Minister & BIU President On Work Permit Issue

September 6, 2016

Following BIU President Chris Furbert’s comments on Labour Day regarding a work permit of someone “very dear to us,” Home Affairs Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin said it concerns her that Mr Furbert “would issue incorrect and misleading information to his audience regarding the responsibility for or the status of any work permit application.”

BIU President Chris Furbert’s Statement

Speaking at the Labour Day event yesterday, BIU President Chris Furbert said, “You know that there are people that have to have their work permits renewed every so often. You could have a year work permit, or a three year work permit.

“This is a warning – and I’m saying it – it’s a warning to the Government of Bermuda, and I am saying that respectfully, because don’t play with this game, don’t play with us.”

Video excerpt of Mr Furbert’s speech with the section on the work permit:

“There is an individual who is very dear to us, his work permit expired on July 17,” said Mr Furbert, adding that it’s been like 7 weeks now.

“The Government is not supposed to be interfering work permits, but when you hear a Minister take a file, has taken a file from a Chief Immigration officer, that should be concerning to everyone.”

“Let them continue to play games with this one, and the house of cards will come tumbling down.”

“Now, I don’t think I should have tell you the name I am talking about,” added Mr Furbert. “But I think the Government knows exactly who I am talking about.”

Minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin’s Statement

In response, the Minister said, “As Minister responsible for immigration, this Government indeed looks out for Bermudians and it concerns me that Chris Furbert would issue incorrect and misleading information to his audience regarding the responsibility for or the status of any work permit application.

“As Minister, Section 61 of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act gives me full authority to issue work permits, however that responsibility is usually delegated to the Board, unless the Minister’s input is required.

“Therefore, it is entirely appropriate for me to have access to any file where the Minister is needed to resolve a particular issue.

“I do not keep any files in my possession once my input is given, and any further information that may be required is sought by the technical officers.

“While it would be inappropriate to comment on any specific case, what is interesting is that Mr. Furbert would be advocating for a work permit holder in one breath while asking for government to ensure that Bermudians are considered first and foremost for employment in their own country.

“To do this on Labour Day raises questions as to his ulterior motive,” concluded the Minister.

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  1. Double S says:

    You don’t get it do you Minister.

    Furbert, the BIU, and all the anti-immigration protesters aren’t necessarily against expats. Just one’s that don’t look like them.

    Bermuda is full little Trumpers. Heck, Furbert even threatened the Government. He is the Donald.

    • Justin says:

      And to think Shawn Crockwell resigned because the OBA didn’t ‘consult’ enough with these guys. As you can see they are inflexible and change the rules to suit themselves, so there is no consulting with these guys! Shame, real shame.

      • Rahul says:

        Furburt is only interested in using race and bullying to further his own agenda. Himself.

        And he can barely string a sentence together, its comical.

    • San George says:

      Too much government, too many civil servants for a country of 64k. We should all be terrified.

      • Bully Beef says:

        Worked fine until the PLP took over.

        • Say Whaat? says:

          You weren’t even here when they took over. All you know is hearsay. Worked fine? That’s what you call the racist UBP party?

    • Onion Juice says:

      Well if this person speaks out against this Government’s anti- Bermudian policy’s and their chinnanigans then it is expected. But thank God we have DEMOCRACY, in some countries those who speeck out against shady Governments get eliminated. Like Dr. Gordon and others were born in other countries, but instead of using the system to undermind and underestimate the locals, CHOSE to fight for the oppressed and against the undeserved privileged and their system. I can respect that for someone being PRIVILEGED to stay in my country to better themselves.

      • Onion Juice says:

        (speak out)

      • hmmm says:

        Talking out of both sides of your mouth .. sssss….snake

      • Bermyman says:

        The PLP Government were the ones who forcibly deported those that spoke against their overlord DB, regardless of their work permit status. That is a fact!

        It is clear the line of thinking within the BIU/PLP ranks, rig immigration to suit their ‘dear’ friends, but mass xenophobia towards anyone. Similar attitude to finances and capital projects, it is ok to award contracts and overspend 100′s of millions of taxpayers money, as long as it is people like themselves who are doing it.

      • Juice Tiger says:

        Onion Juice??? Why is it that Furbert & his supporters (like you) haven’t spoken about how certain shady radio stations employ a weatherman each day to read and report on the weather? They also employ overseas people to create many of the promo ads which are obvious when they don’t pronounce words like Devonshire correctly. I Certainly you could find a Bermudian BIU member to do these jobs! Wait, might you and Furbert be willing to look the other way because they are so close to the union?

