Photos/Video: Motocross Season Gets Underway

October 3, 2016

The Bermuda Motocross Club 2016/17 racing season opened on Sunday [Oct 2], with riders taking to the track to thrill the crowd that was in attendance.

Grae Edness won the Pee Wee Class for the day, with Michael McClean taking the 50cc Class. The 65cc Class was won by Zuri Thompson, while Keon Glasford won the 85cc Class, Zendai Fubler took the line honors in the Novice Class, while Zico Majors won the Expert Class and Aaron Cannonier won the 450cc Class.


Pee Wee

  • 1st Grae Edness
  • 2nd Rajay Lowe-Francis
  • 3rd Z’Naz Jones

50cc Class

  • 1st Michael McClean
  • 2nd Demiaz Trott
  • 3rd RJ Pitcher

65cc Class

  • 1st Zuri Thompson
  • 2nd Jadon Simmons-Fubler
  • 3rd Michael McClean

85cc Class

  • 1st Keon Glasford
  • 2nd Lazai Outerbridge
  • 3rd Moses Johnson

Novice Class

  • 1st Zendai Fubler
  • 2nd Kai’Jun Simons
  • 3rd Reginald Wolcott

Expert Class

  • 1st Zico Majors
  • 2nd Jaron Roberts
  • 3rd Kenny Matthie

450cc Class

  • 1st Aaron Cannonier
  • 2nd Shakir Smith

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