BTA CEO Bill Hanbury Base Salary: $295,000

February 11, 2015

Bill Hanbury[Updated] Bermuda Tourism Authority CEO Bill Hanbury’s compensation package is a base annual salary of $295,000, a housing allowance of $75,000 plus the potential for a 30% bonus, the BTA said today.

The BTA said, “The Bermuda Tourism Authority is reaffirming its commitment to transparency and accountability by releasing the salary information of its senior executive team, the organization’s Chief Executive Bill Hanbury said today.”

“We’re doing this now because 2015 is our year,” Mr. Hanbury said, “Yesterday we reported 2014 year-end figures, last month we shared our 2015 plan with stakeholders and now we are fully accountable for shaping Bermuda’s tourism future after 30 years of decline.

“Our leadership team agrees now is the right time to share this information and show the public we are committed to transparency, accountability and a performance-based management culture.”

The BTA added, “Everyone in the BTA operation, from the CEO down, must adhere to achieving performance management standards consistent with high-performing private sector organizations.

“The BTA organizational structure is based on four divisions – Sales & Marketing, Product & Experiences, Investments and Operations. Each division has its own “chief” and the Chief Executive Officer oversees four divisions as well as a Research & Business Intelligence team.

“CEO Bill Hanbury’s compensation package is a base annual salary of $295,000 with the potential for a 30% bonus and a housing allowance of $75,000. The bonus is decided by the Board of Directors using the organization’s performance management objectives.

“International recruitment firm Korn-Ferry assisted the Tourism Authority transition team in finding, and setting the compensation for, Bermuda’s first-ever destination marketing organization [DMO] chief executive.

“Statistically the BTA CEO’s salary is in the mid-range of chief executives running like-sized DMOs globally, according to a Destination Marketing Association International [DMAI] employment survey conducted in 2014. According to the DMAI survey results, 58% of CEOs earn more than Mr. Hanbury, 42% earn less.

“A confidentiality agreement barred Mr. Hanbury from publicly speaking about his compensation package previously, but the BTA Board of Directors has waived the confidentiality in support of the CEO’s desire to give the public more transparency than is typically the case for private sector organizations receiving taxpayer funds.”

Mr. Hanbury said: “Another reason I’m talking about this now is because I hope it turns down the political rhetoric. The BTA more than any other entity in the country has the opportunity to create jobs. I’m not asking people to blindly support the BTA at all, but we think we have a solution to the problem. Give us a chance to fix it.

“I hope with salary information disclosed we can now tone down the rhetoric and turn up the support to fix tourism, grow the economy and, most importantly, create jobs for Bermudians.”

The BTA said, “The implementation of Public Access to Information [PATI] legislation, slated for April 1, 2015, will require publicly funded organizations to release some salary information, but not as much as Mr. Hanbury disclosed today.

“Months ahead of any legislative requirement, the BTA disclosed the salary range of its four chiefs: Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Victoria Isley; Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer, Pat Phillip-Fairn; Chief Investments Officer, Roland Andy Burrows and Chief Operations Officer, Karla Lacey.

“Each of those position holders earns a salary in the range of $175,000 and $275,000 and each is eligible for up to 30% bonus compensation based on achieving the organization’s performance management objectives.”

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority hires 38 fulltime staff, 90% of which is Bermudian,” the BTA said.

Update Feb 12, 1.15pm: Shadow Tourism Minister Zane Desilva said, “In the interest of transparency, we commend the Bermuda Tourism Authority for disclosing the compensation packages for CEO Mr. Bill Hanbury and the senior executive team.

“The Dunkley Administration and Tourism Minister Mr Shawn Crockwell approved the compensation, funding and terms of employment. Unfortunately they refused to release these details for over a year and left it to the BTA to do the right thing.

“We encourage further transparency and the answers to the following questions

  • 1) What are the terms and conditions of the bonuses paid to the CEO?
  • 2) Were those terms and conditions met last year and was there a bonus payment issued?

“Just this week the OBA bashed civil servants for standing up for their rights in one breath, while signing off on huge compensation packages with another. The optics do not match and the OBA can’t have it both ways. The OBA’s actions are once again, contradictory, and only serves to increase the publics distrust of them,” added Mr Desilva.

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  1. BETTTYTRUMP says:

    Ooooh really……wow seems like he is overpaid. …

    • Ed Case says:

      Oh come on Betttttttttty! You can do better than that! Turn it into a race issue at least. You are clearly slipping. Maybe YOU need to be replaced.

      • BETTTYTRUMP says:

        OBA asking government workers to take a furlough day so these folks can continue to get paid. …


        Is this based upon Performance-based pay? At least that would have ensured some return for our buck?


        SHARED SACRIFICE. …I think not. …..this is not looking good when in 2 years we seen not even one growth of tourism. Not even a tiny bud…..

        Minister Crockwell hiding behind the TA due to his lack of ability to improve Tourism for Bermuda….instead he throws away money. ..ooooh this is unbelievable stuff….you can’t even make it up. ..

        • nomoremoney says:

          the TA has had more success with one campaign than the dept of tourism ever had. Read the numbers in the other article. I’m so tired of politicians and their bidders knocking down anything just to help make the kool-aid.

        • SMH says:

          Ah..the predictable faux outrage…but still nothing on the $20 million overspent on Port Royal….how hypocritical you are. bamboozle away my dear…it’s what your good at

          • BETTTYTRUMP says:

            Yeah…..he he laughing at Bermuda….all the way to the bank…….aaaaah

          • Damn Rather says:

            $20 million was nothing. Berkeley was what???? 40 or 60 million over budget and gifted to Proactive Construction, a start up company with no experience. And they just quietly faded away.

            • Raymond Ray says:

              @ Damn Rather, yes indeed, it should be more than a fleeting thought :-(
              “$20 million was nothing. Berkeley was what???? 40 or 60 million over budget and gifted to Proactive Construction, a start up company with no experience. And they just quietly faded away.

        • aceboy says:



          They should be less transparent then? Like the PLP were?

        • Ed Case says:

          When I think of PLP success in tourism, two things come to mind:

          1. Dave Allan’s 100 day recovery plan – still waiting..

          2. Almost 30 mill to Global Hue – I mean, thats what you do for your aceboy.

          Case closed.

          • BETTTYTRUMP says:

            ….and this is your failed attempt to dismiss the sad unfortunate situation your OBA govt is now putting Bermuda in today, to always fall back on what the PLP did or did not do? REally ….well we are more doomed than ever.

            ….if this is your only response to this “Overpaid and Underperforming” BTA….while thousands of dollars is loss. I thought the code message coming from the OBA was we are in Crisis, yet here are thousands of dollars wasted daily….for real….

            Resorting to Blame-it-on-the-PLP- Game is no longer effective, is more or less indicates the OBA are out of effective ideas. Come on OBA defenders you gotta do better than this….come on…..

            • Damn Rather says:

              @Betty, the PLP IS TO BLAME for much of our problems. Who would you like to blame for the overspending? Who would you like to blame for the 3/4 of a billion dollars in unaccounted for money from the public purse. Who would you like to blame for the policies that caused our international business to leave. Don’t try to blame it on the economy because they did not close down, they moved elsewhere! Who should we blame for the state of education? Who should we blame for the crime rise?

              Perhaps you would prefer that we go along the same path that the PLPs Department of Tourism took us down! Lets see again, what did they accomplish?

