Video: Sir John Swan To Run In By-Election

April 29, 2024 | 30 Comments

[Updated] Sir John Swan is holding a press conference this morning [April 29] where he will announce whether or not he will run in the Smith’s North Constituency 10 by-election. We will have additional information later on, and in the meantime the live video is below.

Update: Sir John Swan confirmed that he will stand in the by-election as an independent candidate. He will run against the OBA’s Robert King and the PLP’s Lindsay Simmons.

Update: Opposition Leader Jarion Richardson said, “The One Bermuda Alliance believes in free, fair, and transparent elections, and any candidate is welcome to participate in the bye-election in Constituency 10.”

“We also believe the best way to accomplish a goal, especially a hard goal, is with a committed, caring team. We’ve built that team. Brick-by-brick, day-by-day, one door at a time. And we will bring that same change and hope to our system of government, as we spoke about during our town halls.

“The hardest types of problems are solved by teams willing to walk door-to-door, early mornings and late into the nights. We are focused on the modern problems facing the modern families in a modern Bermuda.

“Robert King is a key member of this committed energetic team. His professional background uniquely positions him to know the troubles which affect Bermuda’s most vulnerable. He knows the ins-and-outs of the government machinery. His canvassing for months alongside Michael Dunkley has transferred that knowledge and culture of constituency-service.

“Robert is equipped to represent Smiths North in the next Government of Bermuda.”

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  1. watching says:

    He says it’s not about him, but his speech is all about I I I.

  2. watching says:

    So, if the Independents run, and band together, isn’t that essentially forming a “Party”?
    Isn’t that essentially what the UBP did back in the day?

    • iyiyi says:

      Maybe so but they still have a single voice and won’t get booted if they disagree like the current PLP dictatorship .

  3. Insurance says:

    The reporter asked if he was concerned that he’ll make the oba weaker. Lady the opposite will never win using surrogates is probably what he wanted to say.

  4. VIP says:

    Let’s start to change Bermuda for the better. The present political party system isn’t doing the island any good.

  5. Yea says:

    Everyone knows the OBA is a white party that’s using blacks as fronts. Sir Swan please save us from party politics.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      If you were Bermudian you would know that it is Sir John, not “Sir Swan” and that Sir John was leader of the UBP when he resigned following the 1995 referendum.

      • hmmm says:

        If you were Bermudian you and the other clowns would realize the OBAUBP won’t win another election. LOL

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          “If you were Bermudian”

          Unlike you, I am Bermudian.

          Unlike you, I am not a paid political troll.

          Unlike you, I do not try to turn every comment into a debate about a political party that ceased to exist nearly 13 years ago.

          • White Wash says:

            You’re both political Trolls. The only difference is the UBP aka OBA isn’t winning.

        • Truth says:

          I am a Bermudian…your worst enemy :)

          When did your boat shipwreck here?

          Are you enjoying my island? You’ll need to learn how to behave, and show respect for us True, Born Bermudians.

    • Truth says:

      Why does everyone else always have to clean up the plp’s mess?

    • Token says:

      Everyone knows the plp is a black party that’s using whites as fronts. Sir Swan please save us from party politics….and good luck to surrogates, lindsay and zane!

      • Wake up Bie says:

        You need to go help the oba find more surrogates to try and trick the voters into thinking that you have diversity.

      • Answer says:

        CV Jim Woolridge wrote in his book some famous words. “Those little white boys don’t mind you being in charge as long as they can tell you what to do! He spoke the truth since he was around you obaUBPeeee so much.

  6. Stewie says:

    Was it not the reason Sir John got out of politics was when he wanted to take the country independent, his followers dropped him like a hot Peppers??

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I do not think it correct to say that “his followers dropped him like a hot Peppers”.

      I think it is more accurate to say that Sir John advocated for independence in the 1995 referendum, the majority of Bermudians voted against independence in the 1995 referendum and as a consequence Sir John resigned as leader of the UBP.

      One can argue that Sir John did the honourable thing or that his ego could not take the blow. The truth is that only Sir John knows why he made the decision he did at the time.

    • LOL - the real one says:

      ” dropped him like a hot Peppers ”

      LOL, only in Bermuda.