        You can’t pretend you didn’t know now. If you truly believe what he preaches, show me!

      • Widget says:

        @Onion Juice. Please help my understand what the poorest Bermudians have gained through the years the PLP were governing this country? Be honest now.

      • Zevon says:

        Hahaha. It’s so hilarious when you don’t know what to say. You just type random words.

  2. Fur says:

    I find it ironic that the WORK PERMIT issue that the UNION fights for and apparently protecting the BERMUDIAN worker is being brushed to the side because of REV TWEED and because he is near and dear to those peoples heart….what a crock. How dare you threaten others. You have No right. What about all the people that were FORCED to leave when the PLP was in power that were NEAR AND DEAR to people….did you protect them?????? I am sure there is a BERMUDIAN REVEREND here on Island that can do REV TWEEDS job….he seems to be PROTESTING and starting trouble more than sharing the WORD OF THE BOOK!!!!!!He needs to go!!!! and take all the haters with you!!!!! Noticed he had nothing to say on the news last night….scared???

    • hadenough says:

      anyonewho insights marches, ect in any othere country would be deportded immediately or locked up so get rid of Rev. Tweed because we all know that is who our beloved union leader is referring to.

      • Call the election says:

        LOOK THE LEADERS IN THE OBA ARE TO AFRAID TO GIVE HIM HIS WALKING PAPER.THAT IS A FACT.NOTHING BUT SPINELESS JELLYFISH WHO ARE AFRAID OR FLIP FLOP ON EVERY LAW THEY KEEP TRYING TO PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jones says:

          At the end of the day they are to weak to govern :)

          • Rahul says:

            I hate to say it, because I can’t stand the PLP and Furburt, but when they occupied the Government building, they won. Bullying won. In any rational country – and I mean the US, UK, Canada – not China, they would have been arrested, it would have been ugly. But Dunkley went soft, and de facto Furburt became President. He knows he has won too.

            • White Cedar says:

              Dunk is continually to display to be a weak leader and this new minister of immigration is the weakest minister the oba has. Dam yes puppets have more say then her, Where is Minister Fahy when BDA needs him…people may not like him but at least he wasn’t afraid to do the correct thing.

        • Bully Beef says:

          Maybe he can run the new chapel at the new airport terminal.

        • steve says:

          I agree with you. I liked the intentions of the OBA but look at them walking on eggshells,indecisive,scared of their shadow. Voted to lead the country? makes me sick.

      • Its me again says:

        Of course they wouldnt.

        How many BLM members and leaders arent american? In many countries immigrants protest, its not legal in most countries to kick someone out because of them using their democratic right.

        • hmmm says:

          Canadian in construction exited by PLP.

          How soon you forget.

          • James Rego says:

            Mr Burgess revokes the work permit of Canadian Curtis Macleod after PLP MP George Scott claims the expat was disrespectful to him.

            Requested him to wear a hard-hat on a construction site.

  3. Justin says:

    The gov’t asked for this. When they gave in on Immigration Reform they showed weakness and now the Union will get their way on whatever they want.

  4. so said says:

    That’s exactly what I was thinking, he doesn’t want certain people to have renewed permits but when its someone close to him, they better renew it, ya what ever.. And the sad part is, they will bring Bermuda to its knees.

    • Rev Tweed says:

      Is Mr. Furbert open threat to the Gvt of a country about this gentleman?

      I find the Mr. Furbert’s threat more disturbing than what the Reverend says as a guest worker on our Island!!!

    • So Tired says:

      Bermuda is already on its knees

    • Silence Do Good says:

      Let the BIU/PC or PLP bring Bermuda to it’s knees over Tweed. I would love to see the hypocrisy shine on this one. We already have a union leader fighting a government development deal with his members in the Construction union unemployed. I would never pay dues again if I was those individuals.

      Furbert for the next leader in the next general election. I would love to see his policies when business tell him the real deal of how employment work, where the tax dollar come from to keep Bermudians in the CS working. Go on Mr. Furbert, run in the next election, I am convince now that you and individual with like minds in the BIU/PC and PLP can solve all of our ills with the double standards you are displaying lately. Just lost all respect.

  5. Politiricks says:

    I have had several ‘dear friends’ that were on work permits that were not renewed by the Government.

    Can I also issue threats to the Government if they do not renew other friends’ permits?