              Beyoncé / UB40 Concert? Fail
              Faith Based Tourism? Fail + Fraud
              PGA Golf – Fail
              Diaspora Tourism – Fail
              Forgot to sign Cruise Ship Contracts – Fail
              Closing a Golf Course in St Georges – Now there was a great idea to help boost tourism in the East End!

              How many Hotels closed in those 14 years? Think about it. Harmony Club, Elbow Beach, Lantana, White Sands, Ariel Sands and many more.

              What exactly was the PLPs plan?

            • Sally says:

              I hope folks would exam this matter based upon the issue and not due go their loyalty to a poltical party. It seems some have closed their eyes to the fact that Performance-based pay should be attached to this high wage. I have to give it to Betty she is 100% correct on this one.

              Folks we gotta do a better job and leave your political leaning out of some critical issues such as this.

          • Dr. the Hon. Ewart F. Brown says:

            FYI….GlobalHue received the same budget that the white-owned agencies had received in previous years. In 2007 Bermuda had more air arrivals than we had welcomed in almost 20 years.

        • Damn Rather says:

          Betty..couldn’t the Union also help the workers by reducing dues? We all know that they don’t pay out what they should when there is a strike! How much do you think they will pay to the workers that went on strike a few weeks ago. Im betting on zero. Prove me wrong.

    • Hahahah says:

      OMG that’s the Bermuda Agricultural Exhibition right there!!!!!

      Is he making more then the President of the US?

      • Let's Go Bermuda says:

        Do you really think that The Ag Show ( which I grew up on and love) is worth more than someone responsible for brings thousands of visitors to Bermuda, and employing thousands of bermudians? SMH

        • johnny says:

          You must be a foreigner if you believe it is worth it to cut the Ag show. This show offers our Bermudian children so much history about our Island, more than they get in all their years in our poorly designed education system. And it is more like He has brought in 0 people and hired 0 people. I am sorry, he hired 4 people, who ready had jobs at, a cost of $1M.

          • hmmmmm says:


          • Damn Rather says:

            I loved the AG show as a kid, however, it has not changed, grown , improved in 30 years! The highlight of the show most years became the overseas performers and bands. That is sad. I know many of us don’t like to admit it but it needs a rethink.

            Furthermore the Botanical Gardens are in sad shape most of the year. There are still large branches dangling in the trees overhead that WILL fall down someday and hopefully not on a child. The gardens and paths are always full of weeds. The Botanical Gardens are no longer a place of beauty and pride. On any given day you can find workers resting and sleeping. Don’t believe me, just check the rose garden at Camden.

        • So Tired says:

          You’ve seen that happen????

      • Future Alliance says:

        Even Nandi Davis-Outerbridge (.i.e MP 1 Term Clueless) is making more than the President, on a net basis so in Bermuda terms this fellow is apparently value for money

      • Santa Claus says:

        Nope. I think the US president makes $400,000 if I remember correctly. Plus expense accounts, non-tax travel, plus accommodation. Compare that to the CEO of American Cancer Society, John Seffrin (who does make more than the US president), with a base salary of almost $600,000 and total compensation of over $2 million.

      • Loquatz says:

        The AG Show does not employ thousands of Bermudians nor contribute many millions of foreign currency revenue to Bermuda. Bill Hanbury was a good hire and deserves our support.

        • hmmmmm says:

          Neither does the BTA!

          If he is a “good hire” that remains to be seen. Watch this space because he hasnt shown me anything as yet!

      • SMH says:

        The president of the United States makes $400,000

    • Mockingjay says:

      Thursday on Sherrie J should be real interesting.

    • Mockingjay says:

      $7,000 a week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tough Love says:

        Wow, it stings more when you break it down like that. I don’t even clear $7k a month before deductions!

  2. Wtfhaha says:

    Wtf you mean!!!!!

    • Michael says:

      As 50 cent says I’m laughing all the way to the bank Ha, ha ha ha ha ha, ha!

  3. stunned,,, says:

    WTH – and this drivel from him is the best Bermuda can buy for that kind of money?????…#imsovexed.

    Please Bermuda lets get rid of those non-producers, talkers, surveyers, and find people who can effectively turn our tourism product around. this man is not the one.

  4. stunned,,, says:

    quite simply no bonus until air arrivals have increased by 5% and this is sustained monthly for a minimum of 8 consective months in any year.

    and what pray tell qualifies for a bonus apart from being discretionary by the Board????

  5. Triangle Drifter says:


  6. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    Can’t Trust Them!! n then expect the rest of us to take Furlough days!! This is not right maybe him and the rest of them should take a pay cut n why is a foreigner the head of our Tourism this is shameful n embarrassing! Can’t Trust the OBA!

  7. Errin Butterfield says:

    Well done to The OBA. Am I supposed to believe that this is money well spent? Is this an example of cutting costs? Especially with the budget soon to be released. So many things come to mind while reading this article. In my opinion this is absolutely amazing.

    • SMH says:

      Grow up and please stop with this small minded immaturity. Its an important position and the remuneration was proposed by a recruiting firm and is commiserate with his experience. Children.

      • stunned,,, says:

        i would like to give the posters here the benefit of the doubt. this position is without a doubt very important but what is equally important is RESULTS. nearly one year since the BTA’s inception, the best that the BTA can tell us is that while our air arrivals grew less than 1 percent our competition did much better????

        i would like to know the names of CEO’s running other similar size destination marketing organizations to do an equitable comparison to track their success.

      • Errin Butterfield. says:

        @ smh thanks you made my night. Sometimes no matter what some people will defend the actions of others. It speaks volumes when people are in defense mode they won’t engage in a decent discussion ,the best that they can do is try to belittle others with comments like”grow up” also referring to people as “children” and won’t realize and respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether you agree with it or not. By the way your pen name is exactly what I am doing.

    • Family Man says:

      If not, he can get fired. Try that with a civil servant.

  8. SMH says:

    I bet this is still way less than Chris Furbert me!

  9. more than enough says:

    is that not excessive? that’s approximately twice what the premier makes, not including the potential %30 bonus and housing allowance [$75,000? where does this guy live?] i think that is very generous of the bta execs to give themselves such gracious compensation packages, dodwell isn’t mentioned here, but this has worked out well for him… most likely making more than he made as an mp.
    over $300,000 a year, and that is supposed to stop people from talking..? that is ridiculous! we really need to rethink this approach, cuts, furlough days, etc..for the little man [alan jackson] and these fat cats think it is ok to take home these huge salaries out of the public purse.
    what a disgrace.

    • Cardine Alice says:

      Given the privateering landlords you’d need in excess of $120k for a bog standard home. Or why not let the hotels put him up?

    • Can you read? says:

      “International recruitment firm Korn-Ferry assisted the Tourism Authority transition team in finding, and setting the compensation for, Bermuda’s first-ever destination marketing organization [DMO] chief executive.

      “Statistically the BTA CEO’s salary is in the mid-range of chief executives running like-sized DMOs globally, according to a Destination Marketing Association International [DMAI] employment survey conducted in 2014. According to the DMAI survey results, 58% of CEOs earn more than Mr. Hanbury, 42% earn less.

      • Mockingjay says:

        @ Can you read, how many CEO’s are being PAID and FUNDED by PUBLIC TAX PAYERS directly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Taxpayer says:

      Also, each of the eight BTA board members are paid EACH $20,000 a year to be on the Board!!!

  10. Trulytruly says:

    Anyone pretending to be surprised by the amount is not being honest with themselves. He has my full support. If he is not successful he will be replaced. I wish him the best of luck.

