Column: ‘Clear Sign Of New Age Colonialism’

March 6, 2019

[Opinion column written by MP Chris Famous]

“Every time I hear the crack of the whip my blood run cold.” - Bob Marley

On Wednesday February 20th, 2019, the United Kingdom House of Commons released a report by their Foreign Affairs Committee. This report was entitled “Global Britain and the British Overseas Territories: Resetting the Relationship”.

This committee was comprised of 11 UK MPs representing the Conservative, Labour and Scottish National parties.

In this report there were 3 key recommendations regarding the British Overseas Territories [OTs]. They were -

  • 1. That the Overseas Territories will be forced to accept and legalise SSM, no matter if this is against our regional culture.
  • 2. That the Overseas Territories will be forced to accept Public Registers of Beneficial Ownership, that will only serve to damage our individual and collective economies.
  • 3. That the Overseas Territories will be forced to allow residents who are UK Citizens, to not only vote in our elections but the ability to run as candidates.


So, what is wrong with this picture?

First and foremost, who are these 11 MPs, based in the UK, with no cultural ties to Bermuda or the Caribbean, to tell us what we have to do?

The British Foreign Affairs Committee in the United Kingdom

UK Foreign Affairs Committee March 2019

Not one MP in any of the 14 Overseas Territories can tell the Parliament and by extension, the people of the UK what to do. Not one.

This is a clear sign of not only new age colonialism, but to be blunt, “Cultural Imperialism” being exerted over us in the Caribbean, with our own distinct regional cultures, by those who live in Europe.

As a reminder, British slavery days have been over since 1834 and we shall not bow down to European colonizers any more.

Secondly, regarding the Public Registers, this is a clear sign that these folks in the UK are prepared to throw their Overseas Territories, aka colonies, under the proverbial bus and severely damage our individual and collective economies.

Take a moment to think about the economic hurricanes that will hit us all, if our financial sectors are damaged. Below, are some examples of what will happen if this comes to fruition:

  • Mass unemployment of Financial Sector professionals
  • Mortgages unable to be paid
  • Tuitions unable to be paid
  • Drop in domestic economic activity

So, if our financial sectors are severely damaged by these actions what exactly do they expect us to do to keep our economies afloat? Do they expect us to resort back to fishing and farming as our main source of supporting ourselves?

Does it sound as if these 11 MPs, living in the UK, have our best interests at heart?

Thirdly and most importantly. In Bermuda, we went through this in our recent history during the 1960s-1980s where persons from the UK, were given Bermudian Status and then allowed to vote after living here for only 3 years.

The end result of that racial gerrymandering, led to artificially inflating the voter base for the then UBP which had a profound effect on our country, economically, socially and politically.

In all reality, this is even worse than the proposed “Pathways to Status” that Michael Fahy and the OBA were attempting to do in 2016, as this would be the first step towards erasing any form of immigration control for Bermuda and other Overseas Territories.

So bad is this proposal that the Opposition Leader Mr Craig Cannonier has stated the following

“Recently the Premier was quoted as saying that the ‘right to vote is perhaps the most highly valued right in a democracy. To suggest that non-Bermudians should have the right to determine the direction of our country via the ballot box ignores the history of voting rights in Bermuda and is a tone-deaf recommendation which we will strenuously resist.”

“I am in agreement with Premier David Burt on this issue and the OBA will support efforts to resist this imposition.”

The next possible step from the UK, would be to pass an Order in Council, that any British Citizen can freely reside and work in any of the Overseas Territories without a permit.

This would essentially erase our individual immigration controls.

The irony in all of this, is that the UK government is in an internal tailspin with them not even agreeing as to how they themselves will exit the European Union within the next month. Adding to their national turmoil, both the Conservative and Labour parties have seen a number of their MPs defect from their ranks within the last few weeks.

If these MPs in the UK cannot even govern themselves, who are they to attempt to govern us in the OTs?

It is crystal clear that for our own economic survival, we in the OTs, all elected officials and most importantly, the people themselves, have no choice but to collectively resist by all means, these Foreign Affairs Committee recommendations for social, economic and political re-colonization.

If there ever was a time for the Overseas Territories to be on the same page politically, it is now.

