Premier To Participate In World Strategic Forum

April 16, 2017

Premier Michael Dunkley will be in Miami this week to participate in the 7th Edition of the World Strategic Forum [WSF].

The conference theme is, “Mastering Change, Reigniting Growth” and takes place April 19th & 20th.

The Cabinet Office said, “The Premier was invited to the Miami conference by the International Economic Forum. The Premier’s invitation is a follow up from his participation at the Toronto Global Forum in 2015, which was also hosted by the International Economic Forum

“On Wednesday at the Miami conference, the Premier will join business industry leaders for a panel discussion on “Cultivating an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship”. The forum will explore start-ups and small to medium sized enterprises [SME] in emerging economies; entrepreneurial activity; innovation; productivity growth and employment.

“Premier Dunkley will use the opportunity to highlight Bermuda’s strong, stable and resilient financial services industry. He will also discuss the impact the 35th America’s Cup has had on job creation, the formation of new small and medium sized businesses, and growth in such areas as real estate and maritime infrastructure.”

The Premier’s fellow panelists at the WSF include:

  • Michael Schlein: President and Chief Executive Officer, Accion; and Chairman, New York City Economic Development Corporation.
  • Gonzalo Rivas: President, National Innovation Council of Chile [CNID].
  • María Helena Jaén: Distinguished Chair Professor and Academic Director, Observatorio SCALA, Universidad de los Andes School of Management; and
  • Varelie Croes: Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Liv Group.

The Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, will also address the World Strategic Forum attendees on Wednesday.

The World Strategic Forum was established by the International Economic Forum of the Americas, a non-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of an open dialogue on pressing economic issues.

The Forum strives to foster the exchange of information, to promote free discussion on major current economic issues and facilitate meetings between world leaders to encourage international discussions by bringing together Heads of State, the private sector, international organizations and members of society.

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  1. Transparency not says:

    While you’re there stop in King Of Diamonds…….have a glass of Hennessy and relax ya mind. We have a election coming within the next 7 months.

  2. Rocky5 says:

    The guy is hardly ever here. No wonder people think the OBA don’t care about Bermudians…

  3. Antlee says:

    I hope major health restructuring is discussed by this International Economic Forum and VERY SOON. Because the imminent onslaught of Baby Boomers retiring has the real potential to topple many a nations’ current health schemes.