Historical Video: Journey To Destination Bermuda

March 6, 2016

A 26 minute historical video of Bermuda has been shared online, highlighting the island and its people in days gone by. The video, titled ‘Destination Bermuda,’ was presented by the Bermuda Trade Development Board in order to highlight the island as a travel destination to potential international visitors.

The video opens with a short historical recollection of the island, with the narrator saying, “The tall ships head toward Bermuda, in our time as in other times.

“When you look at them, perhaps you can see more than the grace that meets the eye, and those ages long gone when man found adventure enough on the earth alone.

“They crossed these very seas, some to find their graves beneath these waters. But of the shipwrecked, some more fortunate found their way to the shores of uninhabited Bermuda, such as Sir George Somers of the Sea Venture.

“His body lies in England though his heart, history records, remains here in Bermuda.”

26 minute ‘Destination Bermuda’ video:

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