Video: Cabinet Ministers & Senators Sworn In

July 20, 2017

Following the PLP’s landslide victory in the General Election, the Swearing In Ceremony for the new Cabinet Ministers and Senators is set to take place at Government House this afternoon [July 20].

The PLP won 24 seats in the election, with David Burt, Renee Ming, Kim Swan, Lovitta Foggo, Tinee Furbert, Derrick Burgess, Wayne Furbert, Chris Famous, Diallo Rabain, Wayne Caines, Walter Roban, Michael Weeks, Walton Brown, David Burt, Rolfe Commissiong, Lawrence Scott, Neville Tyrrell, Colonel David Burch, Dennis Lister III, Zane DeSilva, Scott Simmons, Jamahl Simmons, Kim Wilson, Dennis Lister, and Michael Scott all victorious at the polls.

David Burt has already been sworn in as Premier, with the 38-year-old becoming the island’s youngest Premier, and the remaining Cabinet members, as well as Senate appointments, are expected to be made today

The PLP had three Senators as Opposition, and two of them — Tinee Furbert and Renee Ming — won seats in the House, and as the Government has five Senators, the PLP will need to appoint at least four new Senators.

We are aiming to bring live video of the Ceremony on our Facebook page, which will actually be the better way to follow the Ceremony, however we will provide updates as able while it is underway, and full information as able.

Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates:

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Comments (142)

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  1. Bermudian 1st says:

    Well Done!!! Congrats to ALL the new Ministers

    • Ok says:

      Quick question…How you do you feel about the rumor about new hotel stopping building because the government change?

      Also how do you feel about Camen Islands recent comments about your government change and their confidence they can take some companies from an already struggling Bermuda?

      • Rightok says:

        We are terrified!! The PLP are not the best with the economy, investors, foreigners or IB. Let’s not forget how they mishandled the public purse on almost every government project.

      • Reuben says:

        Same way I would feel if it was the OBA. I would roll my eyes and then say ignore it as it a rumor. And are you surprised by what Cayman said, yes there are some valid points but remember Cayman is our competition of course they would put a piece out like that. Let the PLP get started geez it’s just day 3 they might actually surprise us.

        • wildcat says:

          Bermuda was already moving the right direction under the OBA. The PLP’s track record is abysmal. I’m not even sure what the electorate really wants.

      • David S says:

        Well if the PLP starts a lot of anti expat propaganda its not so difficult to see that CEOs whose businesses are bigger than the island will indeed move.
        I am a Bermudian that went on to the US because 30 years ago I saw issues but I also appreciate what international business and ex pats have done for Bermuda.
        I feel they as a whole from lawyers,accountants, hotel workers, construction workers are not represented properly, the island needs talent and thats the way it is. If Bermuda doesn’t want the business I can assure the Bahamas, Cayman,BVY does. Also the States in the US want it …. look at Vermont. I have not seen any sign of Trump targeting Bermuda under his “America First” as it is a small fish, but teh government needs to be fair to keep it that way

    • iabingi says:

      Where is Minister “Tweed” ?

      • Double S says:

        Probably fist in line to get granted ‘special status’ by the new Minister of Immigration.

        As Col. Burch so eloquently put, ‘everyone in Bermuda has a favorite foreigner that they wish could stay.’

        Tweed is the PLPs.

        • David S says:

          As a Bermudian who lives overseas I can look in from the outside,

          I can say that expats that live and work in Bermuda should be appreciated as they work as hard as Bermudians to make Bermuda the paradise it is.
          To be sure some things I read seem to imply that expats stealing jobs, I feel they are unrepresented as a group and there is no appreciation or rights given to them, It seems people are making statements that excite dislike for expats ….maybe they have a human rights case as a class group ?
          What about all the foreigners that come to Bermuda as tourists ? What about the welcome arms and scholarships Bermudians get from the US, UK Canada.
          I respectfully say to MP s on both sides please be sensitive

  2. Jus' Wonderin' says:


    • sage says:

      At least de kernel isn’t in National Security, he would probably reorder the Sherman tank he wanted, but Public works, Grand Atlantic II coming? Glad to see Derrick left out.

