Column: OBA’s Robinson On Voting & More

May 15, 2024 | 12 Comments

[Opinion column written by the OBA’s Dwayne Robinson]

The youth should know the power of their vote

The political arena is subject to extreme change, as is the flow of democracy. Elected officials change, governments change, and governance systems are reviewed. However, the one thing that must remain the same is the power vested in the people. That is the strength of any country’s democracy.

The electorate maintains its power through education, unity, advocacy, and political engagement. A people divided and politically disengaged, will run the risk of being exploited and misled, regardless of the system of governance in place. Each generation has a responsibility to ensure that their taxes are spent correctly, policy is crafted in their best interest, and their politicians are held accountable.

This is why I urge my generation and the one behind me to be politically engaged, if they aren’t already. That doesn’t necessarily mean become a politician, but to keep informed of the political process, the actions of our governing officials, and to participate in elections.

Your voice and your vote matter. Never sell your contributions short simply because you think you are too young to be heard. We live in a democracy, so you may not always get what you vote for, but that doesn’t mean the process ends there.

We have seen what consistent advocacy can accomplish by pressure groups. The Government’s recent about face concerning two school closures prove that.

Our forefathers have consistently shown us the proper way to fight for what you believe in. It’s long overdue for us to take up their mantle collectively.

Unfortunately, many young Bermudians are not even sure how the political system works.

Empowering our people with knowledge of our governance system and educating them around the power of their vote should be one of the most basic endeavours of any country that wishes to have a robust democracy.

The community also has a responsibility in this effort. The community must maintain its ability to direct Government, or we will constantly be disappointed, disillusioned, and disengaged. I got involved in politics as many young people have before me, to encourage my peers to be engaged, and to advocate for the changes I wish to see.

I urge the older generation to teach us and pass on lessons they’ve learned. However the desire is not to indoctrinate our future generations; instead allow them to draw their own conclusions.

The ability to facilitate spirited and open political debates, and supporting differences of opinion will only enrich the community.

Suppressing the youth voice can lead us to feel forced out of our society or marginalized. This is something we need to actively guard against.

No system will ever be able to hold elected officials accountable more than the people who put an “X” in the box that best suits them on election day.

- Opposition Senator Dwayne Robinson is the One Bermuda Alliance candidate for Constituency 30, Southampton East Central.

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  1. watching says:

    A feel good lets all vote story. But what has the OBA done and what will they do to support this? Will they extend the voting franchise to Bermudians abroad? If so, with what parameters? Yet again they have a column with nothing tangible.

  2. Pa says:

    “Yet again they have a column with nothing tangible”.

    The nice guy appears to lack vision to improve this islands future economy,
    He makes no recommendations or promises to enhance the islands prosperity.
    He makes no reference to drastic % of inflation causing the down turn in our economy .
    What are his solutions ?
    Is he content to be stuck on the yellow brick road to no where?
    The Government will not do well if the people do not do well and vice versa !
    This Island it too expensive for us and our visitors ,that has got to change!
    $1,500 to license a car , Import duty, Land tax ?

    • iyiyi says:

      It’s pretty obvious no one in the government or opposition has vision or any idea how to turn this disaster around .
      Sir Johns vision of independent, qualified individuals coming forward may be the only hope we have .

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Who in their right mind would take up that challenge?

        Politics in Bermuda is no longer about doing what is best for our islands, it is about character assassination with the object of staying in power. Politics in Bermuda now mirrors politics in the United States.

        • iyiyi says:

          Yeah , your probably right .

          • Pa says:

            In a civilized society every one has the right to express their opinions without fear of sanctions ,condemnation or censorship, however there is a paragraph contained in the opinion above which causes me some concern as having a double meaning stating ” Our forefathers have constantly shown u the proper way to fight ————– “. that is a hot potato.

            • Joe Bloggs says:

              “every one has the right to express their opinions without fear of sanctions ,condemnation or censorship”

              I have been threatened with violence for simply asking a question at a PLP Town Hall meeting. So much for my right to freedom of speech

              • Question says:

                Nobody ever accused the PLP of being open-minded.
                They’re still proud of telling anyone with a different opinion ‘we don’t care what you think’.
                We know they’re not averse to threats of violence either.

                • Pa says:


                  It does not look like any body has got any bright ideas which are acceptable to the Govermment .
                  In order to turn Bermuda around even if that is what it takes.

                  So let us treat Bermuda like a family car.

                  Prople can not afford a new cars what do they do ?

                  Repair the old one !

                  You can take that in the thousand ways I ment it !

              • Pa says:

                Joe Bloggs
                There is an open door which invites people who have problems they to stick their food in the jam, untill the door is closed there will be no end to it.
                The easy solution here is to close the door quietlywith out delay and walk away.
                School’s out, that is to say there is ” no class” .


                • Joe Bloggs says:

                  I do not want to walk away from Bermuda. It is my home. So I will continue to suffer in relative silence.

  3. Pa says:

    The problem we all face to day in Bermuda is MONEY same as many other countries where their economy has taken a down turn relateing to lack of Money.

    Bermuda has been living off the skin of the rice pudding for years, a million dollars passes through our hand every day , that was 20 years go not so to day , the skin is much thinner.

    Accepting the fact that money is the problem we then have to deal with that first.

    When the unrealistic cost of merchandise exceeds our income we have a very real problem.
    Stop the up and down price gouging.

    You may so rightly ask how do we improve our financial existence.

    I offer several posible solutions solutons that will get people back to work and get Bermuda back on track.

    1) Extend or broarden the visitor tourist season spring and fall, that is at both ends .
    As we are getting longer summers,we need keeps hotel works in a job longer.

    2) Offer end of season room DISCOUNTS to our visitors.
    Our visitors are used to and expect that at home
    HALF a cake is better than no cake .

    3) Get the biker hooligans off our back roads .

    4) Provide more activities for our visitors.

    5) Improve the national dress code.

    6). Bermuda is a service industry which need to be improved .

    7) Our workers require a living, not a starvation wage

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