Live Updates: Tropical Storm Karl Moves Away

September 24, 2016

[Updated] Tropical Storm Karl is traveling away from Bermuda, and as of 12 noon on Saturday, the Bermuda Weather Service has discontinued both the Tropical Storm Warning and the Hurricane Watch, and said the closest point of approach has passed.

With storm coverage we generally provide information from a cross section of entities including the Government, Emergency Measures Organisation, Police, BFRS, BTA, BELCO, BMOC, Telecommunications companies, Bermuda Weather Service, U.S. National Hurricane Center, insurers, schools, businesses and more. If you have a notice, please feel free to email us at!

We will post updates as they come in below; and you can see all our coverage of Karl here, and download our free app to receive warnings and breaking news delivered directly to your phone.

Key Information as of 10pm, Sat Sept 24:

  • Live updating has concluded. /li>
  • BWS: Hurricane Watch & Tropical Storm Warning ended, closest approach passed, Karl “not a threat”
  • Ferries: There were service interruptions. See here.
  • Buses: As of 12 noon today, public buses have resumed regular service on all routes
  • Causeway: It is open
  • South Shore: Govt urges people not to swim in South Shore waters as surge is still high
  • BELCO: As of 7:40am a total of 816 customers are currently without power.

Live updating has concluded, all updates are visible below, starting from the beginning:

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Comments (33)

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  1. Rick Olson says:

    Hurricane Party 103 Front Street breakfast, lunch and dinner open to 3am BERMUDA BISTRY

  2. Spilt milk says:

    Im all for being prepared… i have my steaks burgers dogs n a case… why all the panic though? Cat 0-1 for us is bbq time. Even cat 2-3 i kno latest ill be back on is a week 2 max…. no biggie

  3. JBDA says:

    Great job as always Bernews

  4. Smh says:

    One thing I notice people always take things for a joke. But on the other note every one please be safe no matter if the Hurricane comes or not, stock up on plenty of water for the kids and deal with the beers after.

    • Point boy says:

      There are happy people here dude. Some, want to enjoy and make light of bad situations.

      Personally, with my line of work. I hate hurricanes

      Mr.Olson is just saying I got the lights on in a storm. (Cold beer and a bbq.)?

      Sounds good to me.

  5. Terry says:

    As for Mr. Olson.
    Better stick to service whilst you can.
    You should be telling customers to stay the hell home instead of trying to line your pockets.

    • frank says:

      god still continues to spare Bermuda but we refuse to turn from
      are sinful ways

      • Juicy Onion says:

        You mean the god that sent the storm in the first place? Or was that the devil, the other fictional character.

  6. Mary says:

    great time to make a baby :)

  7. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Oh goody I can fill my drunken belly with food until 3 am?? Then come outside and drive home at the time round the closes point of approach …cool

  8. mmm says:

    Some humour is always good, be careful we don,t exhaust our existing emergency services tho. Do keep an eye out for seniors who live alone and young families.

  9. Jonathan Land Evans says:

    Many thanks, as ever, for your diligence in keeping us informed. Bernews is a great asset to Bermuda.

  10. Yella says:

    Is there any buses this morning

  11. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Allah-u-Akbar,,,thanks and praises to whom all praises are due forever,and ever.We should always remember who is in charge.The creator of the heaven and the earth and all that is in between.We should be thankful to Allah for his mercies and favours upon us and our loved ones and that means ,,,the disbelievers also.Peace.

  12. Puregem says:

    Is there any update on the buses?