    • Ok says:

      David’s rubbing his hands like Birdman

  3. red rose says:

    was pretty happy until desilva and burch …. to me they represent the past and the optics don’t look good; not sure about combining the premiership and finance, I really think that that is way too much for one person; one new MP lands a good job….
    Govt reform? Look forward to hearing how that will work.
    How many are full or part time?

    • politricks says:

      Bye-bye Port Royal lawsuit!

      Well played PLP. Well played.

      • Trump supporter says:

        Bye bye lahey suit also…

        Theys. All vibrating holding the Bible..

        • Ringmaster says:

          If those cases, and others, are dismissed or discontinued, it will be clear the PLP is the same old PLP (under the same control) up to 2012, and all the good governance promises in 2017 were mere words.

          • JAWS says:

            BYE BYE MILKMAN. Thank you Fahy for trying to throw Bermuda Status to everyone who was not Bermudian like a free pizza. We couldn’t have done so well without you.

            • cpm says:

              How soon before you give non Bermudian Tweed his status?

              • De Truth says:

                97 days and counting. Lets see how ya boy gonna create 2000 jobs and what they decide to do with Rev.Tweed they must do with the 100′s with the similar circumstance waiting in line to be citizen’s.

            • Rightok says:

              How does money get to Bermuda? If we have no foreigners, and no IB, what would be our industry? Making a foreigner wait 20 yrs for Status isn’t even that bad. That foreigner will most likely bring their immediate family with them which will result in more money being spent in Bermuda. More money = economic stimulation. Are you forgetting our government doesn’t make enough to play its bills? We still run deficits. How long do you think we can run government at a deficit?

              Furthermore, the Pathways to status didn’t give out status like a free pizza. An expatriate would have to live and work here for 20 years before being granted status. By that time they would most likely be a Bermudian anyway.

              • Ringmaster says:

                Until the resident population of private sector taxpayers increases substantially, which means a lot more expats, the PLP will be unable to fill their election promises. In 1998 they inherited a healthy economy and blew it. In 2017 they inherited a rebuilt economy. Impressive to do in less than 5 years. Until the current account is running with a surplus and the debt being paid off there is no spare money. Bermudians will need to be patient for many more years. There is no magic wand despite what the PLP may have indicated, and as a result of this election, no alternative to pull Bermuda back out of an economic collapse. It may be a brief honeymoon.

    • David S says:

      He will do fine at both jobs

      He went to GW graduated in finance & I am sure took a few government courses, Look I was for the OBA, but I hope he makes some changes, its sad when you see Bermudians wanting to go away to school and study and just cant get any help. I live in Miami now. I am a Bermudian and live in Miami, I was their in December and met yo with a young Bermuda soccer player …. his dream to study logistics and shipping, do you know how many scholarships there are in the US for soccer players ….. Zane I hope you’re reading this as I was a school friend of yours ……anyway I made a few calls but I am not sure if the student followed up .
      The only thing i am watching are excesses …. it would be a great scale to weigh against young opportunities gained or lost

      Anyway lets close the get down to what the taxpayer is paying for and best of luck

      • Sickofantz says:

        Students can go to study in the UK for free.

    • Wow says:

      Nasty as always to ask how many are fulltime and how many are part time. Never asked that of the oba.

  4. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    This was looking ok until we got to Zane De Silva. Shame Premier Burt for giving a Ministerial post to someone with so many millons of dark clouds over his head. With less clouds but still definite clouds is Col. Burch. Not so cool either. Note to self – Bermuda is watching this eagerly awaited ‘new’ PLP. Good luck and lets get started!

    • Madge says:

      I agree Zane, should not have been made minister of sports,he has alot of baggage and not to many people have any respect for him.
      Col Burch, good luck with your new post.

      • David S says:

        Its tough to be an MP and run a business in Bermuda, Not sure of the clouds but always know Zane to be a good person as well as Col Burch, whom I grew up with in Southampton East. I may have supported another party but I need to call it as I see it

        • Hey says:

          Col. Burch a good person?, what planet are you living on? don’t you know the devastation he caused.

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      What baggage? What on earth are you people talking about???

  5. Ryan says:

    Jason Hayward is gonna have to resign as President of the BPSU… right?