    • biggadon says:

      I guess someone has to be seen as supporting this ….might as well be you huh ! smh

  11. biggadon says:

    Grabs popcorn and pulls up a chair this is gonna be a good one …. I say 75 posts by 11pm

  12. Quo says:

    anyone who doesn’t already know ought to realize by now that the OBA’s ‘shared sacrifice’ only applies to Bermudian workers. foreigners are entitled to luxury. when will we stop allowing ourselves to be made second class citizens in our own country?

    • Creamy says:

      How many thousand jobs were lost in the private sector? 5,000?
      And how many jobs were lost in the public sector? None?
      Now do you see?

      When you talk about who are “second class citizens”, who are the ones with 14 weeks sick, 6 weeks vacation, luxury pensions?

  13. Bermuda Boy says:

    Are you kidding me! For what?

  14. Tree Hugger says:

    He loves bermuda and bermudians give him a break

    We need him remember and he came out of retirement to help us

    • Self says:

      Are you for real? He came out of retirement solely to “help” us? So this lucrative package had nothing to do with it?

  15. Walter Burgess says:

    Sorry OBA, – this compensation package for this position is way way over the top.

    Needs to be revised ASAP…..

    F. Walter Burgess

    • Let's Go Bermuda says:

      For some one that can employ thousands of Bermudians, on one successful campaign, let alone a whole year of successful campaigns…? Really you think too much? Over the top? Tourism is Bermudas largest employer and the biggest chance to turn the whole economy around. Please wake up and smell de coffee. PS Do you realize what other destinations are offering? SMH get with reality

      • Jadon says:

        Employee bermudians for how long ? 3 years for the Americas cup ? Wow….. I could open up a circus for 3 years and do the same. Or carnival. OBA are off !! They won’t ever get back into power. Mark my word.

        • Loquatz says:

          Lord help us if the nitwits in the Opposition get back in. You’ll be looking at generations of poverty.

      • johnny says:

        Ya, since we only pay you $23,000 a month, here’s $8,000 more so you can pay your rent. And by the way since we know that things are real tight here in Bermuda, we will give you an extra $82,000 as a reward for giving the hospitality industry so little work to do during the year.

  16. Ed Case says:

    This less than I thought. I guessed $450k. Still the PLP blog morons will be moaning about this for months, further they will turn it into a race issue be tomorrow, and moan about slavery etc etc etc.

    So, its a fairly normal day. As DREB would say – This too shall pass…..

  17. Kangoocar says:

    To all the PAID plp bloggers above on this thread, stop your nonsense!!! Somehow you all forget the FACT that we are spending $$ 5 MILLION less a year on tourism!!! This salary is very reasonable for a posistion that is responsible for a huge amount of Bermudians working in the Hotel/ tourism connected businesses!!!!
    I actually would listen to you if you made your former Min Zaney come out and state what the former chief ( under YOUR plp ) of the hospital boards salary was?????? To this day, that is the ONLY thing zaney has not spouted off about, why is that??? Until you all actually demand he come out state it, your NOISE is irrelevant !!!!!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      @Kangoocar You need to open your narrow mind to the possibilty that just because someone doesn’t agree with a move by the OBA automatically makes them pro PLP. Your blind sheep following support of the OBA isn’t healthy, take a step back & open yourself to all views & angles then stop polorizing everything into OBA or PLP because inthe end it’s about Bermuda not any given individual party…..

      • Kangoocar says:

        So the $5 MILLION in savings means nothing to you???? By the way, I still don’t think it is excessive, I would be taking a big reduction in earnings to do that job!!!!

        • BETTTYTRUMP says:

          Kangaroocar stop your diehard blindfaithfulness it is killing what little bit of interity you might be able to save ….deal with the real facts for a change. …this is unacceptable and OBA have made a wrong turn on the chess board….they have fallen on their swords in this regard….it’s almost sounds unreal to be true….

          How can you beg GOVT workers to take a furlough day when these TA folks are making a killing…..really

          Is your faithfulness that has blinded you so much your unable to see beyond your OBAUBP nose….ooh please wake up
          ……this is outrageous and the sad part is Minister Crockwell lacks any common sense in regards to this big problem he has created….

        • johnny says:

          To bad they can’t apply that 5 million in savings to the budget.

    • Jadon says:

      Lol plp don’t have to pay bloggers. We wouldn’t steal those jobs from you Full blown OBAss’

  18. Watcher55 says:

    Wow what a fantastic deal fror Bermuda………NOT!

  19. Rhonda says:


    • Family Man says:

      Was the math too much for you?

      • Rhonda says:


        • fedup says:

          That’s why you don’t have the job….you’re stumped by simple algebra.

          • more than enough says:

            that is addition, not algebra. genius.

            • bdaboy says:

              That’s pretty pathetic that so many of you don’t know what algebra actually is.

            • OMG says:

              “that is addition, not algebra. genius.”

              Oh my god, this is so sad, please google “what is algebra”, you look and at least 20 other people look like such idiots now.
              here’s a hint, algebra includes addition….so sad.

              • more than enough says:

                algebra;the branch of mathematics that deals with general statements of relations, utilizing letters and other symbols to represent specific numbers, values, vectors, the description of such relations…
                like i said…addition.

          • Self says:


            Algebra? Really? You sound pretty stumped yourself buddy!!

            • fedup says:

              yes, it’s a subset of mathematics, called algebra….you two dimwits should have paid attention in school…the simple stuff, like addition and subtraction, is called algebra by those of us with an education

              • more than enough says:

                ok professor.

                • more than enough says:

                  i believe the word which you are looking for is arithmatic; n. the mathmatics of integers, rational numbers, real numbers, or complex numbers under addition, subtration, multiplication, and division. adj. of or relating to arithmatic.
                  check yuhself!

                  • more than enough says:

                    “by those of us with an education” that’s the problem…educated fools.
                    think before you type.

        • campervan says:

          Rhonda I dont agree with your politics but I do like your sense of humour:)

      • Unbelievable says:

        Family Man, yeah she can’t really count that high.

        If that’s the case, then she really can’t count as high as 800 million either.

    • Mockingjay says:

      Um I’m a high school dropout, but let me take a shot at this.
      $458,500 which comes out to be about $8,800 a week give or take.
      Does Legal theft come to mind.
      Everyone talking bout CRIME, but tell me who are the CRIMINALS.

      • Mockingjay says:

        Oh, and his housing allowance of $75,000 is a $6,250 a month CRIB.

        • Charlly X says:

          Wow so its right to keep throwing more money overboard !! P.S . Look in the mirror and call yourself a Morron !! why are we paying a minister ? We could have hired twice the people with that money and get the same results !!
          Two wrongs still never made it right . Talk about friends n family lol shared sacrifice !! More lies More lies !! No trust in politricks !!

      • aceboy says:

        What was the former head of the hospital administration board’s salary?

        Oh…that’s right. We don’t know and apparently never will.

  20. Ed Case says:

    To all the PLP morons who think this is a bad deal. I suppose the 28 mill spent on DREB’s ace boy was a better deal? I mean it was the Platinum Period. For him maybe HA!

  21. Tony Brannon says:

    Keep doing the great job with your amazing team.

    • Any team that brings in 5% less tourists during its first year cannot possibly be described as amazing. That description is reserved for the team that brings in more tourists.

      • stunned,,, says:

        thank you

      • whatever says:

        How long do you realistically expect it to take to turn our tourism product around? One year seems a bit short. Give them two, and then judge. I don’t know about you, but my vacations are booked pretty far in advance! Saying they didn’t cut it in one year is just not fair!!