    And I thought the Union was against expats. I mean in Furbert’s speech he lamented how more Bermudian jobs have been lost when compared to expats since 2008.

    But because Tweed is his mate he is an acceptable expat taking a local job?

    You have truly lost the plot Furbert/BIU. What massive hypocrites you have become.

    • Yahoo says:

      You could issue threats but you don’t control a group of lemmings who could shut down this island if they don’t get their way…

      • Imagine that says:

        The sad part most of them are only striking cuze there friends are.

    • Its me again says:

      The thing is…..

      You can definitely threaten government, its your right to say “if my friends dont get work permits im up and leaving and taking my business with me” or “if my friends dont get work permits my organisation is marching” Thats your right as a person living in a democratic country. You can make threats, just that your threats dont quite hold the same authority as a threat from Chris Furbert.

      Also, because someone points out statistics regarding the greater levels of unemployment with bermudians doesnt mean they are anti expat. You do know that there are expat members in the BIU right? Its a LABOR union, not a Bermudian only union.

      You’re losing the plot.

  6. takbir Sharrieff says:

    Bermuda Government has a long history of banning,,,foreigners or locals for that matter,who rock the boat,or give controversial information to the Public.Muhammad Speaks Newspaper was banned in the early sixties,even though The Muhammed Speaks no longer exists in its former form.The Black Cadre newspaper was Banned in the seventies,even though it no longer exists in its former format.Reverend Tweed will always exist in the heart and the spirit of the people,even if his permit is not renewed.His father had to leave Bermuda in fear of his life.Truth crushed to earth,,,,,will one day arise again.The Spirit ,,,,never dies,,,,…Peace.

    • smh says:

      There are a lot of people who were actually born in Bermuda that don’t even status and everyone marched on the hill in protest against giving them status. Now, an expat, on a work permit is an exception. His father was Bermudian so….time to reap what you sow Chris

    • Bobby Jones says:

      Peace, I guess that you really have no idea who Rev Tweed’s father was. He just like his son are not Bermudians and should be treated like foreigners.Just because they are black and from the West indies and England doesn’t make them Bermudian. You might want to look at your heritage, you might find that you really aren’t a real Bermudian.

    • Zevon says:

      It turns out his permit expired without him applying for renewal.
      So you’re talking utter crap as always.

    • Great says:

      How illuminating to see someone equate the possible non-renewal of Reverend Tweed’s permit with… Wait for it…

      … A Nation of Islam conspiracy sheet and our own low-T version of the Black Panthers.


      Wait, remind me why many avoid voting PLP again?

  7. Fantasea says:

    Mr Furbert knew this was going to be an issue when the walk out occured months ago.
    Bird on the wall said it just happened to be mentioned that the Rev was on a work permit in the big meeting. And what could happen.
    The union leaders walked out with their heads in the sand.real quiet Everyone wanted Furbert gone
    Now it’s been a few months he wants to grow some balls again and make noise.
    Must be time for another strike.

    • frank says:

      rev tweeds work permit has nothing to do with me
      it is a matter between rev. tweed and the government
      furbert sounded very stupid the rev is not a Bermudian
      but he can apply for a different type of permit because
      he is married to a bermudian

      • Juicy Onion says:

        If he is married to a Bermudian there is no issue. So why is there an issue? Perhaps you are wrong about him being married to a local. When you are married to a local you get a spousal certificate not a work permit that expires on July 17th.

      • Zevon says:

        He is not married to a Bermudian.

  8. Toleratate says:

    “This is a warning – and I’m saying it – it’s a warning to the Government of Bermuda, and I am saying that respectfully, because don’t play with this game, don’t play with us.”
    Just a note Bro Chris…… you were SUPPOSE to wait until AFTER the renewal was rejected… THAN you can take the hill… you see that way there would be the EMOTIONAL effect you’re looking for….
    All I’m saying is Michael Fayh dodged a built on this one…..
    Ready, set, GO….

    • Oy says:

      Please tell me that the message above is just a bunch of autocorrect errors and not how this person actually writes.

  9. archy says:

    So, Bro Chris – are you going to fight the corner of other people who have work permits but who might not be ‘near and dear’ to you? What an outrageous hypocrite.

  10. moonbeam says:

    How refreshing to hear Minister Pamplin speak the intelligent TRUTH. Furbert’s babbling (if you can understand what he is saying) is nothing but political and union rhetoric.