- Chris Famous, a PLP MP, can be contacted via email at or Whatsapp 441-599-0901


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Comments (35)

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  1. DeOnion says:

    Was this the same committee the premier and brown snubbed? Maybe they should have been there to influence the outcome instead of playing petulant games?

    • This is Bermuda for Bermudians??? says:

      Yes too entitled to actually be accountable. People get what they voted for. Chris Famous beat Bob Richards, who was trying to save the country, in the last election and now look what we’re stuck with. An intellectual giant!and we wonder why things are so bad. We only have ourselves to blame for this mess. All of these Colonial conversations are only to make us forget the sad state of our island and this Government.

  2. Red rose says:

    The plp is very lucky to have this distraction from a failing economy and increased taxes

  3. FrankTalk says:

    There are 14 Overseas Territories.

    6 have cultural ties to the Carribean, 8 do not. Out of the 14 OTs, 5 DO NOT recognise SSM and as things stand Bermuda is one of the 9 who DO recognise SSM.

    Another case of trying to make an argument more robust by misrepresenting facts?


  4. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    as usual Famous is trying to distort the truth,he reminds of a another miserable liar from the 30′s and 40′s.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Famous isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  5. 2 Bermudas says:

    If you don’t like British rule then you are welcome to leave!! Hahahahaha!!!!

    • puzzled says:

      And the first they will get on a plane is the United Kingdom.

      It’s free over there.

  6. sandgrownan says:

    “1. That the Overseas Territories will be forced to accept and legalise SSM, no matter if this is against our regional culture.”

    Your regional “culture” is wrong, immoral and has no place in the modern world. And by the way, Bermuda does recognize SSM despite the ignorance of the PLP and it’s church based voters.

  7. Joe Bloggs says:

    It is a shame that a PLP columnist (and apparently the PLP Government) cannot seem to distinguish between a report by a committee that is dedicated to advancing the rights of Britons abroad and the policy of the UK Government.

    You are making a mountain out of a germ of a mole hill) not even a whole mole hill) and ignoring issues that really matter.

    • truthertz says:

      All by design…they know it…but admitting the truth won’t help with their need to rile the masses.

  8. TO: 2 Bermudas….We are NOT leaving.
    Get that into your thick skull.
    Hhhmm.. what type of laugh would you produce if the country went INDEPENDENT!!
    Ultimately, you could leave.
    He who laughs last, clearly laughs best.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Bermuda is on it’s knees now. Independence would kill it dead.

      Worth it though, to stick it to the man eh? Get your own back eh?

    • gustav says:

      be carefull
      if you ask for independence , you might get it
      and then ?
      BDA would be immediately bankrupt and not able to pamper all the grass root Bermudians
      but they still will have their onions and the mango which was stolen from the neighbors tree

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      If Bermuda were to go independent I would be laughing while quietly packing my bags to go somewhere else to live. Good luck paying off $2.5bn of debt with about half the population you have now!! That’s a lot of fish to sell!!

      • Real Deal says:

        And this is why you should not Vote. this not your Real home that you will live and die for as a Real Bermudian.

        • Double S says:

          “live and die for?” We going to war soon or something? The hyperbole is amusing, however. Hahaha.

          Please define what a ‘real Bermudian’ is to you…

    • aceboy says:

      Sometimes, when I am trying to determine a person’s motives, I like to play a little game. I think of the worst reason for people like you to say what they say and do what they do. And then I ask myself, how well does that explain what they say and what they do?

      In your case I think that reason is to take advantage of people for the purpose of control, politically and socially.

      By any means necessary.

  9. me says:

    what has the Jamaican pop star Bob Marley got to do with this ? that is as dumb as quoting Cardi B imagine if CF was in government under independence …… run

  10. Mark says:

    “Every time I hear the crack of the whip my blood run cold.” – Bob Marley…makes me think of the PLP. They always try and steal our money but now they are trying to steal our democracy by this quango nonsense. time to rise up people. ironic how they have become the new masters.

