Premier Dunkley On Opposition’s Planned Motion

August 16, 2015

“Wayne Furbert’s call for a formal inquiry into hearsay allegations made in a court case that is not yet concluded should tell Bermudians all they need to know about the anything-goes political motives of the PLP leadership,” Premier Michael Dunkley said this evening.

This follows after Shadow Business Development Minister Wayne Furbert said the Opposition plans to table legislation to establish a “Commission of Inquiry to conduct a special investigation into the serious allegations of extortion and bribery made against Ministers of the government.”

PLP’s press conference saying they will table the legislation

The Premier said, “Mr. Wayne Furbert’s call for a formal inquiry into hearsay allegations made in a court case that is not yet concluded should tell Bermudians all they need to know about the anything-goes political motives of the PLP leadership.

“It is now a well-known fact that they are carrying out a “sustained program” of “disinformation and criticism”, as directed by a former PLP Leader.

“Mr. Furbert, in making his call for an inquiry, is just following orders.

“It does not seem to matter that the court case in which the hearsay allegations were made is not yet finished.

“It does not seem to matter that the allegations were made by a man whom the Supreme Court of Bermuda has already labeled as dishonest.

“It does not seem to matter that the man did not provide the court with any direct or corroborating evidence to support the allegations made.

“It does not seem to matter that the man’s own lawyer made not one reference to the allegations, or indeed anything in the man’s affidavits, during the course of arguments presented to the Chief Justice.

“It does not seem to matter that there were four affidavits countering the man’s allegations, including one from a lawyer-consultant with the Attorney General’s Chambers.

“It does not seem to matter that until the case is resolved, the issues are sub judice with the result that an additional and alternative form of inquiry would be wholly inappropriate and, indeed, might be construed as indicating a lack of confidence in the judicial process.

“None of these things seem to matter to the PLP leadership,” added Mr. Dunkley.

“What does matter to Mr. Furbert and his colleagues is doing whatever they can to raise doubts about the Government, to distract peoples’ attention from the progress we are making on their behalf and to drag the whole system down into their gutter.

“The Government will not allow the Opposition to undermine the system in order to serve its narrow-minded, self-serving political motives. Their sustained programme of mud throwing has nothing to do with serving the best interests of Bermudians and nothing to do with progressing the Island’s economic recovery that can help so many.

“As for Mr. Furbert’s motion, we will deal with it accordingly when it comes up in the House of Assembly tomorrow.ut the Government, to distract peoples’ attention from the progress we are making on their behalf and to drag the whole system down into their gutter.”

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  1. Navin Johnson says:

    The PLP have nothing to offer the people of Bermuda…an endless barrage with nothing constructive …..Wayne Furbert ? Really?

    • ReALLyBettty says:

      An Inquiry is something that a people of a country call for when there are concern regarding the ACTIONS of a GOVERNMENT. If OBA is about TRANSPARENCY…..why NOT? OR is there a hidden fear behind not having an INQUIRY…….I would not cheer so loud, as this can come back to bite the OBA when folks are questioning the Credibility of this government.

    • TRUTH says:

      If really concerns me that a government who promised to act in a transparent manner, rejects the very thing that would ensure TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

      An Inquiry would have helped ensured me that the government are not acting in a way that is linked to possible corruption. This matter is too important to be pushed aside. Based on the actions of the government over the pass year, there are just too many unanswered questions marks. I am disappointed in Premier Dunkley’s above statement. I believe an Inquiry would have given OBA a clean record. So I am left thinking the worst of the government. I will hold the government accountable, and not follow without any questions.

      • Kangoocar says:

        @ truth/Alaska hall, I am sure you will have no problem convincing your pea brain plp followers that what you just wrote was sincere, but to the rest of Bermuda who actually have high levels of intelligence, we are not fooled for one second because we know very well that was written at Alaska hall while the special plp tea was being served!!!

        • Really Really BETTTY says:

          Kangaroocar you are a core heart supporter of the OBA. One would expect you to write as you do as well as support the OBA wrong or right.

          The others clicking like fall in the same boat.

          You already have buy in from your core support base who clicked like…….that’s not a good evaluation. … need to be very concern about those who do not follow the blogs or have concerns and will show their angst at the polls…….carry on……

          Your clicks tell us very little as it comes from the steady core faithfulness OBA supporters like you……

          Believe that many are concern about the Creditability of this Government and believe it is a Fact……

      • aceboy says:

        There is a court case dealing with this ridiculous matter. What is the rush?

