Armed Robbery At Soares In Spanish Point

September 20, 2016

[Updated] The police are on scene at the Soares store in Spanish Point this afternoon [Sept 20] after what unofficial reports suggest may have been an armed robbery. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Police scene sept 20 2016

Update 3.39pm: A police spokesperson said, “At a few minutes before 3pm today, police responded to a report of an armed robbery that took place at M. Soares and Son on Spanish Point Road in Pembroke.

“It appears that two males walked into the store and brandished what appears to be a firearm and made demands of money.

“The suspects were given an undisclosed amount of cash and then left the area on a motorcycle.

“An investigation into this matter is now underway and police are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying two males riding on a motorcycle acting suspiciously in the area or anyone who may have any information that may assist in the investigation to please call Sgt. Renee Rock on 2950011.

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Comments (39)

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  1. Terry says:

    Some will never get the point.

    • Small stores need to have cashier behind enclosed protection and security lock doors to prevent them from escaping.

  2. NO MORE WAR says:

    It appears that two men walked into the store? Either two men walked in the store or they didn’t. Sad times

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    It’s time that Joe Public was given the option to protect themselves from this type of sh*t. Been going on for far too long and criminals do what they please with impunity. On top of that when they do get caught the justice system is weak here and they go straight back on the streets and do the same sh*t all over again. Small businesses need protection…make your voices heard!!

    • Unbelievable says:

      I don’t know what you mean by letting small business’s protect themselves but if you mean allow firearms, I do not agree with that at all.

      • Comrad Sinkyboat says:

        i dis agree allow us to arm ourselves so we can get rid of the SCUM PERMANENTLY!!!!!! a bullet between the eyes won’t affect the s))) Heads any how as they are brainless useless gutter trash

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      What do you suggest?

    • Ring Ring Hello says:

      Joe Public needs help from the courts. The police catch these guys, arrest them only to have the courts slap them on the wrist. For the most part their first and second offences are not met with any type of real punishment. THerefore there is no real deterrent or anything to prevent repetative behavior. Its not until these fools break the law three or four times before they are met with any ounishment

  4. Point boy says:

    Don’t mess with Point!

    One way in, and one out! People already saying they saw two (new) faces down de hill yesterday. (Acting strange)

    A buck gets $50 one of them have been in the shop in the last few days!

    I hope you’re afraid!
    It’s just a matter of time now Kittys

  5. Golden child says:

    I feel for the soars family they are such a great bunch of people but I knew it was a matter of time before they would get hit so sad I think it’s time that all the small businesses adapted the buzz in method in which cameras are placed outside each entrance and patrons will have to press a button, the cleark will then identify who is buzzing and let them in and the same for out going I know it will be a lot of hassle and one might say they ( the criminals ) will wait till someone is exiting but the door will be locked behind them when they have entered. At least this will and probably protect the earnings of hard working people of this country
    Keep on keeping on soars family you are good people
    And you shall be blessed

    • Glenn Blakeney Jr says:

      I agree totally! Having lived in the area when I was a kid, the Soars are very nice people and the sons have continued to look out for the community. I remember they use to offer my elderly grandfather,who was a loyal customer,rides off the hill with his bag of groceries. one of the sons also gave me a break when my dog decided to enter the store and run off with a fresh pack of liver(silly dog wouldn’t even bring home something that I eat). I also remember being short of change when purchasing candy and the father would give me the candy and tell me to enjoy!!This is indeed a sad day!! Don’t let this deter you Soars Family.The community loves you and hopes you get your justice!

  6. Comrad Sinkyboat says:

    VIGILANTE WILD WEST TIME i think, come on Point we are a CLOSE KNIT community

  7. PointGirl says:

    Whoever did this picked on the wrong neighborhood !!

  8. Terry says:

    This is not the first time nor will it be the last.

    Just be vigilant and take care.

    They got some money?

    Big deal.


