Video: BIU President On Rev Tweed’s Permit

September 7, 2016

[Updated] BIU President Chris Furbert held a press conference today to respond to comments made by Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin regarding Rev Nicholas Tweed’s work permit.

Mr Furbert said that the application for Reverend Tweed’s work permit went in on July 18, the day before it expired. He expanded on the topic, and you can watch the full 19-minute video of Mr Furbert’s comments below.

Update Sept 8, 6.53am: In response, Minister Gordon-Pamplin said, “First, I will apologize to the President for calling him Mr. Furbert, which has clearly offended him, but I certainly meant no disrespect to his title.

“However strong his assertions may be, he still is not in possession of all the relevant facts, and as such his shortcoming can be forgiven. It would be useful, if he is interested in accuracy, to read the Act.

“Mr. President was disturbed that I may have been conflicted in the matter, but I can assure him that a nearly two-year absence from any establishment renders me very neutral since I can very easily separate my personal life from my public responsibility. Such is the peace with which I live and which is the hallmark of my life long teaching.

“I also handle my own Ministerial responsibilities unless I am off island, which I was from July 30 till August 16. When such absences occur, an Acting Minister handles any new issues that arise.

“I cannot agree with the President’s assertion that Government is intent, at Cabinet level at blocking work permits. That is patently false.

“I will also say that while he may think that because he has spoken, that I will reveal details from any matter on which I am required to maintain professionalism, he again is mistaken. I have no authority either from any applicant or any permit holder to do so, and in any event, I will not engage in the level of sheer vulgarity to which the President saw fit to descend.

“Lastly, he expressed concern that an application should proceed within two weeks. The Act [S61- 1A], inter alia, requires that applications are complete and accurate.

“If there is any deficiency in provision of information, such information is sought from the applicant before it is considered. The timing of the deliberations is dependent on the completeness of the application and it is intended that applications are processed as soon as practicable.

“While I do not intend to publicly engage on this matter any further, I will correct any misinformation that is advanced so that people are not misled.”

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  1. Mario says:

    Omg, this guy is unbelievable and his own worst enemy….

    • ReallyReallyBETTTY says:

      This is nothing more than POLITICAL INTERFERENCES… the case, and things do not add up…..Ministers seldom review Work Permit files…unless there is an outstANDING legal issue…..this is also a conflict of interest by the Minister… she expressed her dislike in the House of Assembly towards Rev. Tweed…..and that she will no longer attend his church……

      The Minister should have removed herself… prevent any bias or Conflict of interest……

      When did she get the file and why? What was the concern with the request from the Church in regards to his Work permit? Churches in Bermuda seldom has difficulty getting Work Permits granted…..this is very suspect at best……….this is questionable…..

      OBAubp are playing Political Games on this one….I think the Minister has mis-step on this one…..she must be held accountable….

      • ReallyReallyBETTTY says:

        The Minister strong attempt to get out of this situation, suggest something is up…….While every Minister has a right to review a file…..seldom is this done in the review of a Work Permit Request…this is done by the BOARD…..Yet in this matter she reviewed this particular file….Why? It comes across as very odd ……

        As there is a conflict of interest the Minister Gordon Pamplin should have removed herself from this case…….this is looking more and more like Political Interferences……..what was so significant about this Work Permit request that the BOARD could not address…….please

        • Bobby Jones says:

          Betty you need to be very careful especially when you are NOT a Bermudian, you certainly can not prove it.

          Get on the plane with Tweed and leave

        • Juicy Onion says:

          Really Betty I think this is you at your most pathetic. Talk about blindfaithfullness.

        • Widget says:

          @Really Really Betty. Please find a hole and stick you head in it. !!!!!!!!!!

        • Zevon says:

          Why did he leave it so late before applying for renewal?
          That was just stupid. Asking for trouble.
          No sympathy at all.
          Tweed can get stuffed.

          • Ringmaster says:

            Interesting that the comments above posted yesterday by ReallyReallyBettty also exactly matches comments made today by Mr. Furbert. She must have ESP, or is she that close to the BIU?

          • jt says:

            1 day before expiration. It’s so remarkable you have to wonder if it wasn’t on purpose and designed to do what we are now witnessing.
            3 months is typical processing time. Is this special? Should it be?

        • Let there be hope says:

          His work permit should have been revoked. As he has worked out side of his permit.

          • Tiger Lily says:

            Not if there was a request made and fee paid for him to continue working while his application is being processed.

            • Come Correct says:

              Jebus christ. The gun went off and you’re still poised on your mark…as usual.

          • Factual says:

            Exactly! Ask the dishwasher who accidentally served someone a drink at Riddells Bay a couple years back… (or whatever the specifics were).

