Videos: Olympic Wall Unveiled At Sports Centre

October 17, 2016

Bermuda’s Olympians and their families were joined at the National Sports Center along with members of the Bermuda Olympic Association and Government for the unveiling of the Olympic Wall.

Unveiling Of Olympic Wall Bermuda October 2016 (19)

Acting Governor Ginny Ferson, Premier Michael Dunkley, Minister of Social Development and Sports Sylvan Richards, Director Youth Sport & Recreation Norbert Simons, and former Sports Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin were all in attendance as the historic wall was displayed for all to see.

The Wall serves to help mark the 80th anniversary of Bermuda’s participation in the Olympic Games, and the name of Bermuda’s sole Olympic medalist — Clarence Hill — is inscribed in a different colour on the wall.

The BOA said the wall “will be a permanent tribute to those who have had the privilege of competing and participating in the Olympic Games and will inspire future generations of Bermudian Olympians.”

Premier Michael Dunkley

Sports Minister Sylvan Richards

BOA President Judy Simons

Robert Horton

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  1. watching says:

    A great idea and a great tribute to our Olympians, however the contribution of our ONLY Olympic medalist needs to be highlighted better.
    Clarence Hill should clearly stand out as our only medalist, yet looking at the wall of honor this doesn’t happen.
    I hope it is fixed to give him his due recognition.

  2. …very nice to see that Bermuda’s ONLY Olympian’s name is included. He should have been given a house from that U.B.P.government.
    They never recognized Clarence Hill the way he should have been. He is a Bermudian and did not receive his just due.
    Very regrettable.
    It was like he did not even exist.

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Guess the PLP/UBP didn’t give him a house either…why not? Guess they don’t care about him either smh…

      • watching says:

        While the PLP could have done something, the UBP was the government in 1976, and for another 22 years before the PLP gained power, so I think the ball was definitely in their court.
        This isn’t however about politics, its about giving a man his due.

        • Jus' Wonderin' says:

          I agree we should give this man his DUE…and the UBP were wrong for doing “nothing” just responding to backbone. PLP equally SHOULD HAVE and COULD HAVE done something but didn’t, wonder why? Just hypocritical when you don’t fault both sides.

          • watching says:

            Unsure who “jus Wonderin’” is referring to, but nowhere in my initial comments did I blame any political party.

        • serengeti says:

          He got his name on the wall, in a special colour to signify his bronze medal. What more exactly is he supposed to get?

          What has he done in the last 40 years to help the country, to assist with Olympic campaigns, to encourage our athletes and participants?

    • Pride says:

      Did he not get a bronze medal?
      That’s your just due for coming joint 3rd!

  3. Great idea says:

    This is a great idea and adds further interest around the National Sports Stadium for visitors. I don’t like to criticize and maybe it’s me, but it does look rather like a war memorial… I think it would look better if it were to incorporate a sculpture of an Olympic flame or something – perhaps something like that could be added next to it or in front of it?

  4. Pride says:

    Waste of money.
    If the USA did this, the wall would be bigger than the one Trump proposed.