Photos & Video: Kite-Making At Salvation Army

March 24, 2016

In a project that assists people while highlighting an island tradition, the Salvation Army Harbour Light kite-making project has resulted in about 70 kites for sale, with funds raised to go toward the program’s client activities fund.

Kent Laws, senior counselor at Salvation Army Harbour Light, said, “We have a kite-selling effort put on the clients who make all of the kites and it’s been going for over ten years.

“It goes towards their client activities fund, which is outings and toiletries and anything that is needed of that sort, so it’s put back into the program.”

“It’s therapeutic; it gets the guys to work together as a team, one person framing, another person stringing, somebody cutting out the sticks, and they work together.

“They even get a chance to reflect on family issues, where they maybe build kites with their fathers or brothers or cousins, uncles. So it’s therapeutic as well.


Asked how many kites they have this year, Mr Laws said, “There are about 70 kites. We started late, but the guys really, really moved them out. They’re $25 for the regular kites, and maybe $45, $50 for the round kites and bigger kites, so they’re all different sizes.”

Asked how someone can purchase a kite, he said: “Just come on by the corner of King and Victoria Street, in the city of Hamilton.”

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  1. Dangel says:

    Excellent initiative!! Great job guys – you are to be commended!

  2. Party of De Problem says:

    Great idea! You get to help a great charity and get something back in return.