      • Patricia Gordon-Pamplin says:

        Just so that this does not go off on a tangent to mislead, I am required to look at fils EVERY WEEK to deliberate on work permit issues.

        Irrespective of your personal bias, that is my job

        • Kempe says:

          All you’re doing is looking according to my sources in the OBA. Tweed wants his permit but ever since you have been there work permits and status applications have backed up. While you have time to type on bernews why dont you tell us why all the application are sitting in a large office collecting dust! Premeir tell me we have a better option then her!

        • Actions speak louder then words says:

          What’s really funny is that you have time to blog but you still haven’t booted out Reverend Tweed. The ball is in court and it’s either grant him another work permit or give him his walking papers.

          Good leaders are not afraid to make decisions, so please remind me why the voters are paying you $150,000 a year for if this is the circumstance.

          Actions speak louder then words!

        • Tiger Lily says:

          I thought so. Thanks for clearing that up.

        • Long Bay Trading Co. says:

          Go Pat Go!!!
          Gotta Love ya for your intregrity, strength and unwillingness not to be bullied by these bunch of thugs……

        • Onion Juice says:

          Dr. E.F .Gordon and Kingsley Tweed were fighting against this same ideology decades ago and how ironic that their children are still effected by it.
          PATHETIC !!!!!!!!!!!

      • Great says:

        But he can’t even prove that Reverend Tweed’s file is under analysis.

        Moreover, potentially revealing confidential information about an individual’s immigration file (which one would think transgresses personal information protection standards, if not necessarily any rules) carries its own set of risks.

        Furbert is either ignorant of this or willfully obtuse. That he seems set on special pleading for an immigration query which may be a ‘nothingburger’ speaks volumes about his contempt for the permit process and equality under the law.

        • jt says:

          Or planned to create more discontent. Why file for renewal only one day prior to expiration? You really have to wonder if this wasn’t all conceived over a few cold ones some time ago.

      • Pequat 1609 says:

        OH cry me a river

    • RBYC says:

      This minister has the power to revoke Tweeds workpermit but you think she’ll do it? I’m so sick of these weak ministers given power their afraid to use. Who’s in charge of the Government Furbert & Tweed or you Pamplin.

      Mrs. Pamplin need to do what is right or get the hell out of the hot seat. Minister Fahy would have sent Tweed dumb a letter thanking him for his time in Bermy and telling him don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out.

      • Rahul says:

        Ageee, do it Pamplin. Show the fortitude you so lacked on the occupation debacle.

        • hmmm says:

          He doesn’t have a work permit. duh ! He has a late application for renewal.

          The job needs to be advertised properly in conjunction with the renewal application.

          The whole procedure could take time.

      • 2 Bermudas says:







        • hmmm says:

          What an absolute load of race division baiting nonsense.

        • airportgate says:

          ppl like you prove there are two bermuders and this type of attitude is not good for our country, I’m ashamed when I read such nastiness.

      • Tiger Lily says:

        You sound like Donald Trump.

        Your comments sound threatening and disrespectful to the position of the Minister and the Immigration process.

    • Not given says:

      Uh, the policy is VERY clear on this one – permit renewals must be received at least four weeks prior to expiry. Just because Tweed is aligned to the union doesn’t exempt him from following policy. Oh, and he can’t work now that it has expired. Welcome to the way thing happen for every other permit holder!

      • hmmm says:

        Why is a Union Leader acting in capacity as a Union leader for someone who has no connection to the Union?

        Sounds to me that the immigration process is being adhered to by the Civil service and the minister. Have heard of expats waiting for work permits in the past. this is not new, it is the normal course of things.

        The fact that they were late submitting the application is not the fault of the civil service or the minister. Seems like they sent it by mail also…anyone who knows anything, knows that you go to the office of immigration with your papers for passports and things.

        I think the union members need to start recognizing that their leader is in it for themselves and not in it for the workers. Wildcat strikes, not voted for actions and abuse of position whilst giving labour day speeches, in their role as President of the BIU.

  2. confused says:

    Is this not the same man who has for years been against the granting of work permits to persons who do not possess Bermudian status?

    Mr. Furbert your hypocrisy is coming through.

    • Smh says:

      This isnt so much about work permits in general as it is about political interference …. you’re being disingenuous .

      • Spit Bouy says:

        @ Smh,

        Ministerial interference? Laughs. You mean like when the Canadian construction foreman got sent home because two Union officers showed up on a site unannounced and decided that ‘we’re Bermudians & BIU officers we can go where we want’. Apparently he didn’t kiss their collective behinds so the minister stepped in and sent him home, pure interference.

        • George says:

          This has or should have absolutely nothing to do with the Union! Is Mr. Tweed a BIU member? No he is not! Talk about interference, Mr. Furbert is trying to use his position of power as the President of the BIU to intimidate, mislead and bully members of the Government. Minister your response to El Preseidente should have been short and sweet “Dear Mr. President, mind your own f***** business! Sincerely the Minister of Home Affairs JP MP”.

