustaining laid back stress free society,say goodbye to vehicular traffic and the rest of your luxury play toys…homeless?? build yourself a hut no problem…hungry?? grow your sustenance…forget about designer clothing too…hope you girls know how to sow(palm fronds)…i bet the tourists would flock here just to escape their piece of this prison planet…or ya’ll can continue trying to stay in the fast lane and risk derailment ending in total destruction…bermuda is not making a comeback because we haven’t hit rock bottom yet…there is lots more trials and tribulations on it’s way which doesn’t fit well with me,i don’t know about you.

    Our problems arise far beyond our govt.

    wake up…lets not become a trench town…

  44. Alvin Williams says:

    Speaking of financial pain I expect that includes the business interests that have enjoyed OBA tax breaks under this government. why was it done to improve employment prospects for Bermudians? the net result rising unemployment for Bermudians and plans to further under mine the economic stability of hundreds of Bermudian families as the diabolic plan continues to effect the economic recovery on the backs of the ordinary Bermudian.

  45. Onion says:

    Why don’t taxpayers have their own strike by refusing to pay taxes until the civil service starts to do some real work?

  46. Triangle Drifter says:

    The taxi drivers should be out in force Monday morning. But will they? Nope. They don’t want to drive in all of that traffic but they will be on talk radio moaning about how tough life is & trying to have people believe that there is no work.

    Meanwhile the minibuses will be having a field day. Keep it up bus drivers. You will meet yourselves out of existence.

  47. Marie says:

    What I don’t understanding is why did the unions wait until the last minute to hold this very important meeting. All the unions had been in talks with government since the late part of last year, so why did they not meet with their various stakeholders before the holidays to have this discussion and then have a follow-up meeting now if they had to in the New Year. It seems like every time we have to discuss dollars and cents, the unions always call a meeting at the last minute and or they wish to disrupt the island. Why could they not have had two meetings over this weekend. If you could not make either weekend day, have an alternative in place to allow you to vote. We are in the 21st century, so 21st century ideas are needed to accommodate such a large group of members.

    My probably, with this meeting time is that most government workers are already on a go slow mode on any given day, whether you go to TCD, PTB, Immigration, Customs, W & E (road crew, trash collectors). Also, The Education Department is only producing a small percentage of students who pass the CPT entrance exam at BC into a College Level course so why disrupt our Monday Morning at 10 am. You are complaining that the OBA does not care about Education, but holding a meeting at this time, whether it is a one of time, shows me that the Unions don’t give a damn about education as well. As a government worker, who did not mind having furlough days would like to put a question to many government workers. If you don’t wish furlough days, are you willing to pay for your educational pursuits at BC or other institutions, or do you still want your departments to foot the bill for you. By paying for your owe educational pursuits, is a way that money could be saved. Don’t you think? Something for many of you to think about. Hopefully when you go to the meeting on Monday, it runs smoothly with an appropriate agenda so that all of you can get back to what you are paid by the tax payer to do at an appropriate time. God Bless this island.

  48. Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

    You know, I’m not a fan of the BIU due to their actions in recent history that I think have turned them into an embarrassment in comparison to their admirable history. But I don’t see the need to complain when they’ve given the public plenty of notice and have scheduled the meeting after rush hour.

    Okay, so maybe it would be better for the majority if it was held in the evening or over the weekend, I don’t know, it’d still inconvenience some people. And maybe I don’t agree with the use of the word URGENT, it does express well that they’re on a short deadline and the meeting is important, regardless of why they’re at a short deadline.

    How about we just seriously complain when they pull the really dumb stuff, like marching on KFC or illegal wildcat strikes and just let them get on with business when they’re being more reasonable.

    • GoodIdeaBadIdea says:

      You are completely correct on that – but you can bet dollars to donuts that a 10am meeting means that pretty much noone will get to work by public transport unless they start REALLY early. Even then I seriously doubt that any of the public services will be in full swing anyway.

      Saying that it is admirable that they at least gave a weekend’s worth of notice to the public to expect transport chaos on Monday rather then their standard modus operandi of giving less than 24 hours.

    • Varied says:

      Notice, definitely a good thing. Only issue that may need addressing is if schools open in am/what happens to students. If they’ll be taken care of, fine. If parents have to scramble to hold them until 11am or whatever, could be an issue.

  49. Southampton #29 says:

    If Union members stop buying milk etc. for one month maybe the people in charge would know what a furlough day feels like. Rich people understand MONEY they speak it always. So hit them where it hurts the most. Stop buying Dunkley’s milk for one month. See what happens. Shop at small corner grocers for one month give them your business.

  50. SIgns of the times again says:

    The island cannot afford Gov. workers redundancies nor an extra furlough day, banks also will fail-Gov can’t help them either. History repeats itself- look at who will suffer – open your eyes. Read!!!!

