Column: Celebrating Easter In The East End

March 24, 2016

[Written by Kristen White]

I’ve just spent the last 12 hours writing numerous articles for travel magazines, calling Bermuda and our sights special, unique, beautiful, jaw dropping, gorgeous, amazing, incredible, wonderful, great… you get the idea.

Synonyms aside, our island really is a, well, spectacular place. And no matter how many times I write an article about St. George’s, I always find something new to say [or at the very least a new way to say it!]. In one paragraph, I spoke about the fact that St. George’s is not just a business district, or tourist hub, but really, a vibrant, connected community, with generations of families who are proud to call themselves St. Georgeians.

As I mentioned in my last article, I’m not from St. George’s, and while this does tend to come up from time to time [smile], I find that folks just want to know that you genuinely love their home as much as they do.

What’s interesting is that, despite how connected the community can be, the opposite can be said of the many groups that operate in the town. One strategy of the cultural tourism plan for Hub 1 is ‘Vendor Coordination’, simply put, working together better.

  • Connecting our messages and pooling our resources.
  • Aligning our hours and packaging our offerings
  • Hosting joint activities and unifying our brand

You would have hopefully seen last weekend’s ‘Signature St. George’s, a town-wide expo to highlight all of the wedding and event venues and vendors. We had about 40 participating organizations, including historic sites, accommodations, restaurants, and service providers, and although the turnout was not what we’d hoped, are excited to continue working together to showcase all that the East End has to offer.

Slideshow of the Signature St. George’s event


This week, we are at it again with Easter in the East – our 6-page guide to celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday in St. George’s and St. David’s. There are so many amazing events that have been happening for years during this time, organized by hard-working volunteers and engaged community members, but when promoted as separate activities, the complete message of how the East End is ROCKING Easter Week is not fully conveyed.

The Easter in the East initiative highlights all of the individual events that are happening in the East End, and provides a promotions and transport infrastructure to link them together.

Highlights include:

  • Pre Good Friday Fishcake, Hot Cross Bun and Kite Making events at Sweet Saak Bakery
  • The East End Ministerial Alliance’s Annual Walk to Calvary Good Friday Pageant
  • Family Fun Days at St. George’s Cricket Club and St. David’s Cricket Club
  • The PLPs Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Somers Garden
  • Special Sunrise Service at Ordnance Island on Easter Sunday
  • St. George’s Minibus’s ‘Good Friday’ Shuttle

The guide provides detailed information on what restaurants are open, where to worship on Easter Sunday, how to move to and around the parish, and for those that want to make a staycation of it, we even have special room rates. Now visitors [including folks from Somerset] will know exactly how to celebrate Easter in the East. So grab your hummer and marbles, and tell ‘those lot’ that you are heading east this year!

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The full guide follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Dangel says:

    Great marketing initiative which should draw more residents and visitors to the East End!!!