    • $600 meal says:

      Allegations made that the OBA received a $350,000 donation from Mr. Landow and other associates. This was denied by the OBA sheep.

      OBA Chairman Thad Hollis investigate the missing 350K and Michael and his cronies removed Craiggggy as Premier over the 350k. The chairman who investigated the case resigns a short time later.

      The public has no access to the report hmm… wonder why? Michael you jump in the throne with a glass of milk and smile saying “this is a bitter-sweet moment.”

      Then you bring Craiggggy back in with a $150k salary. :)

      Now you want the country to believe the OBA side of the story!! If it wasn’t for the reporter that kept pushing the issue it wouldn’t have come into the light.

    • Onion Juice says:

      So it’s ok to call Scotland Yard on PLP but when the UBP elite circle steps in S@#€ it’s a sacred cow.
      Keep on exposing them, it will take a while for the flip flop dreamers who voted for them to realize that that they were just Surrogate voters.

      • Anbu says:

        And what the hell do u think u diehard plp supporters are to them? Lmfao thanks for the laugh mate.

  2. Terry says:


    Very dangerous mouthpiece for EW.

    Eat green.

  3. Kangoocar says:

    Thank you Premier Dunkley once again for bringing to everyone’s attention just how shallow, incompetent and dishonest the plp really are!!! Once again the plp are wasting the people’s time and money!! Without a doubt this lates nonsense of the plp will be cast aside in Parliament and hopefully the OBA can now finally complete the road to recovery and put continue to put all those who lost their jobs because of the plp back to work!!
    I also ask everyone to look at the picture of zaney, and then ask yourself, is this man really what you want to be a possible future Premier of our Island???

    • ReALLyBettty says:

      There are real concerns here, and I would have thought a Government that promised TRANSPARENCY….would willing ensure that an Inquiry would be done….but guess this was merely an election ploy…….. The reality is this is not a good look for the government…it suggest just maybe they have much to hide………Its really not looking good for the OBA in the minds of most Bermudians….forget the core heart supporters….they follow along anyway…..the concern has to be with those who see what is really going on here……..raises many eyebrows…..

      • Kangoocar says:

        Betty, the only thing that raises eye brows is the fact that an enquiry has not as of YET been ordered on your plp??? But fret not, it is coming soon!!!

        • Tony says:

          You and the rest of the clowns have repeated these words for the last few years. What are you waiting for? Put up or shot up. How long does it take to find $800 million lolol. Hey look the circus is in Bermuda again. False alarm it’s just the OBA dressed in red T-shirts selling false dreams.

          • know dat says:


          • Really Really BETTTY says:

            Kangaroocar and tge Core Support base of the OBA has just told us there is reason to be concern…..seems like OBA has much to hide…….thus the supporters out clicking in hopes of changing the narrative……..truth….

      • jt says:

        “Sustained program” of “disinformation and criticism”, as directed by a former PLP Leader.

        You got the email. You’re on the distribution list.

        • ReallyReallyBETTTY says:

          I thought the OBA send out an email with is script on it for the OBAers to write on the blogs. The Political strategy. I see your following orders.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Last week it was Sean Crockwell who caught the PLP in their own lie. Today it’s the Premier.

    • Maddog says:

      What you worrying about zane for…the oba is a mess. The oba leader resigned because of bad actions… what a disgrace…and now three more up for the same thing… But this time. And the Minster for national security Michael Dunkley knows.. .He knew all about Craig Cannonier.. And he sat and waited…

    • Onion Juice says:

      Yet you had an inquiry for cedar beams ???????????

  4. Unbelievable says:

    Get ‘em , Dunk!

    • ReALLyBettty says:

      The OBA government did promise us they would “Govern Differently”, and be willing to operate within a climate that was “TRANSPARENT, HONEST AND FAIR” with a high level of “ACCOUNTABILITY.” An Inquiry would help to restore some level of creditably back in the government.

      A “Court Case” and a request for an “Inquiry” are two different things. I am sure the government understand that both seek to address two different things. The Inquiry seek to address concerns raised by citizens of a country who have concern regarding possible concern actions of their government. The court case is a legal assessment of concerns raised by an individual with the government.

      The Inquiry would help to remove all doubt in folk’s minds, as to the Credibility of the government, which has fallen over the past two years. No Inquiry suggest there is something to be concern about.

