Roban: PLP Stands With St Paul AME Church

October 25, 2016

The PLP “shares the sentiments of the Leadership of St. Paul AME Church” on the issue of Rev Nicholas Tweed’s work permit, Shadow Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban said, adding that it “is very reminiscent of the actions taken against those who spoke out against the old UBP.”

Rev N Tweed 3

Rev Tweed’s Work Permit

Yesterday a statement from the Church said, “The Stewards and Trustees of St. Paul AME Church express their profound disappointment at the Minister’s decision to refuse the work permit application for Rev. Nicholas Tweed, Pastor.

“The appointment of pastors in the AME Church in Bermuda is made by the Bishop of the First Episcopal District of which Bermuda is a part. In Rev. Tweed’s case, he was so appointed in March 2016 by the Bishop and remains the duly appointed pastor of St. Paul.

“Since 2013 the church has been well served by Rev. Tweed and there has been no change in his circumstances since his initial appointment that would justify this action by the Minister of Home Affairs; herself a former member of the church.

“This action amounts to a total disrespect and disregard for the Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church and the rejection of the long standing custom and practice surrounding appointments of pastors in the AME Church in Bermuda.

“The Stewards, Trustee and the entire congregation stand united in support of Rev. Tweed and will support any necessary action to reverse this decision of the Minister.”

In response, a Ministry spokesperson, “The Department of Immigration has this afternoon responded to media reports of the work permit for Reverend Nicholas Tweed of St Paul AME Church.

“It should be noted that the Department of Immigration does not respond to individual cases, but all matters that come before the department are dealt with in accordance with established rules of the department in order to provide consistency.

“It should be noted that when a work permit is required for clergy, there are established procedures and all denomination are treated equally.”

Walter Roban’s Comments

Mr Roban said, “On the issue of the OBA’s refusal to renew the work permit of Reverend Nicholas Tweed, the Progressive Labour Party shares the sentiments of the Leadership of St. Paul AME Church.

“Like them, we believe that this represents a ‘total disrespect and disregard for the Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church and the rejection of the long standing custom and practice surround appointments of pastors in the AME Church in Bermuda.”

“The OBA has given Bermuda the impression that this is less about procedure than it is about politics and that while there may be freedom of speech in Bermuda it only applies to those who speak in support of the One Bermuda Alliance.

“This decision is very reminiscent of the actions taken against those who spoke out against the old UBP and reflects a part of Bermuda’s history that sadly was not buried with that old, unlamented organization.

“The PLP stands with the Stewards, Trustees and members of the AME Church in Bermuda and will work with the community to ensure that freedom of speech and fairness applies to not just the OBA and their supporters, but to Reverend Tweed as well.”

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  1. hmmm says:

    The church needed to file the right document, advertise the position.

    word is there is a Bermudian able to fill the position.

    Is Roban anti-Bermudian now !!!!!

    • Onion Juice says:

      De next Pastor take note, dont speak out against Government’s wrong doing and inform de People about de shady policies and mishandling of funds or you will be dealt with.
      Wait are we talking about Bermuda or Russia. Well Trump endorces Putin.

      • Wahoo says:

        Wow that is profound OJ did you come up with that yourself?

      • Terry says:

        Your a fool Onion.
        You must be living with Betty.

        That’s why we are so screwed.

        Got get to grow Onion now.

        Rip Bermuda.

        • Charlie says:

          Bye bye Tweedy. Don’t let the door of the priory hit you in the backside on your way out.

          In time, the good rev will be a vague memory in the minds of a few.

          Cheerio old boy.

          • sandy f says:


        • Its me again says:

          Then leave if it’s R.I.P bermuda

          • Charlie says:

            already did and haven’t looked back since – thanks very much

      • Real Deal says:

        They want to take God out of the mix they don’t want the churches to support the people. If we unite with out God in the picture we set our self up for failure and chaos however with God in the forefront we become a powerful force with a dignified cause.

        • haha really? says:

          If God has a plan for everyone, then this is his plan for Rev. Tweed. Right?

      • Berp Berp Bungee says:

        For 30 years I drove my car without a seatbelt. 3 moths ago I got a ticket for driving without a seatbelt. I knew better. The law changed many years ago. Did I whine about it? No , it was my fault. The law was clear and just because I broke the law 100′s of times since the law was changed does not mean that I did not have to adhere to the law.

