Photos: Jewelry Collection From Sea Plastics

July 19, 2015

St George’s artist and designer Tara Cassidy has released a collection of unique jewelry that aims to highlight an environmental cause, with each piece in the collection made from upcycled sea plastics and “inspired by the land, sand and sea of Bermuda.”

The La Graza Bermuda website says, “La Garza is proud to announce the release of our seventh jewelry collection inspired by the land, sand and sea of Bermuda, the Plastisea Collection. Utilizing plastics found on the beach, we set unique colour combinations into bio resin to create eight vibrant variations.”

Those eight variations include Flamingo Mint, featuring mints, pinks, and reds; Tropica, featuring oranges, purples, and pinks; Shallow Seas, featuring teals, mints, greens, and blues; Island Cliffside, featuring yellows, grays, teals, and turquoises; Seaside Bermudiana, featuring purples, greens, and teals; Palm Paradise, featuring all greens; Mintage, featuring mint greens; and Sailor, featuring deep blues.


“I wanted to show that sea plastics can be just as beautiful as sea glass which is used so extensively in art and jewelry and so this collection was born. Each piece is handcrafted and shaped using bio resin at our seaside studio in St. George,” Ms Cassidy said.

“I’m proud to promote awareness, sustainability and conservation through the La Garza brand and manufacturing process and will continue to raise funds for worthy causes on here on island through my sales. Five percent of this collection will be donated to coastal clean up efforts.”

To order products or learn more about La Garza, visit their website for more information.

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  1. Tania Stafford says:

    This is a wonderfully vibrant collections Tara, congratulations!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great Job Tara!!