      • blankman says:

        Smh, You seem to forget about the doctor whose work permit was cancelled because they objected to the closing of the clinic under a previous Premier.

  3. Informed Bermudian says:

    WOW! Is this a union position? Have your members consented to you using them and their ability to walk off the job as a bargaining chip? Are your members even in agreement with the position you are taking here? Are you now in favour of non-Bermudians taking jobs that can be filled by Bermudians, or are non of our MANY pastors capable of filling the roll Tweed holds?

    This leaves me with more questions than answers. It is clear that Furbert did not properly digest what the minister offered before taking to the press. And his position on immigration is able to change depending on what is convenient. SMH! Sounds to me like the BIU/BTUC needs to consider finding itself a new President.

    • Tiger Lily says:

      Labour Day speeches included your major unions/movements having the workforce as a commonality.

      The Peoples Campaign is one of those movements. Both Rev. Tweed and BIU Pres.are members.

  4. ReallyReallyBETTTY says:

    Something is fishy here in regards to this case…….I smell something is up…………When did the Minister get her hands on this file? There seems to be some mix up about the deadline of the Applications and the actual deliberation of the case……………….

    Rev Tweed is a Minister…………the church Appoints Ministers ………..he is send where the Lord decides he should be………..this is nothing to do with his choice……………The Bishop Appoints the individual, and he follows to service God’s Children………….all of God Children…………..the church does the paperwork,

    Never are the Post of Ministers Advertised………and it is likely the AME church or any Church in Bermuda, have never encounter this issues before…..this was former Ministers Of immigration’s Minister……she hears him Sunday Mornings………………….what is she thinking………….I mean really

    Since this was her former Minister, she should have removed herself from the case, to avoid bias ruling……….but she now has an issue with his message in church, as she indicated in the House of Assembly recently, she decided to leave that church……..tell me she is not bias and up to something now……………really

    This is a bias agenda by the Minister, and she should have stepped away from this case……..her integrity is surely in question, at best…………POLITICAL INTERFERENCE…………….

    • Pride says:

      Maybe she’s just standing strong for Bermudians!

    • stop says:

      Nice try Betty, but the spin won’t work. Furbert needs to start thinking before he makes moves like this. Now sit back and accept the justified criticism.

    • Truthhertz says:

      No this is pure unadulterated hypocrisy by Furbert, tweed and people like yourself.

      They have marched and marched against foreigners and the liberal granting of work permits.

      And now they are protesting about a work permit not being approved within a 2 week window?!

      The hypocrisy is astounding and beds light on the actual protestations about our immigration policy. if it’s not hypocrisy then it is racism. No grey areas whatsoever.

      And why aren’t you and your team screaming anti-bermudian at Furbert for sticking up for those nasty foreigners that our usually hate upon on a daily basis?

      • Factual says:

        And what’s really sad is the hunger strike lady has no clue as to what she is supposed to do now!!

        “Do I eat my 4000 calorie Buzz smoothies, Oreos and Slim Jims in my tent on cabinet grounds or do I stay home and eat my 4000 calorie Buzz smoothies, Oreos and Slim Jims?” What’s an actress from the USA on a hunger strike against non-Bermudians to do in this situation?”

    • Runner says:

      I beg to differ about posts of Ministers not been advertised. They certainly are for the Catholic Church and Anglican so why should the AME be different?

      • Caitlyn says:

        This is what happens when people don’t speak of facts.Church of Scotland has to advertise as well.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      ReallyReallyBETTY I guess you never read the paper and look at jobs being advertised. Church of England, Roman Catholic and other Churches have to advertise for Ministers. I am sure that there are Bermudian Ministers that are capable of filling the AME Church’s requirements.

      Maybe we should put you on the Tweed plane out of here.

    • Caitlyn says:

      I listened with shock at the news.But I will stick to the facts.

      Ian someone who deals weekly with permits.
      Permits must be in SIX (6) weeks before permit expires (Mr Furbert I never heard you put blame of the lateness on whoever is responsible,come Mr Furbert own this one.
      Also what world are you in re newel takes two weeks….never.Renewals can take 4-8 weeks a FACT!
      Where do get off saying Mr Tweeds father is Bermudian and his ties to Bermuda etc,etc…
      Here is a FACT.I was born of Bermudian mother & Father,born in the USA.My mother never registered me.
      I was back here from five weeks of age.Because of the non registration of me,I HAD TO BE PUT ON A WORK PERMIT,MY JOB ADVERTISED,THEN APPLIED TO BE NATURALIZED,THEN APPLIED FOR STATUS.So please do not insult me by insulting Mr Tweed has more rights.Before you all go on the attack of this please see it for what it is.So no he permit should not be expedited when I have to wait for mine the standard period.