        • The comment was in reference to the team being described as amazing despite bringing fewer visitors than the year before. Also consider so many other tourist destinations have seen remarkable turn arounds over that period.

      • fedup says:

        hat have you done to bring in more tourists, larry? whining on the internet doesn’t seem to work.

      • Trulytruly says:

        Try turning a 30 year decline around in less than a year and we’ll give you 1 million. Can we be more realistic? Bill Hanbury needs all of our support to turn tourism around and create jobs in the process. What price would you put on that? How long do you think it might take to impliment changes and see results? 9 months?

        • more than enough says:

          bill said he could do it in 6 months…we are already supporting him with almost half a million dollars worth of benefits and hard cash, what else does he want? a parade? maybe we could name the new airport after him. or the causeway…or are his words spoken like those of the oba, meaningless, empty promises? i was raised differently,back when tourism was booming, and a man’s word meant something.

      • Redman says:

        @ Larry Marshall & Other Moaners

        So you and others expected them to turn around a 30+ year decline in one year? Turn around Bermuda’s well known reputation of being too expensive and not always worth the money spent, nothing to do ….

        News Flash people, our former & potential visitors have been voting with their feet for 30+ years and they have been heading to all points but here, long before the BTA and Mr. Hanvbury.

        I would like to know what you base your criticism on, your own business successes?

        • stunned,,, says:

          @Redeman – in the space of one year – what did Bill Hanbury and his team tell you that you did not already know? i’ll help you: NOTHING.

          btw did you know Bermuda was in the Atlantic and not the Caribbean? this alone should have brought people to Bermuda in droves…a rose by any other name is still a rose isn’t it? so, where were the arrivals?

          • Redman says:

            @ stunned,

            More feigned outrage I see.LOL

            • stunned,,, says:

              trust me this outrage is genuine and consistent. i happen to prefer value for money.

              • Redman says:

                So what should the pay be, what targets should be met…?

                If the BTA is to ‘turn around’ tourism the product needs revamping so that’s where they need to start. If and when we get that right we will start to see the numbers increase, We wont get nor see any real return in numbers until that happens.

                Cue more feigned outrage I’m sure.

        • Charlly X says:

          LoL 30+years of decline ? If that’s what you call it ya dumber than you look !! Mismanagement ! Hipocractics ! ! Taking the money and running is what’s been happening !! They call it politics !!!

          • Redman says:

            @ Charlly X,

            So what has it been thirty years of growth? LOL. When you want to see dumb just look at a mirror. :-)

            Call it what you will but a change was needed from the mismanagement we have seen for far too long. That is why the BTA has been set up. Rather than carry on like the last 30 plus years as we all know the saying about doing things the same way expecting different results!

    • biggadon says:

      whaaaat amazing what have they done so far to be given the title AMAZING
      …you are clearly just talking outta your GUITAR… smh

      • mixitup says:

        Biggadon. I think you know where those comments come from.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Tony Brannon, stop begging at the foot of the table. Your selfishness is something else!

    • John Young says:

      I’m with you Tony. I’ve met Bill a few times and he has my full support. And he is doing an amazing job even if there hasn’t been a full recovery of our tourism product. If Bermudians are so upset with him and the job he is doing, why isn’t there a Bermudian in the post doing it better? Why? Because none of us were qualified. I interviewed for the job and I have 25 years in Hospitality management…and I can admit that I am not even close to being qualified to do that job! He has his work cut out for him…but if we keep bringing him down and this island, it will be the end of us. It sounds like many Bermudians are happy being unhappy and out of work and want to see every initiative that has the potential to benefit all of us simply fail. So the best option sounds like we should just toss in the towel and blame the white man!

  22. Truthseeker says:

    You have got to be kidding me?! That salary is ridiculous, plus a bonus?! Who the hell gets a bonus for doing thier job and why?!? I’m sorry that’s an atromonical amount of money! Correct me if in wrong but wasn’t the present governors salary printed a few months ago stating that he makes around $300,000 annually? How the hell can he be making about the same as the governor of an entire country?? I’m just in shock that they have no problem paying soneone that amount of money! Especially when I haven’t seen any improvement in tourism! Wow is all I can say!

    • Cardine Alice says:

      And then there are the other Quangos. All paid more than Governors, judges, premiers. and many are for retires with other incomes too.

    • Truth enlightener says:

      “Who the hell gets a bonus for doing thier job and why?!?”

      Do you not see the auto-grat applied to your bill in almost every hotel/restaurant/bar in this country?

    • Loquatz says:

      You obviously don’t know much about norms for compensating top notch sales people.

  23. tom cooke says:

    Can somone tell me how much Chris furbert and Jason haywood make as there money comes right from the workers paycheck. …

    • Self says:

      No comparison. Workers have a choice whether to pay union dues or not. If unhappy with the union, withhold unions dues and donate to charity. If unhappy with what this man is paid, what do people do? Withhold taxes?

  24. MB says:

    I don’t think this was the right time at all to disclose that figure, and he is in PR. Hope he has better judgment on reviving tourism.

    Just goes to show the imbalance in Bermuda, some of us get $5k+ a month for rent others get 0, but we all have to pay the same bills! I think salaries in Bermuda should be flat for industry, reflecting high cost of living here so Bermudians are not prejudiced for being local.

    • Self says:

      I thought the same thing. With the way the workers are feeling right now, the timing is a little off.

      Having said that, although his salary and benefits are in line with what CEO’s earn (probably lower actually) with so many Bermudians struggling I’m sure it won’t go over very well.

      • more than enough says:

        it’s like he’s waving it in your face, just before the tightest budget ever is announced? this guy can’t be that smart. you guys sure he is worth the money? i beg to differ.
        just plain old arrogance, of the worst kind…that created by the vast accumulation of wealth.
        just like the poster below.

        • Taxpayer says:

          With PATI legislation coming into effect April 1st 2015, the BTA would have HAD to make Bill Hanbury and his executives salaries available.Looks like he would rather give this information before PATI discloses it.

      • Trulytruly says:

        Parliament is back on Friday. Thats the timing.

        • Rockfish#2 says:

          Exactly! He is attempting to limit the discussion, and protect the Minister from criticism in Parliament.

  25. SMH says:

    I am bracing myself for all the children to start throwing all their toys out of the pram over this. Toddlers will be tolders, immature to the end

  26. stunned,,, says:

    we can stop with the usual party rants. this is not an OBA/PLP thing. this is a BERMUDA thing:

    are we getting value for money? is this team innovative, effective enough to grapple with a decades-old problem of declining visitor arrivals? is the task more difficult than envisioned? do we need a younger visionary to promote our product, tap into new client base? can Bermuda mobilize itself to transform into that something that more savvy travellers want? do we know what we are and what we want to be? who are our like-for-like competition? these are simple questions that keep me up at night.

    • fedup says:

      What did Bermuda get for the $2B the plp spent? besides $2B in debt?

      • stunned,,, says:

        we should have beeen demanding that our MP’s provided answers to similar questions.

  27. Neutral says:

    #1. A Bermudian doesn’t need a “Housing Allowance” who is capable of the post.

    #2. He hasn’t even done anything to enhance Bermuda’s Tourism to even earn that wage.

    #3. Look who is at the head!! Owner of the reefs whom has made some bad business choices.

    #4. If a CEO cannot make a difference in Bermuda’s Tourism within the 1st two years, he or she needs to be fired.

  28. Future Alliance says:

    Bill Hanbury for Premier and Minister of Tourism!