    • Positive Pessimist says:

      If he was made a minister, he definitely would have to resign…not sure about being made a senator.

      • Onion says:

        He should. But this is the PLP so conflicts of interest are ok.

        • I shall not be moved says:

          Positive Pessimist: if he was a Minster he would have to resign. Keep up and in take time to inform yourself.

  6. casadeanale says:

    Who got Speaker and deputy??

  7. Carpe Diem says:

    Where does Environment fall under?

    • Esther says:

      No Environmental Minister

    • Ringmaster says:

      Seniors as well. Two very important areas up to now, but apparently now forgotten about.

      Combining Premier and Finance Minister is never a good governance situation.

  8. Bermuda 1st says:

    That’s a well rounded cabinet, you cant win a championship without no seasoned players. Keep up the good work, the PEOPLE of Bermuda are behind you.

    One Love

    • Onion says:

      The problem is that last time they were on the field they struck out.

      • Time to change the name back UBP 100% says:

        No one struck out more than what happen on Tuesday. The OBA/UBP beat their other loser record.

        24-12 lol

  9. joe says:

    Where do the environment departments fit in that?

    • Humphrey says:

      Come on people;, he’s just picked the cabinet, and yo

      u already have the knives pleasingcant pick every one

      • Spectator says:

        Where’s the seniors department?! Guess the PLP don’t care about them after all…

    • Humphrey says:

      Come on people;, he’s just picked the cabinet, and yo

      u already have the knives pleasing you
      People. cant pick every one

      • Coffee says:

        Environment ? Who needs a environment ministry when Stuart Hayward , who I will remind you has been very quite lately , will do the work for free !

        • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

          I understand Mr.Hayward has a health issue.

        • Nikon says:

          What effect does Stuart have really? I see so many environmental folly’s around Bermuda; it is sad.

      • Wow says:

        Nasty as always to ask how many are fulltime and how many are part time. Never asked that of the oba.

  10. Realist says:

    Where are Mr. Weeks and Mrs. Ming in this line up? UBP Jamahl Simmons should not have been selected over them.

    • GoGirl says:

      After what Jahmal Simmons tweeted, how this man a member if ANY political party let alone Tourism Minister is disgusting. guess tourists should won’t be coming to Bda .

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Don’t people who spout hate and nastiness find support and love from like minded people ?

      • Point boy says:

        Did I miss something? ??

      • Ringmaster says:

        Yup, ex UBP baggage. Premier Burt should have known better. Maybe Marc Bean was right.

        • Time to change the name back UBP 100% says:

          LOL real funny but seriously when is the oba changing the name again? Your party will never win again under that name.

    • Madge says:

      Lord have mercy, to think we have Burt as our premier …he so reminds me od Donald Trump….I would love to see Kim Wilson as Premier.

      • Positive Pessimist says:

        Premier Burt is an extremely intelligent man-I don’t see why people think otherwise. He just led the biggest upset in recent political history-the man is no fool. These are excellent choices and he is getting off to a fabulous start-knocking it right out of the park from the start, as far as I’m concerned.

        • jt says:

          He’s got guts taking Finance. No fall guy. Buck stops at his feet.

          • Bermudian says:

            Exactly! No recession to blame and no more crying about how those in power were only looking out for the rich man. Waiting with popcorn to hear the excuses when this party fails.

          • Ringmaster says:

            Bermuda will be the loser if he doesn’t perform. Unlikely he will fire himself.

          • David S says:

            He has the qualifications no doubt. The goal should be to build on what the OBA started with perhaps a little more encouragement and benefits to Bermudians. He can give people opportunities, but if they don’t make the grade for what ever reason they won’y have a job. The workforce is competitive and thanks to Bermudians and expats that is what makes the island special

  11. Humphrey says:

    I look towards Mr premier to do a a good job he’s going to see it’s not about one segment of the public he has to look out For,But the whole of Bermuda good luck

  12. Dockyard Lackey says:

    I think the master puppeteer, not Mr Burt, selected the cabinet. Burch and Desilva is a slap in the face to all Bermudians. What happened to Michael Weeks? Oh, sorry. Way too honest.