      • hmmm says:

        I think they did this on purpose with the intent of using it to cause noise division and make the government look bad.

        Unfortunately for Chris Furbert and Tweed, it has shown them to be uniformed, hypocritical, oblivious to how the normal process works for everyone and abusive of their positions.

        • hmmmmmmmmmmm says:

          yeah but how many of their listeners are really looking at the facts instead of looking at the theatrics

    • Lemon Tree says:

      Sorry Betty, check your facts – the churches do advertise for ministers. All the noise made over giving Bermudians jobs before non-Bermudians, why should this case be any different? Is it more of a case of “do as I say and not as I do”???

      • Rockfish#2 says:

        Never let the facts get in the way of a good story. Right Betty/s.

        Care to admit you mis-spoke?

    • aceboy says:

      The Lord sent Tweed here to help the BIU? LOL You are delusional.

    • blankman says:

      Betty, hate to tell you this but it doesn’t work that way. The Bishop is welcome to appoint whoever he wants but, like any other job offered to an expat, it still requires Immigration approval.

    • Comrad Sinkyboat says:

      hey BETTY ah so why did a man or men of questionable intelligence wait till the last minute to re apply KNOWING FULL WELL the requirements on when to re file> smell a stinky fish on your side

  5. Comrad Sinkyboat says:

    BYE BYE TWEED you won’t be missed. Lets BUST the so called CLERGY union.

  6. what? says:

    Who would want this man to lead them when he cannot handle basic issues properly? You can tell by his response that he didnt even listen to what the Minister said.

  7. archy says:

    I do still wonder whether Mr Furbert would take this stance for all those similarly affected.

    • What About You? says:

      Because , you never bite the hand that feeds you.

  8. Lol! says:

    so has the position on immigration of the BIU, BTUC and the People’s Campaign now changed? I can’t keep up. Flip Flop Furbert #2!

  9. 4ner says:

    The DAY before??? Everyone with half a brain cell knows these things take a month and often months to process

    I can smell the political setup from here, and I’m almost halfway around the world at the moment

  10. do better says:

    Someone around BIU HQ would want to hire Mr. Furbert a communications consultant. Because these media campaigns he launches are too often ineffective.
    Maybe he can even get a foreigner to fill the position since he’s in favour of Government just handing out work permits now.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      I don’t know if that is true. His rants are for the people that will always follow him. He speaks their language.

      He will get them all riled up and go on strike, all because the Unions and PLP want to bring down the Government. They want power and will do anything to get it.

      Be aware that the America Cup is coming in May, these people will do anything to bring Bermuda to it’s knees before and during the event.
      They don’t care about Bermudians, they only want power, no matter how they get it.

  11. Kevin says:

    Furbert you are unreal ……the Bishop appointed him to Bermuda for 3 years they should have had an issue with that ……the Gov could care less how long his boss wants him here a work permit Furbert is a work permit those pesky little things you hang the gov on weekly….there is one born every minute… Loss of jobs since OBA in power really Furbert we have 20k locals working and what 5k foreigners most of the jobs lost were the cause of the PLP failings just took a couple years to trickle down…hey I didnt vote him as “President” of the BIU and …the last time i looked that position is not one on any protocol

  12. Ganga tea says:

    This is a massive over step of authority. I would think that Brother Chris’ time would be better spent trying to figure out the finances of the Union so that workers financial contributions and there livihoods can be protected when the Union needs to act.

    Is Right Reverend the responsibility of the Union?

    Curious minds wonder.

    Have a blessed evening!!!

  13. Bermudian pastors says:

    We have bermudian pastors who need churches. Some of them have left the AME church to go to other denominations.

    So Chris are you for bermudians or not?

    If tweed is on a work permit than he is not bermudian.

    • Nikki says:

      What is that you people don’t understand?!?!?
      Take your issue up with the AME Church not President Furbert!!

      • truth says:

        I think you missed the point.

      • Truthhertz says:

        Poole don’t care about how a pastor is appointed.

        People are sickened by the double standards being applied in this situation.

      • aceboy says:

        The Bishop is not in charge of Bermuda’s Immigration policy.

        • Tiger Lily says:

          The Bishop may not be in charge of Immigration Policy however, the AME Church administration carries out the wishes according when the appointment was declared. It is not one paint brush for all. Even for businesses; submissions are viewed based on the criteria of the job e.g. specialisation /hard to fill; temporary, periodic, global, health care, financial, entertainer, volunteer, vendors etc..

      • blankman says:

        Nikki, it doesn’t work that way.

        The bishop is more than welcome to offer a job to any minister he wants but, unless that minister is Bermudian, it still requires the approval of Immigration. This is exactly the same process that any employer wanting to engage a non-Bermudian must go thru.