  11. smh says:

    How about next time when the union goes on strike. The government just hire other people to do those jobs. If the dock workers don’t show up put out a notice that you need people I guarantee you, 100% percent people will show up. Doesn’t matter if they are employed or not.
    Should have never paid the union any mind, and I am talking as a former plp supporter and former union member.

    • Bully Beef says:

      SO there is hope that some people will see the deception of Furbert and Tweed. It is a fallacy to blame all our problems from murders to food prices on the rich people. So long as the Unions keeps this lie in play, we will do no better as a country.

  12. aceboy says:

    The BIU don’t even attempt to hide their complete and total bias. Threats? Really?

    • Toleratate says:

      @aceboy…. you are right…. it was NOT acceptable when he threatened PLP leader Paula Cox….. and it’s NOT acceptable NOW… when are the Union members gonna see this…he abuses his position; but hides behind them saying he is simple there to work on THEIR behalf….

  13. little girl says:

    A few weeks ago Colonel Burch was on radio deriding the people that are still waiting over two years to have their status applications processed . He called them ‘impatient” and with a snort said some Bermudians “all have their favourite foreigner “that they want to stay in Bermuda . I guess Reverent Tweed is someone’s “favourite foreigner” and having to wait 7 weeks to hear anything from immigration is a travesty !! Its awful to feel in limbo isn’t it Reverend Tweed ?

    • Double S says:

      “He called them ‘impatient” and with a snort said some Bermudians “all have their favourite foreigner “that they want to stay in Bermuda”

      And the PLP isn’t xenophobic, hate mongerers?

      Like I said a party full of little Donalds.

  14. Kevin says:

    Only if Furbert had an ounce of Intelligence someone other than the blindsheep would even spend a moment to try and see his point of view.Time to get the island on a forward motion and if the unions don’t want to join in then leave them behind. I also would like to see the Bermudians who applied for Tweeds job but were deemed in adequate.Surely we have a qualified person by now. OBA you were put in to do a job …fix what the unions and the PLP totally screwed up …..just do it

  15. M.C. Beauchamp says:

    If any other guest worker on a work permit interfered in Bermuda’s political affairs they would be escorted off the island right quick. The same conditions should be applied, without reservation or delay to all, without exception.

  16. lifetime says:

    Why would a person on a work permit get involved in the very issue that could possibly put himself in jeopardy? It is absolute craziness! How stupid could you be!

    This happens at other churches all over the island. If there are other Bermudians qualified to fill the position as Pastor than fair is fair!

    They have quite a few Bermudian AME pastors at other churches around the island. Surely one of them can do the job…SMH…

    • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

      What is the position of the Presiding Elder Rev Betty Furbert-Woolridge on this matter?

      Did she apply for the renewal?

    • airportgate says:

      Right is right and wrong is wrong as least he does not live in fear he is a strong men, history will show the dr. Gordon done the same thing he saw so many ills against, the people he was compiled to steak up I’ve never seen so many haters it’s so sad the mind set of you objectors just objecting for the sake of speaking, because you have a mouth, you should try using your ears and minds to really see if this man is speaking lies or the truths I’m not totally against this government but I’m not going to speak just because I favor them and not the other shame on the haters and dividers of bermuda


  17. wahoo says:

    Go home tweed. What? They don’t want you there either.

  18. bluwater says:

    Well, SOMEONE has to do the work of religious meddling in government affairs that locals don’t want to do!

    • Bully Beef says:


    • aceboy says:

      No kidding.

      I think there is a separate work permit category. A RMGA Permit.

      Not a job locals want, but one they will follow.

  19. Double Standard says:

    I don’t get the argument for the lack of speed in approving the work permit or rejecting it, Mr. Furbert. What’s the threat for? I waited three months for a work permit I put in correctly for an employee. There are protocols in place to protect Bermudians jobs and interests. You are fully aware of that. You really are making threats against the Department of Immigration and the workers that are there. Plus if permit workers go outside the duties stated on the work permit the employee and the employer gets into trouble. Or it makes it difficult to get a work permit next time for the employer and employee. And guess what. The Bermudian labourers would raise h345356llll if protocols are not followed if they see an employee perceiving to be working outside of the work permit duties. Think about it. Why would the standard be changed? Why not you as the leader of the BIU submit the application? Or why not the church speak up for themselves. Our church administration was dealt harshly by Department of Immigration when one of our workers went outside the norm. Guess what else? That person was very dare to us too. We should have made threats too, right? I think not!!! Better not, lets take a referendum and see how many people suppport your out of context threats.

