PLP To Table Legislation: Commission of Inquiry

August 14, 2015

The Opposition plans to table legislation to establish a “Commission of Inquiry to conduct a special investigation into the serious allegations of extortion and bribery made against Ministers of the government,” Shadow Business Development Minister Wayne Furbert said today.

Mr Furbert said, “From the JetGate scandal that saw 3 OBA Ministers violate the Ministerial Code and led to the resignation of Premier Cannonier, to the serious allegations before the courts of attempted bribery in the Waterfront Scandal by OBA Ministers and insiders…from day one the OBA Government’s tenure has been characterized by scandals, broken promises and lack of transparency.

“When Ministers are accused of accepting favors and payouts from casino developers or attempting to obtain bribes from Waterfront Developers, it casts a serious shadow over our reputation as a clean, modern sophisticated jurisdiction.

“Any right thinking Bermudian would agree that corruption in any form has no place in our country. If it happened in the past it was wrong, if it happens in the future it is wrong and if corruption is happening today, right now, within the OBA government, it is wrong.

“On Monday, in Parliament, I intend to table legislation in the interest of “Public Welfare” to establish a Commission of Inquiry to conduct a special investigation into the serious allegations of extortion and bribery made against Ministers of the government; The Hon. Craig Cannonier, Senator Michael Fahy and MP Mark Pettingill.

“In 2006 the Hon. Michael Dunkley said these words, after calling for a Royal Commission.

“When those who hold public Trust for Private Gain, the effects are too far reaching and too serious for anyone to ignore. How we deal with it in the weeks ahead would say much about us as a country our political leadership and public standard, and the example we set for our children. In making this call we are asking the Premier himself to use the influence of his office to make it happen”.

“I am asking the Premier The Hon. Michael Dunkley to stand where he stood in 2006, and to use the power of his office to direct his Party to support the motion, and make it happen,” concluded Mr Furbert.

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  1. watching says:

    Well Mr Dunkley, if you felt like that in 2006, why don’t you feel like that in 2015? What is the difference?

    • Toughchit says:

      The exact same query can be put to you and your Party now can’t it?

      • Onion Juice says:

        Yup and someone was convicted, and your point is?

        • JD says:

          Well I can’t speak for Toughchit but from my point of view equating the 2006 BHC fraud case to the current situation is a bit of a stretch to put it mildly. That will be my point.

          Lets recap. As you point out someone was convicted in the BHC case of stealing $8m in taxpayer money, but according to the Director of Prosecutions at the time many of those investigated (including one of those guys sitting at that table above) could only be accused of bad ethics and escaped prosecution because of Bermuda’s antiquated corruption charges. Pretty damning stuff.

          Now Jetgate was stupid but in the end amounted to a political donation and an ill advised trip on a jet. Stupid but hardly a case of stealing millions of dollars from taxpayers. By the way I’m all for revising the current campaign finance laws. Why aren’t the PLP pushing for that?

          As for the current allegations on the Waterfront development, have you read those affidavits? They are ludicrously childish. I loved the part about Mom’s bank account, classic. So in the end you have a bunch of completely unsubstantiated accusations.

          So as I said a bit of stretch to equate things in my view.

        • Zevon says:

          Who was convicted and your point is?

    • JD says:

      Good question. What was Mr Dunkley referring to when he said that back in 2006? Oh right it was the infamous BHC scandal.

      That was awhile ago so I’ll need to refresh my memory on that by googling “BHC scandal” as a start, I’d recommend that you do the same. Once you’ve refreshed your memory maybe we can both try and contrast that situation to this one.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Allegedly the BHC scandal had a great deal of evidence, not just allegations. However it is clear that considerable political pressure was put on the then expat persons in authority and the file was closed. Maybe the new laws that came into effect this month will allow those files, and others, to be reopened. Or maybe they have which is why there is so much of a magicians ploy of “look here not there” behavior by the PLP. The net is possibly closing in on some.

  2. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    But I thought they gave all the evidence to the police??? What do we need a commission for if the police are investigating

    • watching says:

      The police are clearly taking their own sweet time doing nothing.

      • Toughchit says:

        And you know this how?

        Now how long thy have been investigating our former Party leader? Still going too:)

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Taking their time, or having a hard time finding a case from political innuendo. The PLP are doing themselves no favours and are not serving the interest of the people.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Exactly. All this evidence that Marc Bean made such a huge fuss over and the photo ops of him marching down to the Police station are looking like they really amount to nothing.

      But I’m still waiting because as an OBA supporter, if Marc Bean truly did give vital information to the Police, I want to see the entire house of cards fall down. I’m tired of this political nonsense we have here.

    • Legalgal says:

      An independent, foreign POLICE investigation is required. If it’s not already to late.