      The use of the term “the Man” throughout the statement by Premier Dunkley is something to raise one’s eye-brows, it comes across very unprofessional. This is likely an attempt to remove any credibility of MacClean’s statement by the government.

      The Opposition serves a very significant role, which is to hold the government accountable. Despite the Government’s attempt to make it seem otherwise, and to distort the actual role of the Opposition into something else.

      It is expected that the Opposition would carry out their role to ensure there is no possibility or likelihood of Government Corruption. I would anticipate that any Opposition government would seek to have it addressed. This is not a DISTRACTION, BUT rather a Very Serious MATTER THAT REQUIRES AN ASSESSMENT VIA AN INQUIRY……

      • jt says:

        “Sustaied program” of “disinformation and criticism”, as directed by a former PLP Leader

        • Really Really BETTTY says:

          No JT it’s more like fear of the truth getting out by the PLP in regards to the OBA. ……if not way such a push back if there is nothing to hide…….hey no inquiry. …..if you want to demonstrate TRANSPARENCY TRANSPARENCY. ……REALLY

          • jt says:

            “Sustained program” of “disinformation and criticism”, as directed by a former PLP Leader.

      • James Rego says:

        Excuse me but which Betty are you? I think I have counted three so far! Talk about desperate disinformation, wow.

      • Accept this truth! says:

        Betty what part of “We Bermudians and especially forward thinking black Bermudians, don’t ever want to see a PLP government in power again”. So stop it with the absolutely ignorant postings!

      • Anbu says:

        Blah blah blah look i can be a betty too…… TRANSPARENCY TRANSPARENCY TRANSPARENCY!!!! Accountability accountability accountability. Is that all u have to offer betty(s)?! Oh ya i forgot, REALLY!!!

  5. NIL WINNERS says:

    sums it all up “We had to deceive you” still and forever. “This to shall pass”. Some of us have good and long memories Mr Furbut and companions and won’t let it rest or disappear.

    • flikel says:

      It seems the OBA is obsessed with former Premier Brown….he is gone, retired and no longer an MP. Constant references to his past statements, especially these ones, are nauseating.

      • jt says:

        If the shoe fits…

      • SMH says:

        Premier Brown retired and no longer involved in running the PLP….yeah right and I’m God

  6. Maddog says:

    Dunkley what do you have to hide…your government is a problem and you can’t handle it.. Remember when you used to call for all types of enquiries in to everything the Plp down…Now the shoe is on the other foot now.. THE CHICKENS HAVE COME HOME TO ROOST!!!!

  7. just saying says:

    Aren’t these the same people he rubbed shoulders with in the UBP? He is the last person I would trust..throwing stones at others while quietly hoping that nothing bites him. He needs to step down from politics. He has had his time

  8. Mr. JiF says:

    I may be nitpicking here but either Premier Dunkley should write his own replies or have the common respect and address his fellow colleague as Minister Furbert.

    We all know how hard the premier worked for his title I am sure he does not want others to simply ignore it.

    • Kangoocar says:

      Why would the Premier refer to flip flop furbert as Minister?? Thankfully He lost that title on Dec 17th, 2012 along with the rest of his plp, ( pathetic lying party )

      • Hmmmm…. Looks like the current government is the MOST pathetic.Functioning in SECRECY!! That is how so many people have just popped up in Bermuda in the last 2 years. There is nothing more secretive than that!!

      • Hmmmm…. There is nothing more sad and pathetic than the current government bringing in lots of people from nowhere so as to balance THEIR vote. Any intelligent Bermudian would find that to be deceptive, lying and pathetic!!Hmmm….!!!!

        • SMH says:

          by bringing in lots of people from nowhere do you mean the PRC, a status which was created by the PLP, who have lived and worked among us for over 25 years? Sicko

    • jt says:

      What is Mr. Furbert the minister of?

    • Educateyourself says:

      How daft to say the Premier should call Mr Furbert “Minister”. Seems you miss the basic point that he is not a Minister? You are suggesting the Premier just make up a title for him to show “common respect”? I am guessing you don’t have a clue how the political system works, that opposition MPs are not Ministers, so perhaps you should stop and learn the basics before spouting off.

      • Longtail says:

        Minister of Flop?
        You are not ‘nitpicking’ Mr JIF; you are spreading disinformation. Furbert is a Member of Parliament, NOT a Minister.)