        If Mr. Tweed is such good friends with so many within the BIU and PLP including some that were former ministers of Immigration, why didn’t someone tell him ? Or did he know and just want to show how mighty he was?

      • Memberberries says:

        Or just submit your application on time and follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        This the same Onion Juice that also said foreigners should stay out of politics, and anytime the PLP axed a foreigner out of our country for getting uppity in our affairs, revoked their permits and sent them packing… the word applied is hypocrite.
        The OBA made it policy that work permit positions must be advertised or an exception must be petitioned and fee paid if granted, the simple fact is the AME and now the PLP have taken the stand that these protections are wrong, after creating so much fuss for so long that Bermudians must come first and the OBA does nothing to protect opportunities for Bermudians… the word applied is hypocrites.

    • Will-Not-Let-This-Die!! says:

      Are you fighting/standing up for Bermudians? Oh I forgot you believe in the OBA rhetoric.

      • Up D Hill says:

        @ wnltd,,Tweed aint Bermudian!! And just so everyone knows,,The AME church is one in the same as the peoples campaign/plp/biu and ubp turncoats!!

    • Kick Him out sooner says:

      My beautiful oba party please hurry up and kick this man out and his plp friends and voters can go with him.

      • Paradise says:

        They better hurry up because soon they(OBA) will be kicked out of Government. I can assure you that! Then you can go with them and never to return to MY BEAUTIFUL country!

      • Northshore says:

        Well said @ Kick Him out sooner, did you hear the news this am, Roban and Desilva interested in the PLP leadership? This PLP cartoon just keeps getting better!

    • Northshore says:

      Roban and the defunct/in disarray PLP are unsure about thing. I would doubt all of whats left of the PLP stands by Tweed!

  2. home sick says:

    Bring back all the permit holders the PLP rejected, then give Mr Tweed his.

    • Tell Dunk to call the election & SEE says:

      You don’t know crap.

      The PLP gave out more work permits then any other government in history.

      • jt says:

        Each advertised.

        • Onion says:

          Not true. This fiasco makes it clear that many permits were not advertised under the PLP – the AME Minister’s, for one.

        • Tolerate says:

          Come on…. keep up….its a fact and a point the AME is using when they said the position is NOT advertised….smh

      • Berp Berp Bungee says:

        And what does that say about the PLP!? Especially when you consider that more Bermudian jobs were also lost during the PLP government jobs than any government in history.

  3. Just asking says:

    In a very politically charged envionment and given the protests back in the spring where the Reverend was very visible, wouldn’t it have been wise to simply follow the guidelines and rules of Bermuda’s immigration policy so to avoid any grey areas and outcomes such as this?

    I hope that St Pauls will simply correct the application procedure and get the Reverend back to work if he has servied his congregation so well.

    Am I missing something here?

    • Hey says:

      Apparently there are Bermudians who are interested in taking his position. Does Rev. Tweed have celebrity status?

      • Yahoo says:

        He is kinda like a Kardashian… a celebrity clown. Circus is over Tweed, exit stage left.

    • Hope says:

      It’s probably exactly what the PLP want. Make a big drama, cause a fuss, have some extra strike days. In the end they’ll advertise appropriately, and the permit will probably be renewed, so they’ll get what they want, but they’ll make the OBA look as though they were being discriminatory (even though they’re probably not).

    • Punch says:

      They just need to go through the proper process. Advertise the job. Shocked by the AME church. They are setting a very poor example.

      • Legalgal says:

        I am astounded by this church’s arrogance in considering itself above the law then seeking to sow hateful rhetoric. Set an example. Apologise and apply properly.

        • Will-Not-Let-This-Die!! says:

          I am Surprised at the ignorance of some peopl. Do you post based on what others have commented???
          Yesterdays’ storty STATED, “they have never had to in the past.”

          Read stories folks.

          Stop jumping on the commentators bangwagons.

          • ST says:

            you need to get your facts straight.. the law changed in 2014 and since then no church is exempt from having to go the proper route of applying for a work permit.

            • had enough says:

              you even have to apply for a permit to have someone come in and speak at your church for an event.