        It’s up to Immigration to say yeah or nay.

  14. Hypocrisy At It's Finest says:

    How interesting to see that the man who has called for a moratorium on work permits, blocked MP’s from entering the house to pass a bill that would enable people just like Rev Tweed to get status (along with other individuals such as adopted children, children who have been born here and grown up here, and and those who have lived in Bermuda for more than 20 years), and has consistently demonized work permit holders and their families, suddenly change his position! I suppose it is never too late to change!
    I wonder if Mr. Furbert would say that all people with ties to, family and history in Bermuda to be granted status, or to not have to deal with the ordeal of work permits, or is that special treatment only for his friends?

  15. Juicy Onion says:

    Every Union member should look at this. They need to know that the head of the union does not have their interest at heart.

  16. smh.
    The several hypocritical turns that oba/U.B.P. have done is unbelievable.
    They have deceived Bermudians and think that they have gotten away with it.
    Hypocritical shoes fit many of those in politics, not just Chris Furbert.
    All of the dysfunctional MESS that the group has done.
    Chris, continue to be firm for Tweed.As soon as a Bermudian stands up. they are blasted. Whenever it’s “the other” all is okay, even if it is unethical.

  17. Point boy says:

    I’m listening to this (whatever) I got to 3:19 !!

    I had to stop! This guy (Mr president) who in the hell do you think you are?

    It’s because ideology like that, where in this mess.

    I’m going to try and listen to the rest.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      All he and the PLP want is power and they don’t care how they get it, even if it means taking Bermuda DOWN

    • Point boy says:

      Heaven forbid! Start talking about term limits!?? Hmmm!!!??

      You make me sick (Mr president)!!!

      You don’t give a sh 1t about ALL BERMUDA….

      Because you get PAID..

  18. bye bye says:

    Maybe Pastor Tweet can take Chris with him when he does leave.

    • conspiracytheory says:

      Wish I could like bye bye’s comment more than once!

  19. Juicy Onion says:

    So the AME church makes these appointments and government should not interfere. What about all other work permits that typically take 4 months? CF is out of order. This should not have priority. That would be religious entitlement. He admitted that they applied the day before the permit expired.

    This man is an embarrassment talking about where de son don’t shoine. How can people be stupid enough to listen to this man.

    Permits take up to 4 months or more. Everyone knows this except CFapparently.

  20. smh says:

    Did he get upset over her calling him Mr. Furbert instead of BIU/BTUC President. Give it a rest Mr. Furbert, you sound like a child.

  21. Juicy Onion says:

    Even the good reverend should be embarrassed at this rant complete with banging on the table. Is CF an adult or 5 years old? What a whiner.

  22. truth says:

    I support the labour movement and unions. But I DO NOT support Mr. Furbert. He makes it very difficult to respect his position when he carries on this way.

  23. Little girl says:

    Reverend Tweed reap what you sow !

  24. DS says:

    We will support the cause 100% President Furbert. What they are doing to Rev. Tweed is wrong, wrong, wrong!! We discussed this at work today, and trust me people are getting their walking shoes ready!!

    To those who will want to reply to this statement with some nasty comments, don’t waste your time….won’t read them, won’t respond to them, don’t care what you think.

    • truth says:

      be careful or you’ll follow him right off a cliff.

    • Tired of it all says:

      I will say nothing nasty except that you and your coworkers are massive hypocrites.

      Why is this one foreigner acceptable but yet you marched against others?

    • Widget says:

      @DS. Hope you have lots of rubber left on the bottoms of your shoes mate because the rest of this country is tired of your type of ****. Time to stand up to your bully tactics.. As for Rev Tweedy. Don’t let the door hit you on the **** when your passing through L.F. Wade International.

    • Jane says:

      What makes Rev. Tweed different from any other guest worker? The fact that he is allowed to be in Bermuda illegally and that it is broadcasted all over the media and that it is acceptable? A sense of entitlement makes for an arrogant person….an arrogant illegal person being lead by a very unpresidental person who will shut Bermuda down to break the law for 1 person.
      Mr. BIU President pack up your toys and go play in another sand box? You are coming across as both ignorant and self serving; the angry black man attitude is showing its face once again and you were doing so well. Mr. Tweed is no different from any other guest worker. He should have reapplied earlier just like. Any other guest worker. The rules apply to him as well.

      Romans 13:1-7New International Version (NIV)

      Submission to Governing Authorities
      13 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. 3 For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. 4 For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God’s servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

  25. Juicy Onion says:

    I am a Bermudian and an ordained minister and would like to apply for this job. Can someone please tell me who to get in touch with? Many thanks and regards,

  26. Jane Doe says:

    Grow Up! She can decide where decides to worship or not..
    Rev. Tweed waited to the last minute to reapply. If he has so many Bermudian ties, why does he need a work permit. At the end of the day he had to reapply just like an other guest worker. Where I am employed we are advised to reapply 3 months in advanced because the process can take a while.
    “Kiss where the sun don’t shine”…how very professional Donald; I mean Chris Furbert President of BIU. Your communication is not very presidential.

