Red Cross: Aiding Ecuador & Japan After Quakes

April 20, 2016

The Bermuda Red Cross is collecting donations in response to devastating earthquakes that hit regions in both Ecuador and Japan recently, killing hundreds and injuring thousands between them.

Regarding the Ecuadorian earthquake, a Red Cross spokesperson said, “The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck at around 7.00pm local time on April 16. 

“The epicenter was close to the city of Esmeralda, with Manabí, Guayas, Los Ríos, Santo Domingo, Santa Elena also affected. There are people trapped in damaged buildings and many households are experiencing power cuts. Many people have been evacuated from their homes.

“The Ecuadorian Red Cross has 800 volunteers in the area ready to support. Staff from the International Federation of the Red Cross are being sent in today to support an initial rapid assessment. As more information emerges, the Ecuadorian Red Cross will start the co-ordination of humanitarian aid and relief for the affected population.”

BBC reports on Ecuadorian earthquake:

Regarding the Japanese earthquakes, the spokesperson said, “A 7.3 magnitude earthquake also struck Kumamoto, Japan on 16 April. It was the second earthquake to hit the area within two days.

“The Japanese Red Cross Society is playing a leading role in relief efforts. Forty-one people have been killed and 2,000 people were injured. Over 1,000 people received medical treatment at the Kumamoto Red Cross hospital.

“Thousands of people are sleeping outdoors in open spaces as they fear another earthquake. Red Cross teams have distributed 5,000 blankets, 1,000 tarpaulins and sleeping mats, as well as kits to support 500 families.”

Regarding donating toward relief efforts, the spokesperson said, “As neither Government nor Red Cross Society has launched an official appeal, we cannot make a pubic appeal to launch an appeal ourselves, however, as British Red Cross is accepting funds that will assist the victims in both countries, we are able to accept your donation and forward to to them to support their efforts.”

BBC reports on Japanese earthquakes:

“The best way to help a disaster victim is through a financial donation to the Red Cross. Financial contributions allow the Red Cross to purchase exactly what is needed for the disaster relief operation.

“The Red Cross initially responds to most international relief efforts with monetary support, and, when needed, ships items such as comfort kits, clean-up kits, medical supplies, tents or tarps.

“Monetary donations also enable the Red Cross to purchase relief supplies close to the disaster site, which avoids delays, and transportation costs in getting basic necessities to disaster victims.

“Because the affected community has general experienced significant economic loss, purchasing relief supplies in or close to the disaster site also helps to stimulate the weakened local economy.”

To make a donation, direct deposits can be made to Bank of N.T. Butterfield account 20-006-060-663859-200, call the Bermuda Red Cross at 236-8253 with debit/credit card details, or mail to the Bermuda Red Cross Earthquake Disaster Ecuador/Japan at Charleswood, 9 Berry Hill Road, Paget DV 03.

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