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            The past is the past, the current policy is that now they MUST, and the simple fact is they thought themselves above the law, so they didn’t. Arrogance and hypocrisy, the same thing they accuse the OBA of, yet they demostrate a far greater mastery of these arts than anyone else does or has. Seems the double standards that they have long riled against, has nothing to do with ending them and everything to do with them wanting to set them.

    • frank says:

      lets get this right
      the church did not advertise the job
      the work permit application was put in late
      so start over the church puts in the application

    • Tolerate says:

      @Just asking… simple does not get the job done…..I read there is more comments on this topic than our youngsters killing each other… now that shows you how embarrassing, shameful, and backwards some are in Bermuda…. the same people who stood with him against Immigration change, demanding stricter rules and accountability will now stand with the same person who is flaunting the rules behind the cover of “it has always been this way”… but is that not the point; and why as of 2014 measures have been put in place…. so “it will NO LONGER continue to be that way”…thus protecting Bermudians… when you really think about it, you can’t make this ignorance up… the AME and now the PLP should be ashamed of themselves, as well as ANYBODY calling themselves “Bermudian” who defends this mess…. so you think the Immigration minister has something against you… than follow the rules…. you only look foolish and appear to be doing nothing more than inciting the masses… are the sheep that dumb….
      A wise man follows his own decisions, a ignorant man follows public opinion… be a wise man my fellow Bermudians….

  4. DarkFader says:

    Here we go again with the “entitled expats” and “misguided Bermudians already sold out to these lying expats”.

    • Pride says:

      Bermudians are the most entitled people around.
      Many if the are just too stupid to realise it.

      • Legalgal says:

        The UK really needs to exclude Bermudians from their “entitlements” in the UK. Same rules need to be applied to them as they apply to UK persons here.

        • Bermuda 1st says:

          Like the Brits who didnt want to share England with the EU?

          After they have stolen, robbed and raped from every land they entered!

          • Zevon says:

            And who is doing the stealing, robbing and raping in Bermuda.

  5. wahoo says:

    OBA’s refusal? I think the decision was the department of Immigration’s who are made up of civil servants (a lot of them by the way).

    Bermuda for Bermudians!

    Stop trying to politicize this PLP. If you think that we Bermudians are that stupid you are the ones that lack respect.

    • Pro Bermudian says:

      Did you think the same when you and your expat friends married to Bermudians apply for their Non-Bermudian children to gain status under the UBP’s Bermuda????

      • wahoo says:

        Do you mean my Jamaican expat friends? You know nothing about me you minion. I know that Tweed is not Bermudian and he did not file his work permit renewal and now he must leave.

        • Won't-Let-This-Die says:

          I know you can’t handle opposition without lowerinf yourself to name calling.

      • asampson says:

        How is a child of a non-Bermudian and a Bermudian not able to get status as a Bermudian???

        • Will-Not-Let-This-Die!! says:

          Clearly they touched on something close to your reality love.

        • Jahstice says:

          Easy, you have to apply between the ages of 18-21 and be living here for 10 consecutive yrs.

        • Harry Buttle says:

          Because Rev. Tweed’s does not qualify for Bermudian status under the current laws. I believe his father left Bermuda and Rev. Tweed was born abroad. Under the current law that means that he does not have a qualifying connection to Bermuda despite his having a Bermudian parent. Also complicating things is the many changes to the act since the 1950′s where things like discretionary grants of status are no longer allowed and the only way of getting status now is to marry a Bermudian.

          So unfortunately despite his blood relationship with Bermuda, there is no “Pathway to Status” for him at present. Sounds crazy but that is the way the law is written. And he is not alone, there are lots of children of Bermudians who have no way of getting status because of where they were born – status laws are heavily dependent on being resident in Bermuda.

          • had enough says:

            Rev. Tweed…his parents never filed the the proper paperwork, late once again. Not entitled to Bermudian Status so just accept it and stop pretending that he is.

        • Punch says:

          They have to apply!

    • Scandalous says:

      Great comment!

    • hmmm says:

      The Dept of immigration is doing their job. Tweed is NOT A BERMUDIAN.

      Perhaps Roban should stop insulting the Dept of immigration, or don’t their votes matter Roban?

      • Legalgal says:

        This is not about being “anti-Bermudian”. It is not a crime to NOT BE BERMUDIAN. This place owes it’s existance to non -Bermudian money. It’s about following the correct procedure.