  29. Sky Pilot says:

    WTF?…how much?…the job should have gone to a Bermudian,not some American!

    can you imagine how he is laughing at us for this amount of money or if a Bermudian was to do the USA’s Tourism?

    • stunned,,, says:

      easy now – it is not necessarily a bad idea to utilize a person with experience in the psyche of the American traveller since most of our visitors come from the USA.

      however, i suspect the issue is that the psyches of the American traveller that Bill is used to dealing with and the American International traveller are two different animals and that this is proving to be new ground for Bill/BTA when it comes to formulating strategies for Bermuda.

    • fedup says:

      Yes, it should have gone to a bermudian…a surly, lazy bermudian, who’ll call in sick 7 or 8 days a month, move like molasses and demand to be paid, because they’re a bermudian.

      • smokey says:

        I guess you are referring to yourself unless you are a foreigner and if you are your arrogance towards your host country is outrageous. If you are a local then your remark shows your lack of intelligence, or your grasp of the situation is being clouded by being institutionalized over the years of submittance to this colonial system which dictates that Bermudians are inferior to all others.

        • mixitup says:

          Disgusting…to think that these things walk amongst us.

          • OMG says:

            you don’t walk, you sit on a wall and complain about ‘colonials’….crying because you were handed a job on a silver platter. get off your lazy *** and work.

        • A Furbert says:

          C’mon now Smokey. Everybody has experienced the disaster that is “customer service” in Bermuda. From maniacs with power trips running the post office (YES, Im here to pick up a package, shocker), to the rude *** serving you at the bus station (YES, Im trying to buy bus tickets, shocker) to the idiot workers acting like they are doing you a favour (YES Im trying to buy lunch at lunchtime, shocker), Bermuda has some really bad, lazy and unhelpful people manning the front line. And yes, I’m FROM here(shocker), born and raised here (another shocker) Ive just been away, you know, a little place called the “Rest of the World” which exists outside your backward island “paradise”. Wake up and smell the coffee smokey, or stop smoking whatever you do, because Bermuda has and will continue to fall off the tourism radar as long as these people are at the fore front of everything. Unfortunatly, I wouldnt recommend Bermuda as a destination as racism and xenophobia is rampant (Ive been told Im not Bermudian enough because of my skin colour, Ive been hassled by airport staff for being in the wrong line at the airport). Ive told many friends in ernest to spend their dollars somewhere more worthwhile. Sad, but true. Bill or anybody cant help Bermuda until YOU LOT learn to help yourselves.

      • Self says:

        So you’re saying ALL Bermudians are that way? There are NO hardworking Bermudians? Not even one?
        The stats tell a different story. Look at all the thriving businesses owned or run by Bermudians. Look at all the Bermudian professionals, who certainly didn’t get where they are by being lazy and surly. Look at the Bermudians selected for the AC board, who hold high ranking positions in the business world. Why would he pick them if they’re lazy?
        Somehow, though, I suspect your comments are directed at a certain segment of our community.

  30. Just a matter of time says:

    And it has taken HOW long to make this information public?? A case of a purposeful molasses slow transparency at best. At worst, this is disgraceful, insulting and a slap in every Bermudian’s face. Let’s bring out the salaries of all the BTA team and also tell us how many are Bermudian? Do they get bonuses and housing allowances too? A $6,250 monthly housing allowance on top of the other excesses he gets on the taxpayer’s dime?? For doing what? Has he been paid his bonus already and what’s the criteria for getting the bonus? Incredibly insulting considering the pounding the civil servants have taken since 2010 and moreso in recent weeks. So many questions which will probably be answered next year, maybe. Smh.

    • Creamy says:

      How long did it take for us to find out about Pastor Bean’s $160,000 to write a report to himself? Was that good “value for money”?

  31. more than enough says:

    bta performance, “relatively flat”. bta compensation packages… unjustifiably fat.

  32. Triangle Drifter says:

    Before signing on for the job I’ll bet he did his homework on Bermuda & was well aware that certain politicians & the unions would try to interfere every step of the way to stifle whatever success he might have.

    To have to deal with such opposition from the very people who need the help demands a salary to compensate for the constant criticism. You can bet we get more bang for the buck from Mr Hanbury than the overpaid Permanent Secretarys taking up space in Government.

    • stunned,,, says:

      correction: Bill Hansbury should be paid to perform a job to produce tangible results irrespective of the criticism he will endure. he was pulled out of retirement, perhaps he should have stayed there.

    • mixitup says:

      I’m now convinced that Triangle Drifter needs help.. Bernews. Can you refer him somewhere…..far far away.

  33. Dylan says:

    Some of you are simply out of touch and have no Idea at what it takes to attract talent …..simply out of touch …get over it …. His job is on notice if they do not produce he will be gone ….can’t say that about many of you who show up some actually on time and collect without reprisal …..GROW UP…

    • stunned,,, says:

      don’t get mad: it’s results people want. let’s not treat people as if they don’t realize that one has to pay for talent. however with TALENT, there must be RESULTS – tangible results at that.

      • Redman says:

        What’s a reasonable time frame for results? What would you consider to be tangible results?

        BTW I say carry on Mr. Hanbury and the BTA, we have been in a downward spiral for most of the last 30 odd years so should we go back to what hasn’t been working after less than two years? Maybe we should go back to our Platinum Period! LMAO

        Should Mr. Hanbury and the BTA be unsuccessful in turning things around changes will be made and he plus others will be gone. Now if only we could have that level of accountability in the Govt CS… yeah right!

        • stunned,,, says:

          i don’t know about you but a reduction in tourist arrivals is not my idea of progress…at least if we could have achieved the same figures as last year – that would have been regarded as positive – we were stabilizing etc.

          in the meantime you have high paid COO ($175k+) doing surveys on home accommodations – you tell me how that is filling up planes arriving at L.F.Wade International airport?

          • stunned,,, says:

            on reflection – the BTA should not be 100% salaried. if they were paid commissions based on meeting targets, we would see different results – an improvement. i would not have a problem with them receiving hefty commissions in this instance because the results would more than compensate. the non-performers would fade away off the payroll. the talkers would either convert into doers or find another sucker. win-win for Bermuda

          • Creamy says:

            There was an increase in arrivals. But don’ t let me spoil it for you. You look like you’re enjoying your rants.

            • stunned,,, says:

              you are correct. i apologise. it was .8% – less than one percent growth. i take it all back…

  34. Skeptic says:

    The responses to this show that we as a community have very little chance of succeeding. We cannot understand what level of talent and relevant compensation it takes to compete internationally and when we do get some people who have half a chance of helping us to succeed, we would rather rip them to shreds and have fun doing it. We spend more time trying to make people fail than we ever put into helping our country succeed. We are becoming an incredibly sick, pathetic and largely irrelevant island.

  35. Shell says:

    I would like to think that if I was as qualified and experienced as him. I would be making the bucks too. As it is, I am not which is why I don’t make the big bucks. I am surrounded by 4 big money makers with big housing allowances and 2 of them are Bermudian. They also went to college and have all sorts of letters after their names and bring in money for the company. I didn’t and don’t. I don’t begrudge their years of schooling, hard work and long hours. Would I like a housing allowance? Damn straight. Do I deserve one? Maybe. Will I get one – unlikely. It is what it is.

  36. On de Hill says:

    So no one has mentioned how the PLP were saying that they knew the salary was over 700k. – Wrong again. People want to judge the BTA after 10 months of being created! Tourism has been in a free fall for 20 years and you expect it will be fixed in less than a year. You all are not sincere. I am glad we have a government that is prepared to do the right thing and stick to it for the long haul. Too bad the PLP government was preoccupied with getting votes. How did that work out for Bermuda?

