Repairs On Weather Radar System Continue

August 15, 2017 | 19 Comments

The Bermuda Airport Authority assumed responsibility for the former Department of Airport Operations weather radar system in March 2017. The weather radar system at Cooper’s Island was originally installed in 2004 and is now approaching the end of its useful life, according to officials.

A Bermuda Airport Authority spokesperson said, “Recently, the system has become increasingly less stable with more frequent outages and the need for specialized maintenance and replacement parts, some of which have to be manufactured overseas.

“The weather radar system was last operational in mid-June 2017 and, since then, several efforts have been made to repair it. Earlier this month the German manufacturer sent an engineer to Bermuda to work on the system, however, it remains out of service. Additional replacement parts are now due to arrive within the month and, pending success of the repairs, the weather radar system could be back in operation by mid-September.

“However, the Airport Authority is concerned about its on-going reliability, as there have been multiple problems with the system. The Authority is conducting an analysis of the extent of the problems with the system to determine the cost/benefit, and value of repairs versus replacement.

“The weather radar system is part of a suite of tools used by the Bermuda Weather Service to provide weather services and is popular with the public. However, its outage does not impact aviation safety or public weather forecasting.”

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Comments (19)

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  1. Street Smart says:

    Convenient for the RADAR to be out of service during the season where it is most needed.

  2. puzzled says:

    Then if it has no effect on aviation safety; give it a few asprin.
    We have more Gert things to worry about.

  3. Tom Cooke says:

    Ummm…. get a new one…

    • Just the facts says:

      Seriously! Agree! My 85 year old neighbor has a more high tech weather station on his roof that gives the whole neighborhood a better radar and weather prediction than this apparently dilapidated rubbish system that we probably paid major money for.

  4. Toodle-oo says:

    If my memory serves me right the radar had a major re-build after it had serious issues about 2 and a bit years ago . It never functioned properly even after that and then was completely overhauled/replaced last year .
    After that massive amount of work it functioned properly for about 36 hours and then went up and down more than a yo yo finally imploding in May (not June) of this year .

    Many people rely on this important piece of equipment and it should not be out of service for extended periods .

  5. Bermudian says:

    Unbelievable, we brought a weather Radar that had a life of 13 years, at what cost, my Bloody washing machine is 15 years old. Hmmm.

  6. Comfortably numb says:

    The radar is the most useful tool the BWS offers: for it to be unavailable throughout this boating season is nothing short of rudiculous. The fact that no one has been fired says a lot about the “service”. Jobs for life!

  7. PJ says:

    I understood that a major benefit of Doppler radar is the detection of wind shear.
    If detected, Air Traffic Control can direct aircraft movements accordingly.

  8. Navin Johnson says:

    A joke…

  9. James Rego says:

    September 13 – 2005

    With the successful opening of a new $2-million Doppler Radar Weather Tower yesterday, the Island can now monitor weather systems up to 500 miles away and see clearly into the eye of approaching hurricanes.

    Note: This report states the radar is capable of monitoring weather systems up to 500 miles away. In reality, it was only able to view systems up to 150 miles, good enough for me. So now the talk is, it may be working toward the end of the Hurricane season.

  10. Cedar Stump says:

    Disgusting work ethic by the management and service team. There is a new sheriff in town boys and girls. Lets see if they can sort this shambles out !

  11. Paul Robbins says:

    I will ,”Diligently,”await its return!

  12. Seriously though says:

    Just be clear:
    1. Locals self employed people depend on it
    2. Any company that offer shipping of goods between warehouse and local retailers
    3, Govt, The Bus depot,
    4. The EMT and police services
    5. Landscaping
    6.Construction industry

    so don’t down play it’s use to local Bermuda businesses.

  13. Mrs. Clair Annette Reed says:

    Piss poor timing and honestly this sort of thing just needs a little violin for harmony… It just happins at the worst time everytime…. We really should consider some sort of an award… A prizegiving… Perhaps a plaque accompanied with a thank you and a vigorous handshake.

  14. Real Onion says:

    yet again making Bermuda look stupid to experienced Pilots.

  15. Boz says:

    2 flippin months!! Pathetic!!

  16. Oh-Sire-Is says:

    Our great radar: When there is a storm coming, the radar stops workinworg.
    When there is rain coming, the radar stops working. It has been worked on and upgraded at least 4 or 6 times since January. You would think with all those upgrades this radar would be able to ACTUALLY WORK. But hey! Derp de derp!

    Meanwhile, the AMERICAN radar sites are BETTER than Bermuda’s terrible lame one, and have MORE features and radars! They even have zoom in Google earth maps with LIVE WEATHER! Who needs this stupid Bermuda radar!?!?! Who works this radar here?

  17. southampton resident says:

    The weather radar is probably more useful to the public than the weather forecast in many instances as you can actually see where the showers are instead of just guessing where they may be!

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