  13. Mark says:

    What a sad sad day for all bermuda

    • Deborah says:

      Speak for yourself Mark!!. What a happy happy day for me and the majority of the Bermudian people,in particular those that voted! I thank all of you!

    • Eugene Y says:

      Mark how could you say that this is a sad day for Bermuda, this Government could turn out to be extremely good, or bad for Bermuda, too early to tell, they deserve a chance just like the OBA, had their chance, and we wished them well at the beginning of their term, they did some good for the country, but in the end ,they could not gain the trust of the majority of Bermudians, and because of this the reigns of Power was taken from them. That is just simple plain fact of why they are GONE. Also I like this Government why, because unlike the other Government, this one seems to recognize God, and if they truly honour God in this Government they will do well. The past Government left God out of the picture and look where they are out of the picture. PLP Government, put God at the front of your Government and you will be The most successful Government Bermuda has ever had.

      • Spectator says:

        PLP dissed Mr. Weeks smfh! Half of these guys Eugene have had a chance..12+ years at that!

      • Take your religion somewhere else says:

        Stfu with the god bs. This is country they’re running, not a place of worship.

        • I shall not be moved says:

          Take your religion somewhere else: When the whole world wonders after the Pope (which represents the beast like system in the Book of Revelation) and worship him as if he is god, you and those that think like do not say a mumbling word.

      • Point boy says:

        Oh god.? Please leave your beliefs to yourself. It wasn’t God that won you the election. It was hate. A whole lot of it.

        Racism is alive and well in Bermuda!

        I feel for the minority

        • Point boy says:

          I will bet all the mould bye miraculous intervention will suddenly disappear from all our schools. Heaven forbid?

        • Nikon says:

          Point boy you really are a study of an imbecile…

      • David S says:

        Well I happen to try and be kind and do the right thing every day, but i don;t want anyone s religion put on me in government … hello Government should be neutral as it represents all taxpayer ….

    • The Messenger! says:

      Speak for yourself, Mark!

    • I shall not be moved says:

      Mark: There was plenty of sad days for individuals on this Island under the former corporatist party. We were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    • I can't believe it. says:

      You think you are the only people who can run a country. If you don’t like the Government then leave. The PLP ministers are much more educated than the OBA, but the only qualification is needed as far as you are concerned is being *****.

  14. PBanks says:

    The other side of the coin is that the backbench also is a combination of new faces and experienced voices.

    congrats to the appointees.

  15. Brier says:

    congratulations to you all.. Young cabinet ready to work to move our country forward .

  16. frank says:

    well I think that the AG should be in the house not the senate
    and David Burch should the minister of national security
    and the premier is going to have his hands full just being premier

  17. rch says:

    All things considering, it’s actually not that bad a cabinet for those who would have otherwise preferred the OBA. Yes, Desilva is in, but not at a ministry where he could do major damage. Burch is a bit of a concern, but procurement is now run out of Cabinet Office.

    Walton for all his bluster is probably the most sensible person from the PLP’s side who could have gone to immigration (relatively speaking). Perhaps it might have been better to have had a more commercially minded person like Wayne.

    Speaking of, surprised about him going to National Security. He’s a leadership rival, so he’s going into a job with little substantive work and lots of profile – a perfect spot for leadership scheming. Not sure about Burt’s tactical choice though, but perhaps no choice?

    I’m concerned about the AG being a senator. The Govt’s lawyer should be somewhat able to push back and say no to the Premier. At least with Pettingill and Moniz as MPs, the Premier could drop them as Ministers but not from politics altogether. Burt will have tremendous power over her.

    • HALF HOT says:

      In order to drop all the pending cases against the PLP and there member I guess..

      • I shall not be moved says:

        HALF HOT: you mean witch hunts. Like Shawn Crockwell stated regarding the COI the corporatist party conducted a COI on PLP members when the public wanted them to conduct a COI on theft of land by those who have oppressed us.

    • I shall not be moved says:

      rch: Most individuals who have had the AG post have been lawyers which Ms. Simmons is.

    • Reuben says:

      They probably put Wayne in the National Security post cause his brother works for the Police, so makes sort of a natural connection in a sense. I’m not so worried about the AG being a senator (though it is odd) my worry is that Burt is the Premier, Finance Minister. That is a lot of hats that require a lot of attention for each, can he manage that?