  37. whatever says:

    I do not find this compensation package outrageous at all, for a senior exec. He’s got more years of experience than I’ve been alive. And his housing allowance is very modest compared to your average expat.
    As long as he delivers on his mandate, he should be entitled to his bonus as well, although the bonus should be based on long term performance (3+-ish years) rather than annual evaluation.
    You have to give him more than a year to turn this ship around… I don’t know about you, but my holiday plans are booked at least one year in advance and Bermuda’s reputation for being a(n overpriced) destination for “newlyweds and nearly deads” is fairly entrenched. As is our recent record of fairly poor customer service.
    You want a panacea for our tourism product woes? It’s more than just this guy. It’s us. We can all make it a great place to visit that will keep people coming back.

  38. Ed Case says:

    PLP-tards will be blogging all night tonight.

  39. Terry says:

    Someone call Calgon Gosling.
    I need a rum.
    Time for me to settle in for the night at the airport…………………
    Gonna be a long time until I see a new face.

  40. Just a matter of time says:

    Oh the double standards, it’s so disgusting. So let me get ths straight. No transparency until NOW to disclose this information which is insulting enough. But what’s even more nauseating is the fact that he, a foreigner is given the full benefit of the doubt with NO results to show since he took up the post. Bermudians, especially civil servants are rarely given the benefit of the doubt. There are MANY Bdians with letters behind their names too. We have also been swindled and taken for a ride by many a foreigner without getting value for money. The Bermudian public deserves these answers, it’s not privileged information as they have been allowed to get away with since the inception of the BTA. And these salaries were already negotiated by the Govt from the beginning. The same Govt who want to cut the civil servants left, right and center. The double standards are unbelievable.

  41. “I don’t want it to be politicised. Everyone needs to buy into this whether they like my salary or not; we are trying to solve a serious problem.”

    That’s right Bermuda we need to buy into this whether we like his salary or not. Spoken with the utmost humility by a man trying to solve a serious problem. Would that be Government over spending?

    • whatever says:

      Hi! Sorry, but where are these “quotes” coming from? They are not from the article above. Are they from a different source where Mr Hanbury was quoted directly (and can you please reference these for our edification), or are they from your own paranoid/deluded reality?

  42. more than enough says:

    how does an american guy that lives here, pays zero rent, most likely provided with free transportation, and free food, not to mention the $300,000 direct deposit into his personal bank account, sell overpriced hotel rooms and overpriced amenities, in an island that he knows very little about?
    i am sure he is telling his american business partners/friends about the opportunities to make lots of money here whist not contributing any of the money back into the economy[trickle down my a$$]because everything is paid for, housing etc..its like an all inclusive vacation that pays you.
    win or lose, he will be banking well over a million dollars for four years work, i dont give a f%&$ what anybody says…that is excessive, in our time of need.

  43. more than enough says:

    close to what bill is netting, i’m sure.

  44. more than enough says:

    hotel workers and gov. have wage freezes, the private sector has taken cuts all around, with some being left unemployed, or out of business…and within the first year of forming the bta has already written in a bonus clause? for real?

  45. Buddy says:

    If you want someone as qualified as this man is you are going to have to pay good money. This is not a lot compared to what your average CEO makes.

    • more than enough says:

      “your average ceo” as you put it, makes alot more than bill. but you forget to mention that “your average ceo” works for a company/corporation that is profitable, very unlike our government, which is deep in debt…

      • Buddy says:

        Who do you know that is as qualified as him that would do this job for any less pay. Be realistic. If you want someone who is top of the line you are going to have to pay big bucks for it. And with Bermuda’s tourism being in the state it is in, we need the best we can get.

    • smokey says:

      At what point
      do you realize that your throwing money to the wind. Im all about results which I haven’t seen for the amount paid out. I wonder what would happen if the HOTELS were footing these salaries and didn’t see any tangible results. Fired!!!!

    • smokey says:

      Ceo s of our IB companies are affiliates (Some) tied into larger mother companies many of which make more money than our GDP and can afford to pay large salaries to their top brass. Smaller companies would have to produce great revenues to justify large salaries to Ceos etc ,
      to their share holders.

  46. Dylan says:

    just another tidbit ……….. if the average civil servant is earning $70 then really guys you question Mr Hansburys Salary ….. imagine Govt staff supervisors not dept heads must be close to $100k + and more and really guys are we questioning Mr Hansbury’s salary ……’s one for you …if he doesn’t turn this around he will be let go ………and you …will turn up tomorrow and still get a paycheck….. and how about those getting housing allowances in the Public sector …

    • more than enough says:

      that is still under one third of this clowns cp.

    • Self says:

      You’re comparing apples with oranges. 70G for one civil servant, he is making four times that. Civil servants have to pay their own rent/mortgage and they certainly don’t receive bonuses.
      And who are you referring to that receive housing allowances in the public section? The only people that come to mind are the police. I’m nit sure if they still do, but they used to receive roughly $300 monthly, not 75K a year. But, hey, you think he’s worth it so who am I to judge.

      • more than enough says:

        any body else notice how quickly people are in support of cuts freezes furlough days extra responsibility and accountability, for those earning the least, even suggesting that they are overpaid and unworthy of the jobs that they hold, while simultaneously rushing in to defend the aristocrats and fat cats supposed hard work and integrity, qualities which demand high compensation packages[a wage or salary is below them]and how lucky we are to have them blah, blah, blah.
        there is no justification for this… just shameless, blind-faithfulness.
        how can people be ok with this? those making less are forced to do without, and the big shots write in bonuses for themselves bigger than what some make for the year.
        this **** just ain’t right.

        • inna says:

          Sounds like you should move to China. Or Cuba. Those are socialist states. Not Bermuda.

  47. somuchless says:

    No wonder we’re broke.

  48. dream big says:

    For 300g we could’ve offered free plane tickets to tourists! Would’ve seen much better numbers!

  49. js says:

    as a US citizen Mr. Hanbury is required to declare and pay income tax on his overseas income whether he is resident in the US or not

    so out of his base salary of $295k approximately 40% will go to Uncle Sam which would place his salary before any local deductions are made more in the range of that of a local senior civil servant

    now the question really is

    is it fair for the Bermuda tax payer to be on the hook to pay more for Mr. Hanbury’s services in order for his net salary to be commensurate with other local senior civil servants

    US taxes are high especially in that tax bracket

    so I suppose you can’t really blame Mr. Hanbury for trying to squeeze out every dollar he can

  50. Coffee says:

    Can’t get more Platnium then this . I wonder if Mr.Hanburys disclosure has anything to do with FATCA . Maybe Uncle Sam started asking some uncomfortable questions !

  51. craig looby says:

    he making more money than the us president…the bermuda premier and the uk prime minister….:O

    • stunned,,, says:

      with nothing to show the Bermuda taxpayers for it ‘cept the bill.

      • Creamy says:

        Funny thing is, I didn’t see you making this much fuss when the $24m Port Royal scandal came out.

        By the way, the arrivals number went up last year.

        • stunned,,, says:

          creamy – that was an unusual misstep for you to make that assumption. how could you possibly know who “stunned” is and do you think “stunned” is the only nom-de-plume this poster uses. but just for fun, i was very offended by the Port Royal Scandal and i am wondering why the PAC is discussing funding for the AC35 rather than the investigating the $24m.
          yes i conceded your note about arrivals – the increase albeit miniscule was overshadowed in my mind by the overall lack of results.