    • Widget says:

      @Jane Doe. I agree with you. However, what most people are missing here is the simple fact this was all done on purpose. Tweety & President Donald planed this fiasco from jump. Gotcha boys, your gig is up.

  27. suck rock says:

    He just admitted that Tweed is here illegally. Immigration!!!

  28. Little girl says:

    My friend who has just received her status after 35 YEARS here has just called me and asked a question which I feel is relevant to this issue. Her eldest daughter came here at 5 and spent most of her formative years here. When she left at 18 for university she found that she was not allowed to come back to live. Her younger sister managed to gain status through marriage but the family is now forever torn apart and are what is classes aa mixed status.
    Her question is ..Now she is Bermudian can she be reunited with her daughter? Can her daughter come back and claim Bermudian heritage ( like Rev Tweed )Will Chris Furbert fight for her rights to stay ,after all she is now a daughter of a Bermudian ? Please Mr Furbert I feel you can help her and I’m sure the fact she is originally from Scotland should not matter .Thanks in advance

    • Bobby Jones says:

      Tweed’s father and mother were never Bermudians. He was born in London and has dual USA & UK passports.

  29. High road says:

    I honestly can’t recall anything meaningful come out of this mans mouth. When this island goes to the dogs he is on the list of people you can thank.

  30. Ringmaster says:

    So others such as IB who effectively provides the income to run Bermuda has to abide by the Law when it comes to hiring expats, advertising and renewing work permits, but the AME Church, who pay no taxes, are exempt? The BIU support this, and apparently as does the PLP through ReallyReallyBettty? Wait for the backlash from IB on this, it won’t be pretty for Bermudians.

  31. Juicy Onion says:

    Imagine if this was CF saying that Tweed should be allowed to speed but everyone else has to still go to court and pay a fine. Religious entitlement should not be an excuse to break the law. And I am still an ordained minister, and Bermudian, and would like to apply for his job. Who do I contact?

  32. O.M.G says:

    Yup just what I thought with one of the comments Tells there co workers to get there walking shoes read. Well all I can say is please all work permit holders get your walking shoes on. Give me a break threats all the time they really don’t care about there country . Why does Furbert have to speck so angrily. And by the way how did they find out it was on her desk umm. Furbert you really don’t care about him being in any church you just need him to help you steer up. And the only mess that I see is from the unions and the PLP. Why does the union start helping there people by educating them etc. oh ya no money in the kitty. Holly right. And so what if she went to his church what the hell does that have any thing to do with anything Furbert.

  33. BDA says:


    • Widget says:

      Forgo the work papers and give Tweedy his walking papers.

  34. Cedar Stump says:

    CF just bought Tweed’s ticket out of here AND Tweed has to leave through the “Old Airport”. Oh the shame of it all….

  35. O.M.G says:

    Does his job have to be advertised on the job board on tv just asking

  36. John E. Thorne says:

    Mr. Furbert obviously has never applied for a work permit or a renewal of a work permit. First of all you should send in your renewal application a month or two before it expires as you want it to be renewed before the expiration date. He admitted that they waited until the day before the expiration to send in the application. That was probably deliberate so that they could do what they are now doing. Secondly a renewal application is almost like applying for a new application in that all the paper work needs to be completed again and the same documents are required as was the case with the new application. The PLP and the BIU and the so called People’s Campaign are planning to shut this island down over this work permit renewal in another attempt to try and make the OBA look bad at every turn. They will stop at nothing and will never accept the fact that at the end of the day they are only hurting themselves and their own members. Bermuda is doomed if this nonsense continues. God help us all!

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ John E. Thorne,

      Yup this is just yet another pathetic attempt to make the OBA look bad. Funny thing is the OBA don’t need help doing that, they do pretty good on their own. Now watch how quickly they fold on this issue, like many others.

      It’s obvious most BIU members don’t get or care that they are being played. Any that disagree with the personal agenda of their myopic leaders are usually too afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals on the job etc. The Union is a necessary institution but it’s just sad that it’s being hijacked for political gain by people who are only interested in themselves.

