Video: A Bermuda Cruise Vacation In 1936

January 5, 2015

Bermuda has long been a vacation destination, with this 1936 video highlighting some of the favorite spots on the island for cruise ship passengers arriving aboard the SS Berengaria.

The video opens by highlighting the vessel itself, quickly showing the stark differences – and some of the similarities – between the 1936 Berengaria and modern ships.

After focusing on the surrounding waters, the video turns its attention to the Bermuda streets, with people walking, bicyclists, and horse and carriages bustling and mingling with the visitors as they get their first street-level view of the island.

The video closes with a focus on marine activity, with a number of vessels, ranging in size from the very small to the very large, coming and going, before ending with a greeting in the form of a wave from two people aboard a motorboat.

Video courtesy of Youtuber Ken Butz

The video’s description says, “On board footage includes Bermuda’s pilot boat St.George arriving to on-board the pilot. Passengers transfer to the tender “Woodside” to the town of St. George’s [old channel] and disembark at McAllan’s Wharf opposite the train station.

“The boat docked at Penno’s Wharf is assumed to be the Polish passenger liner Batory.

“Views from and of the train ride to Hamilton include Front Street, Court Street, and Queen Street, with overland views from the train, views from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Great Sound and islands, and the undeveloped South Shore.

“The train ride back to St. George’s includes a stop at Aquarium and views of Penno’s Wharf.”

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  1. sage says:

    Those coconut trees in Flatts had just been planted!

  2. XYZ etc. says:

    In another 80 years we’ll look back at current times and think it all looks old-fashioned and that the quality of the video footage is terrible!

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    Damn, that was cool . I’ve never seen real footage of Morgan’s and Tucker’s Island (where the NOB – ‘Morgan’s Point’ is) before . (8.15 and 9.08) and Verdmont before it was restored to what we know it as now.
    My poppa would have been 3 years old when this was filmed . What a beautiful and peaceful place he must have grown up in .

  4. Just a matter of time says:

    I’m a Bda history buff so this is a fabulous historical find. What got my attention were the vast open spaces and very little white roofs NOT seen dotting the landscape as we see today. Also actually seeing moving trains outside of still pics was an extra bonus. Nice!

  5. Peter N Cooper says:

    I wonder if the family photo taken at the lighthouse is Toppy Cowan’s father and Mother (Lighthouse Keeper) with Toppy and his siblings.