    • I and I says:

      What most people don’t understand is that the Police can catch you red handed in the process of a crime,present the DPP with all the evidence,and for whatever reason the DPP does not forward a case to be tried before the courts.Therefore other avenues must be taken!

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        What evidence has the police presented the DPP?

  3. A Dingo says:


  4. Terry says:

    What a load of crap.
    Wayne Furbert who just follows the party that he can win a seat in then deflects and goes to the other when he looses.

    Then gets elected when he defects.

    Come on folks.
    More of from his former leader “WE HAD TO DECEIVE YOU”.

    Make your own decision.

  5. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    while you are at it,put every member of the plp at the top of the list

  6. Bill says:

    Yet another PLP mis-direction running up to an election politics is all this is! Forget about OUR (the peoples) issues and focus on politicians and politics!

    I am a PLP supporter but I am truly sick of all of this!!

    Whether the premier got $ or not nothing came of it – I dont see any casinos and I dont see the result of the JetGate as resulting in any hotel development, etc. So whatever he was or was not paid resulted in a big fat zero!

    So lets move on Bermuda!

  7. Mike says:

    Yes please. Let’s have a Commission of Inquiry.

    Just make sure the years to be covered are from (around) 2000 to 2015.

    Let’s get on with it. Put this crap to bed once and for all.

    • watching says:

      that can happen. Just get Premier Dunkley to table motion. They have the numbers.

      • Zevon says:

        Not needed. Bean took a whole bunch of tapes down to the police a couple of months ago, he said. He had phone numbers, tapes, evidence to “put you all away for 15 years”. No commission of inquiry needed. Bean has done it all.
        I’m surprised he didn’t mention this again yesterday.

    • Caution says:

      Cearful what you wish for, as any evidence discovered in a Commission of Inquiry cannot later be used in court!

  8. Navin Johnson says:

    Careful what you wish for. The statute of limitations does not apply to fraud….the inquiry into the PLP must be getting close

  9. James says:

    This is funny. All of the evidence was revealed to public and there was NOTHING. ZIP. NADA. NOTHING to substantiate the claims made.

  10. Smiths says:

    a reminder to the PLP, BHC.

  11. Yahoo says:

    Good to see Flip Flop out making ridiculous requests. Shows the stupidity is spread around equally amongst opposition MPs. Good work Flip Flop!

  12. Kevin says:

    I agree lets have a full honest enquiry for 15 years people in glass houses ought to be careful when throwing stones …but once again the green machine is on course ..they just haven’t figured out where they are going and unfortunately it is on its way to destruction….whose next on the mike Burt or Bean. its like watching a comedy show

  13. redbeard says:

    ha. you beleive he actually gave the police any “evidence”? I heard he “forgot” to bring it when he went to the police station. anyway surely this whole thing is sub judice? how can you have a Commission of Enquiry if its still sub judice?

  14. Mr De Silva shall we play golf?????????????????????? Flip Flop what or whom is your next political party?( take Jamal S with you when you decide). I only wish as a citizen I or we could sue the PLP for decitful administration during their tenure. I wonder if PATI could help or has everything been swept away.

  15. Kings Jammys says:

    Hilarious……desperate attempt to deflect the fact that PLP bankrupted this island. What will not be forgotten is the millions of dollars that went “missing” under the PLP.PLP died the same day the UBP did. The PLP do not have any solutions nor plans for our future.

  16. Alvin Williams says:

    Bring in Scotland Yard since they were accuse of giving the former PLP government a pass when they investigated and found nothing? Let’s see if this OBA government can come up with the same clean sheet?

    • Ringmaster says:

      Found nothing? I would not bet on that and forensic accounting takes time. The PLP have not shown one piece of evidence to support the allegations against the OBA which seem to be based on hearsay. Affidavits filed by someone who is being investigated over $18 million of missing money that resulted in Par la Ville being taken over my Mexican interests, backed by a lawyer who has been disbarred? Not very convincing and in any case the police are investigating. It would seem the allegations are not that serious, or based on evidence, or show the evidence. Why isn’t Marc Bean announcing these demands but sending in the third reserves?

    • Navin Johnson says:

      Alvin whom says they found nothing? Stay tuned…

    • Zevon says:

      Get the police to investigate then, Alvin. Phone them up and let them know all your evidence. Go down the station, right now, and hand over the evidence. Make a statement. Tell the police about all the criminal activity you think has been going on.

    • Anbu says:

      Switching sides now are we alvin? U mean u actually WANT help from the british?! Lmfao! What a traitor

  17. Soooo says:

    Sure have a commission… But expand to include, Berkeley, the various buildings built by government on court street and Port Royal Golf Course… There are so many questionable projects over the past 20 years maybe we should include ALL.