      • Zevon says:

        The last person who was Premier and Finance Minister was Paula Cox. Look how well that turned out.

  18. Smoke_and _mirrors says:

    All to obvious that the Brown stain has a big hand in selecting the cabinet. This was a big opportunity to show a fresh start not tainted by our previous sad experiences of the PLP government. I was hopeful until I saw two very obvious links to the previous mess.

  19. Y-Gurl says:

    Premier and minister of finance…..let’s play very close attention to that role

    • Spectator says:

      Collecting two paychecks….hmmmm

      • Kelly S. says:

        Three (3) paychecks….. He still has a job/company he runs.

    • Wow says:

      Narry a question when David Gibbons was minister of finance and premier. Such divisive hypocritical statements help sustain our racial division and breed hostility. I hope the writer realizes it.

      • Reuben says:

        Um not really, shouldn’t we being paying very close attention to the Finance Minister? after all it is the an important role and we’ve seen what happens when we don’t pay attention.

        But I do wonder can he manage both roles plus being a Senator (unless I’ve read wrong). all three roles are very demanding on time and attention.

        • Ringmaster says:

          @Wow, were you born at that time? No internet or social media, so how do you know no one questioned it? How can Bermuda move forward with comments like yours that go back over 30 years? We do know though that being Premier and Minister of Tourism was a big mistake.

  20. FFJ says:

    I guess the environment will just vaporise ! Does that mean that the ministry will disappear ? A lot of wasted money could be saved.

  21. Coffee says:

    David Burch … He’s BACK ! LoL ! ….. Should have given him Immigration !

    Thanks Premier Burt for assembling such a talented Cabinet .

  22. Pete says:

    Need to get to work a lot of things to fix and let’s start with some jobs …..waiting let’s go now

  23. puzzled says:

    Good luck

  24. Honestly says:

    Question: Why does Kathy Simmons have the responsibility of AG and Senator?

    • Eugene Y says:

      Honestley the same reason Fahy had the responsibility of Premier, Immigration Minster and Senator.

    • Cedar Berry says:

      Someone can correct me, but I believe it’s because she lost in her constituency, so she has to be Senator in order to hold her new position as AG.

    • I shall not be moved says:

      Honestly: Majority of the people who have been the AG have been attorneys. If you and others who have made this comment were paying attention, you would know this.

    • PBanks says:

      There’s a law where at least one portfolio has to be given to a Senator, and it would seem that Mrs. Simmons is a natural fit for the role with her legal experience.

      She appeared to run a solid campaign against Jeff Baron as well, so probably is seen in a positive light by the party leadership.

  25. Wassup says:

    Will Jason Hayward recuse himself when the bpsu or the btuc are negotiating with government? Will recuse himself from the senate when there is any union or labour issue?

    • Ringmaster says:

      Just continuing the “unethical but not illegal” method. Has anyone noticed the PLP made no reference to being transparent? So much for good governance.

  26. sugraknab says:

    Congratulations to our new Ministers, new Government and all Parliamentarians rising to the challenge of public service.

    Ultimately, your individual and collective success rests on leaving our beloved Bermuda and all her people in a better place than you found her.

    Best wishes for the long road ahead.

  27. Jam Bermuda says:

    Donald Trump administration – now available in Bermuda!

    • Nikon says:

      I don’t think this group is controlled by Zionist Jews but I may be wrong…

  28. Humphrey says:

    We should be trying to be positive now that you have the enemy out of power, so let’s give the plp government at least a few days b4 you tear them apart.youknow what people tear their people apart the most

  29. Oh really says:

    Most definitely should not have given Zane or the Colonial a seat. They are not a good fit with the baggage they have. Zane definitely does not sit well with his past experience. Best of luck to them. Let us see the magic they will perform. Keeping a close eye on their first 100 days in power. I remember what Mr. Burt promised.

  30. Wow says:

    Why was Mr. Weeks not selected?

  31. One Love says:

    Congratulations to the new Government! The majority of Bermuda will be routing for you. Premier Burt you made an Excellent cabinet choices and have a woundful Senators!

