BA Plane In Bermuda, Waiting To Go To Florida

September 10, 2017

With airports in Florida closing due to Hurricane Irma, British Airways sent an aircraft to Bermuda, and “as soon as it is safe to do so,” will be “positioning it in to Florida, to help bring as many customers home as possible.”

British Airways Bermuda Septembe 10 2017 (1)

The company’s website said, “Hurricane Irma has caused severe damage to parts of the Caribbean and Florida. Several airports have been affected and some remain completely closed.

“We are in regular contact with all our airport partners about the impact on our customers travelling to and from the affected regions, and we are doing very best to support our customers in every way we can.

“Today we have flown an additional aircraft out to Bermuda, and as soon as it is safe to do so, we will be positioning it in to Florida, to help bring as many customers home as possible. We also have aircraft ready in the Caribbean when airports re-open, to help get customers to airports with connecting flights to London.

“As the storm continues to make its way across the region, and the relief effort begins, flights will continue to be affected over the coming days. ”

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  1. cpm says:

    Premier Burt
    Anything to say about response?

    • mixitup says:

      This flight is a BA operated flight to collect the compression of travellers in Miami, The UK Gov’t did not commision this flight.

  2. Kim says:

    Can we fill it with stuff to help?

  3. Coffee says:

    All this we must think about when considering independence

    • No Laughing Matter says:

      Agreed. Some people are so quick to cry for independence; they don’t think strategically how that could affect us, especially in times of calamity.

      I sincerely wish Barbuda (and Antigua) all the best in rebuilding the island. As an independent island nation, they have some serious and costly work cut out for them. Very tragic.

  4. Fairdue says:

    Some of us are proud to be British, and accept we are a tiny nation that benefits from being part of a world power.

    Good luck with that independence visa queue, and UK happily returning hundreds of Bermudian prisoners, and the free universities, the police force, and trash cans, and the expat pounds, etc.

    Good luck. Even The PLP doesn’t really believe it. For what exactly? National pride…yeah whatever…

    • Arthur - Atlanta says:

      Fairdue that was an interesting stat you quoted about the hundreds of Bermudian prisoners abroad in the UK.
      Your information source?

      • James says:

        Not just prisoners but all the Bermudians who went there on the witness protection scheme.