2017 Cup Match Teams Selected & Announced

July 30, 2017

Selectors at the Somerset Cricket Club and St. George’s Cricket Club met tonight [July 29] to decide who will represent their respective clubs at the upcoming 115th Annual Cup Match Classic and both clubs have now announced their teams.

Cup Match 2017 Player list

Somerset Cricket Club will again be led by captain Jordan DeSilva with Malachi Jones as his vice captain while St. George’s Cricket Club will be led by captain Macai Simmons with Onias Bascome as his vice captain.

Somerset have recalled Dion Stovell and Kamau Leverock while St. George’s have recalled Onias Bascome, Kyle Hodsoll and Zeko Burgess, and named one colt in Nzari Paynter. St. George’s have also named Dean Simons and Isaiah Greaves as junior reserves.

Somerset Cricket Club Team:

Jordan DeSilva – Captain
Malachi Jones – Vice Captain
Terryn Fray
Chris Douglas
Tre Manders
Stephen Outerbridge
Dion Stovell – Recalled
Kamau Leverock – Recalled
Jekon Edness
Derrick Brangman
Greg Maybury


Justin Corday
Alje Richardson
Kwasi James

St. George’s Cricket Club Team:

Macai Simmons – Captain
Onias Bascome – Recalled – Vice Captain
Lionel Cann
Allan Douglas Jr
Rodney Trott
George O’Brien Jr
Kyle Hodsoll – Recalled
Treadwell Gibbons
Zeko Burgess – Recalled
Sinclair Smith – Wicket keeper
Nzari Paynter – Colt


Charles Trott
Cejay Outerbridge
Okera Bascome

Junior Reserves:

Dean Simons
Isaiah Greaves


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Comments (18)

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  1. Um.... says:

    On paper, Somerset have an excellent team to defend the cup. But anything can happen on the day. I hope to see an excellent two days of cricket….from the crown and anchor tables.

    • Should be interesting.
      Why do we have one day Emancipation Day and de other Somers Day?
      Intelligent answers would be nice.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Of all people , YOU looking for intelligent answers .
        If you don’t know why the 1st day is ‘Emancipation Day’ and the 2nd is ‘Somers Day’ then one can only wonder where you’ve been for the last few decades .
        Maybe you really out to retire from dropping comments around here .

  2. Jorge says:

    Where is justin pitcher?… and ofcourse them bascome bies will be on the team. St. Georges you have a huge battle on your hands.

    • Good for you says:

      Maybe someone can find out and post season averages for the players selected so that we can see who is deserved a spot on the teams. favoritism,if any,needs to be exposed.This game should feature the best 22 players in the island. Good luck too all.

      • Sherbet man says:

        lmao st George’s been about friends and family hence the bascomes! St George’s could always do better once we move on through this well be back out on top fr

  3. Stinky D. says:

    St George’s doesn’t have a team

  4. WTH... says:

    Who is Onias Bascome??? Cejay Outerbridge, Justin Pitcher, and Delyone Borden are having much better seasons but i forgot gotta have a Bascome/Foggo & a Paynter…..LOL

    • Warrior says:

      Who for vice captain??? Didn’t you all learn from last year from your Captain and vice captain!? Lionel n GJ prepare to assist Macai, cuz he gonna need experience not blood line.

  5. Jaden says:

    Time for a new President St.Georges. Geesh

  6. Davie Kerr says:

    Don’t really mind who wins, as long as it doesn’t deteriorate into a boring draw.
    Incidentally, to avoid draws (most of them, anyway) in future, what about this idea? Play two days of limited overs cricket, and add together the totals scored by each team on each day to decide the winner.
    I’d suggest one variation of the usual limited overs rules, here, though. For the sake of argument, Team A opens the batting and at the end of their innings they’ve scored 175 all out: Team B manages to pass that score, but still has, say, 2 wickets in hand and 3 overs available. Let Team B bat out their innings, and the second day they then start with an advantage of however many extra runs they managed to score on the first day. In the case of the scores being tied after two days, the challengers get the Cup. That way I think there’s more encouragement to win, as opposed to not to lose!

  7. parent says:

    Ok I know picking are slim in the east Bascome and Paynter will have to produce something which if you look at their scores and cricket they will not along with their captain let’s say 100 runs between the three over two days will be a stretch for them

  8. Blackseal says:

    Why no dean minors for st geaorges best batsman this season even if over the hill

  9. Anonymous says:

    They should’ve put Charles Trott on the team st.georges is so dumb because he has worked very hard to make it and ur just gonna put him as reserve

  10. Jaden says:

    Im pulling a switch, im going for Somerset, St.georges just keeps putting in the Bascomes and paynters. Lord help St. Georges.

  11. Trouble around de korner says:

    Oh dear you St. George’s fans…looks like trouble on the Oval. Once again your inexperienced players will not make the grade as they are not adjusted to being in such an all important post. What will they represent. There is humongous trouble in your camp. Do what you can as you let down your fans. Somerset two to one..like the election results. Whoop their butts SOMERSET…STAND FIRM!!! STAND TALL. IN HAVING DONE DID ALL TO STAND, SHOW ST. GEORGE’S THAT YOU ARE VICTORIOUS.. CONGRATS SOMERSET IN ADVANCE

  12. Somerset will keep the cup says:

    Onias Bascome in the team?? & vice captain?? St geo is a joke!

  13. SOMERSET FAN says: