Photos: Canadian Navy v Bermuda Ball Hockey

February 1, 2018

The Canadian Navy ship HMCS Toronto arrived in Bermuda recently, and while visiting the island they played a game of ball hockey, having been invited by the Bermuda Ball Hockey League.

The Navy displayed a spirited first game, but came up slightly short on a 1-0 loss to Bermuda. The second game with the Mixed Team and Bermuda drew a 1-1 tie with a win by Bermuda in a shootout overtime win, while the third game had the Mixed team defeated the Navy 5-3.


To top the tournament off, all the players were split between 2 teams so that they could build more comradery between Navy and local players.

The Bermuda Ball Hockey League said they “would like to thank Commanding Officer Archer for organizing the ship to come to Bermuda and Petty Officer Chris Pudsey to play hockey with our Bermuda guys.”

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