  52. Clare says:

    So, what are the salaries of the heads of the BMA, Hospital, etc? And all our public servants?

    • nomoremoney says:

      great question, inquiring minds want to know.

    • Herb says:


      Go to the 2010 Census information and you will see that over 5000 B’dians are making between $175,000.00 and $250,000.00 a year.

    • Sad says:

      BMA are not public servants as they are not paid by the taxpayer funds and instead generate money from charging fees to financial institutions

    • Trulytruly says:

      One of those you mention would make your head spin.

  53. somuchless says:

    Now I see why he’s here to stay and its sad but he isn’t even interested in moving on and giving the spot to a local. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    • stunned,,, says:

      he doesnt need to give this spot to a loca. this spot should be occupied by the most qualified person capable of effectively executing this mammoth task of turning our tourism industry around.

      • smokey says:

        Isnt this person selected by the OBA gov or others, not forfilling the obligations bestowed upon him. Foreigner or not. Results are empty. By the way he boasts bout increase cruise passengers when to my knowledge I thought they spent far less dollars then air arrivals which fell and are continuing to fall.

  54. Just a matter of time says:

    No wonder this has been kept secret for so long. Smh.

  55. nomoremoney says:

    in 2011 Premier Cox contracted PWC to remake Bermuda Business, and in 2012/13 they hired a CEO for some $700k. anybody remember that. Hospital Ceo 400+k, and the list goes on.

    • ... says:

      …and your point is what? no justification for more greed and incompetence

  56. more than enough says:

    and what of the lifetime benefits received by tired out, non performing, ex politicians etc… [exceeding six figures], is that really necessary? how those individuals can sleep at night, considering the economic state of affairs that we are in, i couldn’t tell you.
    who the hell thinks that type of crap up anyway?
    we are still paying and will be as long as they are alive for all those that sit in the house, and argue, maybe have some genuinely great aspirations, but more often than not, achieve very little marked progress fulfilling these ideas.
    take dunkley for example, whose private interests most likely net him alot of money, with the support of his customer base,ie, bermudians.
    this is an open question to the premier. do you think you would be able to survive and continue to prosper in business in bermuda if you didn’t receive these lifetime benefits? secondly, would you consider a review of these lifetime benefits plan, with a view to amend this for the good of bermuda?

  57. jt says:

    Too much.

  58. Coffee says:


    Establishing once again that money isn’t a problem OR an obstacle for the right people !

  59. soul jah says:

    This has to be the best paid vacation ever. You most be the best to get this vacation package.

  60. Outrageous says:

    If this man makes $295,000 a year, can somebody please tell me why he needs housing allowance too,for that kind of money he can pay his rent and a couple of other peoples rent as well,don’t even mention the possible 30% bonus and we wonder why Government is broke, it’s because of crap like this.SMH

  61. Preview says:

    For those who feel that this is unreasonable compensation for a CEO, you can easily run a web search for the Proxy statements of listed Bermuda companies for a quasi comparison of executive salaries and benefits. This information is published annually. Conclusion is…yes for most of us this does represent a lot of money, however the reality is, on a relative basis, it is not.

    Time will ultimately tell whether he earns his keep. Is his job important and impact many…unquestionably. I certainly hope that he succeeds at this role as the impact of his success or failure will be shared by many.

  62. shutthemdown says:

    Oba can do no wrong

    I can only imagine what these sellouts would say if the PLP had done this

    All you workers need to take note next time you decide to traitor your vote by giving it to them or not voting against them

    They call you morons for coming against anything they do

    * the oba

  63. just wondering says:

    the exchanges here are truly scary – its very simple – if you want someone capable of doing the job you have to pay them a decent salary – if you don’t they go elsewhere – as it happens Hanbury’s salary is right in the mid range of his peer group – or perhaps you would like to pay a very low salary and get someone useless instead!!!

    • ... says:

      look at the structure of the whole BTA…Bill’s salary is icing on the cake!

  64. De Winna says:

    Talk about overpaid ! – it’s time for a paycut — its simply to much for today’s ecconomy!

  65. Joonya says:

    Oh f*** here comes another march…

  66. Can you read? says:

    All of these comments indicate that none of you can read. This salary is not even competitive, more than half of CEOs of DMOs make more than him. You all deserve what you get. You can complain about foreigners all you want, we’ll be out of here when you run your own country into the ground.

  67. Future Alliance says:

    ……….Hmmm, I smell another HEATLEY SCENARIO, but we need an MP to stand up in the House of Assembly like Terry Lister did and say “…….this Bie needs to pack his bags and get cracking see”

  68. Oh,I see now says:

    I was asked to give up a days pay at my salary to make governments job a no brainer and this guys monthly housing is more than my mortgage.We know full well these people will not breathe the type of life in tourism that will justify those wages,come on.

  69. Cow Polly says:

    Thank you Mr Hanbury for being so transparent when you really didn’t need to be. However if you think you’re going to appease the Opposition, then sadly you are mistaken. Your compensation will become yet another needless political football and you will become just another pawn. I do hope that somehow you can remain focused on the job at hand and for what is good for Bermuda. From what I’ve seen so far you and your team are setting down some concrete foundations for the rejuvenation of our tourism industry however, at the end of the day, its the people of Bermuda who will ultimately decide whether we succeed or whether we fail. No tourist will want to come to an island where they are not welcomed or where there is unrest. Unfortunately the government workers fail to realize this and will continue to bite the hand that feeds them.

    • BETTTYTRUMP says:

      Really, after 2 years,….your now TRANSPARENT….give me a break….this is really a joke……OBA faithfulness protecting and defending…really…..get a grip of reality….oooh dear….

      • Cow Polly says:

        You calling Zane an OBA. faithful Bettty? Get a grip yourself dear

  70. yes I says:

    It’s not the salary and the perks that should concern us. It’s the quality of service which is or isn’t being provided. The BTA has brought forth many ideas, but have not produced any results which translates into financial growth for the island. Let’s not get caught up in the money being paid out and think objectively….is Mr. Hanbury the man for the job?? Keep in mind he is in the 50th percentile of CEOs here on the island so his salary is “peanuts” in comparison to many others.

    • stunned,,, says:

      unfortunately as with anything in life, you pay for what you get. if you pay “peanuts”, then what do you get?

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      His salary should be compared to his peers who are doing a similar job, not the CEO of a large profit driven corporation.

  71. Quo Fata Ferunt says:

    Not a bad gig… if you can get it. His contract should have had some element of performance-based compensation linked to it though…

    • more than enough says:

      how about a performance based reduction?
      sounds like a better approach to me. the way it is now; no performance, no bonus…still gets $300,00 plus housing allowance. how about…no performance no job, loss of pay, return of housing allowance, and fired, retaining this as part of your resume for life.
      should have stayed in retirement…but the opportunity to make all that $$$ could probably wake the dead.

  72. MAKE MY DAY says:

    That is over $7000+ a WEEK + perks (incredible)!! Plus all the other inflated salaries that certain people are being compensated!! And what is /or will be the *return* for BDA in the-long-run?? The 2014 “visitor” figures say… zilch – as they are FLAT!! And I am talking about….”heads-in-beds”!!

    I had better have my BDA born son return to the Island as he has a BSC + a Masters Degree in “business administration – obtained from the University of Arizona!! Maybe he can help…If the Price-is-right!!

    I sure wish I went to university 50 yrs ago – after I left Saltus!! I could be living like a “king” on the Island now!! But – sadly the “household” budget wouldn’t allow it!! You KNOW what happens to Working-class people (white Onions) included!!