  20. the real Terry says:

    This is a warning Bro. Chris, and I’m saying it the next time you go out illegally it is my suggestion the employers of union members not deduct the dues any longer but pay it directly to the members and you can collect it from them. LOL I am sure they would appreciate the extra money

  21. mumbojumbo says:

    There are prerequisite to holding a work permit here…in Bermuda…it is not a right.
    Do not make threats .
    Rev. Tweed….best accept the yes or no…
    Next time you obtain a work permit…best look at De small print…
    Usually we like to import this n’ that….but when a foreign national
    Interject and asserts in anything detrimental to transportation, politics, economic disruption ,tourism, disrupts the cabinet house and running of Bermuda govt…
    Well…it reminds me of a proverb….the proverbial boot….in the proverbial!
    Don’t let the door knb hit you where the Good Lord split you!

  22. O.M.G says:

    Ya Furbert why aren’t you fighting for all the other foreigners that wants a work permit. You really show your true colors don’t you. As far as I am concerned Re tweed should not even be in any political scene. GOD HELP UP

  23. Spit Bouy says:

    If the permit was legitimately turned down the OBA would likely capitulate and grant it once the BIU brats stamped their feet.

    My female cats had more b *lls, even before they were neutered. ;-)

  24. wahoo says:

    Go home tweed.

    • islandgal says:

      Stay Tweed. Thanks for caring as so many of my own people don’t.

  25. wahoo says:

    Man I could sit here all night hittin’ this one.

    Furbert, are you going “all in” with our stability? Wake up PLP/labor vote, this is wrong and you know it. These people are playing you like a bad hand of poker. Sorry for all the gambling references but gambling is what this is about…..right?

  26. wahoo says:

    What is Tweed’s occupation any way? I think we have Bermudians qualified for that.

  27. Comrad Sinkyboat says:

    you dare threaten me furburt???????you don’t know how foolish you look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Northshore says:

    All the labor leaders in this Island seem to be either uneducated, uninformed, misguided,militant and unable to put a speech together that is useful or even makes sense to the everyday business of Bermuda.
    Standing in front of a microphone shouting threats is not impressing anyone . Same noise making, solving nothing and not being responsible for anything is the norm for these unions! So boring and predictable ! Broken records of the 70`s!

  29. Tom 1 says:

    How ironic is it that one of the men that led the PRC and Work permit protests is complaining because his work permit hasn’t been renewed yet. How hypocritical can you be! Chris you can’t choose who you want to stay and go because they are your friend or are close to you. Then again are we at all surprised lol?

  30. mumbojumbo says:

    Tweedledee is behind Tweedledum acting as though he has reason to need the protection of biu…when he knew damn well he hadn’t re applied and is over due to do so…knew full well!
    Rather deceitful really.

  31. Bobby J says:

    I am aghast at hearing of Chris Furbert’s threat to the Government of Bermuda. Does Mr. Furbert realize that a threat to the Government is a threat to the majority of Bermuda’s voters. I very annoyed of this treat to all my country men that are very dear to me. Mr. Furbert “DO NOT threaten us the people”, you will not be very happy when we start to threaten you.

  32. Mary says:

    Wow I never knew mr tweet was a foreigner ???

  33. drunken ursula says:

    if I had to guess whom I think is telling the truth GAMBLE is with Chris….!

  34. Bobby Jones says:

    How many of you realize that the Rev. Tweed has dual citizenship from UK and USA. He can not get Bermuda status unless the PLP gets back in power. His father wasn’t Bermudian and he was born in the UK.
    I say kick him off the island.

  35. almost says:

    On another point, I’ve had many 3-month extensions because the relevant offices could not get their act together. Any expat that still stays here under those conditions deserves to stay and be granted status.

  36. The Original Truth™ says:

    Chris you are a friggin hypocrite!

    “You know that there are people that have to have their work permits renewed every so often.” NO CHRIS! Permits are renewed far more than they should be and now you want to encourage this practice because a friend of yours has their permit up. Your friend should set an example and leave. If your friend cares about Bermudians he should show that he does and announce he is leaving but expects everyone like them who has been here longer than they should have been should leave also. You can’t have it both ways Chris!

  37. jt says:

    Maybe there’s a Bermudian Pastor looking for work.

  38. Big D says:

    There is no way Mr Furbert can be so openly hypocritical about work permits without a hidden agenda. I really think Mr Fubert is trying to get Mr Tweed’s work permit revoked…threatening the Government!!! That would mean more limelight for Fubert with Tweed out of the picture…. Just thinking about it!!