    • Zevon says:

      If he just refers to him as ‘flip flop’ we would all know who he means.

  9. bermy says:

    WOW….. And that folks is a wrap..ll.

  10. Rick Olson says:

    Bermuda is NOT a Ponzi scheme Mr Furbert.

  11. Coffee says:

    This government has more allegations of serious misconduct then Bill Cosby and like Cosby , every day we are made aware of even more sordid details , cover ups , bad behavior , frivolous writs and court proceedings . We have a Premier who defends the indefensible and OBA senators , two in particular , who are allowed to overstep moral boundaries of common decency against born Bermudians , not Real Bermudians , born Bermudians .

    However the best is yet to come ! Hehe , yes folks you ain’t heard nothing yet !

    Stay tuned ! Oh I just love those Cosby Kids , you know , the ones from BDA !

  12. For Real says:

    For some reason, this picture brings to mind The Three Stooges……LoL

    All we can do is laugh at their silly antics.

    • steve says:

      The OBA seems to be a better choice for the welfare(broad brush) of Bermuda. But having lived through a decade + of PLP rule…THAT AIN’T SAYIN MUCH!!! From my front row seat,i observe the OBA embarrasses themselves, feel it and then make efforts to correct and improve(on a minor level at least) while on the other side The PLP are incapable of feeling embarrassment or acknowledging a single negative…therefore they will never improve(take a snapshot of the now, is that an improved party that were voted out last election?) The PLP have overwhelmingly voted to have Marc Bean as their leader, the man to follow, the man who best represents the views and ideals of the party. I still don’t believe it.

  13. Alvin Williams says:

    What is the OBA government afraid off? if there is nothing to answer than a board if enquiry would clear it up. But one suspect that this government does have something to hide and that’s why it hopes that this will blow over; but the smell still remains in the air and no amount of subterfuge on the part of this government is going to make it go away. In the debate in the house we will than see how far this government is prepared to go in an effort to cover up what now looks like malfeasance at the very heart of the OBA government.

    • Pete says:

      Isn’t the matter before the Court`s Alvin ? It was they and company filed the court motion, let it be settled there so the full truth be revealed.

    • aceboy says:


      Let’s just wait for the court case to be thrown out before a commission makes your party look foolish….again.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Its because there is a court case, Alvin. How hard is that to understand?

    • Buzby says:

      Besides, a board of inquiry called together out of political motives would never be capable of coming to a useful conclusion one way or the other. Much like the court case against Bean it would go down in flames of ineptitude and misdirection.
      It would all be pointless and unproductive. Both parties know this. One doesn’t want to do it. What’s up with those other guys?

  14. Kevin says:

    Wolf Wolf ! wolf ! no more need to be said

  15. Coffee says:

    This government has more allegations of serious misconduct then Bill Cosby and like Cosby , every day we are made aware of even more sordid details , cover ups , bad behavior , frivolous writs and court proceedings . We have a Premier who defends the indefensible and OBA senators , two in particular , who are allowed to overstep moral boundaries of common decency against born Bermudians , not Real Bermudians , born Bermudians .

    However the best is yet to come ! Hehe , yes folks you ain’t heard nothing yet !

    Mr.Dunkeley needs to go , for the sake of Bermuda we’d much rather have Gordon-Pamplin !

  16. Ringmaster says:

    There has been no publicly released evidence submitted with the affidavits that support the allegations of corruption. In fact the affidavits made no reference to direct requests from the 3 persons, merely hearsay from a third party. The 3 people named have filed their own affidavits denying the allegations. Without evidence there will be no Inquiry. If there is evidence then an Inquiry has to be done.

    In the meantime, let’s hold an Inquiry into who leaked the documents.

  17. Fact seeker says:

    A former Premier mislead the country.

    A business partner of that Premier and at least one of the people named in the affidavit are involved in a secret donation of $350,000.

    Several people named in the affidavit either went on were supposed to go on a private jet paid for by a potential investor. No civil servants were present. Present was the above business partner.

    The same business partner is alleged to be arranging the bribes.

    Our present Premier has dismissed the whole thing as “disinformation” by the PLP and the person submitting the affidavit as

    The Premier being disingenuous with the comments ” a sustained program of disinformation and criticism as directed by a former PLP Leader (show us the entirety of the so call evidence to support the direction allegedly given)

    After aloof this, the OBA and it’s supporters will want us as a people to think they are HONEST, OPEN and TRANSPARENT.

