CPAD Academy Appoints Rickai Binns

February 26, 2018

CP Athletic Development Academy has confirmed the appointment of Rickai Binns to its Board of Directors.

A spokesperson said, “Rickai is an accomplished athlete who embodies the overall philosophy of CPAD; using athletic ability to secure further education. As an all-rounder with a background in football and cricket as well as representing Bermuda globally in bowling tournaments, Rickai is an example of the outcome that is expected of CPAD members.

“In addition to his sporting ability he also has a global work ethic, having established his investment career on Wall Street, New York. As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Rickai already has a passion for community service and is actively involved in the Alpha Beautillion.”

Mr. Binns said, “As an avid sportsman and a recipient of so much that sports have to offer, I recognize the importance of working hard, maintaining focus, building good character, and training to win.

“It is both an honour and a privilege to be a part of an organization such as CP Athletic Development Academy who embodies all of these things.”

“CPAD develops athletes with the expectation that they will use their skills to secure overseas educational opportunities that will enable them to return to Bermuda and excel in our increasingly competitive working environment. To date CPAD has assisted over 20 members in their transition to higher education.”


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  1. Welcome to CP Athletic Mr. Binns!