    General Article: The Great DepressionOther General Articles

    Men stand in line for soup.

    During the economic boom of the Roaring Twenties, the traditional values of rural America were challenged by the Jazz Age, symbolized by women smoking, drinking, and wearing short skirts. The average American was busy buying automobiles and household appliances, and speculating in the stock market, where big money could be made. Those appliances were bought on credit, however. Although businesses had made huge gains — 65 percent — from the mechanization of manufacturing, the average worker’s wages had only increased 8 percent.

    The imbalance between the rich and the poor, with 0.1 percent of society earning the same total income as 42 percent, combined with production of more and more goods and rising personal debt, could not be sustained. On Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the stock market crashed, triggering the Great Depression, the worst economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world. It spread from the United States to the rest of the world, lasting from the end of 1929 until the early 1940s. With banks failing and businesses closing, more than 15 million Americans (one-quarter of the workforce) became unemployed.

    President Herbert Hoover, underestimating the seriousness of the crisis, called it “a passing incident in our national lives,” and assured Americans that it would be over in 60 days. A strong believer in rugged individualism, Hoover did not think the federal government should offer relief to the poverty-stricken population. Focusing on a trickle-down economic program to help finance businesses and banks, Hoover met with resistance from business executives who preferred to lay off workers. Blamed by many for the Great Depression, Hoover was widely ridiculed: an empty pocket turned inside out was called a “Hoover flag;” the decrepit shantytowns springing up around the country were called “Hoovervilles.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the rich governor from New York, offered Americans a New Deal, and was elected in a landslide victory in 1932. He took quick action to attack the Depression, declaring a four-day bank holiday, during which Congress passed the Emergency Banking Relief Act to stabilize the banking system. During the first 100 days of his administration, Roosevelt laid the groundwork for his New Deal remedies that would rescue the country from the depths of despair.

    The New Deal programs created a liberal political alliance of labor unions, blacks and other minorities, some farmers and others receiving government relief, and intellectuals. The hardship brought on by the Depression affected Americans deeply. Since the prevailing attitude of the 1920s was that success was earned, it followed that failure was deserved. The unemployment brought on by the Depression caused self-blame and self-doubt. Men were harder hit psychologically than women were. Since men were expected to provide for their families, it was humiliating to have to ask for assistance. Although some argued that women should not be given jobs when many men were unemployed, the percentage of women working increased slightly during the Depression. Traditionally female fields of teaching and social services grew under New Deal programs. Children took on more responsibilities, sometimes finding work when their parents could not. As a result of living through the Depression, some people developed habits of careful saving and frugality, others determined to create a comfortable life for themselves.

    African Americans suffered more than whites, since their jobs were often taken away from them and given to whites. In 1930, 50 percent of blacks were unemployed. However, Eleanor Roosevelt championed black rights, and New Deal programs prohibited discrimination. Discrimination continued in the South, however, as a result a large number of black voters switched from the Republican to the Democrat party during the Depression.

    The Great Depression and the New Deal changed forever the relationship between Americans and their government. Government involvement and responsibility in caring for the needy and regulating the economy came to be expected.

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  51. MB says:

    Hey boogiedownproductions,
    Why don’t you read before insulting people. BOTH the BSU and BIU-ie Chris Furbert have called the meeting “subject Furlough days”- see the flyers above before ranting

  52. bluebird says:

    @ Alvin Williams
    Where are these Un-employed Bermudians????????????????
    WE HAVE 11,300 WORK PERMITS according to the latest news report.
    Mr Williams that is ÖNE THIRD”of our Working Population.
    It will not be too long before (50%) of our population will be work permit holders,with Bermudians retiring and Bermudians dieing
    Mr Williams and all the others whom “CRY”jobs for Bermudians,where are these Bermudians?????

    • average white OBA bermudian says:

      Blue bird

      I am one of those UNEMPLOYED BERMUDIANS

      I wish we could swap places to let you see how it feels to be unemployed


  53. Tony says:

    I work in Government, and am a member of one of the unions. Tomorrow, I shall be at work as normal, doing the job I’m paid to do. Meetings like this should be attended by the shop stewards, that is their role. They report back to those who are still working. That said, my shop steward spends more time sick then she does at work, and therein lies the problem for a huge percentage of Government employees.

    The unions are a disgrace, an embarrassment, but so are many of the “workers” they represent, who wouldn’t understand a days work if it came up and stole their lunch.

    • obasellouts says:

      I wonder how you would feel if the Unions never got workers rights.

      I wonder how you would feel at $8 an hour like the oba wants.

      I wonder how you would feel with no benefits at all.

      hmmmm I wonder.

      and you either never knew or forgot how worker rights came about