  39. Double Standard says:

    Why are we bashing Rev Tweed? There is not always enough Bermudians qualified to fulfil the job or that to even apply for the job in certain cases. Notice I said certain cases. I am not referring to construction, housekeeping, waiter/waitress, landscaping, etc. So the churches do hire foreigners on work permits. And there is nothing wrong with foreigners who help keep our country running. What is dangerous is threatening people who go by the immigration book be it the same book that you fought to write up. That’s the only issue. And you have every right to appeal after the decision has been made. That is the protocol. Lastly, if someone on work permit wants to do voluntary work outside the scoop of the duties that they were hired under, employer can apply to immigration for that.

    • hmmm says:

      Perhaps because he is allowing Furburt to publicly elevate his position. He should be saying, Chris, this is nothing to do with you, this is simply part of an immigration process that people equally go through.

      Makes me sick…they trying to emotionally steal your vote. remember that they are trying to play you.

  40. Sidney says:

    Anti-Bermudian Chris Furbert putting non-Bermudians first, as usual.
    The BIU standing strong for work permit holders, as usual.
    Unemployed Bermudians who want jobs let down by the BIU, again.

  41. Lualaba says:

    Chris now shows his true colors… He cares NOTHING about Bermudians (and Bermudian jobs) he cares about Chris and nothing else!!!

    He calls this abuse of power, but where was he when a guest worker had his permit revoked for telling a then minister that he had to ware proper safety gear to enter the job site?

    In my opinion (and I could be wrong) the individual concerned breached the terms of his work permit on the grounds of Parlement and should have had it revoked at that time…

  42. DE Budgetwa says:

    Wonder wer the normally outspoken Mr, Tweed is on this matter>

    • Really!? says:

      Feeding the hate in the background! Hippocrates and coward.

  43. Sound says:

    This is absolutely hilarious, sad, and disappointing all at once!

    Unfortunately, this exposes the heartless fact that the ‘demonstrations’ in March were a race issue and not an immigration one

    • codfish says:

      Agreed. Time to push the same proposals forward again while the real reason for the demonstrations last March are fresh in people’s minds.

    • hmmm says:

      Wrong…they were about maintaining their publicity, dividing people in order to pursue/maintain power and pocket stuffing.

      Race is just a medium abused to achieve their goals.

  44. just wondering says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but during the PLP “reign” there was a chef at Elbow Beach who made a joke about serving “Chicken in arsenic” to the then Premier. That chef was detained and removed from the island within 24 hours – no hearing, no charge no nothing – all because he made a joke about the Premiers appetizer. Not a squeak from the BIU on that occasion as I recall- why might that be? Is there (gasp) a double standard??

    • Double S says:

      Even better is when the PLP revoked the work permit of construction worker Curtis Macleod, who was described by a PLP MP as a ‘black man with a white heart.’

      The Supreme Court overturned PLP’s draconian decision as it was unlawful.

      Where was Furbet then? Bunch of hypocrites they are.

    • DE Budgetwa says:

      So I think renew his permit, but on a monthly basis. As soon as he does or says something stupid, send him packing. Be gone within 2 months.

  45. Double S says:

    Let’s all have a moment of reflection shall we.

    below is a comment form Derrick Burgess while a PLP MP and Minister:

    February 27, 2007: “Mr Burgess holds a press conference during which he denies being biased against non-Bermudians but tells them to stay out of local politics.”

    “Mr Burgess says: “Any country you go in, you do not get involved in their politics. That is a common sense attitude you should take. I would never do it and I have never done it. I would be afraid to.”

    What hypocrites some PLPers and Unioners are.

  46. Mary says:

    “everyone has their favourite foreigner”

  47. Mr disInfran Chised says:

    Wow talk about the tale of two Bermudas !! All these assinine comments ! Hmmmm ?? Do you smell political interference ? No wonder Bermuda stinks so much !! And it aink from grease balls on d beach . More like sewage brains on land !! Let’s be real !! Its us or them ! Who’s who you tell me!!!

  48. Mary says:

    Mr Furbert will be minister of immigration for the next government , he lost out last time pissed now lobbying hard as the controller of foreigners this island is so divided in all ways the unprogressive anti equality bunch are gonna fix all our problems but don’t hold your breath .b

  49. Be smart BDA. says:

    Nothing but a bunch of lemmings to follow this load of crap coming out of both ends.
    Remember this…

    we had to deceive you….