  7. Hilarious! says:

    Sir John is a big fan of cryptocurrency. Perhaps he can clean up the mess of crypto companies left by Mr. Big and bring a viable business model to Bermuda.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      What mess? Look at all the jobs created in Bermuda by crypto-currency. Look at all the land tax and payroll tax being collected in Bermuda because of crypto-currency too!

      • Hilarious! says:

        Post the company names in Bermuda and dollar numbers along with the companies that went under, the founder(s) arrested elsewhere, company/owner(s) fined elsewhere dollars amounts, etc.

        I’ll wait.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          Our Premier has already done that.

          Look at Victoria Hall for example. It is proof of the benefit of crypto-currency to Bermuda!

          • Hilarious! says:

            Oh, I need to check with the Big Guy! So you have nothing. Well… Did we not have a similar discussion on crypto companies a few months ago?

            News Flash:
            24X Bermuda Limited, Digital Assets Business Principal Address
            Cumberland House, 7th Floor, 1 Victoria Street, Hamilton HM11
            (203) 212–8032 contact phone is USA Connecticut.
            Cumberland House 7th floor rents out executive office space including desks & mailboxes, and is a specific floor address used by several companies.

            The Team – 24X Bermuda
            Dmitri Galinov
            Founder and CEO of 24 Exchange
            Miami, Florida

            Jason Woerz
            President & COO at 24 Exchange Bermuda
            New Canaan, Connecticut

            Paul Millward
            Product Manager at 24 Exchange
            United Kingdom

            Who is in Bermuda? A search on LinkedIn for “24 exchange bermuda” lists 49 results from all over the world – but not one name in Bermuda unless I missed it. Feel free to double-check my work.

      • Hilarious! says:

        I could go down the list but then your comeback would be that I am making things up because the Big Guy says otherwise.

        News Flash:
        Important Update Regarding Bittrex Global
        It is with great regret that we announce that Bittrex Global has decided to wind down its operations. This decision was not made lightly, and we understand the inconvenience it may have on our valued customers.

        Effective Monday 4 December 2023, all trading activity on Bittrex Global has been disabled. Customers are now only able to withdraw assets as part of the winding down process.

        Important Information for Bittrex Global Bermuda Customers
        Why did Bittrex Global Bermuda decide to go into liquidation?

        In November 2023, Bittrex Global announced its decision to wind down operations. See full statement here. As part of our commitment to ensuring an orderly wind down, now is the most appropriate time to hand over to third-party provisional liquidators under a court supervised process to oversee the company’s dissolution.

        Why does this only apply to Bittrex Global Bermuda and not Bittrex Global Liechtenstein?

        Bittrex Global is registered and regulated as separate companies in Bermuda and Liechtenstein. Different legal requirements apply in those two jurisdictions, and so the precise manner in which the wind-down of the companies takes place differs. Completing the wind-down in Bermuda requires handing over to a third-party liquidator who will oversee the wind-down and help ensure that all assets are distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

        Our very own Denis Pitcher, advisor to the Big Guy, is the only person who comes up in a LinkedIn Bittrex Global Bermuda search.

        Independent Non Executive Director – Bittrex Global (Bermuda) LtdIndependent Non Executive Director – Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd
        Bittrex Global (Bermuda) LtdBittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd Apr 2021 – Mar 2024 · 3 yrsApr 2021 – Mar 2024 · 3 yrs Hamilton, BermudaHamilton, Bermuda
        Acting as a member of the board of directors and risk committee of Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd I provided oversight and guidance with regard to their to their regulated digital asset business activities in Bermuda.
        Bittrex Global (Bermuda) Ltd went into solvent liquidation in Mar 2024 after a decision to wind down the business in Nov 2023.

  8. Hey says:

    Why doesn’t SJS just join the OBA, at least he will be more effective in a party.

    • Here says:

      He running against the oba because he knows it’s RUBBISH!

      • Hey says:

        The PLP is RUBBISH but that didn’t stop Kim Swan, Wayne Furbert,or Jamhal Simmons.

        • Hey says:

          They were TOP surrogates in the UBPoBA. Just like the new recruits your using now! What your going to say when they leave you next? LOL

  9. puzzled says:

    sir John see the future.
    Just making us aware of our options.
    As for “white” well that was well rejected.

  10. Triangle Drifter says:

    As a very elder statesman Sir John’s best position is a seat in the Senate, not in the children’s playground that the Lower House has become.

    The Senate is not much better these days but at least Sir John would introduce some maturity there in a smaller group.

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