Bermuda Day Half Marathon Route & Map

May 22, 2017

The upcoming Bermuda Day Half Marathon will see participants race from St. George’s to Hamilton, with crowds sure to be lining the route to cheer them on as is always traditional.

The listing on the event website said, “The race starts at the junction of Duke of York Street and Old Maid’s Lane, St. George’s. Runners may use the entire road from the start to the Town of St. George’s sign. From this point participants must run on the left side of the road including following the normal traffic flow at all roundabouts until Lane Hill in Hamilton.

“Proceed along Mullet Bay Road, Kindley Field Road, The Causeway, Blue Hole Hill, North Shore Road, Flatts Hill, and Middle Road. Turn left at Lane Hill. Proceed down Lane Hill to East Broadway, and Front Street to Queen Street. Proceed up Queen Street turning right onto Church Street to King Street. Turn left at King Street and proceed to Victoria Street.

“Turn left at Victoria Street and proceed to Cedar Avenue. Turn right at Cedar Avenue and proceed to Marsh Folly Road. Turn right at Marsh Folly Road and proceed to Dutton Avenue. Turn right at Dutton Avenue and follow the directions onto the field at Bernard’s Park to the finish line.”

Bermuda Day Half Marathon Map May 21 2017

Relay Changeover Points:

  • “Leg 1 – Duke of York Street and Old Maid’s Lane, St. George’s [Approx. 3.75 miles]
  • “Leg 2 – Between mile 3 & 4, Bus Stop at Bailey’s Ice Cream [Approx. 3.25 miles]
  • “Leg 3 – Between mile 7 & 8, Bus Stop at The Aquarium [Approx. 3.00 miles]
  • “Leg 4 – Between mile 10 & 11, Bus Stop at Fort Hill Rd [Approx. 3.25 miles] Finish, Bernard Park, Pembroke

Parking Options for Participants

  • “Leg 2 – Crystal Caves
  • “Leg 3 – The Aquarium and Whitney School
  • “Leg 4 – Fort Hill Road

“Please do not park on private property or block private driveways. Do not park on roadways with a yellow line; your vehicle will be ticketed by the police.

“There are nine official refreshment stations on the course. They will provide fresh water and a sports drink for all participants.

“Refreshments will be provided at Town Square in St. George’s before the start of the race.

  1. “Approx 2.5 miles Bus Stop at Airmail Facility on Kindley Field Road
  2. “Approx 3.75 miles Bus Stop at Blue Hole Hill
  3. “Approx 5.25 miles Bus Stop at Francis Patton School
  4. “Approx 6.50 miles Bus Stop at Shelly Bay Beach
  5. “Approx 7.50 miles Bus Stop at Whitney Institute Middle School
  6. “Approx 8.75 miles Bus Stop Bus Stop at First Baptist Church
  7. “Approx 10.75 miles Bus Stop on East Broadway
  8. “Approx 11.50 miles at The Bermuda Library, Queen Street
  9. “Approx 12.50 miles at Appleby, Victoria Street

“Refreshments will be provided at the finish line. Note that the use of unofficial water stations is at your own risk.”

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  1. Raised on Ginger Beer says:

    Does anyone know what time the marathon and parade starts?