  32. swing voter says:

    as I’ve always said, I don’t really care who is in charge just provide 5 more years of stability, reasonable GDP growth and debt service management (that means keep on paying the bill) that’s all I ask for

  33. For the life of me I don’t understand why many you are responding to the OBA trolls ?

    Let them cry in the wind while you support the PLP – there is significant hard work ahead and taking on the naysayers is one burden too many.

    To the victor go the spoils.

    • Kevin says:

      careful when you say ” to the victor go the spoils ” sounds like your planning much of what happened 1998 -2012 will happen again

      We will be watching …..

      and if you don’t think 13,000 can’t ring parliament think again

  34. cpm says:

    So the puppet master behind the scenes are running the show

  35. Ocean Bound says:

    We live on one island so we must all work to see this team succeed.
    Col Burch will be good as Minister of W&E. Premier Burt will need the support of the business community as Min of Finance and it is essential that he gets that support. Our health and education challenges are real and we need to address them. We want the country to succeed. All hands on deck.

    • Onion says:

      The business community are ready to support. But it will be impossible if the PLP go back to destroying the economy through bad policy.

      • Wow says:

        Such ignorance astounds me but like one writer said they are OBA trolls.

        • Double S says:

          What’s ignorant about that statement? History shows that the poster is correct. Ignorance is pretending otherwise. The P’s populist, protectionist, short-sighted policies contributed greatly to our economic malaise.

          Just be cause the truth hurts doesn’t make it any less truthful.

  36. mabhabha says:

    Congrats new appointees!
    Remember Bermuda is part of a global village…to thrive we will need other international villagers. We should not alienate people who make tremendous contribution to Beautiful Bermuda. Children should come first! The future is in their hands. We need to be encourage them to be the best they can be through hard work in all aspects of growing up.

  37. Oh,I see now says:

    It will be interesting to see how negotiations continue with the civil service a lot of them I’m sure voted for you.I have a brother whose a prison officer working without a contract and terrible understaffed for 7 or 8 years.

  38. Real Onion says:

    Glad to be watching this from afar.

    • Nikon says:

      We will keep you abreast of any material changes so that you may pass your judgment from afar: while not being on the field of play and therefore not affected thusly.

  39. Attitude Of Gratitude says:

    What a diverse looking group! NOT. Double standard at its best

    • I shall not be moved says:

      Attitude of Gratitude: Because those in the corporatist party may have looked diverse but they played a role in supporting policies that were unjust to those that looked like them and not beneficial to Bermuda as a whole.

    • Double S says:

      “Diversity for thee, but not for me” – says the PLP!

    • Nikon says:

      You are indeed a minority “Attitude of Gratitude”…you are indeed.

    • PBanks says:

      Good lord.

      PLP has one elected white MP, and he is given a portfolio.
      If you want to take the women representation angle, well both Wilson and Foggo have ministries, and Simmons has the very important AG role. Add Crystal Caesar as a new Senator. Sure there may be room for one or two more women, but it’s still something.

  40. Truth81 says:

    Well if Eb is running the this circus…u know FREEDOM OF SPEECH will be affected and compromised by those who dare criticize them!

  41. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    No one politician can go it alone help them and guide them, let us turn the negativity into positive thinking.

    Come on people you can do it, Great ideas please !

    Progressive ! Show me , Show me !

    How about we stop all the nonsense that is going no where fast.

    How about we all pull together to put food on the table.

    Let it be such work that our children will say , “This our father did for us.”


    Be Happy Bermuda, just be happy.

  42. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    When our visitors come to Bermuda and want to eat the table cloth,

    LET THEM !

  43. Wow says:

    The PlP has a team with diverse talents. All capable of leading but not one making a challenge to Burt’s leadership. Not one. Even when Hus term comes up he will not be challenged because he is respected.

  44. Mark says:

    Now do something. Let your peons see hoe useless you are. Do it. They wont even com0lain if you do nothing or if you do something that hurts them. Sad. I kove .y country and you are destroying it but my voice doesnt matter does it? You will never understand until you are livingin a 3rd world country. But at least it will be your 3rd world country right? Am i right kool aid drinkers? Bring it on you fin nympties.