Photos & Video: Around The Island Boat Race

August 9, 2015

Inclement weather this morning [Aug 9] did not stop the 2015 Rubis Around The Island powerboat race from taking place this afternoon with clearing skies making way for this year’s entrants taking to the Ferry Reach start line at approximately 2pm.

The first boat across the line and recording the fastest time of 43 minutes 32 seconds in today’s race was D187 with driver Steven Eversley and co-pilot Brandon Franks. This year the powerboat race was sponsored by Rubis Energy who put up a $7,000 prize money for the event. The race started at Ferry Reach and proceeded through the pylons at Coney Island, along North Shore and around a buoy off Gibbets Island.


Boats continued along North Shore and around Hog Fish Beacon through, Two Rock Passage and around Whites Island. From there, boats continued along the Harbour Road shoreline, around buoys at Five Star Island, along to Commissioner’s Point, around Daniels Head and on to South Shore.

Boats then continued along South Shore to St. David’s Head then around St. Catherine’s Point, down North Shore and back to Ferry Reach for the finish. BPA Vice Commodore Kim McCallan previously said, “I would like to thank the crash boat volunteers and all of the volunteers at Ferry Reach and all of our community partners.”

Full results of today’s race will be posted later. View all of our Around The Island Race coverage here and all our powerboat coverage here.

Update Aug 10, 12.57pm: View our second set of photos, prize giving video and race results by clicking here.

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  1. Karen says:

    Congrats guys!!!

  2. Raymond Ray says:

    Thanks Bernews, for sharing this with those of us who where unable to get to the shoreline to view this annual event. Some really fantastic photos / video shots!!!

  3. Golden child says:

    Let’s pray for the guys that hit hard on south shore today Mann!! What a crash

  4. Patricia says:

    Can someone tell me when would a boat be disqualified.

    • RacerX says:

      To be honest I don’t see a boat ever getting disqualified. And it’s SAD because rule breakers kill the sport. I saw a clear jump start in D class yesterday,which in any other racing organization WORLD WIDE would have been automatic DQ/ Black Flag. Then I see a pic going around of the boat on the rocks with another race boat going across without stopping to check accident. Again another DQ that would have been given. But I must not forget we are in Bermuda so rules get broken without any consequences.

      • David says:

        As a person in the start bus no D class boat jumped. And the first boat behind the accident did stop and check that all were O.K. and that a crash boat was going to the accident before continuing in the race. All on video to be seen.

  5. Northshore says:

    I think its time to let all the v-bottom boats leave at the same time and all the cats leave at the same time. Get away from the boring stuff like yesterday or change the format, something needs to change. Just saying.

  6. wondering says:

    was there a confirmed crash on this race….social media is showing an alleged crash – hope everyone is ok if it is true…..key words IF IT IS TRUE!

  7. Dread says:

    This Boat Race has been boring 4years!

  8. Patricia says:

    Thank you RacerX. Now I know. cause I saw a boat go through docked and anchored pleasure craft at White’s Island. It did not go around the race buoys. I was just wondering. Now I know. Sad.

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