  37. Not given says:

    Isn’t this the same man who incites division in the name of the lord? He’s openly anti government and involves himself well beyond his pastoral duties in hatred and vitriol on both human rights and political issues. I’m glad the immigration department are taking a closer look at this renewal. If the shoe was on the other foot, and under the PLP, he’d of been deported long ago. Loving the double standards…

  38. Proud to be Bermudian says:

    Tweed is not Bermudian. Even our places of worship prefer to hire non-Bermudians. Once again Bermudians are second class citizens in our own country. Sad….. sad……sad……. The Unions are not even fighting to have a Bermudian fill his post. Sad….sad….sad……

  39. Widget says:

    Did I hear Chris Frebert say the the good Rev was working without a work permit. That is a clear Immigration violation is it not. That make the good Rev eligible for deportation as he is breaking the law.

  40. Nicola says:

    Put your big boy panties on….and get a bermudian, like you want…

  41. DE Budgetwa says:

    Furbert tweed and possie! You guys shoulda been thinking about this when you all had a lot of mouth about other peoples permits etc..
    Open mouth insert foot.

  42. Dark Star says:

    I am sure the church can find any Bermudian to spin a yarn and fill the position

  43. OnionX says:

    So, is President Furbert admitting that Bermuda needs expats? Work Permit delays are normal, however, I think the situation that is now going on is one’s own fault. As the saying goes “You’ve made your bed…”

  44. just wondering says:

    I don’t know the answer to this – but is the Rev Tweed even a member of the BIU?? Do church ministers etc pay union dues? If not then why is the head of the BIU sticking his oar into this – and doing it very badly I might add!!

  45. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Don…why you wait till the day before the work permit expired to submit your work permit renewal? On top of that Chris you’re sticking up for “select” work permit holders now that weren’t even born here. PURE MADNESS. I’m calling it like it is…BS!!

  46. Starting Point says:

    LOL to see Furb working the friends and family plan. Haahaaaaaaaaa, best article for a while.

    “BIU president fights for foreigners, Bermudians need not apply!”

  47. gate c says:

    If you look up the bda airport website it gives you times of DEPARTING FLIGHTS! Just saying

  48. So Tired says:

    Shouldn’t Tweed get the same rights as other foreigners with a free pass for up to 25 years? Then he can apply for Bermuda status and be done with it!!

    • aceboy says:

      What free pass? No work permit you have to leave. That is the law.

  49. Not ordinary says:

    Dear sir,
    I am born canadian with Bermudian family, I work for a local accounting firm. I am no ordinary person, should I be declined for renewal next year, will you stick up for me?

    PS I’m mixed.

  50. San George says:

    Rev. Tweed’s father is Bermudian – his status should not be questioned. Furthermore, Rev. Tweed has put himself out there for people in ways none of you know of. This government is not very good at reading “Tea Leaves” – let’s see how much love and support there is in this community for Rev. Tweed. This is not a threat. Make our day.

    • Truthhertz says:

      So you have no problem with the hypocrisy of this whole situation?

      A man who led protests against foreigenrs and the work permit regime a few months ago, now wants to lead a protest because his ‘favorite foreigner’s’ (thank you Col. Burch for that term) work permit isn’t being processed fast enough? And that is despite the fact that they submitted his work permit renewal application ONE day before his existing one expired?

      You see nothing wrong with this?

      If the ‘community’ does show love for Tweed it isn’t love, it is racism. Point blank. You can’t one month rail against foreigners and work permits and the next protest because your ‘favorite foreigner’ is now subject to the applicable rules.

      You guys are absolutely nasty.

    • sam says:

      HE’S STILL AN EXPAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND NO, HE’S NOT SPECIAL

    • hmmm says:

      REV Tweed was not born in Bermuda, he did not grow up in Bermuda…I’m certain that he has only been to Bermuda in this capacity as a minister.

      He is NOT BERMUDIAN.

    • Bermyman says:

      Many people on this Island have a Bermudian parent and do not have status! Their work permits are dealt with the same, it takes 6-8 weeks to process. Putting in the application 1 day before certainly does not expedite the process. That said, let’s take a long hard look at the hypocrisy in your comment which mimics the stance by the BIU. Tweed is a foreigner just like any other according to the logic that prevailed when the brothers took to illegally strike and block legislative process on PRC’s. The very PRC applicants that are seeking citizenship are doctors, lawyers, nurses, policemen, charity workers, teachers, caregivers etc. Just to to name a few! But somehow becasue you like this guy Tweed he escapes the xenophobic rants put forward by the PLP and its following. Let me get this straight, people who have lived in Bermuda for 20+ years, cared for the sick, paid taxes, run charities, donated blood etc. They deserve just as much as Tweed, should their work permits be expedited?

    • WillSee says:

      Apparently his father is not Bermudian.

    • aceboy says:

      Yes it is a threat….why bother to try and deny it?

      Tweed is either completely incompetent and knows nothing about our immigration LAWS or this is a set up.

      It is that simple.

      He is not a Bermudian. I don’t care if his father was…lots of children of Bermudians who were born abroad have not been able to stay here without a proper work permit.