  11. Onion Peels says:

    Chris again appears to be famously confused. Expanding democracy so the EVERY RESIDENT has a vote is not colonialism. The ‘new age of colonialism’ is when the overseers remove any semblance of democracy appoint a new master. They just give him the name “mayor”

  12. Paz says:

    1. Bermuda is not in the Caribbean.
    2. Bermuda’s culture (this includes everyone) is almost totally North American or European.
    3. Appropriating a Bob Marley quote to incite racism is pathetic.
    4. “Regional culture” does not extend to racism or discrimination based on sexual preference.
    5. Our economy is based on money from foreign tourists and international business funded, indirectly by foreign tax dollars. So foreigners will always have influence on Bermuda’s economy.
    6. “If our financial sectors are damaged …”. Wake up. They have been damaged and are continuing to decline.
    7. Increased immigration (black, white, red or green) is required to save our economy.

  13. Retro says:

    It would be nice to hear the Governor wade in on this rather than let divisive politicians both here and abroad play games. Perhaps, I am too naive but isn’t diplomacy part of the Governors role . SMFH .

  14. Anbu says:

    Hey famous. U do know that bobs mother was about as white as they get right?

  15. MJ says:

    “The end result of that racial gerrymandering, led to artificially inflating the voter base for the then UBP which had a profound effect on our country, economically, socially and politically.”

    Let’s be honest, that’s what this is all about – the rest of this is just Famous ranting and raving, making things up along the way in an attempt to support his ridiculous, scaremongering argument – as usual.

  16. WSP says:

    Its its beyond me why Bernews keep letting this guy write this drivel

  17. truthertz says:

    Seems like Walton Brown and Premier Burt should have attended the FCO OT meetings in December 2018 which would’ve allowed for them to articulate the BDA Govt’s position. Instead they decided to be petty and ‘snub’ them and now them and their cohorts write such articles.

  18. timm says:

    6 of the 11 are Labour.

  19. Mike Hind says:

    “Regional culture”?

    We HAVE Marriage Equality. Our “Regional Culture” also put the Constitution in place and it’s been found now, several times, that refusing people equal access to rights and privileges for ABSOLUTELY no reason (“Regional culture” isn’t a real reason, for crying out loud… it’s not even a real thing! It’s just a thinly veiled code word) is wrong, unconstitutional and illegal.

    Is this kind of bigotry really how your party thinks it’s going to attract voters and represent all of Bermuda?

    Come on.

  20. Acegirl says:

    First things first…
    Bermuda is not in Carribean. We have a mixture of cultures which should all be acknowledged in any type of statement about Bermuda. It is ignorant to just talk about our Caribbean ties, when our demographic is so diverse.
    Secondly, if you had made these arguments without making it a race thing and unnecessarily bringing slavery up it would be 100% more credible and you would come across as rational, as oppose to hysterical. They are not tying to make Bermudians (or any members of other over seas territories) their slaves. Whilst I agree that some of these new policies over step the boundaries, their intentions are not so unethical that they plan to enslave whole countries or discriminate against a population due to their ethnic make up.
    Thirdly, Bermudians can go and live and work in the UK (and anywhere in Europe, Brexit pending) visa free, claim home fees for university and despite never having paid a single pound (£) in taxes can claim wellfare benefits and free health care immediately upon moving there. They can also register to vote. All the UK governmenr are trying to do is level the playing field. Because right now in Bermuda a child born in Bermuda from two British/Scottish/Irish parents can’t even be Bermudian. Citizens of the UK can’t work in Bermuda without a work permit and despite living here for 20+ years, being married to a Bermuda and having Bermudian children can’t vote.
    I am a born Bermudian and I take offence when people speak on behalf of me in such an inflammatory manner using premices in their arguments that have no place.
    Honestly mate you lost me with the Bob Marley quote a the top of the article. Do not use such a great man and respected musician to inflame your argument.

  21. question says:

    Bermuda was not ‘forced to legalize single sex marriage’. No one was ‘forced’ to do anything.

    The only thing that happened was that the PLP Government was reminded that it has to follow the law, as set out in the Bermuda Constitution, just like everyone else.

  22. Tricia Thompson-Browne says:

    Glad to see such reasonable comments in response to such an inflammatory (and infamous) story.

    I watched the video Bernews had on these pages a few days ago, of the committee meeting. Not intentionally, but once I started it was very interesting. It was a very calm discussion and question & answer session about the need of the OTs. Lord Ahmed who is Minister of OT’s was very calm and reasonable and understanding of the sensitive nature of what was being discussed and the OT’s particular sensitivity to some of the items, not just Bermuda but other OTs as well.

    To those who would listen to inFamous nonsense, watch the video and make up your own minds.