        • Pro Bermudian says:

          Such a sad uneducated/ foolish statememt! Legalgal

        • Paradise says:

          …and non-Bermudian money is generated from the blood and sweat of BERMUDIANS….not to mention the relaxed laws and tax breaks you receive setting up companies in BERMUDA! Talk about ungrateful!

    • Pro Bermudian says:

      Why don’t you STOP feeling that only those who think like you deserve support. You people are so evil and wanton it is revolting to have to read your rubbish daily.
      England cried to many foreigners and opted to leave the EU
      Trump and his “mindset” cronies want no more foreigners.
      Bermuda cries out along with the PLP, BUI and you deem them Anti-Bermudian.

      Shame on you for your judgemental, vile, hypocritical statements.

  6. Grizz says:

    Why does the PLP have to even issue a statement?! Church and politics shouldn’t mix period but putting that aside, let the AME church run the advert, as they should have done, and then proceed forward. The Church is not exempt from procedures that have to be followed; END OF!! They didn’t follow protocol so fault lies with them.

    • DarkFader says:

      If you are commenting surely you can see there is a marriage between the church and politics.

      • Grizz says:

        @Dark Fader What I see and what I deem as correct are two different things. I don’t care if there is a marriage between church and politics! IT SHOULDN’T BE!!! THAT’S PART OF THE DAMN PROBLEM!

    • REAL TALK says:

      Trust me the church is the only reason people like me haven’t went off on some of you OBAers. You people make me sick.

      • simple says:

        How would you react if the CEO of BELCO (Non Bermudian)was in this position? Would you stick up for him as you are TWEED? Just asking.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        Go ahead and go off. Then you’ll get locked de hell up!!

      • Pro Bermudian says:

        Was his Father Bermudian? Then f*~`¿^×!

        • freedom FROM religion says:

          You don’t automatically get the nationality of your parent(s). You have to apply and be approved. Many countries have very complex laws about dual-citizenships, citizenship by descent (i.e. you’re born outside of a country and/or it’s territories to only one national of that country who isn’t currently a resident of said country), Jus Soli, Jus Sanguinis etc

        • Punch says:

          According to the current law having a Bermudian father does not automatically mean you are Bermudian. You still have to apply for status and there is a time frame in which to do this. That is why we need a Pathway to Status. I had to go through this process myself even though my father was Bermudian, my family had been Bermudian for generations and we returned to Bermuda when I was 5 .

      • Grizz says:

        @REAL TALK Do you really think it’s only OBA people that have a problem with this? I am black and have been PLP my whole life but sometimes it goes beyond that. I don’t know if I am one of “those” people that make you sick but defending something whether you agree or not shouldn’t put you in a political bubble. And if “the CHURCH” is keeping you from going off on people, then the same “CHURCH” should keep you from getting sick of “them people”

  7. Your joking says:

    Funny …PLP had this to say in 2014

  8. Rada Gast says:

    The only people “making this about politics” are the PLP, Mr Roban.

  9. Barnacle says:

    Wow that is a surprise ;) Good riddance. Bermuda needs him as much as we need the ‘Irritated Genie’. The PLP, BIU, etc all fighting against having a Bermudian take the position currently held by an expat!!

  10. Enough says:

    The PLP/BIU/AME/Peoples Campaign made this a Political issue by submitting the application the day before the permit expired. It was an obvious tactic.

    Fact of the matter is this man’s work permit expired and he did not go through the proper immigration channels. Tweed isn’t the only person this has happened to and it goes completely against what this group were protesting about back in March.

    Permit expired. End of story.

    • DarkFader says:

      The fact is he “should” have status unlike you expats who feel entitled to it because you are such “good” people. Get over yourselves.
      He has more Bermudian blood in him then your documents/papers do. He father and other family members are Bermudian but like Farrakhan the UBP bans those who don’t swallow their lemonade.

    • oh dear says:

      The story indeed does not end here. The facts should be disclosed no matter whom is involved in part or in whole for this work permit not being renewed. Whom is the Berkeley Institute Principal?

    • REAL TALK says:

      How do you know that punk?

