Bermuda Job Board Website To Unveil Upgrades

January 21, 2016

[Updated with video] The Bermuda Job Board website is set to unveil a raft of new features on Saturday [Jan 23], including information on expiring work permits, addition of a new ‘Resources Tab’ and more.

Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy said there are now 1113 employers and 6530 clients registered on the Bermuda Job Board, and to date, the total number of applications submitted through the job board is 36,400.

The Minister also reminded employers that, with the implementation of Bermuda’s new Work Permit Policy on March 1st 2015, “all employers are now required to advertise all available positions [prior to applying for a Short Term or Standard Work Permit] for a minimum of eight consecutive days on the Bermuda Job Board.”

Screenshot of the Job Board website:

Fullscreen capture 21012016 113424 AM

Speaking at a press conference this morning, Minister Fahy said: “Today I am here to announce some exciting changes which have been made to the Bermuda Job Board.

“As you will recall, the Bermuda Job Board, which launched in November 2013, is an online, user‐friendly platform available to Bermudians seeking employment.

“The introduction of the Bermuda Job Board has significantly enhanced the job search process for Department of Workforce Development clients and the entire community. Likewise, it has assisted employers in identifying qualified local resources.

“Over the course of almost two years we’ve had the opportunity to track user experience on the site. We’ve listened and incorporated feedback from Employers and Candidates to improve the Job Board model.

“There are now 1113 employers and 6530 clients registered on the Bermuda Job Board….and there are currently some 150 jobs listed. To date, the total number of applications submitted through the job board is 36,400.

“So, what are some of the new changes to this tool which I am here to tell you about today? First of all, there has been a software upgrade, which will further improve functionality for both users and administrative staff.

“The upgrades help the Job Board to remain current with technological and security advances while enhancing function and user interface. They will also mean lower costs when making any future enhancements to the Job Board.

“Second, information on expiring work permits will now be displayed to include the job title and work permit expiration date and job details from the original job posting. This will allow for candidates to prepare themselves for upcoming potential jobs by ensuring their skills are relevant to the required skills needed.

“Third, the addition of a new ‘Resources Tab’ will link Users to relevant and current information on Resume Development Tips, Cover Letters, Interview Skills, Dressing for Success, and General Employment Information.

“The Resources Tab provides an excellent opportunity to share information with job-seekers, ultimately equipping candidates with strategies to build a strong profile and application for consideration.

“Fourth, there will now be a mandatory field on the job board requiring employers to report on recruitment through the Job Board by responding to the question: ‘Have you hired a candidate for this position that applied via the Job Board?’ This will enhance reporting on recruitment activity.

“There will also be direct links to the Department of Workforce Development’s website and enhanced ‘Applicant’ reporting for employers which is required for the Work Permit Policy. The enhanced applicant reporting will enable us to obtain current feedback on recruitment efforts from employers and successes experienced by applicants.

“Overall we have maintained the look and feel of the website as much as possible to maintain user-friendliness, however the enhanced features will incorporate minor changes to the look and functionality.

“The new features will go live on Saturday January 23rd, 2016.

“I would like to thank several organizations for making these changes possible…Fireminds, LANSA, W&W Solutions Ltd., Government’s Information Technology Office, E-Government, the Department of Immigration Team and the Department of Workforce Development Team.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to remind employers that, with the implementation of Bermuda’s new Work Permit Policy on March 1st 2015, all employers are now required to advertise all available positions [prior to applying for a Short Term or Standard Work Permit] for a minimum of eight consecutive days on the Bermuda Job Board.

“In closing, I would like to encourage all individuals looking for work to register on the Bermuda Job Board and at the department in order to increase your chances for finding available job opportunities.

“Individuals seeking assistance with registering for the Bermuda Job Board should contact the Department of Workforce Development helpdesk directly at 297-7714 extension 1820 or by email to,” Minister Fahy concluded.

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Comments (13)

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    • ? says:

      How on earth do you have a problem with this.

      • Tired of it all says:

        It’s OBA and a white man doing the announcement.

        Enough for him to make his tiny head explode.

        • SMH says:

          And the OBA are making a in roads on improving our economy and increasing employment opportunities

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Having trouble with the idea that the OBA’s “foreigners first policies” have tackled more work permit violations and done more to make jobs available to Bermudians, and easier for Bermudians to find them, then the PLP “Bermudians first” policies ever did.

      • The Truth says:

        PLP was foreigners first also. Under PLP our demographic changed very noticeably. The only reason PLP supporters did not uproar about it was because the change was not more whites brought in which is all they cared about. OBA has just jumped on the band wagon PLP started because their favorite excuse is PLP did it also. There’s no proof that OBA tackled more work permit violations. They both have tackled them when it suited them and looked the other way when it didn’t. OBA has cherry picked the violators to go after just as the PLP did only difference is the demographic they go after and who the friends and family are of the violators.

        • Hmmm says:

          Yes there is proof, it has been made public by Fahy previously.

    • I agree with your point!!

  1. Hope says:

    So if your work permit is expiring, this will be listed on the Job Board…no problem there as the requirement is for the position to be advertised on the Job Board for a minimum of 8 consecutive days anyway….but, how far in advance of a work permit expiry will this “potential job” be added? Say one month before, two months before? Is there any guidance on this?

    If you are a permit holder and your permit expires on say 31st December, when will this show up on the website under the “about to expire permits” section?

    • The Truth says:

      As always the onus is left up to the employer because all employers are sooo trustworthy. Compare what’s up on the board and what’s in other Bermuda job advertisement medias and you will find the gaps. It’s a placebo prescribed by Fahy for the credulous to chew on.

      8 days minimum is a joke! A Bermudian becomes unemployed on the 9th day and they are SOL for finding the position that’s pulled down by the employer because its reached that oh so minimal minimum.

      In other jurisdictions employers have to go through hell and high water to get a permit approved. Immigration probes them plus the whole sector like an extraterrestrial abduction to make sure there REALLY isn’t any citizen suitable because they get paid to do this not to chops with their work mates. These are far larger jurisdictions so in a tiny island like Bermuda there is no excuse why this data can’t be thoroughly collected.

  2. bluebird says:

    Interesting how it is these “SOOO TRUSTWORTHY” employers are the ones that provide the jobs.It is these employers together with the employees that provide the TAX DOLLARS to be paid to some of the most brain dead individuals.

    • The Truth says:

      Sadly some employers are “SOOO TRUSTWORTHY” that they don’t declare all earnings of their employees so they can shunt a large portion of their payroll tax. Many times the employees are in on the scam as well because they rather keep their full earnings. It’s not very risky in Bermuda because most won’t get prison time if caught for tax evasion like they would in other countries.

      Now the brain dead point is quite harsh but when our Minister of Finance releases the fact in parliament that in the fiscal years ending March 2011, 2012 and 2013 the amount of remittances by repatriation of work permit holder’s earnings alone rounded up to $119 million, $122million and $125 million and he won’t do anything to rectify the issue I can’t help but agree with you.

  3. Aware says:

    This is an excellent program and the bulk of these comments are depressingly negative. This should allow Bermudians who are either unemployed and looking for work or are employed and looking to advance their careers a really good visibility into opportunities. If you have suggestions for improvement, pass them along to the people managing the website. If you are unemployed, spend your time reviewing the jobs board!

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