Security & Safety Preparations Continue For AC

April 30, 2017

With about 25 days until the 35th America’s Cup, preparation, planning and contingencies continue to be fine tuned in advance of the sailing spectacular.

“As a follow up from the “Exercise Joint Venture” – emergency operation that was held April 1st, a comprehensive all day meeting took place last Friday [April 28] with the aim of continuing to ensure that safety and security protocols are in place for the 35th America’s Cup,” the Government said.

“Friday’s meeting involved members of the Joint Agency Command Centre [JACC]. The JACC meeting was chaired by the Ministry of National Security’s National Disaster Coordinator, Stephen Cosham.


“Government departments and agencies represented at the meeting included the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service, ACEA, ACBDA, the Bermuda Regiment, KEMH, Government House, the US Consulate, the Department of Health, Marine and Ports, the Department of Environment, the Department of Customs, the Bermuda Red Cross, St John Ambulance, Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority and other relevant organizations.

“The Minister of National Security, Sen. Jeffrey Baron was on hand to observe Friday’s emergency planning discussions, and stressed the critical importance of ensuring Bermuda’s emergency readiness for any situation.”

Minister Baron said, “Bermuda continues its vigorous preparation for the 35th America’s Cup. It was good to attend Friday’s emergency planning meeting as it provides all the key individuals, including members from the ACEA, ACBDA, the Police, hospital, fire service, health department and others to come together and ensure that their process and plans are complete and compatible.

“The 35th America’s Cup will be an unforgettable and amazing event for Bermuda. For our part, we recognise that safeguarding those who attend this event is vital. So, as it relates to security and safety, the JACC team will continue to engage and meet to ensure a safe and successful America’s Cup for all.”

Mr. Cosham said, “It was good to see the enthusiasm of so many agencies coming together to participate in this Americas Cup led table top exercise, which will go a long way in supporting ACBDA to put on a safe and professionally run event”

The security simulation exercise in early April featured a series of drills concentrating on the North and South Basin. The scenarios being tested include oil spill containment procedures, on water incident management and security screening.

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  1. Y-Gurl says:

    Baron how about getting your Police Service to round up the clowns in the gangs with guns at that end of the island in the name of AC

  2. Oh,I see now says:

    I don’t see the jail represented in this story I’m sure they are covered by Barons ministry.What are the possibilities of someone planning an escape aboard an outgoing yacht?I hear they have a work release program what are the potential dangers in that.Are they trying to imagine the place doesn’t exist,I bet it doesn’t show in any of their ads.

    Tourists……excuse me ACBDA rep.what is that huge complex?
    ACBDA rep…..errrr there’s nothing interesting over there lets continue our tour.

  3. Um.... says:

    Should bring Digicel, One, and East End Telecom into meetings like this unless they are already confident that they can handle the increased traffic on their networks. Emergency services can be severely impacted if telecom services aren’t capable of handling the traffic.

  4. Jingas says:

    Bless up!

  5. mm says:

    It would be great if such energies were used for from time to time on a smaller scale throughout the Island with preventive measures…i.e. vehicle road checks for traffic offences and counter measures for persons involved in criminal activity, which also means foot patrols thru various neighborhoods. Our seniors need an added sense of security as they conduct their business….as well as at various senior home i.e. bus stops..Looks like at least 150 officers will be on duty at any given hour at the west end of the Island…This does not mean that rest of the Island will have no coverage, but folks still want to know all is well,,and that a presence will be seen. Trash collections need to happen at our various parks on the week-ends..I was at Admiralty House this morning, trash was on the ground the trash containers were over-flowing, it happen all last summer at Albouy,s Point and the Bus Terminal…A lot has been put into preparations for welcoming our guests to the Americas Cup….Hopefully the Tourism Department is hard at work so that we can have high numbers during the usual quiet months.