    • Unprofessional says:

      Rubaine, why are you allegedly speaking for the PLP? You are not the leader! If Mark Bean has nothing to say then you are simply expressing your own opinion. An opinion that will come back and haunt you when another non-Bermudian is denied a work permit for the same reasons. You better be prepared to stand strong for breaking immigration rules for all.

  11. steve says:

    I have read plenty on this drama. It seems we do not have access to all the facts at this point(immigration protocal). We will at some point I am sure but at that point we will forgive ourselves for jumping to the wrong conclusion, but in the meantime it makes great new bait for us to insult each other.

    • DarkFader says:

      And you still come back for more. Hmmm. Did you remember to take your Medes this am??

  12. Bob but not Spongebob says:

    Well at least the PLP is standing by the church. Don’t necessarily agree with them, but I can appreciate their position.

  13. Zevon says:

    Why is the PLP so anti-Bermudian?

    • DarkFader says:

      Why are you so blind?

      • thetruth says:


      • Punch says:

        This seems a little harsh and out of context.If there is a Bermudian waiting in the wings for this job, then he should have the opportunity to apply. Bermuda for Bermudians!

  14. LOVE says:

    Don’t understand why this is even an issue for some if the church did not follow proper protocol when applying for his permit. Funny this is, cause I’m sure these are probably the same people who were marching against foreigners a few months ago. Why should this man or church get special treatment? And yes, the Immigration board is made up of civil servants…from all backgrounds, white and black so don’t know how this is an OBA refusal?? Then again, the ignorant will continue to believe lies and refuse to accept the truth that’s presented to them. Free yourselves from mental slavery!

    • DarkFader says:

      Well I think you are just as ignorant with your comment “LOVE”

  15. San George says:

    Don’t take the bait Mr. Dunkley. It is not worth calling the bluff of all the people who support Rev. Tweed. This is a rabbit hole you don’t want to go down. Furthermore, Mr. Tweed’s father is a Bermudian; there was a time when status was granted to the children of male Bermudians. And we need more people. There is not too many people more desirable than this chap.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

    • Punch says:

      Indeed…you are entitled to Bermudian status if you have a Bermudian parent….but you have to apply for it.

  16. swing voter says:

    Roban you know that the ministry is responsible for work permit approval. I’m certain that the department head (who is also an ordained pastor) would have resigned by now if there was political interference in this matter.

    • DarkFader says:

      Blah! blah! blah! Wahoo you are beginning to smell and need to go out with the trash.

    • Truth says:

      I’m certain that you’re one of the OBA minister trying to take the heat away from a party that has 5% black Bermudians supporting it.

  17. Warlord says:

    Hey Woban,
    This is a good time to start taxing the churches now.AME are all hypocrites.If he was a white catholic or Anglican we wouldn’t hear about this.

  18. Terry says:

    Don’t even have to read the comments.
    But I did the first 5 and said to myself……….(Bermudian)……
    Enjoy because once everyone has a great Americas Cup and events and many of the small peoples make a profit it will be gone. Be prepared for turmoil by those who want to disrupt and bring political fallout on the OBA.

    Civil Servants are the Pirates of now. They care about themselves and those that they employ

    Build it and they will come.

    Gonna need a bigger planeload of Viagra……………………………

    Enjoy 2017

  19. Jus' Wonderin' says:


    • legalgal says:

      As long as we can take ALL our foreign money, business, goods and services and expertise with us. Might as well turn off the lights too! You can’t even feed yourselves! Such an ungracious island. My child is reminded regularly that she is not local or entitled to work, etc. Just hope one day she can say the same to these kids who want to work in her country.

    • de fence says:

      Enjoy your fishing and farming.
      Everything else, from tourism to importing groceries to health services to reinsurance is international business requiring foreign dollars.

  20. Goose says:

    I’d imagine most Bermudians have had expats they like have to leave the island when their permit expires.

    • Will-Not-Let-This-Die!! says:

      ….and a larger percentaged stayed and went on to become principals. They arrived in the 80′s and retired to France.

  21. Paradise says:

    None of these people realize how this will affect expats down the road when the PLP become Government after the next election. I for one wont feel sorry for any of you entitled expats especially after reading some of these comments….what goes around,comes around!Remember after the next election entitled expats, BERMUDIANS FIRST!!