      He needs to know the rules and abide by them, like the rest of the ex pat community. NO EXCEPTIONS. Not even if they are a friend of the BIU or PLP.

    • blankman says:

      San George, the fact that his father is Bermudian doesn’t mean that he is. If his “status” should not be questioned I trust the same can be said about all the other families who find themselves in similar situations?

    • Northshore says:

      @San George, do us all a favor and Google “BRAINWASHED”!

  51. Terry says:

    I hope Special Branch is reading your diatribe …….
    You just confirmed what this is all about.


  52. Ya mate says:

    Im waiting until 4:00pm to go to immigration the day before my passport expires, and if they close and i dont get it, Im still flying the next day because ………………………….well I want to.

    see what im saying , life doesnt work like that.

    why the last minute??

  53. Silence Do Good says:

    I hope Bro.Chris reads these blogs and takes then them for what they are worth. Not everyone agrees or see things your way and maybe for other you sound like a hypocrite. Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot when immigration is knocking at a friend or loved ones door. I hope Bro. Chris feels the negative comments as every expat is constantly made to feel from “real Bermudians” the minute they step of the plane. Be humble mate, you can’t be wrong and strong all the time.

    Maybe it is time also for Rev Tweed to fall on his sword and take one for the team. Practice what you preach. It would be the ethical thing to do consider the amount of fuss the Peoples Campaign put up over these exact issues. Be the bigger man and leave our Bermuda to us “real Bermudians.” You can always visit and speak highly of us. Sorry mate you just cannot stay.

    • wahoo says:

      I am with you Bro. Silence Do Good. I am also a Bermudian (more so than tweed). Right is right and that it.

      What is his job description as it appears on his permit?

  54. Bazinga says:

    Ouch – The “President” got schooled.

    So embarrassing

  55. Little girl says:

    @Silence do good, you speak with sense.
    Rev Tweed cannot possibly think this was going to have a positive response .
    There are very few posts that are in defense of this. Even the die hard Plp and PC supporters must see the complete and utter hypocrisy with this issue. We have people on this island that have given most of their lives to Bermuda ,nurses and doctors that care for your sick ,teachers that teach your children , police officers that protect you. All vital services that give back to the Bermudian people.Many children that are born here,and are now culturally Bermudian are being told your 20 +years here count for nothing ..get packing to a country you have no ties to .How can CF feel there is any justification in fighting for someone that has been here for 3 years just because he is dear to him?
    Rev Tweed despite your passion to right what you consider many wrongs ,one wrong you have not considered important enough is the right of people that have given many many years of service to the Bermudian people to be treated equally and to belong to the place they now call home.

  56. Northshore says:

    Tweed should be deported for stepping outside his role as a priest. He is clearly in breach of his work permit! Revoke and deport and escort to the next flight out!!

  57. Albie says:

    So just who holds the work permit? I would expect it to be the AME church. Seems to me that the church is at fault for not submitting the paperwork in good time.

    Those of us who have needed to employ foreign workers because no Bermudian was capable, interested or available to do the job have been subjected to at times considerable waits, quite often months to have a new worker approved or an existing work permit approved. I am quite certain that the civil servants are the issue wether there aren’t enough of them or for other possibly questionable reasons.

    An obvious example is the hundreds of applicants for Bermuda status, many of whom have submitted their applications coming up for 2 years without resolution.

    Regarding Mr. Furbert and his comments: clearly there is some significantly emotive connection between these two men and it is extremely important to Mr. President that his dear friend be allowed to stay close to hand . It is at times like this that those who are clearly anti expat/guest worker are challenged by their fundamental position. All of a sudden there is the realization that a friend/esteemed colleague/valued employee/significant other or whatever, may be sent away from our sadly blighted island solely at the whim of some faceless civil servant. Life is tough Mr. Furbert, it’s time to suck it up just like the rest of us.

  58. Cedar Stump says:

    Does Tweed still get paid while his work permit is pending? Just asking.

  59. Juice of de onion says:

    Must be some Bermudian clergy that could fill his position Mr Furbee

  60. Bermudian girl says:

    Wow…. If you looking out for Bermuda then you should not be fighting for a a work permit. I personal don’t feel any work permit should be allowed til all Bermudians have a job. Mr tweed is nothing so he should be gone.

  61. Northshore says:

    If a leader of the BIU is hand picking who he supports and fights for, then I would want a refund on “ALL” my Union dues! This is not what Union members signed up for, this has more to do with Tweeds church than any Union or Government! Maybe, just maybe his church wants him gone!

  62. karen says:


  63. hotcrossbuns says:

    Tweed has no more right to be here then Bill Hansbury. I’m sure Chris would come to Bill’s defense if he were in the same situation knowing that Hansbury is leading the tourism economic recovery. Not.