Minister Attends SPCA Stable Groundbreaking

May 12, 2015

The Minister of Health, Seniors and Environment Jeanne Atherden was on hand at the recent groundbreaking for the SPCA Stables, offering congratulatory remarks at the event on May 11.

Funding for the stables has been raised over the past several years through donations made by the Ernest. E. Stempel Foundation.

SPCA stables groundbreaking (1)

This project will enable the SPCA shelter to cost effectively care for the island’s large animal population when in need.

SPCA stables groundbreaking (2)

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  1. Regina says:

    This is all well and good but what would be nicer is if people would care for their pets as they should in the first place. And before the haters get too worked up, no, I don’t feel that everyone is suited to have pets / animals. Just like kids: IF YOU AREN’T SMART ENOUGH TO CARE FOR THEM PROPERLY OR CAN’T AFFORD THEM, DON’T HAVE THEM. Animals and children – the innocent ones in adults’ drama.