    • Maybe you should... says:

      If you think having an MBA automatically qualifies you to the CEO of anything, maybe you should educate yourself now.

      • MAKE MY DAY says:

        Depends what the MBA is in… Plus your “track record”!! My son was at one point a west-coast supervisor for Fedex!!

        Today … He works for a Silicon Valley enterprise!! FOLLOW THE $$$!!

  73. Joonya says:

    I wonder if this anti-OBA sentiment would have been the same if there was a picture of Andre Curtis attached to this article instead..?

    • BETTTYTRUMP says:

      Stop your blindfaithfulness OBA nonsense, and examine this issue for what it really is….OBA falling on their swords….waste of monies yet we are in such a real crisis…….wake up…get off your OBA horse…

  74. swing voter says:

    20 years of losing. Results soon please.

  75. Joonya says:

    Its amazing how all these outraged PLPiu’rs remained silent during the colossal wastes such as Grand Atlantic.

  76. FUNNY says:


  77. PBanks says:

    Mercy. One thing for sure, this article has drawn out almost every single one of the vociferous cheerleaders (paid or otherwise) from both sides.

    Let the Us vs Them continue.

    • stunned,,, says:

      PBanks surprise not everyone in this country subscribes to your US vs Them notion…there are people who put Bermuda first and just want value for money – their party inclinations are tertiary. this country has endured failure after failure with regards to reviving our tourism industry. we took a positive step to decentralize this function into the BTA. somehow we expected that in exchange for x dollars (and to be honest, the amount is irrelevant to me) we would meet our targets, see an improvement, progress, positive indicators when compared to our competitors.

      unfortunately most of the posts are dwelling on the exact amount of remuneration but the issue is much greater: is Bermuda working with the right people to get the right job done? to be fair, i was a believer at the outset, however with the passage of time there is an obvious disconnect with the expectations, actions and the results. my confidence in this group is like the BTA’s recent announcement – “flat”.

      • PBanks says:

        True, there are several, including some in this very thread, that are genuinely about getting Bermuda in a position to thrive again. Didn’t want to suggest that everyone here has political blinders on or is otherwise just pointing fingers for the sake of it.

  78. just wondering says:

    ok – pop quiz – you have a business that’s struggling – you think it can do better but it needs someone to pull it up by its bootstraps – so do you a) hire someone who is clearly not qualified and you don’t have to pay him very much or b) hire someone who is capable and you pay him the going rate?

  79. Wondering says:

    How about Global Hue?

    • Ed Case says:

      Global Hue was OK because it was PLP – PLP spent almost 30 mill on Global Hue. Also it was family and friends……but it was PLP so that makes it OK.

      …and DREBS wife always paid her half of the hotel room. WE know this cos he said it

  80. swing voter says:

    If I were a financially well off semi-retired CEO I would work for $1/year + 1% of any increase in arrivals based on airfare + hotel pricing ;-)

  81. Triangle Drifter says:

    Just to put things into perspective his gross salary with all the perks does not even add up to 2 days debt service that the PLP experiment left us with.

    PLP bloggers want a frightening figure? Work out what that debt service costs Bermuda per MINUTE. What did we get for that debt?

  82. Terry says:

    Over 230 comments.
    Imagine if it were a crisis topic.
    With all the crap being said by other PLP Bloggers on their own pages and ‘other’ we will soon be a member of the Carribean States and on par with all.

    First stop tomorrow will be Goslings for a purchase of 100 cases of Black Seal.

    After the AC gets screwed up …..Yah all will be drinking Mount Gay and smoking weed and burning casareenas for your meal of breams.

    Mark my words.


  83. Conmmon Sense says:

    Donald Thomas (KEMH) was paid more than twice this by the PLP! Please tell us if this is not so. Did we get value for money?

  84. Together says:

    Well, well, well…
    We all seem to have so much time to ***** and moan but please can anyone here volunteer one morsel that they have actually done themselves to assist with promoting Bermuda?

    It is not just up to the BTA, it is up to every single one of us. Seriously!

    Instead of being gribble and angry at what Mr Hanbury earns, why not go outside, take a look at this paradise we live in. Oooh, I have an idea, maybe take a photo, and post that online. Let’s show the world how beautiful this island is. We can all make a difference.

    I was listening to the radio this afternoon and the union tagline was mentioned – “United we stand, divided we fall.” This goes for everything. We all need to help, we cannot sit back and rely entirely on the BTA.

    I have met Mr Hanbury; he is charismatic and he is excited about his job. Yes, he is paid well, extremely well. But he is passionate about this island and passionate about working hard, really hard, to help turn things around for Bermuda. When he speaks about Bermuda and what his team are up to, he lights up like a Christmas tree. That is what we need – people who really love what they do and believe in this island and our future.

    So please, please, can we stop bickering and all make an effort to stand up and ask what we can do to help. They are open to suggestions, so if anyone has a creative idea, then by all means I’m sure Mr Hanbury, Ms Phillip Fairn and Ms Lacey Minors would love to hear it.

  85. LeRocher says:

    When will Bermuda Government ever learn? Tourism will never rebound as it did in the 1980′ 90′s. BERMUDA is too costly. I am in the USA. I talk so much about my country, then I tell them to cruise there. I am sorry to tell them that, but just check what the airlines are charging to fly to Bermuda from Orlando via Miami. I wanted to bring my sister to Florida in April or May but the COST is OVER $800 – $1150 via American Airlines in economy seats! It’s the same on May 24th holiday. Other airlines are not much difference$$$. Add the cost of hotels, sightseeing, shopping. If Bermuda is to survive you NEED BERMUDA Entertainment, Bermuda WORKERS, Bermudian Cuisine. What does Bermuda offer on RAINY days when you can’t go to the beach? Paying some ‘over the top salary and perks’ to anyone who has textbook know how of our country does not justify these salaries. It’s not worked all these years #smh !! The Govt needs to talk to Bermudians who can tell you what will make Tourism work. Nuff Said!!!

  86. John Young says:

    This island is doomed…all you moaners out there. You all just want to see things get worse and see good people fail at their jobs. Yes…the salary is excessive and bonus are a thing of the past (and I’m sure his bonus is results based – and with 5% less visitors I’m sure he’s not seeing a bonus).

    @together: you are exactly correct. The BTA can only lay the framework for a successful model. We, the people of Bermuda, are the one common factor that can help bring a resurgence back. And yes, there will never be a tourism market in Bermuda such as we saw in the 70′s and 80′s. The world is different and we all need to change.

    I come from a tourism family and will not sit idly by while you moaners and cry babies scream and yell at each other about how smart each of you are and how your ideas are better, yet you never have any ideas to offer. Betty Trump PLP Blogger is the biggest wind bag that ever lived…beat everyone down but offer nothing positive in the way of new ideas. And when new ideas are suggested, you just shoot it down. So while you are all fighting with each other, I will be depositing money which comes directly from visitors to my property…and I will be laughing all the way to the bank. Time for everyone else to take a dirt nap!

  87. more than enough says:

    and what new ideas have you suggested john young..?
    i didn’t think so… just keep laughing all the way to the bank, after all you only care about yourself.
    just another pompous, trust funded, wind bag.

  88. Sara says:

    When will the PLP supporters admit that their party was bad at math!!! Numbers don’t lie people. It doesn’t matter what you think, feel, or believe. The numbers don’t li! Gie it up trying to defend the math blunders! You look silly!