  18. The Truth and Nothing but the Truth !! says:

    Furbert, put up or shut up! All we ever hear from you and your panel mates is untruths and hear say. Never ever do you bring it! Which can only mean one thing people,,,, Furbert don`t have it to bring, as always!

  19. Bermuda123 says:

    Can we just focus on getting Bermuda back on top and forget this for now? The time to pursue this is when our national house is in order, not now when it will be a distraction from business, regardless of the truth.

  20. jt says:

    The tactic with this is obvious. I guess they can be given credit for transparency?

  21. Observation says:

    Politics on this island is at it’s all time low.Tit for tat, black or white, can’t see the forrest for the trees. I for one am sick and tired of it. I see children in the playground act more sensible and mature. Time to get over it and FIX this mess we ALL are in. F*** the blame game. UBP and PLP had their chance let the OBA have theirs. Wayne Zane Marc et all stop your petty bickering and act like GROWN MEN with an idea to FIX the island MUTUALLY. I learnt as a CHILD you don’t always get your way and respect, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY goes along way.

  22. bermy bud says:

    Defending your former premiere much! We get it already!

  23. This party MUST look into O.B.A.’s distorted Government!Do what you must, P.L.P.!! Someone must look out for us grass roots Bermudians. The O.B.A. cares about itself and its pockets. Oh, another thing!! All of these “foreigners” who are here, have come into Bermuda SECRETLY!! See…. O.B.A. concerns itself with the NEXT election and votes and does not even look at the people who have built this country to what it is today!!Pay closer attention, my grass roots Bermudians!!This party wants to permanently sink Bermudians!!!

    • Zevon says:

      So ridiculous it’s laughable.

      Who are “grass roots Bermdians”, by the way?

    • aceboy says:


      The only people who came here secretly were flown in on a private jet from Cuba.

  24. Ronnie says:

    Yup, let’s be bring it on but on the condition that it goes back 10 years!

  25. Total disgust! says:

    The PLP are a national disgrace. What is the corruption? Why should the country come to a stand still over gossip and deliberate disinformationot? Do they care nothing about people and building our economy? They embarrass and disgust me to the core. Grow up and be a sophisticated,mature and intelligent opposition as right now you look like real fools!

  26. N WINNERS says:

    look. 3 at the table all SAINTS. Flip Flop ( one of Bermudas most esteemed business men ) looks like he is trying to wake Zane up ( dreaming of golf I guess ) no comment on 3rd member just trying to look interested

  27. Coffee says:

    Very timely indeed ! This government has more allegations of serious misconduct then Bill Cosby and like Cosby , every day we are made aware of even more sordid details , cover ups , bad behavior , frivolous writs and court proceedings . We have a Premier who defends the indefensible and OBA senators , two in particular , who are allowed to overstep moral boundaries of common decency against born Bermudians , not Real Bermudians , born Bermudians .

    • aceboy says:

      Yea. Timely. Like every other PLP press conference in the past 6 months. Moaning and groaning, throwing accusations out hoping they will stick and generally preventing this island from moving forward. All spewed by members of a party shrouded in allegations of corruption. Right on time.

  28. James Rego says:

    It’s amazing how the mindset of a person can change. I’ve known Wayne for many years. As a member of the UBP and my representative in Pariiment, I found him to be a hard working, helpful, interesting and an understanding person. Surely by changing political affiliations cannot change a person to the point where these attributes are discarded and the party becomes more important than the people he represented! I used to see him walking the district, visiting households, mine included, I thought a hell-of-a-lot of Wayne, what he has become is very sad and I have told him as much.

    • James Rego says:

      Wow, I managed to get two dislikes for the above posting. Really sad.

      I still live in the same district, Wayne is still my representative and since changing political parties, I have yet to see him either here in the district or on my doorstep. Wayne you are always welcome to come and chat.

  29. Alvin Williams says:

    On the side of the British ? I don’t think so but since Bermuda still is a British colony or Overseas territory but not on the same level of Northern Ireland; Wales or Scotland; I will be pragmatic enough to use that link to further Bermuda’s interests and that means not to let corruption go uninvestigated.

    • Zevon says:

      So you agree that it is good to have a higher authority to appeal to?

  30. bluebird says:

    Mr Furbet would you be so kind to act you IQ size and not your shoe size as you were at one time the head of the UBP

  31. Jurist says:

    Furby could not run a deli, he is a political opportunist who depends on gullible people to vote for him!

  32. Pete says:

    Seems the PLP are rushing to get the cart before the horse in an effort to try smear the sad decrepit truth of this sordid matter they have concocted.
    The matter is before the Court`s, let it come out what really went down,
    what / who really set this in motion. I like many Bermudians already know the “TRUTH “.