Transatlantic Liner “Oceana” Offered $20 Trips

May 30, 2015

Bringing to mind memories of Bermuda’s earlier tourism offerings, a flyer promises a cruise to the island aboard the transatlantic liner Oceana, with passengers reminded that there is “no cattle or freight carried on the Oceana.”

The flyer says, “Bermuda. A paradise on earth. An ideal sea trip to the healthiest and most delightful resort in the world. Every outdoor recreation, Excellent sea-bathing, fishing, boating, tennis, golf, cycling. etc.

“1500 mile superb ocean voyage by the magnificent, fast, twin-screw transatlantic liner “Oceana”.

“14,000 tons; 535 ft. long. First-class round trip including state-room berth and meals for $20 up. Best cuisine on the Atlantic.”

oceana 1912 ad

“Largest, fastest, most luxurious and only exclusively first- class passenger steamer to Bermuda. No cattle or freight carried on the “Oceana”.

“Electric fans in every room; steam heated when necessary. Many staterooms with brass beds; suites-de-luxe with private baths.

“Finest promenade deck in the world. Orchestra, promenade dances, gymnasium, wireless, submarine safety signals. Only steamer landing passengers at Hamilton or St. George’s.

“Tours including shore excursions, hotels, at lowest rates. Beautiful booklet, itinerary, tickets, etc.”

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  1. glendabermuda says:

    Sounds good to me !

  2. Sacha says:

    I’m guessing that’s radio :-)

  3. Raymond Ray says:

    (Figuratively speaking) My, my, my! what a difference a day can / does make; e.g. $20:00 & up for a round trip to balmy Bermuda :-)

  4. Nick Voaden says:

    Where Can I gat a copy of such an endearing advertisement of our beloved Isle ?
    It says everything about what Bermuda has to offer and which still holds true to day.
    Love it.Bda tourist chiefs please take note.