Photos: Super-Yachts In St George’s Harbour

May 21, 2016

St George’s Harbour continues to see buzzing activity with the visit this past week of over 40 yachts participating in the World Cruising Club Spring rallies; ARC Europe and ARC USA, and the arrival of two vessels from the Royal Canadian Navy which were berthed at Penno’s Wharf.

Other visits included the 61.80 metre super motor yacht Sealyon and the Super sloop Georgia, which was today [May 21] still moored at Ordnance Island.

The Superyachts website says, “Sealyon is a 61.80 metre motor yacht which was built and launched by the Italian yacht builder Viareggio Superyachts in 2009. She features interior styling by Candy & Candy.

“Sealyon can sleep up to a maximum of twelve guests in her highly luxurious six stateroom layout which features a master suite, VIP stateroom and four guest staterooms. She also fully accommodates for her sixteen strong crew in separate crew quarters ensuring a relaxed and luxurious charter experience.

Sealyon is available for charter at $300,000 – $350,000 per week.

Information on the website about the Super sloop Georgia says, “Completed in 2000 at Alloy Yacht’s New Zealand shipyard, Georgia is a Scanu, Dalrymple-Smith, Johnson design that won Showboats 2000 award as the most innovative sailing yacht as well as the best sailing yacht over 38 metres.

“Super sloop Georgia can sumptuously accommodate twelve guests in one Owner’s suite, two double staterooms and two double staterooms with an extra single bed each. Seven expert crew members reside onboard in four cabins.

“Onboard systems include a computer controlled system by Intelect Integrated Electronics which handles the nine satellite TV tuners, two 20” LED screens, 1000 cd and 300 hour digital movie library stored on a driver, navigational displays and pictures from underway as well as security and masthead cameras.

“A total of 52 B&W speakers, including 16 deck speakers and two complete Dolby Digital Surround Sound systems reproduce the highest quality sound and are controlled from Crestron wireless touch screens positioned in every compartment. The touch screens also help control other onboard functions such as lighting, curtains and blinds.”

Sealyon Superyacht Bermuda, May 17 2016-6

Sealyon Superyacht Bermuda, May 17 2016-5

Sealyon Superyacht Bermuda, May 17 2016-4

Sealyon Superyacht Bermuda, May 17 2016-3

Sealyon Superyacht Bermuda, May 17 2016-2

Sealyon Superyacht Bermuda, May 17 2016-1

Georgia Bermuda, May 20 2016-7

Georgia Bermuda, May 20 2016-6

Georgia Bermuda, May 20 2016-4

Georgia Bermuda, May 20 2016-3

Georgia Bermuda, May 20 2016-2

Georgia Bermuda, May 20 2016-1

Georgia Bermuda, May 20 2016-5

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  1. Family Man says:

    What a difference an election makes; yachts, super yachts, cruise ships, America’s Cup, clean audit opinions …

  2. Ann says:

    Things do seem brighter in Bermuda this week!

  3. Terry says:

    Oceans and harbors look great.

    Time to clean the streets.


    ( you’ll get it)

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Yes Terry and control the “wanna-bees”…Time to change the Laws while the House is in Session :-( Don’t put off until tomorrow what need / must be done today

  4. Bermy says:

    Just as happy out on my 15 whaler, takes less gas too but if you got it, go for it!

    • Real Deal says:

      not when the sun is beaming down and you run out of drinks
      or fish aint biting

  5. sage says:

    Two 20” Led TV’s on board? Wow that’s the pinnacle of luxury.

    • Um got to much brains says:

      Envy is a deadly sin , when transgressed is fatal to your spiritual progress .

  6. Its me again says:

    So great the OBA can bring super yatchs to bermuda but cant fix the gun problem.

    • Zevon says:

      Can’t fix the dumb@$$ like you problem either.

  7. Bill Stephens says:

    The gun problem is not a tourism attraction issue so stop with the thread that one is easier to accomplish than the other!

    We need tourism injections and we need those who are around these gun carrying cowards to step up to get them locked up! The police cant do it alone and one of these days someone like an innocent person or small child is going to get hurt by these cowards and then there will be an uprising in Bermuda where enough is enough! We need people in the know to step up and do whats right! If you know someone who is hurting others it is your duty to report it even if anonymously – it may save a life, your friend’s life and it will most certainly preserve our way of life!

  8. Overboardhope says:

    Family man has said it all!

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