Weather Radar System Being Upgraded

March 19, 2019

The Bermuda Airport Authority is upgrading the Bermuda weather radar system.

“Installation of the new equipment will involve the dismantling of the existing system beginning March 31, 2019. The new, upgraded weather radar system is planned to be operational in time for the height of Bermuda’s hurricane season,” a spokesperson said.

“During the weather radar system outage, Bermuda Weather Service will provide alternative weather graphics including satellite visuals. The weather radar system is part of a suite of tools used by Bermuda Weather Service to provide information. Its outage will not impact aviation safety. It is planned for the new weather radar system to be available to users by July 15, 2019.”

The Airport Authority’s CEO Lester Nelson said, “The weather radar is a popular resource for weather tracking, therefore, the installation has been planned to take place between the end of winter and prior to the height of hurricane season.”

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