    • Rhonnda Oliver says:

      So you believe that Tweed needs to go, since he’s not Bermudian.

      • Paradise says:

        Where in my comment did I say that or where did I say ANYONE needs to go? All I said was that, by this decision, I hope expats are ready for what happens when the PLP are the next Government…Don’t put words in my mouth!

        • legalgal says:

          But you are making a hateful threat. This attitude lowers the confidence rating this island gets.

          How can you not see that the fault here lies with the AMC. How can you suggest that the church should not be subject to a fair law?

          I know of 2 guest – pastors who did not have work permits renewed recently. Why is AMC any different?

          • Paradise says:

            Again, where in my comments did I make a hateful threat?? The fact that you say that Bermudians are an ungracious bunch speaks volumes as if we owe you something! Remember you wouldn’t have it so good if it weren’t for you working in Bermuda…the reason why your here and not elsewhere! You said we all cant feed ourselves. Look at our history, Bermudians are a bunch of survivors and make the best of what we have regardless! I am in my early forties and I own 2 homes here and I can assure you its not due to the contribution of expats. Be careful what you say about anyone being ungrateful because it goes both ways!!

    • Edmund says:

      So when the PLP becomes government expats should expect to have to follow the proper procedures to get their work permits renewed. OK, sounds fair.

  22. sandgrownan says:

    Roban: PLP Stands With St Paul AME Church.

    Well of course they do.

    • legalgal says:

      Political expediency. Incompetence. Arrogance. Race. Of course they “stand with” them. They should be distancing themselves if they had integrity.

  23. bluwater says:

    But will the PLP lend the AME a few bucks to place the proper advertising? With the AME do what is right and follow the legal process now that they know? OR, will they continue to make a case for special treatment for themselves and this silly drama?

    • Wahoo says:

      So the AME is broke? That makes sense okay everyone pass the hat around and put your money in. Now now don’t forget union dues are due tomorrow so mot too much you hear.

  24. Truth is killin' me... says:

    When are the churches gonna start payin’ taxes. All of them! They need to start NOW!!

  25. ooops says:

    I have been profoundly disappointed every time I have heard Mr. Tweedle speak, so although for different reasons I can sort of relate to how the PLP must be feeling. But alas PLP/AME, he is guaranteed to get his work permit approved if he follows due process. No one else could meet the requirements of his job description as he is clearly a master in delivering hypocritical and divisive political rhetoric.

  26. Juicy Onion says:

    I heard the ame church is broke. They have to employ foreign labour with accommodation included cos locals want too much pay. Sad fact, yet another job locals won’t do. Even plp supports foreigners apparently. Tweed is a non Bermudian, doesn’t have status. Might have to go back home to his home country cos he isn’t Bermudian. Not even paper Bermudian.

  27. Broken Glass says:

    I will gladly pay Tweedles airfare.

    • Pro Bermudian says:

      I will pay for you and your family. 1st class for all of you.

  28. de fence says:

    So one half of the PLP think it is fine to hire non-Bermudians without advertising for qualified Bermudians,
    Where is the spokesman for the half of the PLP who are still standing strong for Bermudians?

  29. Mike says:

    “Like them, we believe that this represents a ‘total disrespect and disregard for the Doctrine and Discipline of the AME Church and the rejection of the long standing custom and practice surround appointments of pastors in the AME Church in Bermuda.”

    Mr Roban….Tweed is on a permit. The AME knows what has to be done. They have done it before.

    Not rocket science.

  30. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    Anyone who thinks this is an OBA decision has never worked with immigration.

  31. steva says:

    Is anyone really surprised that the PLP supports the AME church? They’re all in bed together. So much for separation of church and state. Sadly it will never happen in bass ackward Bermuda

  32. O.M.G says:

    You all are so dame confused. If he was anyone else you would not hear a word. But because he is a dame political trouble maker you like him and support him. Give me a break. Keep your head in the church tweed. Stay out of politics

    • the truth will set you free says:

      O.M.G. Because someone takes a stand against injustice that does not make them a political trouble maker. History has proven over and over again if you take a stand against injustice those in power will do anything and say anything to silence you. For example Dr. E. F. Gordon, Marcus Garvey. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Walter Rodney, Fred Hampton, H. Rap Brown, Thomas Sankara and Yeshua who was nailed to a cross. They all have one thing in common they were not of European descent.

