Youth Movement: Cire Bean’s Payakid Initiative

August 22, 2018

Cire Tyler Bean Bermuda August 2018[Generation Next Youth Movement Series]

How many of us, young and old, would like to see increased employment opportunities for Bermuda’s youth?

20-year-old Bermudian entrepreneur Cire Tyler Bean is aiming to do just that, providing an avenue for Bermudian youth to work hard and cash in with his company Payakid.

When asked to describe what his company is all about, Mr Bean shared, “Payakid is about providing employment opportunities and community service for Bermuda’s youth, by partnering with citizens and businesses to provide odd end jobs, mentoring and seminars.

“Bermuda will benefit as Payakid provides a structured avenue that will assist to deter our students from anti-social behaviour, gang activity and crime.”

Mr. Bean said, “We as a people need to believe in our youth, you cannot believe in someone without investing in them and you can’t invest in them without believing in them. By doing this we can help our youth develop a sense of self pride, self-worth and the determination to become productive members of their society.”

His passions do not only lie in employment opportunities for his peers, he also has a passion for writing music, video production, and increasing his wealth of knowledge surrounding business creation and management.

Having attended West End Primary, Sandys Secondary Middle School and the Berkeley Institute, he is planning on pursuing his business degree at Georgia State University.

When asked what his five year vision is for Payakid and what he ultimately aspires to accomplish with his talents, Mr. Bean responded: “My ultimate career goal is to become a successful entrepreneur, and to use my talents and experience assisting and aspiring young entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential.

“I see Payakid in five years partnering with the majority of Bermuda’s business sector and residents in providing employment and community service opportunities for majority of Bermuda’s public and private school students.”

payakid bm Bermuda August 21 2018

We were curious about the individuals that inspired him to pursue his dream whilst also positively impacting the world around him, and in explaining who they were, he said, “I’m inspired by my parents and their unselfish sacrifice in instilling the importance of family values.

“And I’m also inspired by my mentor Sir John Swan with all the knowledge he has passed on to me, as well as anyone that is doing something positive for our society.”

Finally he offered these words of encouragement to his peers, “I would definitely encourage young Bermudians to pursue their dreams, by taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. And to seek out a mentor. Lastly always be open to criticism it creates opportunity for innovation.”

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Generation Next, in conjunction with Bernews, is producing a ‘Youth Movement’ series to spotlight our island’s young people who are trailblazing paths not only here at home but across the globe with their respective talents, innovative ideas, fresh energy and vision. If you would like to recommend a young person to be featured, please contact The Youth of Today, Leaders of Tomorrow, Generation Next!

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  1. Sister Nancy says:

    Well done to Mr. Bean and good luck with the programe. Hmm all the money that has and is still going to Pastor Bean
    And he could not come up with a solution like this. Pathetic he needs to step aside he has not accomplished anything

  2. Dawn Hewitt says:

    Wonderful interview, proud of this young man for all his hard work paying off for the kids in the community!