  18. Vote for Me says:

    All posters seem to ignore the admission by OBA supporters that their 2017 election campaign included paid bloggers that were hired to post misleading information to various social media. For the OBA to take the position that the PLP has a campaign of sustained misinformation can only be described as disingenuous.

    References to the recent court case are also misleading because it was established by both sides that the allegations of corruption did not relate to the Constitutional arguments before the Courts.

  19. SMH says:

    I read 100% of the transcripts etc. involving this case and saw NOTHING. No smoking gun, no offers of bribes, nothing other than poor judgment on Cannonier’s part (a lot of poor judgment). The only that was obvious was how desperate MM was and how self entitled he was. We all know the end result will be that the case gets thrown out and MM will be arrested for perjury. I say bring it on

  20. ray masters says:

    This premier screamed for transparency when i opposition now he is showing his own true colours

  21. Sad says:

    “It does not seem to matter that the man’s own lawyer made not one reference to the allegations, or indeed anything in the man’s affidavits, during the course of arguments presented to the Chief Justice.”

    That is a good point. One would have thought that this would’ve been Maclean’s main legal argument when in front of the Chief Justice. Why omit these so called pertinent facts when seeking compensation for te cancelled contract? Very strange.

    Almost as strange as not even mentioning all these allegedly underhanded tactics in his first affidavit issued in February 2015.

    But what should also be asked is why did Maclean have $18mn wired to his personal account and then to who knows where. He hasn’t denied that these funds were sent to his personal account despite them being business related proceeds.

    Between that and his involvement with a lawyer who has been disbarred by the Supreme Court I take his/their statements with a massive grain of salt.

  22. Jeremy Deacon says:

    I’m glad the premier has spoken on this – but IMO it’s a bit like putting your finger in the hole in the damn, this campaign has been on-going for months and will continue.
    Calling it out, is one thing, but working in other ways to counter it is another ….

  23. clearasmud says:

    The Premier seems content to blame everything on a “misinforrmation” campaign so that he does not have to answer any questions. Where is the promised transparency. If he is sure there was nothing to find he would welcome any inquiry.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Here is an idea. Those who want an inquiry can pay for it. When nothing is found, oh well, too bad, you lose. No recourse to recover your money.

      All those people, all those lawyers who do these enquiries don’t work for free you know. Got a few hundred thousand kicking around that you can afford to lose?

    • jt says:

      It’s subjudice. Keep up.

  24. Alvin Williams says:

    It is not unusual for a sitting government to set up it’s own investigation in any given circumstance or issue that it is deem to be in the people’s interests. I would think that the issue of possible corruption in anyone’s government would be of considerable concern and would be of great interests to the people of Bermuda; unless the OBA government considers that it is above the interests of the people.

  25. Forethebest says:

    It saddens me to see Wayne Furbert being used by the PLP in such a fashion.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Right? He was too new to be involved in much of the 14 years of PLP rule so they threw him out there to lead this motion.
      Everyone else is hiding behind him.

  26. Oh,I see now says:

    Cannonier whether used or plain money hungry has left a terrible legacy.Most Bermudians friend or foe do not look favorably upon this man at all.The 30 pieces of silver he so desperately sold his soul for would be better utilized on an umbrella when the eventual $hi? hits the fan.
    The OBA are mixing in one part truth with three parts BS with with lights ,camera and Hollywood emphasized on truth while the other three parts slip right pass us.Mr Premier what a total disappointment you have turned out to be with your I’m just one of you attitude when attending things like Cup match an so on.All it does is highlight how much character you lack or are you so far gone you really believe half the crap you spout sometimes.
    I wait for the time the OBA don’t even care to hide their deceitful ways and just become plain blatent,oh sorry that ship is half way across the Atlantic by now.Plymouth Rock has surely and truely landed on us sadly with our help/votes.

    • Balanced Facts says:

      Furbert has a point on having an inquiry! Go for it I say…but amend it back to “all allegations relating to Politicians since 1998″…and lets see what FACTS come out as opposed to unfounded allegations!

  27. Bill Stephens says:

    If we are going to do an inquiry and pay for it then lets go back to review the issue under the PLP administration al the way up to today and get everyhting out on the table!

    Then we can give the guilty parties the boot and move on.