      Because it is a known fact those of European descent do not take a stand against injustice and oppression. But they will be the first ones to say they did not own slaves. You do not have to own slaves but you have the same spirit of those who did.

  33. Standin says:

    PLP seem do a lot of standing and not much doing. This seems way to much of a coincidence, like it was planned and set up to cause issues. If AME didn’t follow the rules then that is silly of them isn’t it. Tweed leaves for a bit, AME follow the rules, and back he comes. Why all the jumping and complaining? If AME had followed all the rules, and no Bermudian applies, and then the permit is still denied, then you have a case. Unitl then, non issue here, get on with doing thing in the proper order and sit down.

    • So it goes . says:

      Can’t take you people serious anymore. One minute your on the hill fighting for your so called Bermudians and now your fighting for a foreigner.

    • Punch says:

      My thoughts exactly. Of course his work permit was denied. They didn’t follow the process. Just do it.

  34. Its me again says:

    Bad move from the PLP

  35. Uk forever says:

    Just listen to you Bermudians, and you wonder why all the younger generation are leaving the island.

  36. aceboy says:

    Of course the PLP stand with the AME church. Rev Tweed is their little *secret* weapon. The PLP stand with the church NOT following the law and proper procedure., That is for everyone else. The PLP think they and the AME church can do whatever they like.

  37. Mary says:

    no really lets move on folks hit the road Jack!

  38. Mary says:

    I am sure Donald Trump is hiring teehee

  39. Ace Girl says:

    Hypocrisy at best Mr. Roban. Would you be fighting the good fight if this was any other expat? So sad for this country that this bias still continues. This decision was based on fact and procedure. It has nothing or should have nothing to do with who you are affiliated with politically.

  40. sadday says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read, I’m in total disbelief. The very people who started the whole let’s sit on the hill and complain about immigration and how people are taking Bermudian jobs, are actually seriously now saying this is an injustice?? You just can’t make this stuff up. Wow. If Tweed was a supporter of the other party and his permit was renewed without following the legal process, I’m pretty sure the PLP would be sitting up on that hill again drinking milkshakes and ruining everyone’s week. It’s really really really hard not to laugh at this!!

  41. Mike says:


    • sandy says:

      I’m told a few of them wanted him gone a long time ago and replaced with a Bermudian, and one Steward no longer attends St. Paul and WHY have we not heard from the Presiding Elder who is “Head” of these AME Ministers.hmmmmmmm STRANGE !!

  42. Mike says:


    • Punch says:

      Good to read this Mike. I was really condemning the AME church…..and I really could not understand their stance . Thanks for clarifying.

  43. mark says:

    Irony and hypocrisy are lost on tweed, the plp and the AME church i guess. Next they’ll be bringing in trump! Dont they see the humour in the fact that they have held this island hostage recently through their bullying tactics and disgusting xenophobia and now their foreign leader is being subject to the very laws they want enforced?!?! So hilarious and yet so sad how ignorant they are!

  44. mmm says:

    Every country has immigration rules and policies, and the whole purpose is to protect and preserve the rights of those persons born in that country, various other conditions would also apply say if the person is born elsewhere of a bermudian parent. The rules in one country may be similar to our, but slightly different due a huge de pendence on on foreign capital, one might not notice what shapes their immigration policies when they are riding the crest of financial well-being. Or USA that rely heavily on cheap labour to farm their land, but flip the scrip when the economy went sour . In this case it appears that an application was not correctly filled out. Pastor Tweed touched the lives of the working class, the down and out, and brought a heightened awareness to the issues of the day. Immigration is a very hot, a very stormy issue in any country where one is seeking to put food on the table and keep a roof over their family,s heads, one does not want to have to endure difficult and unpleasant days . Which way this goes, I don,t know, many are watching.

  45. Lobsta Tales says:

    Walter Roban -

    no. The OBA has not given any impression of anything. it is the PLP jokers and those evil people at the church that are trying to paint an impression of the OBA with completely fabricated lies. The church effed up-ON PURPOSE to create this tension. connect the dots folks. this is the PLPAMEBIU making a DESPERATE last ditch attempt to reclaim power… the expense of EVERYONE IN BERMUDA! I am disgusted…..but not surprised.