  9. peter n says:

    Bermuda is far too conservative…not just store owners or employees but everyone has the right to defend any means necessary…regardless of our garbage,old and conservative laws….it is time to allow ppl to purchase and own and carry the means to defend themselves,their homes,family and loved ones….i can purchase a stun gun…mace…etc with zero hassle or red tape legally in almost any country..whats your damn problem bermuda!

  10. Cal Blankendal says:

    As a frequent customer of the Soares Grocery store and as resident of Spanish Point, I am disappointed in reading about another robbery. I must admit that I am not surprised as these crimes seem to happen in a pattern from one location to another.

    People’s lives are being seriously affected by gun violence/crime and we must all work together, to rid our island of these cowardly acts. Hard working citizens have a right to set up an enterprise, reap their rewards and offer a service to the community.

    Spanish Point has your back Soares!!!

  11. jealousy says:

    every small businesses should adopt the Court entry system

  12. Norma E. says:

    We are sorry that this happened , we are glad everyone is okay.We will have to buy more catfood now, to help you along. You all are in our prayers! those bad, bad boys with their little gun.

  13. Up D hill says:

    So here it is again, same as before Dark clothes,black helmets with dark visor,,, is this sounding familiar? I’m sorry this happened to the Soares Family and am thankful they are safe when I think what could have happened if the brothers had their chance to pounce on these a$$&*€¥^!! I have to wonder what it will take for the powers that be do van dark visors!! Maybe when one of these punks gets overpowered and killed by a store owner right! And all you people who dislike ,,, kiss my a $$!

  14. TimBuc says:

    Very sad to hear. Me and the wife shop there at least 3 times a week just to buy their Wahoo. Really good peoples there.

  15. NO MORE WAR says:

    The court system in this country is a joke. This will continue until the judicial system stops making excuses and letting people off for serious crimes via a technicality. Smdh.

    • serengeti says:

      It’s very often the juries. They think ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ is only met if there is a hidef video of the accused doing the crime. Morons.

  16. Ann says:

    why do we have to put up with this! Somebody knows who the creeps are, people are sick and tired of nothing happening, I will not be one bit surprised when vigilante groups form. I would cheer them all the way! Get rid of the punks, send them someplace nasty, we can well afford it rather than paying to make sure they get their exercise, and receive dental, medical,eye exam and of course TV privileges. I commend the men and women that work at Westgate, how you cope I’m not sure!

  17. Point 4 life says:

    So can someone leak the CCTV… Let’s find these guys…

  18. cpm says:

    It will continue while judges and criminal lawyers [closeted from criminal acts such as this] continue to pu$$yfoot around with these criminals instead of locking them up for life


    so sad to hear this I have been going out that store for years especially Cup Match time, these are good people SMH I am glad the family is alright,i hope they catch the punks & lock them up, but the court will only give them a slap on the wrist, my heart goes out to the Soars family, really nice people. go seek a job & stop ya nonesense, your day will come watch & see, you will be caught. so sad, the Soars family hang in there & dont let those punks shut your store you are good people. enough respect ALWAYS

  20. TGAOTU says:

    In America or Canada if you tried to do rob someone like that, the cashier would have pulled a shotgun out in your face and spread your eyebrows three feet apart and left you slump on the ground like the useless carcass you were born as. Maybe Bermuda should resort to this so these little animals will get some common sense

  21. ThirdEyeGod says:

    the island is too small for these critters to hide.

  22. serengeti says:

    No description of what the ‘two males’ looked like.
    I guess it’s a given.

  23. time is up says:

    Its time for something to happen, the baron was going to fix all these issues. Mr, Premier its time to walk the walk. Stiffer penalties, what ever its time to stop kicking the ball down the street.
    But yes I know lets wait to something MORE serious happens first..

  24. Bermie man says:

    The way this island is going it will only get worse before it gets better, as the disparity between the rich and the poor grows, as the middle-class gets wiped out, society will turn on itself and Bermuda will continue its rapid decline into the abyss….you ain’t seen nothing yet